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Armstrong Laminate Review

Getting Insight of Reliable Floor from Armstrong Laminate Review

by Dylan Johnson

There are some interesting things to find out when you read Armstrong laminate review.

First of all, why would the manufacturer calls this floor the ‘Armstrong’?

It is the first astronaut in the moon. It is also the name of an athlete. The company expects their products to deliver celestial and stellar performance creating heavenly outcome.

Armstrong Laminate – What to Understand about the Floor?

America hadn’t known about laminate floor until 1994 when it was first introduced.

Since then, the floor has become a popular and likable option for affordable project especially for homeowners on the budget.

The material is definitely stronger and sturdier than the regular hardwood, which can’t deal against moisture and humidity.

And the good thing about laminate floor is that it is able to imitate the appearance of natural elements, such as hardwood and stone, without the financial burden.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can have a house with natural appearance of the hardwood (or stone) and yet you won’t have to worry about the costly price or the difficult maintenance?

Moreover, laminate is great when dealing with moisture or humidity. It’s because of the vinyl layer (on the top surface) that protects the flooring underneath. The vinyl layer is the one dealing with scuff, scratches, and spills.

Basically, it is the protective barrier that deals with the beat and everyday wear. If you have a house with active kids and busy pets not to mention heavy foot traffic then laminate floor may be the best option.

Keep in mind that laminate floor was considered dangerous in the past related to formaldehyde contents.

However, today’s laminate floor has passed quality control and safety checking, which means that it is totally safe to use.

EPA has claimed that laminate floor today is safe for commercial and residential use and they have backed their claims up with scientific evidences and proofs.

So, if you are concerned with your own safety and the impact of the floor to the surroundings and environments, you won’t have to worry about this floor well, at least not with this Armstrong floor.

If you read Armstrong laminate review, you know that the company has been in the business for around 150 years.

They have 17 manufacturing plants that continuously make high-quality products and items.

They pride themselves in making a wide range of styles, products, and patterns. Feel free to choose any retailers to buy the products. Yes, this brand is available in many popular retailers.

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Durability and Quality

Do you want to have a floor that needs replacing every year or so?

Unless you are loaded, the obvious answer would be no. Not many homeowners know what to do when it comes to picking up the right flooring types and they are often left wondering of which product to choose.

This is why you should read Armstrong laminate review because the review would give you information of the strength and downside of a product.

And it is a good thing that Armstrong review is filled with positive feedbacks. According to many users, the floor is super sturdy and tough.

Laminate floor, in general, should be able to deal with heavy (foot) traffic. It is great against moisture. And it is easy to maintain and clean. Armstrong products aren’t different they even manage to bring it to the next level.

When you read the reviews, Armstrong products are considered the premium ones they are even better than the general laminate brands and products.

Each of the products has received official certification from NALFA (North American Laminate Flooring Association) which guarantees the minimum resilience level of common household issues and disasters.

Many of the users have found out that their installed Armstrong floor is difficult to scuff, dent, and scratch especially the vinyl layer (on the top) is pretty thick, delivering easy-to-wipe mechanism.

But keep in mind that laminate floor isn’t waterproof. It is water resistant, but it isn’t waterproof.

What does it mean?

The floor should be able to deal with moisture quite well, but it doesn’t mean that it will function well in areas where moisture or humidity level is high.

It means that you should avoid installing Armstrong floor in kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, and bathrooms or other areas sensitive to moisture and humidity.

If you insist on installing them in these areas, don’t be too surprised to find them warp.

After all, moisture does cause the planks to warp, which will lead to crack, bend, or break.

It would be wise to read the information about the floor thoroughly before you finally install the floor.

Price and Cost Armstrong Laminate

When it comes to price, the floor does have its own range of tag price. According to Armstrong laminate review, the price ranges from $1.50 a square feet to $3.50 a square feet.

The price itself ranges depending on the patterns and styles you choose, and the fact whether you buy the floor in bulk or not. And be advised that the quality of the floor will affect the price.

Popular and more expensive types (like walnut or oak) will cost you more than the not-so-popular types, such as beech.

Styles that imitate natural elements, like stone or wood, would be costlier. It is because more time and efforts are needed to create such elegant pieces.

Don’t forget about the warranty either. Most laminate floors have their own warranty, but the quality, performance, and price will differentiate the price factor. Be advised that different variants (or styles) will have different warranties.

Here are some examples for Armstrong floors:

  • Timeless Natural has 20 years of warranty
  • Coastal Living collection has 30 years of warranty
  • Architectural Remnants collection has 50 years of warranty
  • Premium Commercial and Lustre collections have a lifetime warranty

Quality and Performance Armstrong Laminate

Quality is crucial because we are talking about a housing element that we have to deal on a daily basis. You want to choose a floor that can last many years, especially for many decades.

Although the quality of Armstrong floor is pretty good, some of the Armstrong laminate review may not be satisfactory.

Some of the unsatisfied customer reviews include damaged and broken floor.

Some also experience staining but it is mostly because of chemical residue. The floor’s connecting mechanism is either crumbling or flaking.

But you need to remember that you can’t use chemical products on laminate floor. If you want to maintain and clean the surface, just use a regular broom and a damp mop.

A damp mop is needed when you want to perform a deep cleaning method, especially when dealing with stubborn stain or dirt.

But let’s get back to Armstrong floor again. Some customers complain about poor quality control.

Some experience their laminate floor to chip and then leave splinters which can hurt everyone walking on the floor.

Some even find beetle eggs infestations in between the edges. People say that choosing the Armstrong floor is like a gambling.

If you are lucky, you get satisfying perks. But if you are out of luck, then that’s about it!

Customer Service Perk

It is a good thing that Armstrong has a good customer service. Based on Armstrong laminate review, the customer service is quite good. They are cooperative and they are quite helpful.

If you have questions or complaints, they would be happy to guide you through the process.

If you get damaged products during the delivery, they will replace you with the new one.

The Available Collections Armstrong Laminate

This is where Armstrong floor is different they offer in stone and also wood-look alike. If you are into natural elements, then choosing this brand would be worth it.

Up until now, Armstrong brand has 152 styles. Feel free to choose various styles, patterns, and colors.

The popular lines include oak and walnut. There are also customized stone effects as well as traditional distressed wood.

There are also different gloss levels, from the low gloss to the high ones. The majority has micro edges, but you are free to choose other models, such as square, pressed, or beveled edges.

Don’t forget about the thickness and size. And you definitely need to acclimate the floor before the installation.

This is crucial and you can’t forget it because you don’t want your floor to swell or shrink after the tons of rigorous efforts in installing it.

Acclimation means you leave the floor within the room (that you want to install) for at least 48 hours so the floor would be used to the environment.

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Final Words Armstrong Laminate Review

So, when it comes to Armstrong floor, it can be quite confusing. As you can see, the Armstrong laminate review is filled with mixed opinions and reviews. Some may get the quality products and they have no problems having the floor.

In fact, those floors are able to last for many years even decades without any issue or drama.

Some, however, experience completely a nightmare with the products. Poor quality control, the floor crumbling and failing, and even insects and bugs infestation are some of the major complaints about the floor.

The best thing that you can do is to avoid online purchase as best as possible and stick to offline purchases.

In this way, you can be sure about the quality of floors you have chosen and make sure that they are the ones sent to your house.

Basically, if you are willing to spend more time doing a thorough research (including spending times making sure that you only get premium quality), then choosing Armstrong floor can be rewarding.

But then again, don’t underestimate Armstrong laminate review and make sure that you make an educated decision.