Best Gray Vinyl Flooring Ideas – Various Ideas with the Elegant and Timeless Gray

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What are the best gray vinyl flooring ideas? When it comes to ideas, there is nothing wrong or right. You are free to try anything you want as long as you have achieved your purpose.

Whether it is for improving the property’s value, the ambiance and atmosphere of the room, or to remodel the existing room and improve the visual element, feel free to add interesting elements to the room.

Vinyl flooring is probably one of the most modern and likable option for inexpensive home improvement project today. There are so many different flooring ideas to try, thanks to their options of different styles, shapes, themes, and variants.

Gray color, however, is often viewed as a plain and boring hue. A lot of homeowners may avoid gray because they believe that such a color won’t help in their home improvement projects.

Is it true?

Should you also avoid the curse of the gray hue?

Best Gray Vinyl Flooring Ideas
Best Gray Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Starting out

As it was mentioned before, gray isn’t exactly a popular option for a home improvement hue.

But it is a good thing that home designers and interior decors don’t agree. They believe that gray can be a stylish option although it may have its own challenges.

When you have extremely light or dark colors, finding the matching color isn’t difficult. However, when you have gray floor, your job would be more challenging.

Here is the first tip in managing best gray vinyl flooring ideas: include just enough gray.

When you already have a gray flooring, consider other colors for the other sections in the rooms.

Gray floor and gray wall?

It can be interesting at first, but it gets old very quickly. Don’t be too surprised if the room turns boring, bland, and gloomy right away.

But if you pair up gray flooring with gray accents, it is still possible again, not too much.

Let’s say that you have gray floor and yellow walls. It would be a good idea if you add gray photo frames for the accents on the wall. Make sure that you choose the right tone of gray because there are actually many of them out there.

Second, it is crucial to pair up the gray floor with other colors.

Gray alone would be depressing and simply too boring (maybe because of its monochromatic trait) it will turn your home into a gloomy crib in a second.

So, make sure that you choose other colors to pair up with your gray vinyl flooring.

There are some specific colors that would match perfectly to the gray vinyl flooring, such as:


Blue is a great color, especially dusty blue and blue gray. It is a soothing, calming, and cool tone that will match greatly with the gray.

Choose cool blues like dark, mid, or light blues you are good to go. Avoid turquoise blue or aqua it has too much green in it.

Look up for colors, such as Upward (it looks like elegant light gray), Light Blue, Blissful Blue, or Celestial.


Gray and White
Gray and White

White will create an airy, clean, and light appearance still exuding the elegance and serenity of the place. Go with cool whites or completely white tones AVOID peach, pink, or yellow undertones.

Basically, you choose cool whites to create an open and peaceful atmosphere. You don’t want to go with warm whites because it would be too dark or gloomy. You want to avoid colors with beige or yellow undertones.


You won’t believe that navy can be a great element for the best gray vinyl flooring ideas.

There are different tones of navy. If a darker navy is too dark for the whole room, then you can go with the lighter one. Or, you can choose navy as the main accent element of the room decor it still creates a strong decorative impact.

navy and gray flooring
navy and gray flooring

Dusty green

Not all greens are great for the gray pale green (sage) or dusty green would be the perfect match to the gray floor.

But stay away from bright greens, minty green, turquoise, forest green, or olive green. Olive green is too yellow while turquoise is somewhat too childish and bright.

You can go with colors like Sea Salt, Rainwashed, Liveable Green, or Ancient Marble.

Here is one exception color that would be great for the gray flooring: the Dark Gray. But dark gray can be super stylish when it is used ONLY as the main focal wall or the accent wall.

You can paint one wall with dark gray and the others with the cool whites. For the dark gray, you can choose options like Cityscape, Grizzle Gray, Web Gray, Gauntlet Gray, or Software.

If you are thinking about using wild and bright colors, use them as accent colors that work best for pillows, area rugs, or wall accessories. It would make the room colorful and somewhat whimsical in a classy and elegant way not in a disorderly and chaotic manner.

To create the best gray vinyl flooring ideas, you can use bold colors but not as the main colors of the room.

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Gray Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Elegant Look for Kitchen
Elegant Look for Kitchen

There are some great, stylish, and simple gray vinyl flooring ideas that you can implement on your home. Each of them has its own unique characteristics that will make the room different from one style to another.

Gray Wood

If you prefer wooden accents, there are gray hues and tones that will make your floor look stylish and good in such a simple manner. Forget oak-look-alike or cedar-look-alike with their dark hues.

You can choose dark gray with worn effect and wooden streaks that will make your floor look as if it is made from used and worn wood planks.

Or if you want to have a brighter tone, the pale gray that is combined with washed whites would be a good option. To avoid boring effect, choose vinyl planks with a little pattern or a certain texture.

Light Gray

Light gray doesn’t have to look super pale or washed out when installed in your house. As it was mentioned before, go with textured or patterned choices. If you are creative enough, you can actually combine the light gray with other colors, such as white, black, green, and blue depending on the patterns or effects that you want to achieve.

Gray Marble

Want to deliver a natural stone vibe into the house?

You can use gray marble vinyl floor. You can highlight the marble effect by choosing ones with pronounced streaks and lines it will give your floor a sense of character.

Moreover, you are free to choose the dark or light marble effect as long as it complements the entire decor of the room.

Gray Ash

If you want to have a light brown color but not entirely brown, then gray ash would be the perfect color for you. Gray ash is somewhat a bordering color between gray and light brown.

Some people may see it as light brown meaning that they see the dominating brown more.

On the other hand, some people may see it as light and pale gray meaning that they see the dominating gray hue more.

There is nothing right or wrong about it. This is the kind of color that will make the room look bright and airy. It sparks up serenity and style at the same time.

Gray Oak

If you want to deliver a wood effect to the floor without making it look too dark or too gloomy, then gray oak will be right up your alley.

It has its own natural streaks and patterns, but the color won’t be too dark. It still creates stylish and sophisticated effect without compromising the simplicity or the natural beauty of the wood.

Gray Slate

If you can’t decide whether you want to have a modern or traditional style, the gray slate would be the best pick.

The slate comes in various colors too, dark and light. And you can create a natural and stylish stone feel with the vinyl tiles.

If you go for the traditional look, choose the bare ones no patterns or streaks or lines on the surface.

If you prefer the modern look, the ones with patterns would be great. 

Gray Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas

Gray Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas
Gray Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas

Using planks in your best gray vinyl flooring ideas is just perfect. Vinyl flooring planks are coming in various styles, types, and models.

One thing to like about the planks is the easy installation. If you decide to have fun and have a DIY project, the planks can be the best options and you won’t have to spend extra money to hire a pro.

Planks are coming with various installation methods. The click-and-go method is the most likable way because you won’t need to apply glue to it.

Another method, the peel-and-stick, works like stickers. You only need to peel each plank and then stick it.

However, the click-and-go is the most common type because you simply only need to click one plank to another, and you are done!

Moreover, in case one plank is damaged, you can easily replace that particular damaged piece with a new one without replacing the entire floor.

If you want to be creative, there are several designing ideas to try:

  • You can create a particular sectional space by having a pattern on that area. So, the remaining of the floor is bare and simple (without any pattern or whatsoever), but there is a different area that looks different from the rest because of the patterns (or even colors). It is great to create boundaries or sections without adding up other elements.
  • You can always mix and match different colors of planks. For instance, you can create an Ombre effect on your six row floor. Two rows on the top are made from light color, the two rows on the middle are a bit darker, and the remaining two rows on the bottom are the dark ones. Or, you can pair up the light gray with other colors to create an interesting puzzle or even geometrical pattern on the floor. Who says you can’t have fun while designing and installing the floor?
  • You can install the textured or patterned planks depending on your personal preferences. The sky is the limit be (super) creative!

Gray Vinyl Tile Flooring Ideas

The vinyl tile has the same functions and traits as the planks. The major differences of the vinyl planks and vinyl tiles flooring are only two:

  • It is about the size. Tiles are generally coming in square form while planks are rectangular. Planks can be medium or a bit bigger, while tiles are usually big (around 50 x 50 centimeters).
  • It is about the final effects. Planks are usually designed to create natural wooden effect while tiles are usually designed to create natural stone effect.

In terms of installation method, vinyl tiles are similar to vinyl planks. You can also enjoy the same benefits and the creative ideas in the installation.

They are basically almost the same with only minor differences in final effect and size.

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Gray Vinyl Sheet Flooring Ideas

Whereas the vinyl planks and tiles are coming in independent tiles and planks, the vinyl sheet comes in a big roll of flooring.

For a wide and big room, the sheet can cover the area perfectly and it doesn’t take a lot of energy and time. However, you will need to hire a professional service to help you with the installation because it is the most complicated one.

The downside is that you will have to spend extra. Another downside is when a particular area is damaged, you will have to replace the entire floor to fix the issue.

Don’t think of the vinyl sheet as something bland, ugly, or blah.

Modern vinyl sheets are coming with stylish look and visual appearance some of them even come with textured surface. Patterned surface imitating the seams or chevron model, for instance, is also available.

So, if you have big rooms and you want to save the time and energy (as well as the money), then using the vinyl sheet would be the most ideal pick.

You can even use grout to create a real seam effect to make the floor looks like made from natural tiles.

Since you are going to hire a professional service, make sure that you have done your research in finding a trusted and reliable service.

Make sure that they also understand color scheme, so they can help you with the installation as well as the designing and planning.

This article is about the appeal of gray and how to incorporate it creatively (and smartly) in your home design. In short, there are so many creative, interesting, and best gray vinyl flooring ideas to implement on your home (and its rooms).

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