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Johnson Hardwood Flooring Review

Johnson Hardwood Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

It’s imperative that you read Johnson Hardwood flooring review if you ever decide to buy the floor.

Choosing a certain type of floor can be difficult, especially if you don’t really understand the characteristics of your house.

Let’s not forget that there are many of floor manufacturers out there with limitless collections.

It makes it difficult to narrow down your option to a particular brand or style. That’s why the reviews are helpful because they give you information and insight.

You know the pros and cons of each brand or style, making it easier for you to make a decision.

About Johnson Hardwood Flooring

The company, Johnson Hardwood, is a Californian flooring manufacturer that makes both engineered and also solid hardwood floor. The prices are set between $4.40 and $8.99 a square feet.

The company is basically a leading brand of premium and high-end hardwood flooring. They also produce SPC engineered (vinyl) plank flooring, including their own unique hybrid type.

It has a nice combination of waterproof vinyl core and also (natural) hardwood for the top layer.

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Johnson Hardwood Pros and Cons

Everything has its own pros and cons, but you need to dig deeper to really understand it. For Johnson Hardwood, some of the positive traits (based on Johnson Hardwood flooring review) are:

Collections and selection of engineered hardwood

The company has 12 collections for their engineered hardwood lines and all of them are naturally appealing, beautiful, and gorgeous.

The tones are various, from the trend (almost white) shade to the rich darker shade which can be found in Oak, Hickory, Acacia, European Oak, Maple, Birch, and Walnut.

Affordability Johnson Flooring

Although the company claim themselves to produce premium products with good warranty, their price range is basically quite affordable from average setting to high average.

The price is between $4 and $8 a square feet, which depends on the wood species and type of collection.

Whereas other hardwood manufacturers with premium quality may set the price between $6 and $14 a square feet, Johnson Hardwood sets a ‘lower’ price range. In short, they provide good value (especially for the money).

Eco-friendly trait

There’s no use choosing a gorgeous and appealing product when their manufacturing process is hurting Mother Earth.

It’s a good thing that many flooring manufacturers have realized that they need to practice eco-friendly practice and manner so that they won’t cause further damage. After all, it is a responsible way to make stuff.

The company supports sustainable forestry manner and practices. Their products have complied Lacey Act and they have met the strict California’s CARB requirements and standards.

Even their adhesives are environmentally safe, meeting the strict German E-1 standards related to formaldehyde emissions. Whatever wood waste they produce would be recycled again.

Johnson Hardwood Flooring Warranty

They have either limited 35 year or 50 year of residential finish warranty, depending on the collections.

The warranty is about their finish that won’t wear off. They also have a lifetime limited warranty related to their floors being free of manufacturing defects, which cover lamination, assembly, coating, staining, grading, or milling.

Unfortunately, the company isn’t 100% perfect. There are several downsides to the products, based on Johnson Hardwood flooring review. They are:

Solid wood selection

Whereas their engineered hardwood type offers 12 different collections, their solid wood only has 2 collections. They are available in Maple or American Oak, with 4.25 inches or 4.75 inches of width and various colors.

The general johnson hardwood issue

All solid hardwood floors have their own disadvantages and flaws. They are easily scratched and dented, especially with sharp objects.

Hardwood isn’t the best option for installation in areas often exposed to liquid, moisture, or water, such as mudroom, bathroom, or laundry room.

Moreover, solid hardwood can’t be installed in basements or below grade setting.

Flawless johnson hardwood installation necessary

The warranties offered by Johnson Hardwood would be effective when they have been installed properly and then maintained correctly it would be better if homeowners follow the provided guidelines of Johnson Hardwood.

The installation should be flawless in order to succeed. It’s up to you whether you want to hire a professional installer or have your own DIY project.

But whatever you do, make sure to read the installation guide carefully and thoroughly, and follow everything.

The Collections Johnson Hardwood

Here are some of the products, based on Johnson Hardwood flooring review. Two of them are Green Mountain and Renaissance.

They are solid hardwood collections. Green Mountain has handscraped Maple and light wire-brushed Oak. The planks are coming in 4.25 inches of width and 0.75 inches of thickness.

The length is various and they have aluminum oxide UV-cured finish. There are 12 different colors available, including gray, off-white, and various ranges of browns.

For the Renaissance, the collection comes with sculpted and handscraped texture in two options of Oak and Maple.

They have semi glossy finish. It can be rather difficult to find the Renaissance collection today, considering that Green Mountain has superseded it.

As it was mentioned before, Johnson Hardwood has 12 engineered hardwood collections.

One of them is Alehouse Collection. It boasts reclaimed or luxury vintage look although it is a virgin new floor. The floor comes with multi-layer of hand staining in 12 different shades.

Each of the planks has color variation within the wood, not from the staining. The offered types are Maple and European Oak.

Another example option is Saga Villa Collection. It comes in Maple with soft grain effect. There are 9 different colors, from light hues to darker brown. The 6.5 inches of width planks deliver contemporary and unique style.

Another collection, Roma Collection, has random distressed Hickory with plank width ranging from 3 inches, 5 inches, and 6.5 inches. They have 8 different colors, and all of them are pretty bold and daring.

Johnson Hardwood Waterproof Quality

For their waterproof product, Johnson Hardwood has developed a relatively new product. You should be able to find it in the Reservoir Collection.

They refer it as the ‘real and true wood hybrid’. It has the feel and look of real wood, but it comes with waterproof quality (the one you find from luxury vinyl).

The floor has a wood wear layer as well as WaterShield (rigid) core made with the waterproof vinyl. This innovative floor is offered in Walnut, Maple, Oak, and Hickory.

There are 11 different color shades available. The planks are robust and solid with 6.5 inches of width.

The Prices Johnson Hardwood Flooring

This is one factor that makes the brand likable. Despite the fact that they offer premium lines, their prices are quite affordable even lower than other solid hardwood products. The price ranges are set from $4.40 to $8.99 a square feet.

This is basically a standard medium range, considering their high-quality engineered flooring type.

For the solid hardwood, the price would be from $7.99 to $8.99 a square feet. Still, the price range is relatively cheaper when compared to other lines.

The company sells engineered vinyl plank types within 6 different collections, including the new hybrid type of Reservoir flooring.

The price range is between $3.60 and $5.40 a square feet. Finding their products is relatively easy as you can find them at local flooring retailers and shops.

According to Johnson Hardwood flooring review, here is the comparison of Johnson Hardwood products with other products from other leading brands.

  • Solid hardwood from Johnson Hardwood is sold between $4.40 and $8.99 while the engineered hardwood is sold between $7.99 and $8.99
  • Solid hardwood from Bruce is sold between $3.30 and $9.00, while engineered wood from Jasper is sold between $1.50 and $5.00
  • Solid hardwood from Blue Ridge is sold between $3.50 and $5.50, while engineered wood from Pergo Max is sold between $2.99 and $4.99
  • Solid hardwood from LM Flooring is unknown while the engineered hardwood is sold between $2.20 and $7.20
  • Solid hardwood from Mohawk TecWood is sold between $4.40 and $8.99 while the engineered hardwood from Mohawk SolidWood is sold between $4.50 and $8.50
  • Solid hardwood from Mullican is sold between $4.30 and $7.40 while the engineered hardwood is sold between $4.20 and $5.60
  • Solid hardwood from Somerset is sold between $4.50 and $8.50 while the engineered hardwood is sold between $6.00 and $8.50
  • Solid hardwood from Anderson Tuftex is sold between $8.00 and $12.00 while the engineered hardwood is sold between $12.00 and $14.00
  • Solid hardwood from Kahrs is unknown while the engineered hardwood of Kahrs Hardwood is sold between $6.00 and $14.00
  • Solid hardwood from Mazama is sold between $3.90 and $7.00, while engineered wood from Heritage Mill is sold between $3.50 and $6.25

The Installation Johnson Hardwood Flooring

Based on Johnson Hardwood flooring review, the engineered floor from Johnson Hardwood can be installed by glue, cleat, staple, or even using the floating methods.

The engineered floor can even be installed over the radiant heating system. But be advised that it isn’t for the solid hardwood.

The Renaissance hybrid floor, is designed with click floating 2G system, which is licensed from Valinge.

Moreover, the Renaissance as well as all engineered floor (from Johnson Hardwood) can be installed below grade, at grade, or above grade. It gives you greater flexibility to manage the floor.

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Johnson Hardwood Flooring Review and Customer Feedbacks

In general, the floor has positive and favorable Johnson Hardwood flooring review. Some homeowners claim that they have the floor for 5 years and they don’t have any issue at all.

Some even say that they have pets, and yet, the floor is able to put up very well over the years without damages.

Most say that the floor has beautiful finish and it looks gorgeous!

Be sure to do your research thoroughly and carefully.

It includes reading as many Johnson Hardwood flooring review as possible and then make wise comparison about the brands and variants.