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Frieze Carpet Review

Frieze Carpet Review Installation, Design And Cost

by Dylan Johnson

Frieze Carpet Review – In the world of carpeting, Frieze is one of the most popular carpet style to consider.

Will you consider purchasing this one, too?

Before we go further to take Frieze carpet review into the topic, let’s find out what actually Frieze carpet is in general.

As we have mentioned, Frieze is one of the most popular carpet style which has some unique characteristics, one of which is the long fibers with a high twist.

In this twist, the pile fibers are relatively long and twisted about three to five times under the steam conditions.

The tight twisting on Frieze causes the carpet to curl back upon themselves, making a dense texture to enable the carpet to use for heavy traffic areas.

In 1960s and 1970s, old shag carpet had been widely used among the homeowners. But today’s Frieze offers a durability and stylish look for informal settings.

Basically, Frieze is made of skinny fiber strands which are skinner than the traditional shag carpet.

Shags often comes with the bulkier look while Friezes offers a thinner and leaner look. Compared to Saxony style, Frieze usually has a longer fibers.

The density is not as high as the most Saxonies. One of the Frieze greatness is its ability to hide dirt and footmarks. However, these can be a problem since they are somewhat difficult to clean.

In this article, we have searched all information about Frieze carpet style including the definition, cost, maintenance and repair, design, installation, Frieze top brands, comfort and convenience as well as recommendation whether Frieze.

So let’s check out all the details through the following Frieze carpet review below.

Definition of Frieze Carpet

As we clearly mentioned, Frieze is one of the carpet style popularly used carpet offering the modern version of old shag carpet.

Frieze is well-known for its knobby appearance from 1960s to 1970s. It looked unique but clean. It was designed with multicolor yet it could also have a solid color.

Basically, it has tight twits that make it more durable than any other carpet styles.

In general, people love using this kind of carpet because of its softness and comfort as well as its ability to hide seams and dirt.

However, some people do not like using this carpet due to the fact that the carpet is hard to clean, offering informal look and more expensive.

Apart from why people dislike Frieze carpet style, let’s go further about this carpet to enrich you with the right information about it.

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The Cost of Frieze Carpet

It is true that Frieze carpet style comes with the more expensive price than the other style of carpet. However, it is more affordable than the premium flooring materials like hardwood.

In this case, the cost of Frieze carpet ranges from $1 per square foot for the polyester carpet to $8 per square foot for the top-quality nylon Frieze carpet.

There are so many factors affecting the cost of this carpet. But the most affecting ones are the face weight and fiber twist.

Face weight the a calculation of how much fabric contributing to the carpet construction while fiber twists deal with how many times the carpet fibers are twisted.

This way, the higher the face weight and the fiber twist, the more expensive the carpet will be.

Maintenance and Repair

One of the biggest benefit in having Frieze carpet style is its durability that is supported by the high twist of the fibers. A side strand of carpet is noticeably stronger than the end of strand.

When a fiber is standing both straight up and straight down, the foot traffic will occur on top, making the fibers spread and crush the carpet.

However, if a fiber is long and sagged over, the impact of foot traffic will occur on the fiber’s side where there isn’t any danger of spreading.

In this regards, Frieze carpet review states that this carpet is greatly able to hide dirt and foot prints regardless the higher price.

However, it is a bit difficult to clean the carpet and remove the stain on the carpet surface due to the long and loose fibers. The spill tends to run deeply into the carpet fibers, making it much harder to get rid of.

Therefore, make sure you purchase a carpet featuring an excellent stain resistance.

Once you come to the home improvement centers, you had better ask the salesperson to show you a carpet with comprehensive stain and soil warranties on the carpet.

You can also expect to have a Frieze carpet style with a solution-dyed fiber at which the color is added in the manufacturing process directly.

In this process, the color will entirely go passing the fiber. This means that the carpet is highly stain resistant.


Design is the second thing offered by Frieze carpet style. In this case, Frieze proves to fit and work well for various home settings such as family rooms, bedrooms, halls and stairs.

It is even suiting all the causal décor along with the soft and cozy feel when the kids are just playing around, sinking their toes in the morning.

Frieze is designed to withstand the high-traffic home areas including hall and stairs. Its beautiful look as long as it is properly installed in the appropriate location.

Another benefits of this carpet style is the long fibers which are perfect to hide seams and dirt due to the tight twists.

Installation of Frieze Carpet

The installation of Frieze carpet is not different from other carpet’s installation. This way, installing Frieze is mostly done by the professionals.

In fact, it is relatively quick and cheap to have professional installation. However, it can still be a part of how Frieze carpet is considered more expensive.

In this case, the installation includes the floor preparation by the crew, the carpet pad laying and the carpet installation using special stretching tools.

For DIY installation, renting the tools is possible but it is rarely done due to the cost savings which are not substantial. Actually, this project is much difficult for the beginner DIY.

Frieze Carpet Top Brands

If you thing you are just falling your heart to Frieze carpet style, the next thing you should do is to check out the top brands of Frieze carpet.

In this case, it is much important to consider the high quality Frieze carpet style. However, you can still have options to pick up one type among the variety.

In this regards, the Frieze carpet top brands range from the inexpensive bargain lines to high-end premium version of carpets.

Basically, getting the a good carpet is not about finding certain manufacturers but more about you choice you pick up from the list of product they offer.

These manufacturers are usually in a large corporations and some manufacturers usually offer more than one carpet brands.

For a recommendation, the top brands of Frieze carpet offered by most manufacturers are Shaw Flooring.

This brand has had the first top rate due to the carpet products’ quality, service and availability. Shaw Flooring is a giant company offering laminate, tile and hardwood flooring.

The next top brand you can consider is Mohawk Industries. They are one of the largest carpet industries at which Karastan is the top carpet product offered.

StainMaster is also one of the top brands opted by most people for choosing carpet. It offers TruSoft, PetProtect, Active Family and Essentials.

Lastly, you may figure out to choose carpet from Atlas Carpeting which is popular in its design.

There are lots of patterns and textures to vary their carpets along with the wide range of budgets, too.

Comfort and Convenience

Our Frieze carpet review also include comfort and convenience in the article.

This way, all carpets are considered more comfortable than the hardwood. And Frieze is mostly described as the one with the specialty of soft underfoot.

The long and twisted fibers constructing Frieze carpet contribute much to the comfort and convenience offered by the carpet. Nowadays, Frieze is designed with the new softer fibers like Mohawk SmartStrand.

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General Considerations When Purchasing Frieze Carpet

In general, there are some short considerations you should take when it comes to purchase Frieze carpet style. In fact, when you are thinking of budget, you cannot expect to have this kind of carpet.

Though it is not the most expensive option, it is best describe to still be more expensive than any other type available in the market. However, the durability is never questionable.

Keep in mind that “Hard to clean” is one of the Frieze carpet’s drawback that makes people stay away from selecting the carpet. Due to the shorter piles, the spills tend to stay and run deeply into the fibers.

Further, the long and loose fibers cause the spills difficult to tackle. Perhaps, these are the two main thing to consider regardless the greatness offered by the Frieze carpet.

So don’t forget to take all the things about the carpet into consideration before you make a choice.