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Bella Cera Flooring Reviews

Bella Cera Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

If you read Bella Cera flooring reviews, you’d known that the company has a different approach when it comes to flooring products and the myriads of options.

You see, many flooring manufacturers would sell hardwood floors in tiers, so different customers would have different options.

For those who have limited budgets, they can still enjoy premium planks without having to spend a fortune.

However, Bella Cela is different. They are one among flooring manufacturers who focus only on one type of floor, and they choose the quality one.

Bella Cera only sells premium (and high-quality) hardwood flooring that uses old-world methods and techniques for the production.

They, unfortunately, don’t produce budget flooring collections in their lines.

About Bella Cera Flooring

As it was mentioned before, this is a company focusing on hardwood floor. They have LVF (Luxury Vinyl Floor), but they are known for their quality hardwood floor.

One specialty of this floor is the fact that they still use traditional way to manufacture the textures on the planks, resulting in hand-craft textures.

Other manufacturers use machines for the textures. Because of their hand-craft approach, they are able to create unique and one-of-a-kind floors.

Not to mention that they also have more collections when compared to other manufacturers.

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The Bella Cera Hardwood Collections

If you check the Bella Cera flooring reviews and visit the official website, you’d known that they have more than 30 different collections.

The number alone is enough to deliver myriads of options of floor. You will never run out of options!

Unfortunately, every state has different availability. What’s available in one state may not be available in another state.

The company makes engineered floor as well as solid hardwood. Their solid (hardwood) floor is top notch.

They design the engineered floor in different fashion especially when compared to other common manufacturers.

They implement cross-stacked wood layers. They don’t use a single strip mechanism. This construction adds the solidity and also stability of the floor. It is also great to make sure that the floor will be moisture-free.

If you are constantly worried about floor cupping (or other problems) which may be a serious issue over time, this type of construction would be a perfect pick.

According to Bella Cera flooring reviews, their floor won’t experience such a thing. Keep in mind that traditional (solid) hardwood floor tends to have such a problem.

When you visit the official site, feel free to sort their solid or engineered type. But be advised that they need to make some times to really browse their many collections.

They have quite catchy collections you won’t regret them!

The Species

If you want to choose the right collection, one way to do it is through species browsing. Bella Cera currently has domestic species, besides French Oak and Acacia.

They have Ash Oak, Beech, Cherry, Birch, Hickory, and Maple. They are considered the regular planks as the company has other interesting options.

If you want more characters, they have something like Knots Visual, French Oak Cracks, or Hickory Visual. Hickory Visual comes with 2-tone look, which is artistically appealing and unique.

It comes with French Oak Saw Mark Visual, Florentine Hickory, and Engineered Sliced Face Oak.

The overall collection is pretty impressive, although it would be better if they can offer more exotic kinds.

The Colors

Colors are about personal preference, really. Most hardwood floors are created to display the natural color and grain, although stains can offer interesting visual too.

If you come to their official website, feel free to explore their collections through color family or shade.

They have dark, medium, and light shades, although you may find out their family section to be more helpful.

You can find some traditional hues, such as Golden, brown, Gray, Yellow, and White, but you should be able to find other variants, such as Earthy Clay, Light Beige, Warm Orange, and Copper. They are unique but not too wild either.

The Finishes and Textures

An ordinary board may look bland and boring, but with color, it may change the whole visual.

Texturing, on the hand, will provide better visual, richer details, and better in-depth look to the floor.

Whereas most flooring companies use machines to brush or scrape their flooring surface, it isn’t so with Bella Cera.

The company has their own special artisan so the floors can be manufactured and textured in the old-fashion manner.

These artisans are experienced and trained in reading each wood’s piece in details, and then bring the natural textures manually by hand.

Bella Cera offers traditional texture options, such as 100% wire-brushed, 100% handscraped, sleek and smooth, and also wire-brushed effect.

The textures may also include distressed wood again, made by hand through various techniques or it is done through double-dose thick stain. They also have the so-called Aged and Smoked flooring, which is another option.

You may not be able to find such collection elsewhere. They have things like worn wood or chatter marks which would enhance the visual appeal of the floor making it look natural and beautiful.

In terms of finish, they have products with aluminum oxide base, from Valspar. It delivers unique blend for layers of protection to the floor. It can also highlight the floor’s natural beauty at the same time without covering it.

Moreover, the finish is packed with enhanced and better UV protection that will prevent discoloration or color fading. The floor has guaranteed that their floors won’t turn yellowish even after decades.

According to Bella Cera flooring reviews, most of the checked products have 8 coats (of Valspar Ultra).

The company, however, doesn’t provide any information about how many times homeowners can sand or refinish the engineered floor.

But some users claim that they have seen products having 4mm of veneer. This fact alone is pretty impressive.

In short, you need to keep the floor’s hardness rating in mind although Bella Cera’s flooring durability isn’t an issue at all.

The Sizes

When it comes to length and widths, the company isn’t afraid of making experiments with it.

This is actually one of the things to like about the company because you get to choose unique width of the floor planks.

Bella Cera has 3 different options of width, and they are divided by categories. There are Fixed, Variable, and Varying.

The size is between 4 inches to 7.5 inches, depending on the color and collection. Although the 4 inches size is quite common, the 7.5 inches is offering something unique.

Villa Bocelli is one of the series with mixed techniques, having 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches of boards.

The length can be various too, ranging between 15 inches to 60 inches of the products.

Green Factor

Bella Cera hardwood collections are dominated by domestic species, so don’t expect to find anything exotic in their catalog.

They focus on eco-friendly operation which means that they only take and use wood from the specific areas, where trees are replanted after they are harvested.

They also use CARB-certified manufacturers to make sure that they do something positive for Mother Earth.

The company also focuses on recycling, which means that their by-products won’t go into waste.

They use the bark or sawdust back into production.

They won’t be making floors that have off-gassing possibility or producing VOCs.

They implement eco-friendly finishes, which means that their floors are VOC and HAPs free.

Bella Cera Hardwood Cost

Based on Bella Cera flooring reviews, this is a brand that focuses on high-quality products. You won’t easily find one through hardware stores.

Big chances that you will have to consult authorized flooring stores or dealers carrying the brand’s products. Again, each area has different availability.

The following is the engineered flooring type because Bella Cera don’t sell their hardwood products online.

  • Trenti style in Ruscello collection is engineered too. It is Birch with 5 inches of width and the cost of $4.07 a square feet.
  • Maiori style in Amalfi Coast collection is engineered too. It is Hickory with various widths and the cost of $6.79 a square feet.
  • Berenice style in Villa Borghese collection is engineered too. It is French Oak with 8 inches of width and the cost of $9.65 a square feet.
  • Cinque style in Farinata collection is engineered too. It is Hickory with various widths sand the cost of $6.29 a square feet.
  • Cabernet style in Villa Bocelli collection is engineered too. It is French Oak with 4, 5, or 6 inches of width and the cost of $7.34 a square feet.
  • Coal style in Bergamo collection is engineered too. It is Hickory with 6 inches of width and the cost of $4.84 a square feet.

Bella Cera Flooring Pros and Cons

Bella Cera is definitely one of the interesting brands for floor. They focus on premium flooring without developing any chance for budget types. They have 600 unique color combinations and styles, which is great for homeowners.

It’s quite difficult to find verified Bella Cera flooring reviews on the hardwood types, but there haven’t any significant complaints about their products.

On the positive note, the floor is:

  • It is green and eco-friendly. They are coming with various interesting finishes and styles.
  • They have quite impressive range of domestic species.
  • They use classic and traditional hand-craft finishing techniques, which create its own charm and appeal.
  • The products have unique look and they definitely look natural.

On the downside, though, there are some distressing things about the brand, based on Bella Cera flooring reviews.

  • It is definitely a costly brand. Although they make high-quality products, the price factor is pretty high.
  • Their products aren’t easy to find. And even if you can find some of them, each area has different supplies and availability.

In terms of ratings, the brand has 4.5 from 5

  • For styles, it is 5
  • For species, it is 4
  • For durability, it is 4
  • For finishes, it is 5

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Conclusion Bella Cera Flooring Reviews

If you don’t mind spending extra for gorgeous and unique finish that will improve the look, atmosphere, and vibe of the house, Bella Cera is definitely worth considering.

It’s true that finding many of the Bella Cera flooring reviews can be difficult, but from the existing ones, you can tell that this brand doesn’t play around which is another reason why you should consider it for your list.