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Bamboo Flooring Maintenance

Regular Bamboo Flooring Maintenance To Try and How To Do

by Dylan Johnson

In the world of flooring, bamboo is considered the wonderful and the natural floor covering which is friendly-environment, affordable and pretty easy to maintain. Prior to bamboo flooring maintenance that we are going to share you with, it is crucial to know that, bamboo is best describe to be durable due to the hardness of the material. This way, bamboo is as hard as Red Oak and even as smooth as Black Walnut, depending on the manufacturing process in producing it.

In this regards, bamboo flooring has the nearly same maintenance with hardwood. If hardwood is easy to clean and maintain, bamboo is too. There are some basic information that people need to exactly know when they insist on installing bamboo flooring at their homes. Those include the regular cleaning, water, preventive maintenance, bamboo floor wax and other related information.

Now let’s have a look at the following review of each information that you may really need to know to keep your bamboo floors well and always look good.

Regular Cleaning of Bamboo Flooring

Regular cleaning is a very basic cleaning action that everyone can conduct daily, weekly or periodically based on the amount of dust and dirt appearing on the floors. In this case, the greatest threat to your outer surface of your bamboo floors are sand, dust and other small particles which are all potentially affecting the floors beauty.

Those tiny grains attract the floors surface through the sandpaper brought by the people walking across the floors. They will press the dust down into the bamboo surface and drag them, causing stretches. To prevent this occur to your bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring maintenance must be conducted properly.

 Thus, sweeping and vacuuming the floors regularly is a must to avoid the tiny abrasive materials build up upon the surface. Sweeping and vacuuming can be conducted daily every time you notice dust or sand.

In addition to bamboo flooring maintenance, the use of rugs and mats is also much of advantages. Place them at the entrance to cut down the small particles that comes into the room.

To provide you with the way of cleaning the bamboo floors properly, a large number of cleaning product is available on the market. This way, make sure you choose the cleaning product which is particularly designed for bamboo flooring. Avoid using the chemicals that are not recommended by the manufacturer.

It is best considered that most types of hardwood floor cleaners are allowed to use for bamboo floors as long as they are not a wax and non-alkaline.

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Water seems the source of problem for bamboo flooring. In the bamboo flooring maintenance, you are required to avoid water when cleaning the floor. Never mop the floors wetly. On the other word, don’t immerse the mop with water for whatever reason.

This is due to the fact that bamboo is more resistant to damaged caused by moisture or humidity than the hardwood. Thus, it is danger not to avoid water when cleaning the bamboo floors.

If there is any stains or small debris that are difficult to remove out of the surface of the floors, damp mopping is possible. However, don’t allow the bamboo floors to moist even for e few minutes. Dry the floors after damp mopping immediately.

When it comes to use a cleaning product that requires you to mix it with water, you’ll need to carefully follow the instruction recommended by the manufacturer. You can have a look the instructions either in the product or in the maintenance guidance provided by the manufacturer. This is very much crucial to help you clean and maintain the floors well without causing any damage to the surface of the bamboo floors.

When you notice any of the liquid spilling on the floor, you must wipe it up as soon as possible. Don’t take even a few second to wipe it since it can penetrate the floors’ surface, allowing the liquid to create a deep stain that will be difficult to remove. Bamboo is considered porous, thus, excessive moisture can cause the bamboo floors warping.

In addition to bamboo flooring maintenance, excessive humidity can also be the cause of damage to your bamboo floors. Shrinking occurs when the environment is dry while plumping up to the materials can also occur when the environment is moist. Therefore, it is recommended that you use humidifier as well as dehumidifier to help you cut down this issue.

Thus, anything related with water can absolutely damage the bamboo floor. In maintaining it, you must be very carefully follow the instructions especially when you need to involve water, for example, in the damp mopping. Avoid the water flow, water moisture and anything wet on the floors to keep them look well and durable.

Preventive Maintenance of Bamboo Flooring

To avoid the damage of bamboo flooring caused by cleaning actions, there are some preventive maintenance that people can consider performing to take care of the floors well. One of which is not to allow the high-heels to walk on the floors.

In this case, a woman who walks on the bamboo floors wearing high-heels can cause lots of damage. If you or other woman insist on wearing them walking on the floors, make sure the high-heels have padding on the heel tip and are in a good repair. This is to avoid the scratch that may occur to bamboo floors.

To prevent the scuff marks, a policy is needed. This way, you can make and communicate the policy of asking people to put off their high-heels shoes when they want to enter your space. This one of the things you can do dealing with the preventive maintenance, thus, there will be no scratches or scuffs on your bamboo floors.

It can also help you cut down the amount of dust, dirt or other small particles of debris stayed in the room. Besides, asking people to put off their shoes is also adding the cultural ambience through the flooring materials.

Other preventive maintenance to keep your bamboo floors well is to make sure that your pets’ nail is trimmed to avoid the scratches on the surface of bamboo floors. Particularly, if you a have a big dog or cat, its nails may cause deep scratches in the wood or bamboo. So pay more attention to this.

Dealing with the bamboo flooring maintenance, it is also important not to drag the heavy furniture across the bamboo floors. If it is a must, it would be better to put a thick fabric under the legs of the furniture in order that the furniture’s legs will not sink into the floor causing divots. If you see there are casters, remove or replace them using the felt backed casters.

Another preventive maintenance you can also try is to avoid the direct sunlight which can discolor the particular types of bamboo floorings. Especially if the bamboo floors are applied in an open space with the large windows, the direct sunlight will come into the space and hit a specific place on the floor every day.

That’s how the sunlight will discolor the floors from times to times. To cut down this discoloration, you have an option to use shades or blinds on the window to fight against the direct sunlight.

If you have a place with wet environment and bamboo floors in it, placing rugs or mats is the recommended action. This way, either rugs or mats can be placed in front of the high moisture areas such as in the entrance of bathroom or kitchens.

However, make sure that the mats or rugs have no rubber backing since it will suffocate the bamboo flooring. As a result, the bamboo will not be able to breathe. Finally, the bamboo flooring experiences discoloration.

Moreover, it is pretty easy for the bamboo to experience fading due to the furniture rotation that you may do overtime. When the fading occur many times, discoloration will tend to occur to the entire surface of the bamboo floors.

Bamboo Floor Wax

In regards to bamboo flooring maintenance, there is a wax product which is especially designed for bamboo. It is a wax coating. Typically, this wax coating for the surface of bamboo flooring requires periodic buffing which needs a large, complex and expensive machinery.

This is quite effortful for people to carry out. Due to this fact, bamboo floor wax is recommended only for bamboo flooring along with the particular commercial applications.

In this case, the wax which is considered appropriate for bamboo floor is a urethane finish. It can actually suit any of the installation types. Once you use a wax treatment, you don’t need to use another coating type for bamboo anymore.

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Final Words

Finally, it requires a special treatment in bamboo flooring maintenance in order to keep the floors clean and well. There is a preventive maintenance as well as the solution you can take if there is something wrong with your bamboo floors. Now you can feel relieve since you have already known how to maintain your bamboo floors, right?