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Congoleum Triversa Flooring Reviews

Congoleum Triversa Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Congoleum Triversa reviews – When it comes to home improvements, there seems an endless way of searching for the best options, right? One of the common way to do so is to search as more information as possible. Thus, our Congoleum Triversa reviews would probably be one of the most-wanted buying guide for you.

On this article, there are many things to bring into the contents including the definition of Congoleum Triversa flooring, the review of the collection, the pros and cons, cost and installation as well as the care maintenance and customer service. We also add a few frequently asked questions for additional information.

Now let’s check out the details as follows:

Definition of Triversa Flooring

If you are just new to flooring, this is the crucial part of the review sections you must check out first. Triversa Prime flooring is the newest offering from Congoleum in the luxury vinyl plank market.

It is designed with the quality-enhanced rigid core luxury vinyl replacing the original Triversa and Triversa ID along with the retails at the price range of between $2.50 and $3.50 per sq. ft.

Triversa Prime offers the similar wood plank and stone visuals, styles, colors and collections as Triversa. There is different way of calling the name of this flooring type. The Triversa SKU numbers began with TV while the Triversa Prime SKU begins with TX.

This way of mentioning it is aimed to differentiate the products since the retailers have a large number TV flooring supply though such flooring is not manufactured anymore. One tip, if you want to choose the latest product, choose TX flooring.

The Difference of TV Flooring and TX Flooring from Triversa

Triversa have turned from WPC to SPC, meaning that Triversa (TV) was a wood polymer composite (WPC) core flooring while the new Triversa Trex Prime flooring is made from the a solid stone polymer composite (SPC) core.

This change impacts on the flooring products that are becoming thinner, stronger and more resistant to dent. They will also be more resistant to moisture/water damage. However, it is hard instead of cushiony under your feet. 

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Review of Collection Congoleum Triversa

There are 20 wood plank options along with the colors variations ranging from the natural wood looks of Acacia, Oak and Walnut in the light variations to the dark browns and grays. The planks are available in 9” x 60”, “9” x 48” and 7” x 48”.

The Wild Mora Collection offers random width planks which are 5”, 7” and 12” throughout the floor. The Cabin Door Collection comes with the random length planks which are 60”, 36” and 24” throughout the floor.

There are 10 stone profiles that look like Carrara Marble, Travertine and Slate. These profiles resemble the look of beautiful stone.

For colors, there are a wide selection ranging from the white marble to the browns and grays of Slate and Travertine styles. The marble is available in 6”x 36” and 18” x 48” while the slate and travertine are sold at “12” x 24” planks.

Congoleum Triversa Pros and Cons

Congoleum Triversa reviews state that there several advantages which are also the pros of the flooring.

The pros include the construction, durability, eco-friendly and affordable feature while the cons include the selection as well as the chipping.

The Pros

  • Construction

Designed with the strong construction, the stone polymer composite (SPC) core offers not only a powerful strength but also durability, superior indentation resistance and the ability to withstand the wide temperature changes. These features allow the floors to 100% waterproof and fireproof.

Triversa Prime is thinner so that there is nothing to do with the modification for baseboards, trim and doors. Such type of Triversa has a sound dampening back which is very crucial since the harder SPC flooring can “Click-clack” more than the WPC floor.

Further, the backing is very good to help cover the subfloor imperfections, making it more resistant to mold and mildew.

  • Durability

In order to provide a trustful durability, a 20-mil urethane wear layer is used to form Triversa Prime so that the product can have a long lasting performance and have less visibility to small scratches. Further, it is supported by a lifetime warranty for residential use.

  • Eco-friendly

What a big luck! Triversa Prime flooring is FloorScore certified, meaning that they meet the requirements of indoor air quality.

They are also Green Label Plus certified to ensure that they have the lowest VOC levels due to the use of adhesive.

This way, Congoleum is also committed to environmental concern through the energy management, recycling and pollution prevention.

  • Affordable

Another pros of Cingoleum Triversa flooring is the fact that it offers affordable price. In this regards, the authentic Triversa flooring which comes along with the natural look and realistic texturing resemblance is priced at around $3 per square feet.

It is much more affordable compared to the hardwood or stone which costs $8 per square of foot. Overall, we predict the cost of the flooring can up to $16 – $20.

The Cons

  • Selection

According to our Congoleum Triversa reviews, there are only 30 wood and stone options available with Triversa Prime. This number is less than some of the other luxury vinyl flooring offered by the manufacturers.

Well, that’s not too bad. However, it is really a minus that there is no exotic wood options available.

  • Chipping

Truly, Triversa Prime is constructed by an SPC core which harder and resistant to dent. However, the hardness of the product resulted may lead to an edge breakage since the materials become more brittle.

Prior to installation process, each piece of flooring must be carefully prepared to make sure that there is no edge chipped.

Congoleum Triversa Cost

The new Triversa Prime offers the price which is less expensive than that of Traversa ID. This is due to the switch from WPC to SPC construction.

The crushed stone has more affordable price than wood. As a result, Triversa Prime has a final price between $2.50 and $3.50 per square foot.

Overall, the luxury vinyl tile flooring material is priced from $2 to $7 per square foot, making Triversa Prime staying at the mid-range price category.

If you tend to hire a professional installer for your Congoleum Triversa project, you will be required to pay $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot for the installation cost. However, this is much depending on the particular project.

Installation Method

Dealing with the installation method, Congoleum’s SmartLink system to provide a tough, durable bond along with adhesive-free attachment.

Luckily, this flooring type can be installed over various kind of subfloors and as a floating floor. Congoleum Triversa can also be installed over a radiant heating system.

For installation projects, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional installer since only an advanced DIYer can do the project well.

If you think you are skillful and well experienced for DIY installation, then you can check the instructions available on the company’s website.

Before starting the installation, it is important to inspect the flooring for any visual defects. Make sure the floor is installed properly and maintain appropriately.

In short, one thing to keep in mind is that you must go with the book if you decide on installing the flooring by yourself.

Care and Maintenance

Later on our Congoleum Triversa reviews, we include the information about the care and maintenance of the flooring. That is said, Triversa Prime flooring is very durable.

However, you’ll still need some tips to take care and maintain it to prevent any damage.

  • Use glides under the legs of the furniture to clean the marks.
  • Never drag the heavy items across the flooring. Getting a help to move the furniture is better than dragging it over.
  • Don’t wear shoes when walking on the floor especially when you wear high heels.
  • Close the drapes during the peak of sunlight to prevent the flooring discoloration.
  • Vacuum the flooring regularly to prevent dirt ad grit from dulling the floors.
  • Use no vacuum beater, no steam mops and no abrasive cleaners. Clean gently.

Congoleum Triversa Customer Reviews

There aren’t many reviews on the product given by the customers because Cingoleum Triversa is just a new product.

Our feeling is that this flooring type is solid, midgrade LVP and a good alternative to laminate flooring. Just remember that an SPC core of the flooring is durable and waterproof yet it is harder as well. if you plank to stand on the flooring for a half an hour, consider WPC flooring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase the Tribersa Prime?

Triversa Prime is mostly available in the large home improvement stores.

Is Triversa Prime budget-friendly?

Yes, it is. The prices are between $2.50 and $3.50 per square foot excluding the cost of installation.

Can I get the exotic wood options?

Unfortunately, that is the biggest downside. There is no exotic wood flooring option available from Triversa.

Can I install the flooring by myself?

Yes, but make sure you are well-experienced in DIY projects. If not, it is better to hire a pro for a better result.