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Arizona Polymer Flooring Reviews

Arizona Polymer Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

It’s crucial that you find as many Arizona Polymer Flooring reviews as possible before you decide on buying their products.

The reviews will give you insight and knowledge about the company, as well as their products.

This is useful and crucial as you want to make sure that you only get the best products without hurting your wallet.

About Arizona Polymer Flooring

APF, Arizona Polymer Flooring, is a flooring manufacturing focusing on high-performance and durable concrete coating systems for everyone architects, contractors, and end users.

The company was established in 1985 and has provided only the best products for their customers ever since.

They have used advanced and innovated polymer chemistry for the manufacturing of acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy products.

Each product has gone through field testing for durability and performance, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Based on Arizona Polymer Flooring reviews, the company has made their own investment in necessary development and research in order to create innovative systems and products for the market.

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Acrylic Products

One of the most popular types of floor coatings is the acrylic. The surface coating has been used in 3 major coating and paint categories: special purpose coating, product finish, and architectural coating.

When you install the floor, big chances that you will need a finish which is the protective layer that is applied on the floor. Acrylic is one of the most popular options.

It’s a good thing that APF makes such a product.  For acrylic, they have 2 major products:

  • Acryseal VOC. This is a solvent-based and clear acrylic that is created for sealing porous tile, conventional concrete, concrete pavers, exposed aggregate, and other types of concrete surfaces. It uses hard (acrylic) polymer as the base so the end result would a coat with impressive stain resistant, good gloss, and easy to clean. It has excellent adhesive property to the cement surfaces and you won’t have to worry about yellowing issue. It has satin finish, gloss, and clear for color and finishes. It is available in 1 gallon, 5 gallons, and 55 gallons of size.
  • Cem-Seal. It is a water-based type that can be used for decorative (concrete) application. It is available in both pigmented and clear formulation. It dries up pretty quickly and it can deliver amazing results. It forms resist blushing, great yellowing resistance, and hard film coating for exterior use. This is a perfect option for light duty use and it is inexpensive too. It would be a perfect primer for polymer concrete with polyurethane (or polyasartics/polyurea components) being used for the finishing coat. It has 16 standard colors with clear finish. It is available as 1 gallon or 5 gallons.


This is another popular flooring material, mainly because of the inexpensive price.

When you have smoothed out and prepped the floor, the epoxy will be applied. It will make the floor stain resistant, strong, and even glossy.

Epoxy may be popular in industrial setting and public places, but it is now quite popular for residential application.

For the epoxy, APF has 13 different options according to Arizona Polymer Flooring reviews. And each of them comes with their own use, function, and strength.

For instance, Epoxy 100 is a water-based epoxy with two components featuring extremely low odor, perfect coating ability, and easy application.

The LTE (Low Temperature Epoxy), on the other hand, is the acrylated and solid epoxy system with 100% formulation. It is designed to deliver 20 degrees Fahrenheit positive cure.

Sani-Wall Coating is another 100% (solids) resin system that has been used in wall epoxy coating system.

It is designed to cure blush-free. It is also designed to deliver perfect balance of chemical resistance, flexibility, and physical strength.

If you are in need of a good epoxy system, feel free to browse around the 13 different collections.

You should be able to read the different specifications and functions of each epoxy. As you can see, there are epoxies for floors as well as epoxy for the wall. You should be able to find the one that suits your needs.


APF has 6 types of polyurethane. Again, like the epoxy, each type has its own strength and features.

For instance, Polyurethane 100 is high solids aliphatic polyurethane with two-component type. When applied, it can produce flexible and yet hard and extremely impact resistant protective films.

On the other hand, there is Polyurethane 100 VOC which also shares the similar traits and features like the previous type.

However, this type has lower VOC content which is perfect for residential settings and healthier setting.

Polyurea and Polyaspartic

This is also another type of flooring that is a part of polyurethane subgroup. Polyurea is a two-part component responsible for curing reaction for material’s hardening.

When compared to epoxy, this one is considered more flexible. Another thing to like is its fast curing rate. Polypaspartic is similar to the previous one.

However, it extends the product’s pot life, which is helpful to extend application time.

  • Based on Arizona Polymer Flooring reviews, APF has one Polyaspartic product (Polyaspartic 7500) and 3 Polyurea products. Polyaspartic 7500 is the high-performance coating system for protection. Polyurea is divided in:
  • Polyurea 5000. This is a hybrid type with ultra high solid and two component type. It reduces the odor and it delivers perfect coating result.
  • Polyurea 5001. Just like the previous type, this one can deliver perfect result. It has perfect adhesion property that will prepare the concrete just well.
  • Polyurea 5100. This is a 100% hybrid two components that creates unique resin chemistry. It has fewer (film) thickness limitation and it doesn’t produce any odor or whatsoever.

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Final Words Arizona Polymer Flooring Reviews

In the end, APF is able to produce many products for the floor and everything related to it.

It has urethane cement, filler, specialty products, aggregates, solvents, and so much more. You can find any products related to flooring and its preparation or its finish.

If you read as many Arizona Polymer Flooring reviews as possible, you’d know which products to expect and which one would be the best choice for your floor.