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Why Nebraska Furniture Mart Reviews Are Important

Why Nebraska Furniture Mart Reviews Are Important

by Ethan Ross

Eager to learn what makes Nebraska Furniture Mart Reviews a go-to resource for your home improvement needs?

We provide a comprehensive examination of this revered establishment, from its historical roots to its modern-day business model. With a legacy that stretches back to 1937, Nebraska Furniture Mart has been a stalwart in the industry.

At its core, the company aims to enhance your living standards through its array of products and services.

Curious about the diverse product categories or how their pricing stands up to scrutiny?

What about the ease of shipping and delivery?

Read on to find answers that guide your decision-making process.

About Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM)

The story of Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) is as fascinating as it is instructive for aspiring entrepreneurs. Founded by Rose Blumkin in Omaha in 1937, the company has evolved from its humble beginnings to become an industry leader. Rose Blumkin, or Mrs. B as she was affectionately known, set up the business with a $500 loan, and the rest is history.

Core Principles: Value Proposition and Mission

Nebraska Furniture Mart operates under a set of core principles that guide its conduct in the market. The key tenets focus on selling quality products at competitive prices, upholding truthfulness in all interactions, and providing an expansive selection coupled with exemplary service. The company’s overarching mission is to enhance people’s lifestyles, a noble aim that they have consistently achieved for over eight decades.

Note: Upholding these core principles has led to various accolades, including receiving the KCKChamber #StrongerTogether Award in 2021.

Business Focus: More Than Just a Store

Unlike other stores that just sell products, Nebraska Furniture Mart aims to offer a comprehensive lifestyle improvement experience. The company goes beyond retail by aspiring to bring customers closer to their dream homes through a diverse range of offerings. Whether you’re interested in wood floors, fridges, or anything in between, this establishment has you covered.

Company Culture: Employee Development and Recognition

Nebraska Furniture Mart prides itself on maintaining a unique and inclusive culture. It highly values its employees and invests considerably in their development. One of the ways the company shows appreciation for its team is through peer recognition and company-wide awards.

Community Involvement and Historical Significance

Community engagement is integral to Nebraska Furniture Mart’s operations. They have a long-standing history of participating in community events and outreach programs. Additionally, the company expanded its reach by opening Grandscape, a mixed-use development in Texas, in 2020.

Awards and Recognition

The company’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. It has garnered several awards, such as being named one of Furniture Today’s Best Places to Work in 2021. In 2022, it further clinched awards like Best Appliance Store and Best Furniture & Home Decor Store.

In total, the multi-faceted approach Nebraska Furniture Mart takes in conducting its business is both unique and effective. By maintaining strict adherence to its core principles, focusing on more than just sales, and investing in both employee development and community engagement, it has set itself apart as a reliable option for all your home improvement needs.

Product Categories

Considering a furniture upgrade? Nebraska Furniture Mart offers an impressive range of furniture to suit every lifestyle and household need. From sleek and modern sofa sets to traditional wooden cabinets, the options are bountiful. Interested in brand variety? Rest assured, you’ll find both high-end and budget-friendly brands to select from.

Note: For specific needs like bedroom furniture, the store also has a specialized line of Nebraska Furniture Mart bed frames.

Electronics: What’s on Offer?

Technology aficionados need not look further. Whether you’re setting up a home office or upgrading your entertainment system, the store provides a broad spectrum of electronic goods. Laptops, televisions, sound systems—the list goes on. What’s more, the Nebraska Furniture Mart electronics section carries all the top brands you’d expect from a leading retailer.

Appliances: From Kitchen to Laundry

Household appliances are indispensable in modern living. And yes, you guessed it right; Nebraska Furniture Mart excels in this department too. From essential kitchen gadgets like ovens and refrigerators to laundry machines and vacuum cleaners, you can find it all.

CategoriesBrands Included
Kitchen AppliancesSamsung, LG
Laundry MachinesWhirlpool, Maytag
Vacuum CleanersDyson, Shark

Special Categories: Outdoor Furniture, Fitness Equipment, and Baby and Kids

Why limit your choices to indoor spaces? Extend your comfort zone to the outdoors as well with Nebraska Furniture Mart’s selection of patio sets, lawn chairs, and more in their outdoor furniture category.

For those looking to stay fit, the fitness equipment section includes treadmills, weights, and other essential gear. And let’s not forget the young ones; there’s a dedicated section for baby and kids’ items, including cribs, high chairs, and toys.

Home Decor, Improvement, and Other Amenities

Sprucing up your living space? Wall art, decorative lamps, and rugs can be found under their home decor category. And if it’s a renovation you’re considering, the home improvement section is stocked with materials you’ll find invaluable. From Nebraska Furniture Mart chairs for your office to dinnerware for your kitchen, this is a store where variety genuinely meets quality.

Is there something specific you’re searching for, perhaps a Nebraska Furniture Mart mattress? With various types such as memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring, your search for the ideal mattress could very well end here.

By offering a comprehensive selection across multiple categories, Nebraska Furniture Mart makes it convenient to find products that align with your lifestyle and needs. Whether you’re revamping a single room or outfitting an entire home, the plethora of options ensures you need not compromise on quality or choice.

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Pricing and Affordability

One of the most compelling attributes of Nebraska Furniture Mart is its commitment to competitive pricing. Whether you’re eyeing a high-end sofa or a budget-friendly TV stand, you’ll find the price tags to be reasonable and, often, more attractive than those of rival retailers.

Note: If you find an identical item from a local competitor at a lower price, Nebraska Furniture Mart has a price match guarantee to ensure you get the best deal.

Price Variations Based on Product Categories and Brands

An advantage of shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart is the flexibility it affords through various price points across different product categories. Looking for affordable Nebraska Furniture Mart chairs or a premium Nebraska Furniture Mart mattress? Prices can differ substantially depending on your chosen category and the brand in question. This variation allows for a tailored shopping experience, catering to both frugal shoppers and those with a taste for luxury.

Product CategoryPrice Range
Furniture$$ – $$$
Electronics$ – $$$
Appliances$$ – $$$

Financing Options for Budget-Conscious Consumers

We understand that certain purchases are significant investments. To alleviate financial stress, Nebraska Furniture Mart provides various financing options. These programs are designed to make larger purchases more manageable by breaking down the cost into monthly payments.

Note: Remember to read the terms and conditions before opting for a financing plan to ensure it aligns with your financial situation.

Understanding Discounts and Promotions

Who doesn’t appreciate a good deal? Periodically, the store offers promotions and discounts, particularly around the holiday season or during special events. It’s an excellent opportunity to purchase that coveted Nebraska Furniture Mart electronics item or a piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing for some time.

By offering an array of pricing options and financial solutions, Nebraska Furniture Mart does more than just sell products; it provides possibilities. From the cost-conscious individual to the consumer seeking high-end products, this retailer aims to accommodate every budget without compromising on quality or choice.

Shipping and Delivery Service

Once you’ve made your selection, the next critical step is getting it to your home. Nebraska Furniture Mart simplifies this process through its efficient delivery services. The company’s white and green trucks are a common sight across a six-state region, ensuring your items reach you in perfect condition. Delivery charges do apply, although the company periodically offers free delivery promotions.

Note: Alternative carriers like UPS may be used for smaller items.

Drive-Through and Pickup: Convenience and Deposits

There are times when you might prefer picking up items yourself. Nebraska Furniture Mart provides a contact-free drive-through pickup service for such instances. If you’ve placed a special order, be prepared to make a 25% non-refundable deposit. This process underscores the company’s commitment to flexibility and customer convenience.

Same-Day Delivery: Scope and Fees

Ever wondered what time does Nebraska Furniture Mart open for deliveries? For those urgently needing specific items, the store offers same-day delivery services. Fees for smaller items start at $5 and could get your purchase to you in as little as two hours. Larger items will be delivered outside your home, with the assembly being your responsibility.

Delivery TypeStarting FeeTime Frame
Large ItemsVariesSchedule-dependent
Small Items$5As little as 2 hrs

Special Shipping Categories: In-Home, Next-Day, and Gun Safe Deliveries

Beyond standard options, Nebraska Furniture Mart also has specialized delivery services. With in-home delivery, products are not only delivered but also placed in your chosen area, and all packaging materials are removed. Next-day delivery and specific gun safe delivery options are also available, with the latter incurring an additional charge due to the item’s size and weight.

Note: While Nebraska Furniture Mart delivery covers 47 states, Alaska, Hawaii, and California are exceptions. Also, an NFM Card may be required in some areas.

By providing a plethora of shipping and delivery options, Nebraska Furniture Mart makes it exceptionally convenient for customers to receive their purchases. Whether you’re ordering a piece of furniture, an electronic gadget, or a large appliance, the detailed and flexible delivery options ensure your shopping experience is as smooth as possible.

Returns & Cancellation Policy

Purchasing special items at Nebraska Furniture Mart comes with particular responsibilities. Special order items, for instance, have stipulated conditions that differ from regular stock. These items cannot be returned and require a minimum 25% fee for any cancellations.

Note: The conditions for special orders underscore the exclusivity and customization involved in these transactions.

Electronics: Return Policy and Timeframe

Perhaps you’ve bought a gadget from the Nebraska Furniture Mart electronics section and find that it isn’t quite what you expected. There’s a 14-day return window for electronics, including computers, cameras, and mobile phones. However, it’s imperative that these items be in their original condition and accompanied by a sales receipt for a successful return.

General Merchandise: Conditions and Limitations

Purchases from other categories generally fall under the 30-day return window. These too must be in original condition and accompanied by the sales receipt. Some limitations do apply, which are clearly outlined in the Nebraska Furniture Mart return policy.

Return TypeDurationConditions
Special OrderNone25% cancellation fee
Electronics14 daysOriginal condition
General Merchandise30 daysOriginal condition

Restocking and Pick-Up Fees

Certain fees could be levied upon returns, exchanges, or cancellations. Restocking fees are applicable to all accepted returns, and an additional pick-up fee may be charged if Nebraska Furniture Mart handles the collection of the returned item.

Delivery Timeframe and Consequences

It’s advisable to take delivery within 60 days after purchase or receipt by Nebraska Furniture Mart. Any delays beyond this could result in the forfeiture of your deposit and might even lead to order cancellation. This stipulation serves as a mechanism to maintain operational efficiency.

Understanding a retailer’s returns and cancellations policy is just as crucial as knowing what products they offer. Nebraska Furniture Mart ensures transparency in its operations by clearly stating these conditions. While it does offer a reasonable window for returns, certain categories and circumstances have unique requirements that must be adhered to for a seamless transaction. Therefore, it’s prudent to acquaint oneself with these terms to facilitate a smooth shopping experience.

FAQs about Nebraska Furniture

How often does Nebraska Furniture Mart offer sales or promotions?

Nebraska Furniture frequently holds sales and promotions, especially during holidays and special events like Black Friday. Subscribing to their newsletter or keeping an eye on their website can help you stay updated on upcoming deals.

What brands of appliances are available at Nebraska Furniture Mart?

You’ll find a wide range of well-known appliance brands such as Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and Maytag. Whether you’re looking for kitchen or laundry appliances, their catalog provides a diverse selection to meet various needs.

What are the financing options available at Nebraska Furniture Mart?

Financing options at Nebraska Furniture are tailored to make larger purchases more affordable. These options allow you to break down the total cost into manageable monthly payments. Always read the terms and conditions before opting for financing.

Does Nebraska Furniture Mart have a loyalty program?

While Nebraska Furniture doesn’t have a traditional loyalty program, it does offer an NFM Card. The card provides various benefits like special financing offers and exclusive discounts, enhancing your overall shopping experience.

How do I check the status of my delivery?

You can check the status of your delivery by logging into your account on the Nebraska Furniture website. Additionally, you may receive email or text notifications regarding your delivery status, ensuring you are well-informed.

Is assembly service available for furniture purchases?

Yes, Nebraska Furniture Mart offers assembly services for an additional fee. The cost may vary depending on the complexity of the assembly. However, for some delivery options, assembly may be the customer’s responsibility.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes, Nebraska Furniture allows you to place orders over the phone. Their customer service is equipped to guide you through the product selection and purchase process, providing another convenient shopping option.

What types of payment methods are accepted at Nebraska Furniture?

The store accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards from major providers, checks, and cash. Online purchases also often allow payment through secure digital methods for added convenience.

How do I get the Price Match Guarantee?

If you find a lower price for an identical item from a local competitor, you can claim a price match guarantee by providing proof of the competitor’s price. This can usually be done at the time of purchase or within a specified period afterward.

Are there any limitations on the 30-day return policy for general merchandise?

The 30-day return policy generally applies to items that are in their original condition and are returned with the sales receipt. However, some exceptions may apply, such as for items that have been opened or used. Always check the specific terms before making a return.

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Navigating the offerings of Nebraska Furniture Mart reveals a retailer dedicated to versatility, customer convenience, and quality. From an impressive range of products to considerate pricing strategies, the store makes fulfilling your home needs a streamlined process. Coupled with a comprehensive shipping network and a fair returns policy, Nebraska holds its position as a reliable choice for discerning shoppers.