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Best Shaw Carpet Flooring Review for Your Investment

by Dylan Johnson

Welcome to our Shaw carpet flooring review presenting you a complete information about Shaw carpet, ensuring that the carpet is very much recommendable for home flooring.

Believe it or not, Shaw carpet flooring is one of the most popular carpet brands in the United States. Shaw carpets owners keep researching and developing their products to meet the consumer’s need and preference.

In fact, the innovation done by the manufacturer create new trends in the world of carpets, thus, there are a wide range of styles, backing options and fiber blends at every price list.

One big question spring up our mind would be: Are people happy with their investment on Shaw carpet flooring?

To prove that Shaw carpet deserves the two thumbs up, here we come with the Shaw carpet flooring review including the styles, construction and durability, installation and cost.

Check them all out to see how Shaw carpets delight you with their fashionable design as well as their long lasting use.

Shaw Carpet Flooring Styles

Shaw carpet flooring styles are the must-read section which is firstly listed. Amazingly, Shaw carpets have all about colors and patterns you can expect to be available on the market to fit your fantasies on your home interior design.

From a shaggy hot pink to a textured rental beige, anything you can truly expect out of a carpet.

There are many different styles offered such as simple looped barber, casual cut-pile texture, twist carpets and formal cut and loop pattern.

Twist, in this case, is also called frieze or shag. Now you can find twist carpets in an updated and modern design from your parents’ old shag carpet versions.

Shaw carpet flooring also comes to offers the classic looks as well as modern looks. So no matter you want to restore a home with the classic style and keep it classic or you want to transform it into modern-designed home, you have a large number of carpet options.

Shaw Carpet Construction and Durability

The next thing to check out of Shaw carpet flooring review is the carpet constructed and durability. True to the Shaw carpet construction, there are five major collections according to the styles and quality, ranging from the Foundations Collections to the Luxe Caress Collections. Let’s review them all in the following sections.

Foundation Collection

Out of the group, Foundation Collection is the basic carpet which is designed both with the nylon and polyester along with the house-flipper as the product highlight. Foundation collection can be widely found in house rentals.

True to its construction, foundation collection is thin enough with its average 25 to 30 oz. face weight. It offers fiber glass backing as well as limited warranty up to 10 years almost on any styles.

This means that Foundation Collection of Shaw carpet is quite durable to complete your home interior especially for the flooring elements.

Another product highlight you can expect from this collection is the wide range of colors that are always stunning, modern and trendy. In the group list, Foundation Collection is the first collection coming with the top quality.

TrueAccent Collections

TrueAccent Collections places the second rank in quality. Nearly similar to Foundation Collection, this one also comes with the features of an enhanced fiberglass backing, abrasive wear and quality assurance along with the 10 year limited warranty.

This collection is also thin enough wits its average 34 to 40 oz. face weight. These features makes the carpet highly durable and stable as one of the best flooring you can choose.

TrueAccent Collections also offers a wide selections of styles and colors so that you don’t have to worry about fitting them to your home interior design. The different kinds of textures and patterns are also available to provide you with more options to consider.

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Colorwall Collection

In addition to Shaw carpet flooring review particularly on the carpet’s construction and durability, the next Shaw carpet collection you can take into consideration is Colorwall Collection.

This kind of carpet is one of the most popular carpet flooring produced by Shaw. If you want to look for a carpet with the mid-range nylon fiber and backing upgrades, Colorwall Collection can be the perfect choice.

True to its construction, Colorwall collection are constructed from the Shaw’s proprietary Anso Nylon Fiber along with the R2X stain blocker, enabling the carpet to be stain-resistant.

This collection type also offers the more comfy underfoot due to its average 45-50 oz. face weight.

In majority, most of the Colorwall Collection comes with the different kinds of styles and feature soft backing. Both the homeowners and the home advisors find this collection does not easily get damaged during the installation process.

The backing features enables the carpet to breath, meaning that it allows the moisture or temperature for evaporating.

Amazingly, Colorwall Collection also comes with the plenty of shorter pile styles featuring Lifeproof waterproof backing in which the plastic backing plastic will prevent spills from seeping into the carpet, pad as well as carpet, making it an ideal choice for families with children and pets. However, the shorter pile makes the carpet hard to clean.

In short, Colorwall Collection offers the high durability through it’s a lifetime stain and soil warranty as well as textures and abrasive warranty which can be 20 years to come.

Bellera Collection

The next Shaw carpet out of the Shaw carpet flooring review to take into account is Bellera Collection. Like the other carpet collections, this Bellera Collection is also designed with the waterproof backing.

However, it is featuring a higher pile and offering less warranty which is only 10 years, making it suitable more for active family or rentals.

Bellera Collection offers an affordable price so that it may best suit your “on-budget” situation either for home remodel or for new home construction.

Caress Collection

The last Shaw carpet you can have a look out of our review is Caress Collection. This is the only Shaw carpet flooring collection which is a bit luxurious. Caress Collection carpet is softer to lay on due to its ultra-dense weight which is ranging from 74-100 oz.

Nearly similar to other collection of Shaw carpet flooring, Caress Collection offers a soft backing and stain-treated, allowing the carpet to always be protected. It also comes with a lifetime stain and soil warranty as well as a 20-year warranty of texture and abrasive wear.

All in all, all types of Shaw Carpet flooring Collection are well-made and highly durable. However, you must always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation to take care of the carpet and maintain it well.

This means the proper maintenance is always required such as using the right and suitable vacuum for cleaning the carpet.

Shaw Carpet Flooring Installation

The next thing we are going to share you dealing with the Shaw carpet flooring review is the carpet flooring installation. Though installation is not the first consideration in the list, you must come to think that easy installation is one of the carpet’s feature that most people are looking at.

In fact, Shaw carpet flooring is pretty easy to install especially for your small spaces at home such as the square bedroom and closet.

To achieve the high quality carpet installation, you are required to be accessible for special tools including the power scratcher that enables you to carry out the installation faster. Besides, you can also be very skillful as a DIYer for your own home improvement.

Practically, Shaw carpet flooring is not very difficult to install compared to the other carpets in different brands. The only one thing to remember is that you must avoid purchasing the carpet with the feature of lifeproof backing. It will cause you have trouble during the installation.

Though it may not create gaps, it can be difficult to stretch in. You need to acclimate your floors first before starting the installation.

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Shaw Carpet Flooring Cost

Cost is the most sensitive topic of everything. In this case, Shaw carpet flooring offers a wide selection of price lists, meaning that it comes to suit every budget condition of you. Either for individual or retailers, Shaw carpet has all the prices.

If you tend to choose the Foundation carpet collection, you can expect to pay about $15 – $25 per square yard while the Colorwall carpet offers $35 – $45 per square yard. On the other hand, the top Caress Collection comes with the price around $65 – $100 per square yard.

Surely, the difference prices of the Shaw carpet flooring much depend on the collection you choose, where you like to shop and the carpet quality.

Frequently, Shaw carpet flooring come with “go-on-sale”. You can just need to stay on the retailer’s website and find the most promotional program offered, thus, you can have the most expected cost to spend.

Final Words

Finally, you have read the Shaw carpet flooring review we have just shared here on this page. it is expected that you can sprig up your mind to consider Shaw carpet since it offers not only the high durability but also the standard quality and modern style of carpet for any home today.