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Best Dyson Vacuum Series

Best Dyson Vacuum Series for Effective Clean-up

by Homes Pure

Dyson brand is one of the most popular one in the industry, so it is only logical if you want to know the candidates of the best Dyson vacuum.

Finding tons of different vacuum brands is simple and easy, but narrowing your option to one specific brand and variant can be tricky. Well, if you are looking for quality product, it doesn’t hurt to look at Dyson and their products.

Despite the fact that the brand starts out as a simple brand from rural area in England, it has developed to one of the well-known name in the world because of their innovations.

We are going to look into the brand and some of its variants so you have at least the idea to know about each of them better.

Getting Deeper to Dyson Products

One of the reasons that make them the best Dyson vacuum is because of the cyclonic technology.

Back then, James Dyson developed a technology in the 1980s which we know today as the cyclonic technology.

Cyclonic vacuum enables the device to suck more efficiently. And you won’t even have to deal with the bags!

Dyson is actually the first brand introducing bagless vacuum product to the market. And the concept has been imitated by other brands, and even competitors, in the industry.

Does it mean that Dyson is left behind with so many other bagless cleaners out there?

Well, not necessarily.

Dyson products are still able to withstand the competition. It’s because they continue doing innovation and they have their own unique industrial design which is part of their characteristics and charm.

You can tell by their new Ball series which uses the pivoting concept on the sphere. It is designed for more (fluid) movement and smooth control.

Besides the innovation, the company also comes with their own various models handheld, canister, upright, or cordless and those designed for residential use with allergies and pets. Thos with dust allergy sensitivity can definitely use the products from Dyson.

Now, it’s time to find out whether Dyson would be the most ideal pick for you and which Dyson product would be the right one.

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The Best Overall Vacuum – Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Canister

Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Canister
Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Canister

This is considered the best Dyson vacuum for many good reasons. Many of the users prefer the canister model to upright type because the canister type is easier to use and control.

Not to mention that it is also easier to reach corners. Moreover, the cord would retract to the unit for better storage which is completely different from the upright type.

On the latter type, the cord will have to wound round 2 hooks that are located on the cleaner’s neck.

Moreover, there are best features that users like about the vacuum:

  • The cinetic cyclone technology enables users to operate the machine without using any filter or whatsoever. They won’t have to clean or replace the yucky and dirty filter ever!
  • The vacuum comes with superior suction ability. It comes with special extra tool attachment (in turbine form) that will remove pet hair effectively. Moreover, it won’t snag or tangle on upholstery at all.
  • The Ball technology is superior for the stability and balance. The vacuum will never topple over. Even if you are in a hurry and you want to clean up the house in an instant mode, your machine will have a perfect balance.
  • You can attach 2 additional tools on the wand.
  • The suction control button is located on the handle resulting in very easy and convenient manner to adjust the (suction) strength whenever needed.
  • The turbine head is made from carbon fiber. It will adapt itself quite nicely to every type of floor without you having to switch anything. Make sure that you can clean up rugs, carpets, tiles, or hardwood conveniently and without breaking a sweat.
  • The bin has a pretty decent and nice capacity. With 0.42 gallon, you won’t have to empty the bin often.

The Best Cordless – Dyson Absolute V8

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This is basically the best vacuum for the cordless type. It is the upgraded version of the V6. One of the best improvements is its 40 minutes running time.

Not to mention that the newest system makes it extremely easy to empty the bin this is not the most favorable action of all vacuum users.

Users mostly appreciate the fact that the vacuum has 2 different head types. One is designed for the hard floor while the other is for carpet.

Other things to like about this vacuum are:

  • With this V8 model, you basically get 2 types of machines by only buying a device. The extra tools enable you to switch the vacuum into a handheld and small cleaner. The handheld type of perfect for cleaning the interior of the car, tricky stuff (like computer keyboards), stairs, and so much more.
  • It has an integrated HEPA filter technology which means that it will capture allergens. It will make the air fresher and cleaner.
  • You should have no problem switching to maximum power mode for higher and more powerful suction ability. Keep in mind, though, that this mode lasts only for 7 minutes.

Of course, the cordless machine doesn’t always mean that it is better than the canister or upright type.

Despite all of the great features as parts of the best Dyson vacuum claim, the volume of the bin is only 0.14 gallons.

Many users use this machine not as their main option for the entire cleaning, but as an extra device.

The Best Upright Vacuum – Dyson Upright Multi Floor 2 Ball

Dyson Upright Multi Floor 2 Ball
Dyson Upright Multi Floor 2 Ball

This is the best Dyson vacuum for upright Dyson model. Everyone has its own preference and some people do like the upright type.

Although many prefer the canister type, it doesn’t mean that the upright type doesn’t have its own loyal fans.

Many choose this Multi Floor Ball 2 upright vacuum because of the weight. Constructed at 15.6 pounds has made this device the lightest one among the other Dyson upright types.

Users also like the wand and hose combination (right behind the bin) so users can reach up to higher areas (for instance the ceilings to get rid of the cobwebs) as well as reaching out into corners.

Other favorable features about the vacuum include:

  • It comes with Ball technology making it easy to control and maneuver, especially for difficult areas and tricky corners.
  • The cleaning head will adjust itself automatically. It is designed to accommodate various types of flooring characteristics. Feel free to use the vacuum for tiles, vinyl, wood, and even carpets.
  • The vacuum comes with the standard easy-to-empty bin. You only need to push a button and the end would open and release itself.

Despite all of the best use and perks, many have complained about the clunky design. The switching from the upright usage to the hose usage isn’t exactly seamless either.

Moreover, most users prefer having a retractable cord instead of having to manually wind around the cord on the back hooks.

Best Pets Vacuum – Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Canister

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum
Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

One thing to like about this best Dyson vacuum is the superior suction power and the easy maneuverability.

Moreover, many reviews state that the machine has no issue or whatsoever when removing tons of pet hairs.

Having the extra turbine tool is also nice, especially for the upholstery which makes this one of the best Dyson products available out there.

However, if you prefer the upright type, there is Dyson Animal Ball 2 which will perform the job just greatly. With 270 air watts for the suction, it will remove pet fur easily even the stickiest one.

This one actually has more power and features, but the upright design makes it rather complicated and difficult to maneuver.

Best for Allergy – Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Plus Allergy

Big Ball Cinetic Animal Plus Allergy
Big Ball Cinetic Animal Plus Allergy

This is the best Dyson vacuumfor allergy, so if you or any family member has allergy issues, you need to have one at home.

The machine has been specifically designed and constructed to handle both pet dander and airborne allergens just well. Just so you know, these two are the most typical allergies sources.

Its main feature includes a HEPA whole machine filtration system, ensuring that allergens won’t be expelled back to the house once they have been sucked in and even with the machine remains on and operating.

The machine also comes with extra tools to deal with tricky and complicated places where allergens are usually located (and trapped), such as a dusting brush, a stair tool, a mattress tool, and two tools designed for crevices or top shelves.

You should also know that Dyson also has their own canister and cordless vacuums with HEPA filtration system, which is great for allergy sufferers too.

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Best Wood Floors – Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

V11 Torque Drive
V11 Torque Drive

This cordless machine may seem compact and lightweight, but it doesn’t compromise its performance as one of the best machines in the market.

This is a machine designed for tile or wood floors. It can remove fine dust and big dirt particles.

The machine has its own cleaner head with direct drive mechanism for carpets as well as soft roller head for wood floors. The latter one is gentler and softer so it won’t damage the wood floor.

The downside is that the machine only has 20 minutes of operating time. Afterwards, you will have to recharge it.

If you have a big home dominated with wood floors, this machine won’t be the most ideal pick.

So, there you have it, some of the best Dyson products that can help you clean out the house completely, depending on the type of floor you have.

Make sure you do the right research so you can get the best Dyson vacuum that suits your needs.