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Global Gem Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Global Gem Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

If you think that Global Gem vinyl plank floor is just the same as other luxury vinyl floor in the market, then you haven’t done your research well.

All types of luxury vinyl floors may share similar feature and benefits, but the details for each brand would be different from one another.

Some brands may have superb qualities with higher price tags, while some may have so-so qualities with lower tags.

Where do Global Gem and their products stand?

Let’s find out by digging into their features and specifications.

Modern Luxury Vinyl Floor

In the past, vinyl floor might be associated with lousy results or shabby look. But it would be completely with today’s modern setting.

In fact, modern vinyl floor is durable and sophisticated delivering more features.

It is even considered a premium flooring type, able to transform the appearance and vibe of a structure where it is installed.

One of the greatest things about modern luxury vinyl flooring is the fact that it can imitate the look of organic materials just flawlessly.

Basically, homeowners can have wood-look or stone-look floor without actually having to install the floor!

Not only it improves the overall look of the house, but it is also friendly to your wallet.

Hardwood or stone floor costs you a fortune although they are absolutely gorgeous, natural, and beautiful.

But then again, not all homeowners have that much money for the installation. And not all homeowners are willing to spend that much for the floor too.

However, you should also remember that not all brands are the same.

Some are able to deliver high definition realistic image that looks exactly like the real stuff.

Some, on the other hand, are only delivering so-so quality the result may even look fake.

It’s a good thing, though, that Global Gem vinyl plank is able to deliver premium and high-quality result that won’t disappoint you. At all.

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Appearance, Designs, and Styles

The Global Gem vinyl plank has 3 major collections, presenting different wear layer and plank widths.

But these collections represent different kinds of home styles or decor, whether you have coastal theme, modern farmhouse, or contemporary style.

Farmsted Tets

This collection has a solid wear layer up to 20 mil. As the name suggests, this is a collection where you enjoy farmhouse look with reclaimed appearance minus the splinters or varnish.

The reclaimed visual effect is just gorgeous. With 7 inches of plank width, you will have beautiful floor finish that is absolutely adorable.

Coastal Collection

The wear layer is similar to the previous one, 20 mil. This is the look for bungalow beachside retreat.

The collections mainly consists of beachy and airy appeal with wire-brushed olive, hickory, or oak style and let’s not forget about the richness of the character.

The collection has multi tone knots and shades, along with the neutral (color) palette and wide planks.

But this one may be higher than the others, but they are also so worth your spending.

Carolina Coastal

This is the inexpensive version of the line. However, this collection has less thickness (around 1mm within the overall thickness) and ‘only’ 12 mil of wear layer.

This is a great alternative for budget-conscious homeowners. The quality is still superb, but this collection isn’t as thicker as the previous two.

But no need to worry because this one still has the good looks, thanks to the contemporary coastal look.

It has wire-brushed, tonal plank mixture, and also premium character-grade style.

If there is a flaw, it is more about the color options. In all the collections, they mostly have gray and brown variations, and they don’t have stone or tile variations.

This is quite unfortunate as they have impressive quality and construction.

Durability and Performance

When it comes to performance, you need to consider the overall thickness. Let’s not forget about the quality of the wear layer and how thick it is.

In general, the thicker the wear layer, the sturdier it will be.

Global Gem vinyl plank comes with two types of wear layer thickness: 12 mil and 20 mil. The 20 mil is applied to Coastal and Farmsted Tets collections.

Because of the thick construction, the floor is perfect for areas with high foot traffic, such as offices, rental properties, or houses with pets and kids. The 12 mil is applied for Carolina Coastal collection.

It may not be as thick as the 20 mil, but it should be more than sufficient for a typical and general residential surroundings, such as houses with pets or kids.

After all, each of them has super rigid and solid core, complete with attached pad. The value series are the ones (and the only ones) having Stone Powder Core (SPC).

Because of this core, the flooring is tougher. It is dent and impact resistant even better than the standard vinyl or fiberglass composite core.

The company also offers warranties for every product they have.

All of their Global Gem vinyl plank come with a lifetime structural, lifetime residential wear, limited 10-year light commercial, and limited lifetime waterproof warranty.

They cover defects, product failure, and delamination, but they don’t cover discoloration, wear, damage, or floor malfunctions because of improper installation.

In the overall end, the floor is trusted. It is reliable and tough. If the floor is enough for light commercial constructions, which is generally associated with high (foot) traffic, then it should be durable for active house.

Global Gem Vinyl Plank Installation Easiness

One thing to like about luxury vinyl floor is the easy and direct installation. The floor is perfect for both seasoned professional and homeowners, giving them the flexibility to install the floor.

You don’t need to have any special training or deal with costly tools to do the work.

You may have to dedicate your time to do the work, but it is worth it.

You won’t be able to rush things out.

But as you go forward, you will enjoy it. It may take you slower at first, but as you get the hang of it, you can progress faster.

As a floating floor, Global Gem vinyl plank comes with the so-called 2G locking mechanism.

You won’t need any glue, fastener, or nail to attach the floor to the subfloor. Installing the floor is like operating a puzzle.

Make sure that each plank fits each one another perfectly and securely. And the attached pad will make the process even faster and easier.

One thing to like about a floor with solid core is that you should be able to install it on any surfaces, such as sheet vinyl and linoleum. It is even possible to install lit over ceramic tile.

But such a floor shouldn’t be installed over carpets or other floating floors. It can’t be installed over surfaces that aren’t dry or flat the results will be downright ugly.

If you are willing to spend times, installing the floor on your own can help you save time. not to mention that you won’t have to worry about subfloor preparation, costly tool, or adhesive usage.

And if you don’t rush things, the straightforward and direct installation will turn a fruitful outcome in beautiful and professional-look-alike finish.

The Cost Global Gem Vinyl Plank

So, how much does Global Gem vinyl plank cost?

In general, the price tag is set from $3 a square foot to $6, depending on the retailers.

If you decide to buy online, you need to consider shipping cost which is going to add up your expenses.

If you are on a budget, try to contact the seller and ask whether they have freight quote.

Moreover, the company has a disclaimer that they can’t guarantee that the products delivered to your door would be high in quality. Global Gem warranty covers first-quality items only.

The price range won’t be extremely low, so if you get too-good-to-be-true offers, then be careful.

But again, such a tag price is way more affordable than the regular luxury vinyl floor that may cost between $3 and $8 a square foot.

If you compare the products from Global Gem with hardwood, the previous one is certainly cheap.

A hardwood will cost you at least $10 to more than $20 a square foot.

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Final Words Global Gem Vinyl Plank

There is no doubt that this product (from this brand) has tons of beneficial and great features.

They offer better quality and more solid performance than the regular luxuy vinyl brands.

In terms of construction and quality, the floor is more durable and tougher.

You should expect the floor to last for decades. General vinyl floor may last up to 10 years or even up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

Since Global Gem floors are better in quality and construction, you should be able to expect them to last for even longer years maybe more than 3 decades!

Make sure that you have done an extensive research concerning the brand and the floor.

Learn thoroughly about where you can purchase them or what to do when you want to file a claim.

All in all, Global Gem vinyl plank can be a great option for your floor, but only if you know that it is perfect for your house.