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Stainmaster Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Stainmaster Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Stainmaster vinyl plank products can make your floor look beautiful without costing you a fortune.

If you are thinking about having a hardwood floor, and yet you are low on the budgets, then luxury vinyl floor can be a great alternative.

In the past vinyl floor might associate with flimsy and lousy look, but things have been different in today’s modern era.

Vinyl floor can look beautiful, imitating the look of real wood (or even real stone) without the weakness.

If you think this is the perfect floor for you, then read on and learn more about it. 

About Stainmaster Products

You probably think that all luxury vinyl flooring is just the same, but they are actually different.

The Stainmaster vinyl plank is designed to deal with heavy wear and traffic as the floor should be able to take daily abuse.

It has better resistance over sunlight, liquid, and scratches compared to other brands.

Sure, there will be signs of wear over time, but you can expect the floor to hold up any daily activities and beating.

The floor should be able to last for a long time, even decades if you care for it properly.

The thing to like about this brand is the fact that it imitates the look of wood floor just flawlessly.

If you don’t know it any better, you’d probably think that it is the real thing!

The floor comes with various length and width there are various sizes to choose. And it is perfect for homeowners with budgets, because you should be able to install it on your own.

Don’t worry, this floor is easy to manage. Just dedicate your time in the project and the result would be amazing as if done by the professional service.

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Stainmaster and Heavy (Foot) Traffic

Bare floors have one big downside: the easily scratched surface. If you have busy household, active kids, and pets, then don’t be too surprised if you start to see scratches marks on the floor.

Vinyl floor has its share of downsides too: water stains, dents, and scuff. But with Stainmaster vinyl plank, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

The company has added a special coating on the floor so common issues can be prevented.

The combination of special coating and thicker surface layer is responsible for the floor’s durability and strength.

The special coat will fight off any scuff or scratches just fine. Plus, the thicker top layer will make sure that your floor last for a long time.

The products have average depth for the design and color. It means that even when the floor is dented, the finish and the patterns will remain.

This is another pleasant factor that enhances the beauty as well as the solid construction of the floor.

Mixed Reviews

Stainmaster vinyl plank has excellent rating score in Consumer Reports (CR), stating that the floor would be perfect against scratches (from furniture or pets) and dents (from heavy objects being dropped).

However, the major problem seems about spills or stains. Water spills won’t be an issue it is other spills that will leave out stains.

Mustard spill in the kitchen or bleach spill in the bathroom or laundry room is responsible for the immediate stain creation.

Some reviews from homeowners also state that the inexpensive price is deeply related to the low quality of the floor.

They have installed the floor in areas that they thought are pretty regular in use (not high in traffic), and yet it doesn’t seem to be as durable as claimed.

Some state that the floor doesn’t last long as advertised. And yet, the reviews aren’t made from professional sites or services.

Based on Lowe’s reviews, most people would say positive things about the floor at the beginning, and after some times, the floor seems to show some signs of wear and damages.

The Floor’s Resistance

Luxury vinyl planks have four interlocking sides and such a design has its own purpose. It is meant to keep water from entering the interior part of the floor.

The water isn’t supposed to seep between the plank and enter the underneath piece of the surface.

The plank also has its own protective coating layer that is meant to protect the floor from damages, scratches, and dents.

Lift Issue

Another common issue about the Stainmaster vinyl plank is the fact that it is easily lifted.

This is one of the most common complaints from homeowners, where the planks start to separate and then lift themselves within several months after the installation. The reasons are quite many.

First, it may result from interlocking failure so the planks don’t fit each other.

Second, it is possible that there has been water seeping between the seams, causing the floor to swell and shrink.

But the problem is that the interlocking mechanism alone doesn’t seem to work properly from the beginning.

It even creates bigger possibility for the water to seep into the floor. When it happens, homeowners shouldn’t mop the floor with water. Wet mop isn’t possible.

But it creates another issue: is it possible to maintain the cleanliness without mopping?

So, the best thing to do when you install the floor and yet the locking mechanism doesn’t work perfectly is to use damp mop and use another dry mop to remove the moisture or dampness.

Discoloration Issue

All vinyl floors will fade when exposed too long under direct sunlight. The floor from Stainmaster has the same issue.

If you decide to install the floor at home, it would be better to use rugs to protect the floor. Window treatments will also work.

Even better?

Combine rugs and window treatments and expect the floor to last for a long time.

It’s a good thing, though, that customers have positive reviews about Stainmaster vinyl plank. They state that the floor only fades a little after several years of installation.

Some even experience no fading at all. And all of them have installed the floor in the areas where it gets tons of sunlight exposure.

But if you want the floor to last for decades, consider about rugs and windows treatments as suggested before.

Installation Matter

This luxury vinyl floor comes as a floating floor, meaning that you won’t need nail, glue, or any fasteners to attach it to the subfloor.

However, the surface of the subfloor must be made from (exterior grade) plywood, underlayment grade, or concrete. Use glue-down vinyl if you want to. They need to be dry and clean so the final results would be perfect and neat.

It is advisable that you let the floor acclimate first for around 48 hours. It allows the floor to adjust to the surrounding environment. This step is crucial so the floor won’t create any issue after you install it.

Easy Installation Method Stainmaster Vinyl Plank

Stainmaster vinyl plank uses click to lock mechanism. To work it out, you start in one direction.

Set the tabs on place and then click them together. That’s why this floor is said to be DIY-friendly. It is so easy to install it.

There have been many reviews from proud homeowners who manage to do this on their own. The result is amazing and yet they don’t have any experience. The click and lock system is super handy.

As long as you dedicate your time to do the work and you aren’t in a hurry, then expect the project to run smoothly with flawless result.

Maintaining the Floor Stainmaster Vinyl Plank

As it was mentioned before, the seams are the weakest part of the floor.

It provides a way for water or moisture to enter the floor and create damage from within. Wet mop is a big no-no. Standing or pooling water should be avoided. Wipe any splash or spill right away.

Be careful about cleaning products as they can ‘eat away’ the top surface and damage the floor in the long run. You don’t need to break a sweat to maintain the floor. Simple ways will do with simple and regular cleaning tools.

Cleaning the Floor Stainmaster Vinyl Plank

Want the floor to remain intact?

Then use a neutral pH cleaner if you do a regular cleaning routine. Even homemade products, like vinegar or lemon, can damage the finish layer of the tile and strip it.

There are also several brands that will leave residue causing the floor to look dull.

It is advisable that you buy cleaning products specifically designed for vinyl floor. Follow the directions carefully. Don’t leave any liquid pooling for a longer time.

If you deal with deep stains, go with the extra efforts instructed by the manufacturer.

Don’t be a know it all and take actions on your own unless you are ready to damage the floor and leave it dull.

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Conclusive End Stainmaster Vinyl Plank

A lot of homeowners who have bought the floor state that they are absolutely satisfied and happy with how things turn out.

Not only this floor is affordable and inexpensive, but it can take more abuse and beat perfectly better than other brands within the similar flooring industry.

If you are thinking about installing it in complicated areas, be my guest!

You have learned that the floor will hold up just fine.

The key is on the proper and correct installation which can be done on your own.

Make sure that you really understand the steps, you have the required tools, and you are willing to take some times for the job. If you rush things, the result may not be as beautiful as you have expected.

Make sure that you prep the subfloor correctly and you attach each plank securely.

Let’s not forget that proper cleaning and maintenance is also important.

You want to make sure that you use the right cleaning products and you do exactly what the manufacturer has instructed.

In the overall end, Stainmaster vinyl plank can be an ideal option for your house but only if you allow it.