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linoleum flooring reviews

Complete Linoleum Flooring Reviews with Pros And Cons Must Know

by Dylan Johnson

Do you still hear the term linoleum flooring reviews today? In your head, you might picture it as a black and white checkered kitchen floor in your grandma’s house or orange and yellow topped by the shag rug in your uncle’s house.

Do people interested installing new flooring on their house with this flooring type?


If you have never seen this floor before, you would be amazed at its fun and funky look which hasn’t been uncommon and even being the top chic flooring makeover not only for homes but also businesses. Yup, linoleum has been popular in the world of architect.

Though linoleum is not created to fit everyone’s need of flooring, it is now one of the popular and practical design option for today’s homeowners.

Hence, we are going to take you a walk to go through the linoleum reviews including the pros and cons which are covering the quality, durability, cost and installation and etc. Without taking too much time, let’s now refer to the following flooring reviews sections, thus, you make wonder no more about linoleum.

Pros of Linoleum Flooring

The pros of linoleum much deals with the reasons why people like and tend to choose this flooring type for their homes. It also deals with the linoleum flooring reviews strengths to offer.

Well, the pros linoleum will include all the features such as eco-friendly, low VOC, water resistant, stylish look, durability, versatility and DIY option.

Linoleum Flooring Eco-Friendly

The first thing you have to know about linoleum is its eco-friendly feature. Believe it or not, linoleum is one of the most eco-friendly flooring option on the globe.

Constructed out of the natural resins, dust, wood fibers, cork, mineral pigments and linseed oil, linoleum proves to stands out on the market, meaning that people make it as an option for their home improvement todays.

Woven jute or canvas and bonded by the natural latex, the flexible backing is also added to the linoleum construction, making it able to decompose completely and not strapped in the landfill even for hundreds of years.


The second feature offered by this linoleum flooring is the low VOC. This means that the eco-friendly linoleum will never potentially emit the dangerous chemicals when it is firstly installed in your home sweet home.

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. It is a chemical that causes respiratory health problems. VOC is not so good for children and older people with the low immune system.

In this case, linoleum has a low VOC, meaning that it is not as dangerous as we may think of. In other words, linoleum is safe for families with children and elderly.

Though you may recognize a slight smell just after being installed, you don’t have to worry since it is just the linseed oil natural smell that will easily disappeared.

Water Resistant Feature

Are you wondering whether linoleum is water resistant?

True to its construction, linoleum is definitely water resistant, meaning that it can still be harmed by the humidity if it is too exposed to the excessive temperature or moisture.

In addition to this water resistant feature, linoleum is the true-all-natural multi-tasker, meaning that it offers a natural anti-microbial, anti-static, stain resistant and fire-retardant features.

Stylish Look

Can you expect a stylish look over this type of flooring?

Why not?

Basically, to fit the consumers’ need, linoleum offers a plenty of colors, patterns, styles and textures.

So, whatever kinds of linoleum flooring you want to discover and match your home design, you can easily get it.

In this regards, manufacturers keep producing linoleum with the unlimited number of wood patterns, solid, striated, flecked and marble look.

Linoleum also comes with the custom die-cut inlays and boarders which are designed to create a unique look floor that nobody in your surrounding will have it.

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Durability of Linoleum Flooring

Is linoleum durable?

As long as you carry out the proper care and professional maintenance, this flooring type can even last up to forty years. Due to this durability, linoleum is still widely used in today’s home design.

If you visit your doctor, you may see this linoleum floor in the doctor’s office. You can also find it visible on the other places such as hotel, school, library and any other favorite stores that you might never imagine.

In fact, linoleum flooring is very much durable for many high-traffic areas for so many decades. All in all, it is just an excellent choice you can consider either for your home building or home improvement.


The next question that might be on your head about linoleum flooring is whether or not it is versatile. Due to the fact that linoleum is durable, resistant to stain, water and scratch as well as a wide range of color options, linoleum is stated to be versatile enough, making it suitable for open floor plan especially when you want a distinctive and unique look of flooring matching your home décor.

Luckily, you can even expect to have a custom linoleum monogram or logo inlay made to install on your home entry way, hallway or even home office. Isn’t that so cool?

DIY Option

One more thing that makes linoleum lovely to many people is the DIY option, meaning that even you yourself can install it on your own home floors without hiring a flooring experts.

Nowadays, flooring brands innovate the flooring types which are all easy to install, attracting the homeowners to go on skill adventure. It would also be a special pride when someone can successfully install the flooring by himself just like the professional one.

To carry out the DIY installation, firstly you need to purchase a sheet-type linoleum that comes with the large heavy rolls which can be difficult to work on.

However, linoleum nowadays is designed in tile and plank formats featuring a click-lock mechanism. Luckily, this tile and plank have floating installation method that requires no adhesive, nails or staples.

best linoleum flooring for kitchen

Cons Of Linoleum Flooring

Now that you have known all the pros of linoleum flooring reviews dealing with the reasons why people like using it, let’s find out why some other people do not prefer this flooring.

Yup, over the strengths, there are always drawbacks. In other words, there are pros and cons of a product showing that people like and dislike.

Below are the list of reasons or cons why people do not like linoleum for their home flooring.


Traditional floorings always come with the difficult maintenance. One of which is the traditional linoleum. In order to make it look the most wonderful and highly durable, maintenance must be properly carried out.

Noticeably, linoleum has an effortful maintenance. It is because the flooring must be frequently waxed, polished and stripped every certain period of time. How many times you do it depend much on the foot traffic and cleaning timetable.

For instance, linoleum of a busy home requires more sweeping, vacuuming and wet mopping than a home office and bedroom. One big question is how you can get to know when you must strip and re-wax it.

Obviously, when you see your linoleum look scuffed, dingy and dull, well, it is the time for you to perform sticking it.

Remember, either waxing, stripping or polishing is really time consuming, making a deal-breaker when it’s time to sweep, vacuum and mop.

Though most manufacturers are offering pre-finished linoleum nowadays eliminating the stripping and polishing need over the floors, linoleum still appears a harder maintenance than the vinyl.

Water Resistant, Not Waterproof

Linoleum tend to be water resistant instead of waterproof. Water resistant feature lets the floors mopped wet but doesn’t let the water stay longer on the floors, exposing it to excessive humidity.

This makes linoleum best used for kitchens, bathrooms, entries and laundry room. However, you must be careful of plumbing leek which is leading the floor to the damage.

If you have little kids who are always playing water when they bath or hiding the spills of their juice, you may want to pick up this flooring type as an excellent choice.


Discoloration can be a serious problem a few months to come. Linoleum experiences a natural discoloration particularly the floors’ yellowing and darkening due to the linseed oil which is rising to the floor surface. Thus, don’t use chemicals or other cleaners to reverse the process. It makes all worse.

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Not Pet-Friendly

Linoleum is also best described to be not-pet friendly. Thought it is easy to clean, it comes softer, making it not suitable for families with the big dogs or cats. The floors can be easily scratch by the heavy claws and paws.

black and white checkered linoleum flooring

Cost of Linoleum Flooring

Believe it or not, linoleum is listed as one of the fantastic flooring yet it offers a higher price. In addition, the production cost is always increasing, causing the linoleum floors cost-prohibitive to the budget of the consumers.

Final Words Linoleum Flooring Reviews

All in all, you can definitely get the big benefits from installing linoleum at home but you can also get its drawbacks. Be responsible for what you have chosen. If you finally opt linoleum for your home flooring, make sure you can definitely perform the right and proper maintenance.