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Macy's Furniture vs Raymour and Flanigan - Which is Better?

Macy’s Furniture vs Raymour and Flanigan – Which is Better?

by Ethan Ross

When faced with the decision between Macy’s Furniture vs Raymour and Flanigan for your home or office space, the choices can seem overwhelming. Why?

Both brands offer an extensive range of furniture pieces that not only provide functionality but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your living space. Picking the wrong brand can lead to a series of issues—imagine spending thousands only to face sagging cushions or problematic customer service.

Our discussion will navigate through the key differences between these two established names in the furniture industry, from product lines to customer feedback.

We’ll dissect what each brand excels at, providing you with the tools to make an informed decision.

Quick Comparison

CriteriaMacy’s FurnitureRaymour & Flanigan
Product LinesWardrobes, beds, cabinets, etc.Custom furniture, entryway furniture, nursery furniture, etc.
ChairsAccent, armchairs, rocking chairs, etc.Office, dining, outdoor, nursery gliders, etc.
SofasModern, mid-century, sleeper, etc.Classic, contemporary, reclining, modular, etc.
TablesDining tables, coffee tables, side tables, etc.Transitional, rustic, customizable options, etc.
Fabric and MaterialPolyester, polyester blendsPolypropylene, Microfiber, synthetic textiles
Wood QualityEngineered or solid woodKiln-dried wood, hardwood
Color OptionsBlack, blue, gray, green, etc.Cherry, honey pine, espresso, etc.
Warranty and Price5-year warranty, higher pricing1-year warranty, optional 5-year Platinum Protection Plan, generally more affordable
Customer FeedbackMixed reviews on durability and customer serviceFocus on functionality and style, generally positive

Scope and Variety of Offerings

When it comes to variety, both Macy’s Furniture vs Raymour and Flanigan have a lot to offer. However, there are distinct differences in their product lines and categories.

Breadth of Product Lines in Macy’s Furniture

Macy’s Furniture focuses on providing a wide array of items to satisfy basic household needs. They offer:

  • Wardrobes
  • Bar stools
  • Beds and Benches
  • Bookcases
  • Cabinets
  • Outdoor Accessories
  • TV stands and Media Consoles
  • Wall Shelves

This is a robust lineup, ensuring that you’ll find pieces to fit any room in your home, from the living room to the bedroom.

Note: Macy’s product lineup is solid for basic household furniture but does not delve much into specialized or custom pieces.

Extensive Collection in Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan takes it up a notch by offering an even broader range of furniture items, including:

  • Customer furniture
  • Entryway Furniture
  • Nursery and Toddler Furniture
  • Kids’ Playroom and Study Furniture
  • Kitchen Carts and Islands
  • Trunk and Storage Benches

Their offerings are more specialized, catering to a diverse set of needs that go beyond general home furnishing.

Different Types of Chairs Available in Both Brands

Both brands also provide a diverse range of chairs, but with different focuses. Macy’s offers accent chairs, Adirondack chairs, armchairs, and even bean bag chairs. Raymour & Flanigan, on the other hand, focuses more on functionality and style, providing:

  • Office Chairs
  • Dining Chairs
  • Outdoor Chairs
  • Settees
  • Nursery Gliders

Thus, if you’re looking for a chair for a specific purpose, your choice between Macy’s and Raymour & Flanigan will greatly depend on your unique needs.

By understanding the scope and variety of offerings, you are better equipped to decide which brand aligns most closely with your furniture requirements.

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Analyzing Sofas

Sofas often serve as the centerpiece of a living room, and both Macy’s and Raymour & Flanigan offer a range of options. This section dives into the variety and customer experiences associated with their offerings.

Types of Sofas Offered by Macy’s

Macy’s primarily focuses on three types of sofas:

  1. Sectional Sofas
  2. Sofa Beds
  3. Reclining Sofas

Each category comes in various styles, fabrics, and color schemes. Here are some attributes to consider:

FabricLeather, Cotton, Linen
Color SchemeNeutral, Bright, Patterned
StyleModern, Traditional, Transitional

Note: Macy’s sofas come with optional extended warranties, offering additional peace of mind for your purchase.

Range of Sofa Options in Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan adds more variety to the mix, expanding beyond Macy’s offerings:

  1. Sleeper Sofas
  2. Tufted Sofas
  3. Futons
  4. Loveseats

This brand focuses more on specialized sofas, including models with built-in USB ports and other high-tech features.

Customer Feedback on Macy’s Radley Sectional Sofa

One of the most popular sofas at Macy’s is the Radley Sectional. Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fabric holds up well over time

While most feedback is positive, some customers have mentioned that the cushions tend to flatten relatively quickly. This is an important consideration if you’re looking for a long-lasting piece.

By exploring the types of sofas and customer feedback, you can make an informed decision on which brand offers the sofa that best suits your needs.

Tables for Every Occasion

Tables are more than just functional pieces; they set the stage for meals, conversations, and daily activities. This section delves into the offerings and distinct features of tables from Macy’s and Raymour & Flanigan.

Dining and Casual Tables from Macy’s

Macy’s offers a selection of tables mainly focused on:

  1. Dining Tables
  2. Coffee Tables
  3. Console Tables

Attributes to look for in Macy’s table range include:

MaterialWood, Metal, Glass
StyleRustic, Modern, Classic
ShapeRound, Rectangular, Square

Note: Macy’s tables often come as part of dining sets, providing matching chairs for a cohesive look.

Unique Table Designs and Customizable Options in Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan brings a creative touch with:

  1. Customizable Dining Tables
  2. Nesting Tables
  3. Lift-Top Coffee Tables

What sets Raymour & Flanigan apart:

  • Options for table extenders and leaves for larger gatherings
  • Various finishes including distressed, high gloss, and matte
  • Adjustable-height tables

Key Differences in Table Collections Between Both Brands

When comparing Macy’s and Raymour & Flanigan, several distinctions arise:

  • Macy’s prioritizes sets and classical styles.
  • Raymour & Flanigan offers more customization and feature-rich tables.

This overview serves as a guide to help you decide which brand aligns most closely with your needs for tables, whether they serve a functional or more artistic role in your home.

Examining Fabric and Material Choices

The choice of fabric and material in furniture isn’t merely an aesthetic decision; it impacts comfort and longevity as well. We’ll scrutinize the offerings from both Macy’s and Raymour & Flanigan in this regard.

Focus on Polyester in Macy’s Furniture

Macy’s leans heavily on polyester for its upholstered furniture items, particularly for:

  1. Sofas
  2. Armchairs
  3. Ottomans

Features of Polyester Furniture at Macy’s:

MaintenanceEasy to Clean
Price RangeModerate to High

Note: Polyester is less prone to wrinkles and shrinking, making it a practical choice for many homes.

Diverse Fabric Options in Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan provides more variety when it comes to fabric types:

  1. Leather
  2. Microfiber
  3. Velvet

Unique Fabric Features:

  • Leather is ideal for a luxurious feel and easy maintenance.
  • Microfiber offers a suede-like texture without the high cost.
  • Velvet provides a plush, rich experience but requires more care.

Suitability of Materials for Different Needs

The selection of material should correspond to specific needs and conditions. Here are some points to consider:

  • Polyester (Macy’s) is more suited for households with children due to its durability and easy maintenance.
  • Diverse fabric options (Raymour & Flanigan) allow greater customization but may require more upkeep.

Understanding the material options at your disposal can significantly influence your purchase decision, ensuring that you not only get a product that looks good but one that will stand the test of time.

The Quality of Wood Used

The type of wood selected for furniture profoundly influences both its appearance and durability. Let’s dissect how Macy’s Furniture vs Raymour and Flanigan approach this critical component in their furniture lines.

Engineered and Solid Wood in Macy’s Furniture

Macy’s often employs a blend of engineered and solid wood for its furniture. Key considerations include:

  1. Durability: Engineered wood offers decent durability.
  2. Affordability: Generally less expensive than solid wood.
  3. Environmental Impact: Often made from recycled wood products.
Wood TypeTypical Uses
EngineeredShelves, Cabinets
SolidDining Tables, Beds

Note: While engineered wood provides affordability, it may lack the aesthetic and tactile warmth of solid wood.

Kiln-dried Wood and Hardwood Options in Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan places a stronger emphasis on kiln-dried and hardwood options, such as:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry


  • Kiln-dried wood minimizes warping and splitting.
  • Hardwood offers exceptional durability and a refined aesthetic.

Strength and Aesthetic Considerations

When weighing your options, take into account:

  • Engineered wood from Macy’s could be more suitable for those who prioritize budget and sustainability.
  • The hardwood options at Raymour & Flanigan are geared towards those seeking premium quality and aesthetics.

Knowing the type of wood used by each brand allows you to make an informed decision, aligned with your preferences for durability and design.

Color Options and Finishes

Color and finish are pivotal factors that contribute to the overall ambience of your living space. Explore how Macy’s or Raymour & Flanigan handle these nuances in their furniture collections.

Range of Colors in Macy’s Furniture

Macy’s offers a moderate range of color choices, particularly in:

  1. Neutral Tones: Cream, beige, and gray.
  2. Classic Shades: Brown and black.
ColorFurniture Types
CreamSofas, Armchairs
BlackTables, Cabinets

Note: Macy’s focus on classic and neutral shades can simplify color coordination within a room but may limit expressive creativity.

Finish Varieties in Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan leans toward a more expansive palette, including:

  • Vibrant hues: Red, blue, and yellow.
  • Textured finishes: Distressed wood, high-gloss.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatility in interior design options.
  • Possibility for more personalized spaces.

Impact on Interior Design Choices

Selecting the right color and finish has a cascading effect on your interior design:

  • Macy’s neutral and classic colors offer a timeless appeal, ideal for those who favor a more conservative design approach.
  • Raymour & Flanigan’s wider color spectrum and finishes provide room for bold and expressive interior styles.

Armed with this information, consumers are better positioned to select furniture that aligns with their specific design visions.

Warranty, Price, and Customer Experience

Warranty and pricing policies, along with customer experience, are critical considerations when investing in furniture. This section will examine how Macy’s Furniture vs Raymour and Flanigan fare in these categories.

Warranty and Pricing Policies in Macy’s Furniture

Macy’s offers a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty on most furniture items. Here is how they break down:

  1. Sofas: Average $1,000 – $3,000
  2. Tables: Average $500 – $1,500
ItemWarrantyAverage Price
Sofas1 year$1,500
Tables1 year$1,000

Note: Macy’s occasionally offers extended warranties at an additional cost.

Warranty and Affordability in Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan extends a more flexible warranty policy, ranging from 1 to 5 years. Their pricing also tends to be more varied:

  • Sofas: Ranging from $600 to $4,000
  • Tables: Starting at $200 and going up to $2,000

Customer Feedback and Experience with Both Brands

While Macy’s is generally praised for reliable delivery and a straightforward shopping experience, some consumers have cited issues with their customer service responsiveness. Raymour & Flanigan, on the other hand, enjoys commendations for its excellent in-store customer service, but some reviews point to delays in delivery.

It’s crucial to weigh these factors—warranty, price, and customer experience—when deciding between Macy’s or Raymour & Flanigan for your furniture needs. Both brands offer unique advantages and drawbacks, which must be meticulously considered for an informed purchase.

Which is Better?

The question of superiority between Macy’s and Raymour & Flanigan in the furniture market hinges on various factors. This section aims to simplify that decision by dissecting comparative strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for different needs.

Comparative Strengths and Weaknesses

AspectsMacy’sRaymour & Flanigan
WarrantyStandard 1-year1 to 5 years
Price RangeModerate to HighWide Range
Customer ExperienceReliable DeliveryExcellent In-Store

Macy’s offers the stability of a well-known brand but falls short on warranty when compared to Raymour & Flanigan’s flexible options.

Note: Brand reputation may influence individual purchasing choices.

Suitability for Different Lifestyles and Needs

Macy’s often meets the needs of those looking for traditional and trendy furniture. It is particularly suitable for:

  1. Homeowners seeking reliable quality
  2. Shoppers with moderate to high budgets

Raymour & Flanigan, in contrast, offers:

  • Customizable furniture
  • More extended warranty options

Thus, it is more aligned with those who prefer personalized options and long-term commitments.

Summary of Key Points for Better Choice

  • Macy’s: Stronger brand reputation, reliable quality, but less flexible warranty options.
  • Raymour & Flanigan: More extensive warranty, broader price range, and customizable options.

Choosing between Macy’s and Raymour & Flanigan comes down to your priorities, whether it’s brand reputation, budget, warranty, or customization. By examining these factors closely, you should be better equipped to make an informed decision.

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The journey through the worlds of Macy’s Furniture vs Raymour and Flanigan has revealed distinct characteristics for each. While Macy’s provides the assurance of brand reputation and higher-end choices, Raymour & Flanigan excels in customization and a broader warranty spectrum.

Deciding between the two comes down to personal needs and lifestyle. Whether you prioritize brand reputation or customization options, the evaluation of these factors is pivotal in making an informed selection.

As the consumer landscape evolves, so will the offerings of both brands. Keeping an eye on their future collections and customer service innovations will further empower your furniture shopping experience.