LoveSac vs CordaRoy’s – Which is the Best Choice?

Ethan Ross

LoveSac vs CordaRoy's - Which is the Best Choice?

Bean bag chairs have come a long way, haven’t they? No longer just a staple in college dorms, they’ve evolved into stylish pieces that fit effortlessly into contemporary living spaces. Selecting the ideal bean bag chair can be more crucial than you might think; it’s not just about flopping down on a sack filled with beads anymore. With options like LoveSac vs CordaRoy’s in the market, you have the ability to choose between extreme comfort and innovative design.

This article aims to guide you through a comprehensive comparison of these two brands, so you can make an informed decision that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Quick Comparison

ComfortHighExtremely High
PriceStarts at $299Starts at $875
WarrantyLifetime (manufacturing defects)Lifetime (inserts), 3 years (covers)
ShippingInternationalU.S. only
CustomizationLimited optionsExtensive options
Unique FeatureConvertible into bedsLuxurious comfort
Overall StrengthsVersatile, innovative, eco-friendly, value-drivenOpulence, luxury, premium materials

Overview of CordaRoy’s and LoveSac

Before making a significant investment in a bean bag chair, it’s essential to know who’s behind the products you’re considering.

In this section, we’ll take you through the inception stories of CordaRoy’s and LoveSac and discuss the key features that set each brand apart.

Who Founded CordaRoy’s and Where

CordaRoy’s was started by a college student in Florida who aimed to provide multifunctional and budget-friendly seating options. This grassroots initiative has grown to offer a wide range of bean bag products that cater to an international audience.

Note: CordaRoy’s is notable for its grassroots beginnings and its focus on offering versatile, cost-effective options.

Who Founded LoveSac and Where

LoveSac, on the other hand, had its humble beginnings in a parent’s basement. It quickly ascended the ranks to become a provider of luxurious bean bag chairs, primarily targeting an audience looking for top-tier comfort and customizable options.

Note: LoveSac is known for its commitment to luxury and highly customizable products.

Key Features of Each Brand

Both CordaRoy’s and LoveSac bring unique offerings to the table. Below is a quick comparison to help you understand the main features of each:

Comfort LevelHighExtremely High
PriceStarts at $299Starts at $875
WarrantyLifetime against defectsLifetime for inserts, 3 years for covers
Unique AspectCan transform into bedsKnown for luxurious comfort
ShippingInternationalU.S. only

To distill the data:

  • CordaRoy’s excels in offering convertible design, which means your chair can also function as a mattress. Its primary strength lies in being budget-friendly while providing a range of comfort options.
  • LoveSac specializes in extreme comfort and offers a wide variety of customization options, including fabric choices and sizes. However, the prices are on the higher end.

Knowing the key features of each brand helps you align your priorities, whether it’s budget, comfort, customization, or shipping options.

Factors Contributing to Comfort

One of the primary considerations when choosing a bean bag chair is undoubtedly comfort. Let’s delve into what contributes to this comfort, focusing on filling material and cover fabric for both LoveSac vs CordaRoy’s.

How Comfort is Defined in Bean Bags

Comfort in a bean bag chair is a combination of various factors such as the filling material, the fabric of the cover, and even the design of the chair itself. While some individuals prefer firm support, others may opt for a softer, plush experience.

Note: Personal preference plays a substantial role in determining what ‘comfort’ means to each individual.

Type of Filling Material Used by Both Brands

Both brands use a specific type of filling designed to maximize comfort. Below is a quick comparison:

BrandType of Filling
CordaRoy’sShredded polyurethane foam
LoveSacDurafoam blend

CordaRoy’s uses shredded polyurethane foam, which offers a balance of softness and support. On the other hand, LoveSac employs a specialized Durafoam blend designed to adapt to the user’s body, providing a plush and luxurious feel.

Importance of Cover Material in Relation to Comfort

The cover material is another factor that can significantly affect the comfort level. CordaRoy’s offers covers primarily made of polyester blends that are durable and easy to clean. LoveSac steps up the luxury quotient by providing a wider range of options including velvet, faux fur, and even outdoor-specific covers.

Note: The cover material not only adds to comfort but also to the aesthetics and functionality of the bean bag chair.

Thus, when it comes to comfort, both LoveSac vs CordaRoy’s have their merits and drawbacks. The choice essentially boils down to personal preference, be it the type of filling material or the fabric of the cover.

Price Considerations

Cost is often a deciding factor when purchasing a bean bag chair. This section focuses on the pricing strategies of both LoveSac vs CordaRoy’s, with an aim to offer clarity on what one can expect for the price paid.

Price Range of CordaRoy’s Products

CordaRoy’s products generally fall within a moderate price range. Prices for their bean bag chairs can start as low as $200 and go up to around $500 for their premium models.

Note: CordaRoy’s often runs promotional discounts, particularly around holidays, which can further reduce costs.

Price Range of LoveSac Products

LoveSac, being a more premium brand, has a higher starting price point. Their bean bags start at approximately $400 and can go well beyond $1,000 for their top-of-the-line models.

Note: LoveSac also offers financing options to make their products more accessible to a broader consumer base.

What You Get for the Price in Each Case

To make a better-informed decision, let’s compare what each brand offers for the price.

Cover OptionsLimitedExtensive
FillingShredded Polyurethane FoamDurafoam Blend
ExtrasConvertible to a bedCustomization available

CordaRoy’s offers good durability and the unique feature of bean bags that convert into beds. LoveSac, although pricier, excels in terms of durability and offers extensive customization options including a wide variety of covers.

Thus, the choice between CordaRoy’s and LoveSac largely depends on what attributes are more critical for you—whether it is the price, durability, or customization options.

Warranty and Shipping Policies

Understanding the warranty and shipping policies of a brand is crucial when making a long-term investment like a bean bag chair. This section elucidates the warranty coverage and shipping destinations offered by LoveSac vs CordaRoy’s.

CordaRoy’s Warranty and What it Covers

CordaRoy’s offers a three-year limited warranty on their products. The warranty primarily covers:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Stitching issues
  • Foam quality

Note: The warranty does not cover damage from improper use or wear and tear.

LoveSac’s Warranty and What it Covers

LoveSac goes above and beyond with a lifetime guarantee on their products. This warranty covers:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Material quality
  • Structural integrity

Note: The lifetime guarantee is valid only for the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

Shipping Destinations for Each Brand

Both brands offer shipping across the United States, but there are some distinctions:

  • CordaRoy’s: Free shipping within the contiguous U.S.
  • LoveSac: Free shipping on orders over a certain amount, variable rates for Alaska and Hawaii.
BrandShipping within Contiguous U.S.Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii
CordaRoy’sFreeVariable Rates
LoveSacFree (orders over a certain amount)Variable Rates

The information in this section should aid in making a more informed choice between LoveSac vs CordaRoy’s, considering warranty and shipping policies alongside other factors such as comfort and price.

Customization and Unique Features

Choosing a bean bag chair often goes beyond the basics of comfort and price. The ability to personalize your purchase can add considerable value. This section details the customization options and unique features offered by LoveSac vs CordaRoy’s.

Range of Customization Options for CordaRoy’s

CordaRoy’s offers a straightforward but effective range of customization options:

  • Choice of Fabric: Microsuede, plush, and faux leather
  • Colors: Various hues ranging from neutral to bold
  • Sizes: Single, full, queen, and king

Note: CordaRoy’s does not offer modular components or additional accessories.

Range of Customization Options for LoveSac

LoveSac takes customization to another level:

  • Modular Design: The “Sactionals” can be rearranged in various configurations
  • Covers: Over 250 machine-washable covers
  • Accessories: Cup holders, fitted tables, and storage compartments
Fabric ChoiceLimitedExtensive
ColorsModerateWide Range

Standout Features for Each Brand

  • CordaRoy’s: Known for its patented foam filling that does not go flat and easily converts into a bed
  • LoveSac: Renowned for their modular designs that can be adapted to fit any space or need

Through a closer look at customization and special features, it becomes clear how LoveSac offers more versatile options while CordaRoy’s delivers on simplicity and function.

Who Should Buy What

Both CordaRoy’s and LoveSac offer appealing features, but they cater to different consumer needs. This section serves as a guide to help potential buyers identify which brand aligns more closely with their specific requirements.

Ideal Consumer for CordaRoy’s Products

For those who prioritize straightforward functionality, CordaRoy’s is a suitable choice:

  • Budget-conscious consumers
  • Individuals in need of an easily convertible bed
  • Those who prefer minimalistic designs

Note: If you seek a dual-purpose bean bag that serves both as a chair and a bed without much hassle, CordaRoy’s could be your go-to option.

Ideal Consumer for LoveSac Products

LoveSac is more tailored for people looking for:

  • Extensive customization options
  • Long-term investment
  • Modern, modular furniture
Consumer NeedCordaRoy’sLoveSac
BudgetLow to MidMid to High

Deciding Factors

  • Price: CordaRoy’s offers a more economical range, while LoveSac is a long-term investment.
  • Functionality: Choose CordaRoy’s for basic needs and LoveSac for advanced, modular features.
  • Customization: LoveSac provides a wider array of options in fabrics, colors, and arrangements.

Who should buy what ultimately boils down to individual priorities. Whether it’s the price, functionality, or customization that drives your decision, both CordaRoy’s and LoveSac offer distinct advantages that cater to a wide variety of consumer needs.


In this comparison between LoveSac vs CordaRoy’s, we’ve highlighted key aspects such as comfort, price, and customization options. Based on your priorities, either brand could prove to be the better option for you.

Final recommendations steer budget-conscious individuals towards CordaRoy’s and those seeking extensive customization to LoveSac.

The importance of this comparison lies in its capacity to guide your purchasing decision, ensuring that you invest in a bean bag chair that meets your specific needs.

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