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Hallmark Courtier Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Hallmark Courtier Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

You probably wonder what makes Hallmark Courtier vinyl plank floor different from the others.

Well, you should know that luxury vinyl flooring is different from one another. One brand has different feature and benefits than the others. They aren’t the same or uniformed.

That’s why it is crucial to understand Hallmark Courtier specification and unique features before you decide whether it is the perfect flooring for the house or not.

About Hallmark Courtier Products

Vinyl floors may be designed for residential setting only or for commercial building only.

But there are vinyl floors that are designed for both settings, allowing homeowners the flexibility and freedom to pick whatever variant they desire.

Hallmark Courtier vinyl plank is the floor designed for both commercial and residential settings.

That’s why this floor is durable and tough because it is meant for high (foot) traffic areas.

Another cool thing about this floor is the fact that it looks premium and luxurious. It is able to imitate the look of hardwood just perfectly.

You should have no problems finding ones that imitate the look of natural stone too.

Don’t you love it when you have such beautiful and aesthetically pleasing floor without spending a fortune?

Even when set as luxury vinyl floor, the floor isn’t expensive or costly. At all!

According to RFCI (Resilient Floor Covering Institute), vinyl is one of the cheapest flooring options in the market without compromising quality or performance.

This is one of the reasons why homeowners love this floor because it is extremely affordable.

So, what can you learn about Hallmark products in general?

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The High-Quality Appearance

One of the biggest appeals of luxury vinyl floor is its ability to imitate wood, tile, or stone without the weaknesses.

Not to mention that homeowners will enjoy the convenience in maintaining the floor and the installation easiness.

However, the quality of the floor depends on the manufacturers.

Some manufacturers fail in delivering artistic and beautiful look that leads to their products look just absolutely fake and lousy.

Some, however, are able to create such a beautiful finish.

You won’t be able to tell the difference from the real thing!

And it’s a good thing that Hallmark Courtier vinyl plank is included in the latter one.

Many customer reviews have stated that the floor is just gorgeous and it looks real. The floor has various plank widths, which is similar to real wood.

You won’t find any uniformed real wood out there. And this is one of the reasons why Hallmark products look exactly like the real deal.

Moreover, the company incorporates various printing process. They are able to create authentic accuracy with natural weathering look they even imitate the real colors to the details.

Again, if you don’t know it any better, you probably think that you have the real wood.

And another thing that makes the floor premium in its quality is because of the texture. Real wood has grooves (on the bark) or rings.

The company is able to create sophisticated coating process that makes the floor look as real as possible.

Many of the homeowners reviews say that they install the floor not only in small or hidden areas, but also in big and exposed areas (like the living room or the dining room), and the wood is absolutely perfect.

Even you as the homeowner may forget that it isn’t real hardwood floor.

Installation Process and Quality

Vinyl flooring is known to be DIY-friendly. It means that homeowners on the budget can manage to do their own installation.

However, it may be slightly different with Hallmark Courtier vinyl plank. You see, not all vinyl floors are perfect for DIY projects.

It is caused of various installation techniques, the complexity of the preparation (some products are more complicated than the others), the difficulty of the process, and also the products’ warranties.

Yes, there are some manufacturers that require professional installation. Otherwise, their warranties won’t be valid.

If you want the best outcome with any possible side effects in short future, it would be wise to hire a professional service to do the work.

Based on many reviews, those who have done the work themselves have to deal with curling or lifting on the corner (of the planks) not long after the installation.

It’s most likely because they don’t acclimate the floors before the installation. Vinyl floor doesn’t require acclimating, in general. However, Hallmark Courtier vinyl plank does need it.

You will have to acclimate the planks within the areas (where you want to install them) for at least 48 hours.

The planks need to adjust themselves to the temperature and surrounding environment, expanding and contracting as the humidity and temperature level allows them.

It would be more difficult if you live in the area where winters are much colder  because you will deal with drastic shrinkage.

Don’t underestimate the interlocking system. It seems easy, but you don’t want to spend time and energy for nothing.

It would be very much disappointing to find out later that your floor starts lifting or curling (or even shrinking) and you will have to replace them again.

If you still want to do it yourself, that’s up to you, but you’ve been warned!

Hire the skilled and expertise installer for the best outcome.

Hallmark Courtier Vinyl Plank Durability and Performance

Do you want to know how durable the floor is?

If you have kids or pets, it’s so easy to have scratches and scuff on the floor. But then again, the quality of vinyl floor depends on the coating, the thickness, and the proper installation method.

It’s a good thing that Hallmark Courtier vinyl plank doesn’t disappoint.

Many reviews have stated that the floor is able to deal with constant abuse and high traffic quite impressively.

Even with pets and kids, the floor holds up well. And even with spills and drops, the floor doesn’t give out easily.

It’s most likely that the satisfying performance of the floor comes from the thick construction and high quality coating.

The planks are thick (in an overall construction and structure), and yet it is still plush, cushioned, and soft.

Not to mention that it uses low sheen (for the finish) that is responsible for the realistic appearance and also the tough construction.

Sun Fade and Stains Matter

Vinyl floor is sensitive to stain which can come from dirt, sunlight exposure, and spills.

Once these things penetrate the top coating, it will saturate its layer making it impossible to clean or remove.

That’s why products with good and high quality coating system have better products against tear and wear.

What about Hallmark Courtier vinyl plank?

Customer reviews state that the floor doesn’t stain even after long years of installation. It’s because of the UV Guardian Ceramic Beads quality that protects the floor and fights the sunlight exposure at the same time.

Hallmark products have passed fading test, thanks to their premium coating layer. As if it weren’t enough, the floors are rated safe for being free of formaldehyde or harmful gas.

They also have anti fungal and anti bacterial feature for the floor.

Hallmark Courtier Vinyl Plank Cleaning the Floor

It is pretty easy to clean and maintain the floor. Use a regular broom to remove daily dirt, dust, or debris.

If you have hard floor vacuum, it is advisable to use it too. At least, using the vacuum would be easier than a regular broom.

If you want to remove the stains, use a damp mop. Never use a wet mop because excessive water can seep into the underneath part of the floor and damage it from within.

Be careful of using any cleaning products. The best way is to use a damp mop and water. But if you want to use a cleaner, it’s best to use the one from the same manufacturer.

You can also use TrueClean cleaner from Hallmark. It is simple to use and it even adds extra protection while you use it.

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Final Verdict Hallmark Courtier Vinyl Plank

So, what can you say about the luxury vinyl floor from Hallmark Courtier?

Well, the floor has impressive durability and strength. It is solid and tough.

The appearance is another plus side to like about the floor. It is able to deliver premium feel to the house without actually costing you a fortune.

The maintenance and cleaning are also easy and let’s not forget that installing the floor is also super easy.

From the price factor, it may not be the cheapest flooring option, but it is worth your money.

After all, the floor is able to deliver premium and exclusive feel to the house or to any building it’s installed.

The company does offer their product warranties, which mean that buyers have protected rights in case they get defective items.

In short, there are plenty of positive things to like about the floor. The winning features and the convenience in usage (and installation) are some likable factors about it.

You only need to think whether Hallmark Courtier vinyl plank will be the right pick for your house or not.