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Vinyl Deck Railing Reviews

Vinyl Deck Railing Reviews

by Ryan Matthews

Have you ever read vinyl deck railing reviews? What was it telling about? Would you believe that vinyl deck railing is an affordable option, easy to install and offering only a minimal maintenance? You should!

In our reviews, vinyl deck railings are considered as great options with the myriad design choices for most of any setting.

Believe it or not, you can even install vinyl deck railings or mix them with the other materials for not only an attractive look but also an affordable finish.

Now we are navigating you to our reviews content which includes general misconceptions about vinyl deck railing, pros and cons, how to install vinyl deck railings, the option of using a professional installer for vinyl railing and the sample costs as well as the comparison guide to the vinyl deck railings.

So let’s check out the detail of each review sections as follows:

General Misconceptions about Vinyl Deck Railing

At certain moment, vinyl building products may lead to a misconception. Vinyl flooring is one of the example. It is mostly considered having cheap price and low quality.

At this time, there have been some general misconceptions about vinyl deck railings that you need necessarily know.

  • Using Vinyl Railings Makes Vinyl Deck Looks Like A Plastic Mess

The first misconception is the assumption that using vinyl railings make vinyl deck look like a plastic mess.

In the past, vinyl products were much like plastic. It was because the simplicity offered by the manufactured toward the products.

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Nowadays, vinyl decking products are much mimicking wood look while they are also minimizing the negative attributes of natural wood decking materials.

There are a number of textures, colors and finishes that will help achieve the look you want even without staining or painting.

  • Using Vinyl Railings Causes Deck to Damp When It rains

In our vinyl deck railing reviews, it is stated that the second misconception is dealing with the rain that causes deck to dam if you use vinyl railing.

And it present dangerous slip hazard. This is because original vinyl deck is truly causing harmful slip hazard.

However, modern design vinyl decking materials are featuring textures that allows the water to efficiently and quickly drain as well as offer traction on the decking.

If you install vinyl decking along with the railings, your deck will look and feel like wood and other natural textures. This makes the surface relatively free of skid.

Thus, you can confidently install vinyl deck with the railing near pools or other areas that receive precipitation.

  • Using Railings Causes The Deck to Fade and Discolor As Time Passes

The next misconception of using vinyl deck railings is that the deck will just fade and discolor as time passes.

Whereas, sun fade and discoloration of vinyl products have already been the basic issues aside from the use of railings.

Therefore, modern vinyl is designed with the feature of color stabilization technologies to provide vinyl with the proof against discoloration. Unfortunately, there is no available warranty for yellowing, chalky look and fading.

  • Extreme Temperature Drops Can Cause Vinyl in Brittle and Breaks Easily

The next misconception about using vinyl deck railings is that the vinyl can easily break because of the vinyl in brittle caused by the extreme temperature. Whereas, cold temperature does not affect too much to the vinyl.

Compared to natural materials like wood, vinyl deck railing is less susceptible to the swings of the temperature. Vinyl deck railings contract only a little to the cold temperature so that the durability won’t be much affected.

So you can be confident to install vinyl deck along with the railings since it can stand up to the cold in the winter. This way, vinyl is much flexible not to crack or twist.

  • Cannot Grill on The Vinyl Deck If The Deck Is Near The Railings

Do you believe that you cannot grill on your deck if it is near the railings?

This is one of the popular misconception about vinyl deck reviews.

The original vinyl deck railing which is exposed to flame can actually melt. However, the modern vinyl products are much tolerating the heat of grill.

So if you concern more about the impact of grilling on the vinyl deck, just install the heat shield tiles or standard pavers underneath the grill. As simple as that.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Deck Railings

Checking out the pros and cons in this vinyl deck railing reviews is as important as checking out the other topics.

That is due to the pros that will lead to choose the products and the cons that will let you consider more whether or not you are purchasing the products.


  • Sun fade

You may find other materials fade, crack or yellow due to the sun’s UV rays. With vinyl, there is a feature of stabilizers that protect the vinyl from the sun. So you can keep it looks good for many years to come.

  • Feet and hand safe

Vinyl decking is noticeably smooth and safe to let you walk across the deck boards. You will feel no pain of a splinter entering your skin like you may feel when walking across a wood deck.

  • Low maintenance

Vinyl deck railing has extremely low maintenance with no rust, stain or pain. It is just a fantastic options especially if you prefer spending time on something to maintain the floor.

  • Easy to clean

Just by using power wash, you can easily get rid of mold, algae and dirt. Though power wash is typically suitable for wood, you can use it to easily clean your vinyl deck.

Other way, you can also use a hose down to take care of the spills, mud and other messes on the deck.

  • Good strength

Though there has been a misconception that vinyl deck can easily break, the reality shows that it carries a good strength and stand up to most of the weather. It is even stronger than the wood.

  • Fire safe

Thanks to the fire resistance featured to the vinyl deck so that the deck is likely less to combust.


  • No aging

Unlike other materials, vinyl deck railings show no age. It means that there is no natural weathering over the vinyl deck.

  • Design consideration

If you have a home with old design, vinyl deck railing is not a good option. This way, the modernity vinyl will never fit the vintage styles of your old home.

  • Smaller color palette

Last, vinyl deck railings have only smaller color palette though the colors themselves are available in a bug number. For your older home, vinyl deck is hard to fit the color matching.

How To Install Vinyl Railings

Once you decide on purchasing the products, the next think to figure out is about the installation method.

In this case, vinyl deck railings are available for DIY installation project if you are sure to have a good capability and some tools by your hands.

There is not enough comprehensive installation guide provided by the company but it is enough to have this vinyl deck railing reviews. We have the DIY steps for you to follow:

  • Step 1

Step 1 is all about the preparation. So prepare by measuring the perimeter of the deck with the utmost care and precision.

Check the local codes, laws and regulations dealing with your deck railing. Check all of the guidelines and rules.

  • Step 2

Step 2 includes preparing the materials to come in the box. Read the instruction beforehand and make sure that all the tools are already available.

  • Step 3

Next, prepare the posts and the balusters in their location to ensure that the spacing is accurate and you have still enough materials to finish your project.

  • Step 4

Later, snip the rails. This way, you may need to cut the railing to perfectly fit. So prepare for this step before starting installing the project.

  • Step 5

Locate the balusters in its appropriate slots and fit the top rail on. This way, you’ll need to wiggle the balusters into the proper slots on the top rail. Then, use a rubber mallet to firmly tap the top rail down.

  • Step 6

Install the railing caps or covers to hide all of the hardware you may use to secure the railing. If you choose posts caps, make sure you use the proper adhesive such as PVC cement to fit securely.

Hiring a Professional Installer for Vinyl Deck Railing

In fact, not everyone can enjoy DIY projects though he may be highly experienced.

There are lots of things to take into account in completing the task like the time to spend, the required tools and the expertise’s help.

It is quite preferable that someone tends to hire a professional installer for vinyl deck railing installation projects.

Sample Cost and Comparison Guide

Price is always be a major factor in vinyl deck railing projects. So lead yourself to consult this comparison chart below to spring up your mind with the idea of cost you may expect.

MaterialPrice per Linear Foot
Stainless steel cable$75
Wrought iron$90

Based on the chart above, it is clear that the cost of a professional installation ranges from $50 to $100 per hour of work performed while the cost of additional materials and installation will give you an idea of how much your new project on vinyl deck railing might cost.

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FAQ About Vinyl Deck Railing Reviews

Is Vinyl Deck railing available in a cheap price?

Compared to the composite material that is affordable with the cost of $20, vinyl deck is bit more expensive. It costs $30.

What is the most crucial steps in vinyl deck railings installation project?

Out of the 6 steps of installation guide, preparation is noted to be the most crucial step of all.

Why is it necessary to hire a professional if the project is offering DIY option?

There are lots to figure out in carrying out the DIY project such as the time you will spend, the tools you must prepare and the possibility that you still need a help of expertise. So if you have more money, hiring a pro is much recommended.