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Best Vinyl Flooring Brands

Best Vinyl Flooring Brands To Transform Your Rooms Into Incredible Interior

by Dylan Johnson

In these time of ours when minimalist home design starts to be popular, a simple flooring comes into a play to provide the home owners with on-budget flooring yet high quality and durability that makes everything easy. So here are the list of vinyl flooring brands to consider choosing when it comes for you to transform your home into a natural look.

Allure Vinyl Plank Flooring

Allure vinyl plank flooring is one of the most widely used vinyl plank based on the home designer’s recommendation.

Along with the proper installation, Allure is very great for bathrooms and kitchen, the most active areas in the house.

As one of the most popular vinyl flooring brands, Allure is constructed by the Metroflor company and sold under a subsidiary called Halstead New England Industries LLC in New York.

This product is best described to be durable, affordable and easy to install. This is due to the fact that Allure vinyl plank is floating over the subfloor.

There are variety of realistic stone, wood and ceramic looks which are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens flooring options.

Keep in mind that Allure vinyl plank flooring’s company provides the customers with 25 warranty according to the proper installation.

Allure Vinyl Plank Flooring
Allure Vinyl Plank Flooring

Allure Ultra Vinyl Plank Flooring

You will love Allure ultra-vinyl plank flooring which offers you the richness and real beauty of wood looks and feels.

This allure ultra-vinyl plank is measured 7.5 in x 47.6 in, making it very easy to install within the click-lock installation technology that allows for easy and no-glue installation and saves your money, effort and time at the same time.

Allure ultra-vinyl plank flooring comes with the superior durability due to the commercial-grade wear layer so that the vinyl can stand up for a heavy foot traffic at home or office.

So don’t hesitate to transform your home easily and quickly with Allura ultra-vinyl plank flooring within its phthalate-free and formaldehyde-free features.

Allure ultra-vinyl plank flooring has some natural variation types including wood knots and natural grain color variation.

You can actually choose any of the vinyl planks for bathrooms, kitchens, mudroom and some other living spaces.

Allure Ultra Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
Allure Ultra Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Costco Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

One of the most popular vinyl flooring brands that everyone may admire is Costco luxury vinyl plank flooring.

There are more designs offered by Costco luxury vinyl plank to suit the customers’ preferences and needs. Those include the wood floor patterns, bamboo patterns, stone patterns and other tile-look pattern.

Grabbing five rating stars out of the customers’ reviews, Costco Luxury vinyl plank flooring proves the customers satisfaction over the vinyl flooring quality, durability, installation, maintenance and price.

Costco Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
Costco Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Smartcore Vinyl Flooring

The next popular brands of vinyl flooring everyone may need to know is Smartcore vinyl flooring. If you only knew, Smartcore is categorized as the perfect floor to fit any of your unique needs. It fits most homes within its simply put.

Well, Smartcore is just a smart choice for everyday life. This vinyl flooring comes in premium version and is featuring waterproof core, providing the customers with the authentic visuals supported by the proven wear and tear protection.

Because of its 100% waterproof feature, the floor won’t be swelling, peeling or cracking when it is wet.

Smartcore vinyl flooring fits any location, meaning that you can install it anywhere else in your house such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, mudrooms and many others.

Along with DIY installation method, Smartcore can save your time, effort and money since you don’t have to hire someone for the installation.

Furthermore, it also offers an effortless maintenance. You will only have less time and energy cleaning it so that you can enjoy your life. Never worry about the spills, drops, accidents and anything you cannot deal with.

Other greatness of Smartcore is that it is designed for a real life, meaning that it is not only beautiful as a flooring but also functional.

Thanks to the built-in COREtec technology that makes the floor stand up for even rambunctious kids as well as rowdy pets.

Tarkett Vinyl Flooring

Apply for Bedroom
Apply for Bedroom

Tarkett vinyl flooring is just another vinyl flooring brand that everyone can easily find on the market.

Over 130 years of history, Tarkett is a worldwide leader of sustainable and innovative flooring which is available in many different varieties of designs, ranging from the classical look ones to the modern designs.

Tarkett vinyl flooring provides you a sense of warmth while you are walking on. It is practical, economical, highly-resistant and simple for installation.

It also offers an easy maintenance. This way, you just need to wipe or vacuum the floor for everyday vinyl cleaning and maintaining.

Tarket vinyl flooring provides the wide range of styles and colors in order that the customers have more options to choose out of the collection.

Thus, they can suit the vinyl with their home interior to get the amazing home design entirely.

Asbestos Vinyl Flooring

Have you ever heard the term Asbestos in home design?

It is one of the most popular vinyl flooring brands to cover home floors from generations to generations. How come?

Well, Asbestos has been considered durable with its economical materials offering an aesthetic options to suite the taste of the homeowners.

Asbestos is constructed from friable and non-friable materials. The friable asbestos materials can release measurable asbestos levels into the airborne when it is disturbed. It leads the material is potentially causing a risk-health.

On the other hand, the non-friable asbestos is unlikely release the measurable asbestos levels, therefore, it poses a lower health risk.

When it comes to Asbestos vinyl usage, Asbestos vinyl tiles are non-friable. However, it can change into the friable one when it is mishandled or damaged by the weather condition.

In fact, the multiple layers contained in Asbestos products make it durable and stable.


Other vinyl flooring brands that makes floors look like the nature is Pergo vinyl flooring. To prove that this brand is one of the great options, it provides the customers with the 25 years warranty to turn you rooms into a no-worry spot.

Pergo vinyl flooring comes with waterproof durability, allowing it to withstand dirt, dust and liquid. It is 100% phthalate free, meaning that the vinyl contains no harm that may cause a health risk.

Pergo vinyl floor is also hygienic and extremely easy to clean. Supported by the waterproof feature, Pergo vinyl flooring makes you worry no more about the accidents, spills and drops.

Listed as one of the best brands, Pergo also reduces noise when someone are walking on.

Pergo Vinyl Flooring
Pergo Vinyl Flooring

Pergo vinyl flooring offers three different varieties for installation. Those are the glue-down, click-lock and new rigid click.

The glue-down installation fits all areas including the super active areas and even sunrooms. It is ideal for nay challenging application. To properly install this vinyl, a smooth subfloor is required.

The click-lock installation presents an unlimited width and length which means it is great for large areas. Luckily, this click-lock vinyl can be installed even in areas with more sunlight.

Now if you want the easy click installation with a very low noise, you can consider using new rigid click method for the installation.


Out of the vinyl flooring brands, Nucore vinyl flooring is the one that comes with impressive range of styles and finishes. It presents a waterproof construction with pad so that the high-density vinyl core will never absorb water such as LVP with wood in the core.

Nucore vinyl flooring has 22 mils wear layer, making it the thickest in the industry. This wear layer includes an anti-microbial covering to avoid the growth of the bacteria and mold.

The print layer comes with the realistic wood, stone and tile looks and designs, allowing the vinyl to look ore decorative and beautiful.

To provide the floors with the sufficient stability, the vinyl core is created along with rigid core while the angle-locking design is promoting an easy installation.

This way, Nucore vinyl flooring has one installation method that is glue-down. After being locked, the vinyl are glued down in the desired areas. This glue-down installation method is also fitting to floor the stairs.

Possessing 4 to 5 rating stars out of the customers reviews, Nucore vinyl flooring proves to satisfy the customers either in installing it or maintaining it.

Transform Your Rooms Into Incredible Interior
Transform Your Rooms Into Incredible Interior


Do you need a master to handle a certain amount of traffic in your home?

Or you are tired of seeing your floors old and worn out?

Why don’t you change your mind to use Trafficmaster?

This product is one of the well-known laminate flooring that most people often find in the modern market.

Trafficmaster is one of the vinyl flooring brands manufactured by Shaw industries. You can easily find this product in many kinds of hardware and flooring retailers such as Home Depot.

Primarily, Trafficmaster produces something dealing with the laminate flooring, meaning that the product’s installation doesn’t need to glue-down on the subfloors.

As one of the best vinyl flooring brands, Trafficmaster offers some great features like many other popular vinyl flooring in the market. It comes with a limited styles and designs to transform your rooms into an incredible interior.

This way, there are 46 varieties of wooden laminate constructed from the popular materials such as walnut, oak and hickory

As a floating laminate flooring, Trafficmaster is extremely easy to install. You can even skip some steps during the installation in order to simplify the process so that it will be quickly finished.

Due to this fact, is Trafficmaster durable?

Thanks to the thick vinyl covering the upper surface of each panel or tile that makes the product durable and scratch resistant. No worry if you have an active kid or pet. Trafficmaster is pet friendly.

Furthermore, spills, drops, dust or other potential stains are juts easy to wipe or remove out of the floors.

How much do you have to pay for Trafficmaster vinyl flooring?

Well, Trafficmaster is actually one of the more affordable laminate flooring that you may not worry about losing the budget. Trafficmaster is produced with thinner layers so it may approximately cost $0.50 to $2.00 per square foot.

In short, Trafficmaster is average. It has limited styles yet reliable materials. It is a mid-grade, meaning that you cannot find the perfect laminate flooring with Traficmaster but you will find one that you like most.

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Cali Vinyl Flooring

Classical wood look may be very much beautiful. In this regard, Cali vinyl flooring is one of the best classical wood look vinyl flooring you may consider purchasing soon.

This is the next vinyl flooring brands in the list to provide everyone with more information about the best brands for buying vinyl flooring.

It is also an alternative that people can turn into when they find their flooring are too much expensive and damaged too easily.

Cali vinyl flooring is manufactured along with the great features to offer. It is highly durable and more affordable so that it fits the customer on-budget ideas of flooring.

Cali vinyl flooring is water resistant and 100% waterproof, meaning that you can just remove any spill of water and other liquid easily.

According to the customers’ review, it is easy to install Cali vinyl flooring using floating click-lock installation method.

If you are just new to vinyl installation, there are tutorials online along with the detailed step-by-step instructions you can just follow well. It starts form prepping the subfloors to clicking each plank properly into place.

In this regard, being patient is all the key to have a successful Cali vinyl flooring installation.

Just follow all of the instructions and transform your kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and other room spaces in your home into an incredible interior.

Now that you have known the 10 best vinyl flooring brands out of the article, you can make your decision and soon get your home transformed by an incredible vinyl flooring that is suiting your home design.