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Brazilian Walnut Flooring Review

Brazilian Walnut Flooring – The Most Durable Flooring To Consider

by Dylan Johnson

In the world of wood flooring, there will always be a new trend almost every year. Within the changing trends that are increasing rapidly, Brazilian walnut flooring proves the high quality along with its popular dark color as one of the durable wood flooring on the market.

In general, this flooring types comes with the unique appearance including the deep rich colors and special patterns to present the distinctive characteristics.

Brazilian walnut flooring offers not only a very classic look but also a timeless flooring solution.

In fact, this flooring type is harder and stronger than its own American counterpart.

Noticeably, it has been used widely for high-end homes, meaning that it is incredibly popular as a wood flooring.

As a result, the demand for this wonderful hardwood is also rising, allowing the price to be more reasonable.

For your curious feel, we write down Brazilian walnut flooring which reviews all about the flooring product including the pros and cons of the product, the way of finding the high quality Brazilian walnut flooring, the durability and the reviews of the companies that produces the flooring.

Without taking too much time, let’s just refer to the following review sections:

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Pros

Brazilian walnut flooring pros deals with the product strengths as well as the reasons why people widely choose the product.

It includes the product’s hardness, fire and bug resistance, moisture resistance, the ability of the product to refinish and install over the radiant heating, and the product’s durability.

These are all are presented down below:

Brazilian Walnut Hardness

Believe it or not, Brazilian walnut has an extremely hard Janka Rating that is 3500, making it one of the hardest wood sold in the world.

This hardness leads the wood to be highly durable and more resistant to any damage than the other hardwood types available on the market.

The reason why Brazilian walnut incredibly hard is the density.

Besides supporting the wood’s durability, the density of the wood also makes it less prone to any scratches.

Thus, Brazilian walnut flooring is suitable for the rooms with the high foot-traffic and even the spaces outdoor.

Fire Resistant

Unbelievably, Brazilian walnut is also resistant to fire at which other hardwood cannot deliver.

This is also supported by the high density of the wood, allowing the flooring products to have a good fire rating which is the same with the concrete and steel.

Due to the heavy fibers and high density of the wood, the Brazilian walnut flooring can be the only wood that is not floating.

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Bug Resistant

If you live at a place where there are unlimited bugs around, well, your house needs this flooring type since it is bug resistant.

Yes, this flooring is not only exotic but also resistant to bug due to the natural oil contained in the wood.

It is always easy and uneasy to determine the good flooring. Oily hardwood flooring may not be a perfect idea, however, the existence of natural oil makes it save and well-protected from any kinds of bugs around.

Furthermore, this oily hardwood is also friendly for those who are suffering from certain allergies caused by the wood floorings.

How can?

It is because the natural oil can easily kill the termite and spore on the floors.

Moisture Resistant

One more resistance feature presented by this Brazilian walnut flooring is the moisture resistant.

One of the most favorable flooring desired by people on the globe is the one that can keep the moisture away.

This way, this hardwood flooring type comes with the soft surface that is fine for water, making it very suitable for outdoor flooring.

Moisture resistance also deals with the mold resistance which is also much of Brazilian walnut advantage.

Being Installed Over Radiant Heating

People keep purchasing this hardwood flooring type under the reason that the wood can be greatly installed over radiant heating.

This is supported by the stability and heat resistance offered by the Brazilian walnut wood.

Believe it or not, Brazilian walnut can even be applied directly on to the heating system without being coated firstly while other hardwood need some prep works to do that.


High durability is also one of the strengths offered by Brazilian walnut flooring.

Durability is the strongest characteristics of this hardwood due to the high density of the fibers which are also rich with natural oils.

If you find other hardwood flooring type requiring a proper maintenance to keep the durability, Brazilian walnut is not. Nevertheless, it would stay durably.

Furthermore, this hardwood flooring type has 30 years lifespan, meaning that it can last up to 30 years to come.

Can Be Refinished

In addition to the pros of a flooring product, Brazilian walnut flooring can be refinished when it fade away or even get damaged.

However, many Brazilian walnut planks cannot be refinished for so many times.

Their original look and feel will actually lose if they are refinished too often.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Cons

The cons of a product much deal with the weaknesses of the product. It also means that something a part of the product can cause an impact either to the flooring itself or to the environment.

This way, the Brazilian walnut flooring cons include the hardness, expensive price, difficult maintenance, not suiting every space and the expensive installation cost.

Brazilian Walnut Hardness

Even the hardness of a wood flooring that is noticeably good for durability, it can cause something bad.

In fact, the hardness of Brazilian walnut causes a hard installation for the hardwood installers.

This way, it is quite difficult for the installers to drill the holes in the boards.

Thus, they must nail the board first and drill the holes later.

This hardness also makes the hardwood difficult to cut and trim without using the special tools with industrial-grade.

Hence, Brazilian walnut flooring is not suitable for DIY installation.

If you just expect to install the floor by yourself, choose the other type of flooring.

Brazilian Walnut Expensive Price

It is best described that the increasing demand for Brazilian walnut flooring significantly lowering the price, it is still listed as one of the most expensive flooring products available on the market.

People who loves Brazilian flooring will alternatively choose the engineered version more than the solid planks.

This is because the engineered Brazilian wood flooring looks similarly with the solid planks while it has a cheaper price.

However, if you think that engineered Brazilian walnut floors are cheaper, you are totally wrong.

It is even more expensive than the other hardwood types such as oak, pine and cherry.

Difficult Maintenance

Though this flooring type doesn’t require any special tools for cleaning, it is hard to maintain the floors in real.

Due to the dark chocolate hues of the floors colors, it would be very hard to notice the dust and dirt as well as other small particles.

In fact, most people do not take it that hard about maintaining the floors.

As well as they sweeping and vacuuming the floors regularly, it would keep the floors look as if it was new.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Doesn’t Fit Every Space

This is another reason why people dislike Brazilian walnut wood. Yup, not all the spaces can be suitably applied by this hardwood type.

It works best for large areas such as living room, dining room and family room. Its darker colors do not fit small room.

If you have a tiny home, Brazilian walnut flooring is not a good option.

Expensive Installation Cost

Believe it or not, you cannot expect to install this Brazilian walnut floors by yourself. Even the professional installers need some years to be good at it.

In most cases, the installers will commonly experience lots of problems during the installation process.

That’s why, a professional and experienced contractors charge a high fee for the installation cost.

How To Find A High Quality Brazilian Walnut Flooring

There are always a few things to take a note before you finally make decision of purchasing a product.

In relation to purchasing a hardwood flooring type, the first thing you should consider is the cost.

Typically, the prettiest and the most exotic Brazilian walnut wood will definitely cost very much expensively.

If you just find the wonderful one with the low price, it must be questionable.

Secondly, you must consider warranty that the manufacturers offer.

This way, most manufacturers comes with the warranty that doesn’t cover the surface damage of the flooring.

So you must carefully check the warranty policy of the manufacturer.

When it comes to choose a wood flooring, it is frequent that the hardwood has a lighter colors in the center than the surface layers.

Check out the whole colors of the planks is just a good idea.

What’s more?

What about the thickness of the planks?

It must also be ensured since the thicker the boards, the more durable they would be.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Durability

What would you look for out of the flooring product?

The first answer must be the durability, right?

Do you know?

There is no other hardwood type to compare to Brazilian walnut when it comes to durability. Amazingly, this flooring type is suitable for not only indoor but also outdoor spaces.

Thanks to the UV resistance feature that makes the wood flooring strong enough to fight against the direct sunlight.

Though it is probably much exposed to direct sunlight, it won’t experience discoloration.

Besides, the density and the hardness of this flooring offer the suitability for high traffic areas such as hallways and entryways.

Hence, this flooring will also best suit the commercial places such as restaurant of shops.

One more, Brazilian walnut flooring can also last for 25 years or more, meaning that you need to use the flooring for 25 years before you need to repair the flooring.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Cost

Brazilian walnut flooring can be cheaper and expensive at the same time. It would just difficult to judge whether it is cheap or expensive.

It is due to the fact that even this flooring comes with the cheap price, it is still expensive compared to the other hardwood flooring types.

On average, the Brazilian walnut flooring prices start from $9 for the solid wood planks and $5 to $6 for the engineered planks. Meanwhile, the overall installation cost be around $3 per square foot.

There are several things that determine how cheap or expensive the flooring including whether or not the boards are prefinished and coated.

This way, the prefinished and coated Brazilian walnut flooring is much more expensive than the unfinished boards.

Unfinished boards allow you to fit your “on-budget” situation. Furthermore, you need to apply the finishing process such as sanding and other finishing process. This costs up to $5 per square foot.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Reviews

The Plank Company

The Plank Company has been the leading manufacturer for home flooring for more than twenty years, meaning that this manufacturer offers a good quality in every hardwood flooring it produces.

Greatly, it focus on producing the types of hardwood flooring that are installable on radiant heating system.

Awarded by PEFC and FCS certificates, The Plank Company offers the strict safety as well as quality checks over the products.

This manufacturer also comes with the longest stock of the hardwood timber based in US. It is even available to supply the hardwood flooring for the smaller manufacturers.

However, The Plank Company has only a limited collection of Brazilian walnut flooring, that is a type with one color and two lengths.

Brazilian Direct

Brazilian Direct was founded in 2002 as the first manufacturer exclusively offering an online exotic hardwood flooring.

Nowadays, it is listed as one of the top manufacturers that produce the hardwood in a cheaper price.

Brazilian Direct is very popular for its sources sustainability. It is also listed as one in the few companies providing customer-centric approach to the business.

Apart from selling Brazilian walnut flooring, this manufacturer is just the right place to search any desired furniture to match your hardwood floors.

County Floors

County floors is just another hardwood company you can consider buying the hardwood at.

It comes not only to offer the high quality hardwood flooring but also to provide you with the imported Brazilian walnut flooring.

There are definitely lots of selections you can check out dealing with the size, colors, lengths and shades.

All of the products manufactured by County Floors are meeting the highest industry standards. Nowadays, this manufacture offers the discounts for the large orders.

However, delivery can be a big problem if you are just living too much far from the manufacturer.

Pennington Hardwood

When you want to choose an exotic hardwood, Pennington Hardwoods is the option. This manufacturer has a wide range of wonderful hardwood to choose from either finished or unfinished.

Pennington always try to make its products available in-stock. No matter where you live, short shipping and delivery time are mainly focused.

Nature Flooring

The last but not least manufacturer you can consider is Nature Flooring which is best considered to be the most respected and reliable hardwood flooring company for middle-class customers.

This manufacturer offers the classic hardwood floor such as oak and hickory, mahogany as well as birch along with the different kinds of colors.

Nowadays, this manufacturer produces Brazilian walnut flooring with the different finishes yet only one shade.

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Final Words

Conclusively, Brazilian walnut flooring is the most durable hardwood flooring type along with the highest quality that you can expect of a hardwood.

If you want to have a wood flooring for your indoor and outdoor spaces, this one is the best option to take into consideration.

However, keep in mind that you need also prepare your budget since the exotic appearance of this flooring types also costs much.