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gray laminate flooring ideas

Best Gray Laminate Flooring Ideas for Your Perfect Home

by Dylan Johnson

It is not a big problem whether you want to redesign your home interior through the flooring element but you are on your budget. You can just consider installing gray laminate flooring and get the spaces you have been desiring.

In relation to flooring, laminate offers not only the performance but also the functionalities along with the great features that have made people around the world keep purchasing.

The great performance offered by this laminate includes the aesthetic look, versatility and durability while the functionalities offers the home furnishing with the flooring elements complementary.

Simply to understand, gray laminate flooring comes with the nice look to beautify your home interior.

Additionally, it adds the functions as a flooring to keep your pets and children safe due to the anti-bacteria feature, save your money since it is much more affordable than the real tiling.

Due to the fact that there is a wide range of styles, patterns, and texture of laminate flooring, here we come with the clear sections reviewing them all.

So we had better move to check them out now.

Gray Wood

Best Gray Laminate Flooring You Can Opt for Your Perfect Home
Best Gray Laminate Flooring You Can Opt for Your Perfect Home

Gray wood laminate flooring becomes the first product that is highly demanded, widely purchased and mostly used.

This is a type of gray laminate flooring that looks like wood. Once you install this flooring types, you will get an outstanding look over the flooring in your home.

Apart from discussing its great features, gray wood laminate flooring adds a special warmth and coziness to feel. Match it with the white or light gray wall to get the full calmness of your spaces.

In fact, gray wood laminate flooring is not only suitable for home use but also for commercial use. It would be nice to install either at home or at the office and even at your personal store.

Light Gray

light gray laminate flooring ideas
light gray laminate flooring ideas

Light gray laminate flooring is other gray laminate flooring variants. Its light gray color basically add a lighter effect for the space, making the space feels airy and looks larger than it is.

If you only knew, gray laminate flooring is the latest design trend innovated by the manufacturers to meet the customer’s need and expectation.

True to its style, light gray laminate flooring fits most the your home areas especially the ones with the high foot traffics such as kitchens and hallways. Light gray laminate flooring looks best on homes with the modern and minimalist design.

Do if you will be building a new house with the minimalist concept, save this flooring types for your reference.

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Gray Waterproof

Perhaps, it is not a big deal to apply the gray laminate flooring in living room, dining room, hallways, stairs and basements. However, it would be a bit different when it comes to install a laminate in the bathrooms and kitchens.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the two home areas with the high moisture. Liquids potentially spill much in the kitchens while waters always flow in the bathroom. Thus, you need a special type of laminate flooring since not all types of laminate is featured with the moisture resistant.

Accordingly, waterproof gray laminate flooring comes as the perfect solution. Waterproof feature is included in the laminate to enable the floor to last with waters.

That’s why, waterproof laminate flooring type is designed and much recommended for bathrooms and kitchens.

Now you may look at your kitchens as well as your bathrooms.

Have you already had waterproof flooring there?

If not, then you can make them over soon.

Dark Gray Laminate

Dark Gray Laminate Flooring
Dark Gray Laminate Flooring

Not all of the people loves light colors. Many of them like darker colors.

Thus, to provide the customer with many different choices for flooring options, most manufacturers produce also the dark gray laminate flooring.

Achieve your space aesthetical values with this dark gray laminate flooring over your living room so that not only you and your families but also everyone who comes for a visit will feel so impressed by the impressive look of your interior designs, one of which is including the flooring element.

Noticeably, dark gray laminate flooring fits any kind of room layout and decoration. It is due to the fact that gray color is so much versatile to combine with the other colors.

Gray Brown Laminate

Is there any gray brown laminate flooring?

Why not?

As we have mentioned, there is a wide range of gray laminate floor available on the market to provide the customers with many different kinds of floor options.

True to its style, gray brown laminate floor comes with the unique look a brown laminate combined with the natural gray accents, making the floor looks so rustic and of course it would suit the rustic home of yours.

So don’t wait too long to grab this kind of laminate flooring if you love rustic design and natural view. Gray laminate floor is always ready for you.

Gray Oak Laminate

An oak-look is one of the most favorable look for flooring due to the fact that oak texture and patterns offers only a natural view but also a beautiful, modern and stylish look of a flooring.

Believe it or not, gray oak laminate floor is listed as one of the most desirable options among the customers.

Being the favorable laminate flooring options, gray oak laminate floor comes with the trustable quality and durability. Offering up to 15 years warranty, this kind of laminate flooring can even last for more than 15 years.

Most of laminate flooring are typically durable depending on the laminate thickness. In this case, the typical thickness with the average durability is 8mm to 12mm.

Simply, the thicker the laminate, the more durable it would be.

Gray Tone Laminate

So you want a smooth and soft color to create a coziness in your space, gray tone laminate floor can be the great option. For those who like a calmness, all the house elements must usually come in color tone.

Now that there is gray tone laminate flooring availability, people don’t have to worry to find the gray laminate floor with the soft color.

Definitely, grab this laminate and transform your spaces into the most calming spot you desire.

Gray Barnwood Laminate

Have you ever seen a gray barnwood laminate flooring?

It is one the laminate flooring types that looks like barnwood. Basically, it is available in dark and light colors. It is designed to make the floors look like they have a farmhouse barn.

So, will it be proper to install for the farmhouse flooring? Absolutely it will.

Gray barnwood laminate flooring comes with the rustic look, however, it could also match your modern room layout. White walls with the black furniture are the good partners for the gray barnwood laminate floor.

Don’t takes time. Grab this laminate flooring soon to furnish your room and change it into the most desirable zone.

Gray Laminate Plank

Another option you can consider optioning is the gray laminate plank. Due to the fact that laminate plank is considered easy and quick to install, the product remains in use and is highly demanded.

True to its installation, gray laminate plank comes with not only easy but also quick installation.

It is because most laminate planks are glue-less and even pre-glued, meaning that we don’t need to use glue for the installation since the planks have already glued in the layer.

All we need to do is just snapping the planks and attach it to the floor.

However, make sure the subfloor is absolutely clean and clear out of dust and dirt just before you install the plank. This is aimed to make a solid installation so that the flooring can be much more durable.

Remember, along with the proper installation, a laminate flooring can even last up to 20 years.

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Water Resistant Gray Laminate Flooring

The last but not least gray laminate flooring you can have for reference fir your next home remodel is water resistant gray laminate floor. This means that this laminate flooring fights against the water and other watery object such as liquids.

What home areas would be suitable with the water resistant laminate flooring?

According to some experts, not only kitchens and bathrooms but also more other home areas will be much suitable with it.

So what are you still waiting for?

Make sure you take this flooring option into account when it comes to remodeling a home. Water resistant gray laminate floor can really be a great choice.

Out of the 10 best gray laminate floors we have just shared you on this page, have you been inspired to pick up one type for your home?

Make sure you have a look at your home design first before finally choose a type of gray laminate floor and bring it into your cart.

It is also much recommended that you read every detail of the product description provided by the stores in their catalogues.

Hopefully, this review can acknowledge you more with the information about laminate flooring types.