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Karndean Korlok Reviews

Karndean Korlok Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Karndean Korlok reviews – In the flooring industry 2021, Karndean is relatively a new comer. It was just established in the 1970s in the United Kindom and expanded in the 1990s to the United States. Today, it enters the global flooring market on the globe.

Just because it is new doesn’t mean that you cannot search information about it easily. Start with our Karndean Korlok reviews to learn the product completely so you might be able to pick it up later on.

Karndean focused on producing resilient vinyl flooring. Among the flooring options, it is one of the type that comes with the rigid core options. In Karndean flooring retails, the price setup is ranging from $4 to $7 per square foot, making it be in the high price list compared to the rigid core vinyl products.

In this review, we will learn about Karndean flooring packed in some sections that include specs and styles, pros and cons, installation, cleaning and maintenance, prices and options as well as the consumer reviews.  We will also add some frequently asked questions to enrich the information.

So here are the full reviews you can completely learn:

Specs and Styles of Karndean Korlok

Basically, Karndean Korlok is designed in two collections that are Korlok Select and Korlok Reserve. Both of the collections are constructed through the same way. It is using some waterproof layers adhered together.

The top layer consists of the clear PVC embossed wear layer which has about 20 mil thick. This layer uses surface protection coating. The next layer is the high definition image layer resembling the wood look and feel.

Both of the layers sit on the top of the rigid core center layer. This way, Karndean coyly states that it sues proprietary K-core technology. It is the use of a type of polymeric core combined with the limestone powder to add stability to the products.

The final layer consists of a foam backing that is functioning as underlayment. It is designed to provide soundproofing and a tender feel underfoot more than the ceramic tile.

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Korlok Select Vs Korlok Reserve

Truly, all of the Karndean Korlok flooring products are designed in wood planks. There is a timeless aesthetic added to the products. The key differences between Korlok Select and Korlok Reserve are as follows:

  • Size

All of Korlok Select Planks are available in 9” x 56”. But the Barnwood design is available in two sizes. Those are 9” x 56” and 6” x 24” especially for Herringbone layout. In comparison, Korlok Reserve planks are all available in 7” x 48”.

  • Styles

Korlok Select offers 24 designs which are mostly domestic woods like oak and ash. However, there is one exotic wood available as well as. It is the Hawaian Koa which is aesthetic classic due to its rustic and weathered looks.

Meanwhile, Korlok Reserve comes with 12 designs featuring walnut, pine and oak along with a weathered aged look but stronger character in aesthetical value.

  • Colors

Either Korlok Select or Korlok Reserve has classic color palette which is dominated by the naturals and mid browns as well as a good option of gray planks. However, there are also some options available in very dark browns or whitewashed choices.

  • Locking system

Korlok Select collection is designd with the 5G HoldFast 5G locking profile. It is aimed to ensure the secure position of the planks after being installed. In comparison, Korlok Reserve is less secure since it is designed with the more standardized 2G locking profile.

Based on the research, the locking system of both collection are just working well.

Pros and Cons of Karndean Korlok

Based on our Karndean Korlok reviews, Karndean has both advantages and disadvantages. Surely, the huge number of advantages shows the pros while the disadvantages shows the cons. Here are the details:

The Pros

  • Karndean Korlok is designed with a classic range of wood styles along with the rustic and characterful designs.
  • There are three different sizes offered including one that is specifically aimed for herringbone layout.
  • All of the planks from Karnndean Korlok can be installed on both above and below grade.
  • Karndean Korlok can also be installed over radiant heating system.
  • You are allowed to install Karndean Korlok over the most types of hard surfaced subfloors.
  • The planks are waterproof, making them suitable for bathrooms and laundry rooms’ applications.
  • Karndean Korlok flooring products are sturdy due to the commercial grade wear layer that is resistant to scratch and stain.
  • The planks are integrated with the underlayment pad.
  • Karndean Korlok is a trusted brand focusing on producing resilient vinyl flooring supported by the good customer services.

The Cons

  • Unfortunately, Karndean Korlok planks are listed as one of the rigid core floors that are highly expensive on the market.
  • Karndean Korlok planks are not recommended for DIY installation.
  • The planks can be damaged due to the prolonged direct sun rays.
  • There are no stone designs.

Installation Method of Karndean Korlok

Once you decide to purchase Karndean Korlok flooring, the next thing to read on our Karndean Korlok reviews is the installation method. This way, the flooring must be installed as a floating floor. To install Karndean Korlok planks flooring, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional installer who has already had experience in training program for professional installers.

Moreover, the 5G locking system is tricky enough to master. So, in shirt, these kind of floorings cannot be installed easily.

Before you invest in Karndean Korlok flooring, you had better check with the detailed instruction posted on the company’s website. That is to make you sure that your project is done based on the installation guidelines.

Where to Install

As we have mentioned, Karndean Korlok flooring is available for above and below grade installation. Thus, we can conclude that you can install in on your basements. Due to the waterproof feature, you can also install it in the bathrooms. However, you had better avoid installing it a walk-in wet room or shower cubicle flooring.

Moreover, the rooms with an unstable temperature will cause the flooring to warp and pop at the seams. Thus, respecting the installation guidance is much important for sunrooms, atrium and rooms that are much receiving direct sunlight.

What about Radiant Heating?

Can you install Karndean Korlok flooring over types of embedded underfloor heating? The answer is definitely yes. However, you must make sure that the temperature is never set more than 81 degree F or 27 degree C.

Suitable Subfloor for Korlok

Thanks to the great design of Karndean Korlok flooring that makes it suitable to install over the hardest surfaced subfloors like concrete, ceramic tiles and wood. Just keep in mind that it cannot be installed over laminate or carpet.

Preparation before Installation

Subfloor preparation prior to installation is a must for most of the flooring types installation. This way, installing the Karndean Korlok flooring requires you to clean, dry and level the subfloor. You must also check the moisture level. This way, keep the moisture level at less than 95% RH.

Other preparation you need to do before installing the flooring is expanding the space around the perimeter of your Korlok floor. This way, you need to create a gap of 5 -8 mm depending on your room’s size. One more prep, make sure the baseboards and doorframes are undercut to allow for the expansion.

Cleaning and Maintenance

According to our Karndean Korlok reviews, some rigid core flooring including Korlok is pretty easy to clean and maintain. The most common way of keeping it clean is the regular sweeping or vacuuming and mopping after.

In addition to the way you are cleaning the Korlok floor, there is a special formula manufactured by Karndean called “Karndean Clean”. However, you can use other products as long as they come with any PH neutral cleaner for vinyl flooring. Noticeably, there will effectively help you clan the floor.

Damage Protection

Just because it is waterproof doesn’t mean that it is so strong to fight against everything. In fact, this kind of flooring cannot withstand the major flooding, standing water or moisture exposure. The best solution is mopping the spills fast and keep either the bathroom or the laundry room well ventilated.

Avoiding installing Korlok in the room that receives direct sunlight is another thing to do for damage protection. This is because such flooring type can get damaged if exposed to direct sunlight over time. In this relation, you must also consider keeping the temperature low sing the high temperature can lead to the issue of installation and discoloration. Thus, if you install the flooring the room with a big window receiving direct sunlight, you had better add curtains.

Finally, though protective wear layer is added to Korlok floors, it is still possible that the flooring will scratch. Thus, preventative measurement is considerable. So use pad on the bottom of the furniture legs and use no-rubber backed mats or rugs in high traffic areas.

Karndean Korlok Prices and Options

Unfortunately, Karndean Korlok offers fairly a higher price ranging from %4.50 to $7.00 per square foot for the rigid core flooring available in the retailers. Keep in mind that you can order the samples directly from the company’s website.

Price Comparison

Look at the following table to check out the comparison of prices and options!

MSI$1.60 – $3.50
Islander$1.70 – $3.85
Smartcore$2.00 – $3.70
NuCore$2.35 – $3.80
Congoleum Triversa$2.50 – $3.50
LifeProof$2.79 – $4.39
Armstrong Luxe Rigid Core$2.79 – $4.39
Adura Flex$3.00 – $3.50
Adura Max and MaxAPEX$3.00 – $6.00
Mohawk SolidTech$3.50 – $6.25
Mannington Adura Rigid$3.60 – $4.60
Pergo Extreme$3.99 – $5.99
COREtec Plus$3.80 – $7.99
Karndean Korlok$4.50 – $7.00
Armstrong Pryzm$4.90 – $8.00

Karndean Korlok Consumer Reviews

Arriving at the section of consumer reviews in our Karndean Korlok reviews, it is found that this brand receives positive reviews from most of the consumers. They says that the company provides them with the good customer services. Further, thus kind of flooring is durable, easy to clean and attractive.

The negative reviews lay only on the poor installation. Therefore, it is suggested that you hire a pro to get the best result. The other negative response is the fact that the flooring will fade in the room that much exposed to direct sunlight.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a few frequently asked questions to enrich you with the additional information. It is quite possible that you have the similar questions as follows:

What makes Karndean Korlok flooring suitable for bathrooms and laundry rooms?

A: The waterproof feature of Karndean Korlok flooring allows for wet areas applications. However, it is recommended that you not install it on areas where flooding is potentially occurring or in standing water like shower.

How can I purchase Karndean Korlok flooring?

Visit the company’s website. There is usually a tool to lead you to track down the flooring types you desire.

How can I keep the flooring maintenance?

Sweeping and vacuuming regularly for freeing up the floors from the dust and debris. For spills, wipe them using a damp cloth as soon as you notice them. Mopping the floors is recommended if there is any difficult stain.

Why is it suggested to hire a qualified and experienced installer?

In fact, Karndean Korlok flooring is not easy to install. DIY installation is not recommended. Remember, though you have hired an expert for your Korlok project, don’t forget to check out the installation guidelines posted on the company’s website. It is to ensure that the installation project is done properly.

Is Karndean Korlok flooring available for commercial use?

According to this Karndean Korlok reviews, the flooring is mostly installed for residential applications that is bathrooms and laundry rooms as well as the basements.

Can I install Karndean Korlok over the radiant heating system?

Yes, definitely you can. But make sure that the temperature is not more than 81 degree F or 27 degree C.