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Ashley Furniture vs Rooms To Go - What Should You Know

Ashley Furniture vs Rooms To Go – What Should You Know

by Ethan Ross

If you’re caught in the Ashley Furniture vs Rooms To Go dilemma, you’re not alone.

Deciding where to purchase your home furnishings can be as crucial as picking a new home. A wrong choice could mean putting up with subpar quality or styles that don’t resonate with your personal taste.

Through a meticulous comparison between Ashley Furniture and Rooms To Go, this article aims to illuminate crucial factors like business models, furniture styles, special services, and more.

So grab a cup of coffee, as we offer you comprehensive insights that could serve as your definitive guide for your next furniture shopping.

Quick Comparison Table

CriteriaAshley FurnitureRooms To Go
LocationsOver 1,000 worldwide150+ in Southeastern U.S.
ManufacturingIn-houseVarious global sources
Furniture StylesTraditional to contemporaryTraditional to contemporary
Indoor & OutdoorYesYes
Special FeaturesOutlet stores, custom upholsteryOutlet stores, room packages, inspiration
Furniture QualityConsistentVariable
Price RangeVariesVaries, often better deals
Warranty1 to 10 years, some lifetimeOne-year, extended options
DeliveryFree 1 & 2-day shippingCoverage area, assembly options
ReturnsWithin 72 hours, unusedOnline purchases within 48 hours

Comparing the Scope and Reach of Both Brands

Understanding the geographical reach and scope of Ashley Furniture vs Rooms To Go could serve as a critical point in your decision-making process.

The scale and distribution of each brand reveal not only their market focus but also offer clues about customer accessibility and the variety you can expect.

Let’s delve into the specifics of each brand’s operational range.

Number of Locations Globally for Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture boasts an extensive network, with over 1,000 stores spread across the globe. This expansive reach makes it highly accessible, no matter where you are situated.

With such a widespread presence, it’s clear that Ashley Furniture aims to serve a diverse clientele.

Note: Due to its global footprint, Ashley Furniture offers a wider variety of styles catering to international tastes.

Regional Focus of Rooms To Go

In contrast, Rooms To Go operates on a more localized scale, with a presence in more than 150 stores in the Southeastern U.S. Its target market is somewhat regional, making it a strong contender if you reside in this part of the country.

  • States with a strong presence:
    1. Florida
    2. Georgia
    3. North Carolina
    4. South Carolina

The International Influence of Each Brand

While Ashley Furniture has a more global influence, offering styles and designs that cater to various international tastes, Rooms To Go is predominantly American in its appeal. Its international influence is somewhat limited compared to Ashley Furniture. This is worth considering if you’re looking for globally inspired furniture designs.

By understanding the scope and reach of these two brands, you can make an informed decision based on your location and style preferences.

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Understanding the Business Models

The way Ashley Furniture and Rooms To Go operate their businesses provides critical insight into what customers can expect in terms of product range, quality, and customization.

To help you grasp the differences, we will examine how each brand produces its furniture line, their sourcing practices, and the resultant impact on customer choice.

How Ashley Furniture Produces Its Own Line

Ashley Furniture takes a vertically integrated approach to its business. The brand controls almost every aspect of production, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and retailing. This direct control allows Ashley Furniture to maintain stringent quality standards and offer customizable options to its customers.

Note: Vertical integration often enables quicker response to market trends, potentially benefiting customers looking for the latest styles.

Sourcing Practices of Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go, on the other hand, mainly operates on a different model, relying significantly on third-party manufacturers for its products. Although this could potentially make its supply chain more complex, it also allows the brand to offer a broad range of styles and designs.

  • Advantages of Third-Party Sourcing:
    1. Varied Styles
    2. Multiple Price Points
    3. Faster Turnaround for New Collections

Impact on Customer Choice

Ashley Furniture’s vertically integrated model generally allows for more customization and possibly higher quality control. In contrast, Rooms To Go’s reliance on external suppliers provides customers with a wide variety of options but might limit customization.

Business Model AspectAshley FurnitureRooms To Go
Quality ControlStringentVaries

Given these differences, your choice between Ashley Furniture and Rooms To Go could hinge on what you prioritize more: customization and quality or a broad variety of options.

Assortment of Furniture Styles Available

Selecting between Ashley Furniture vs Rooms To Go often comes down to personal taste in furniture styles. Both brands cater to a myriad of aesthetics, from traditional to contemporary. To give you a comprehensive view, we’ll discuss the popular styles each brand offers and how they curate their indoor and outdoor collections.

Popular Styles in Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is known for its broad spectrum of styles, encompassing traditional, transitional, and contemporary pieces. The brand often focuses on time-tested designs, ensuring they offer something that appeals to a wide range of tastes.

  • Key Styles at Ashley Furniture
    1. Traditional
    2. Transitional
    3. Contemporary

Note: Ashley Furniture’s extensive range allows you to mix and match pieces, making it easier to customize your home to your liking.

Rooms To Go’s Range of Aesthetics

Rooms To Go approaches its inventory with an eclectic mindset, incorporating a variety of global influences. The brand is keen on offering furniture that reflects current trends, making it a go-to choice for those looking to update their living spaces frequently.

  • Pivotal Styles at Rooms To Go
    1. Eclectic
    2. Modern
    3. Coastal

Curation of Indoor and Outdoor Collections

Both brands extend their styling expertise to outdoor collections, but the focus varies. Ashley Furniture’s outdoor range often mirrors its indoor styles, while Rooms To Go places a unique emphasis on creating distinct outdoor sets.

Ashley FurnitureRooms To Go
Indoor StylesTraditional, Transitional, ContemporaryEclectic, Modern, Coastal
Outdoor StylesSimilar to IndoorDistinct from Indoor

Your final decision may well depend on your stylistic preferences and how you intend to blend indoor and outdoor furniture. Both brands offer compelling options, making the choice all about your specific needs.

Special Services and Added Benefits

When weighing Ashley Furniture against Rooms To Go, the unique services and benefits each brand offers can be the deciding factor. From outlet stores to custom upholstery and curated room packages, both companies go beyond just selling furniture. We will look into these special features to give you a clearer picture of what to expect.

Outlet Stores and What They Offer

Ashley Furniture operates outlet stores that feature items at significantly reduced prices. These outlets often carry discontinued or overstocked items and offer a budget-friendly alternative.

  • Advantages of Ashley Furniture Outlets
    1. Budget-friendly
    2. Wide product range
    3. Discontinued items available

Note: The outlet stores are ideal for budget-conscious customers, and they offer the same quality assurance as the main stores.

Rooms To Go also has outlet stores, mainly offering clearance items and pieces with minor defects at discounted rates.

  • Benefits of Rooms To Go Outlets
    1. Clearance items
    2. Minor defects at discounted rates
    3. Exclusive collections

Custom Upholstery Services at Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture provides custom upholstery services, allowing you to personalize your furniture. With an array of fabrics and designs, customization becomes a straightforward process.

  • Key Features
    1. Wide range of fabrics
    2. Multiple design options
    3. Professional guidance

Curated Room Packages from Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go sets itself apart by offering curated room packages. These packages include furniture and accessories designed to complement each other, thus simplifying the decision-making process.

  • Attributes of Curated Packages
    1. Coordinated furniture
    2. Matching accessories
    3. Simplified decision-making
Ashley FurnitureRooms To Go
Outlet StoresBudget-friendly, wide product rangeClearance items, minor defects
Custom ServicesCustom upholsteryNone
Added BenefitsPersonalization optionsCurated room packages

Both brands offer features designed to enhance the customer experience, whether you’re looking for customized pieces or ready-to-go room packages.

Price and Quality Metrics

Comparing Ashley Furniture vs Rooms To Go involves more than aesthetics and special services; price and quality are often the key determinants in a purchase decision. In this section, we’ll scrutinize general pricing trends, deals, and quality metrics for both brands to help you make a well-informed decision.

General Pricing Trends at Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is generally considered a mid-range retailer, with prices that reflect a balance between quality and affordability. Here are some points to consider:

  • Price Ranges
    1. Sofas: $300 – $3,000
    2. Dining Sets: $200 – $2,500

Note: The brand frequently offers sales and financing options, making it more accessible to a wider range of budgets.

How Rooms To Go Offers Better Deals on Certain Items

Rooms To Go often runs promotions and package deals that can result in cost savings. These are particularly noticeable in:

  • Highlighted Deals
    1. Bedroom Sets: $800 – $1,200
    2. Living Room Packages: $1,000 – $1,500

Quality Variations and What It Means for the Customer

Quality can vary considerably between the two brands. Ashley Furniture places an emphasis on durability and craftsmanship, often utilizing hardwoods and high-quality fabrics.

  • Quality Indicators at Ashley Furniture
    1. Hardwoods
    2. Quality fabrics
    3. Longer warranties

On the other hand, Rooms To Go aims to provide cost-effective solutions, sometimes at the expense of material quality.

  • Quality Indicators at Rooms To Go
    1. Engineered wood
    2. Synthetic fabrics
    3. Shorter warranties
Ashley FurnitureRooms To Go
General PricingMid-rangeVaries with deals
Quality IndicatorsHardwoods, quality fabricsEngineered wood, synthetic fabrics

While Ashley Furniture offers durable and high-quality products at mid-range prices, Rooms To Go offers competitive package deals, albeit sometimes sacrificing material quality. This section serves to guide your understanding of how pricing and quality intersect between the two brands.

Warranty and Post-Purchase Services

When considering Ashley Furniture vs Rooms To Go, it’s crucial to evaluate not just the upfront cost and quality but also the warranties and post-purchase services that come with your investment. This section aims to elucidate the different warranty options from both brands and how these factor into overall customer satisfaction.

Range of Warranties Offered by Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture provides a fairly comprehensive range of warranties, depending on the product category:

  • Furniture: Up to 5 years
  • Mattresses: Up to 10 years
  • Electronics: 1 to 3 years

Note: The length and coverage of the warranty often reflect the durability and quality of the product.

Rooms To Go’s One-Year Warranty and Extended Options

Rooms To Go offers a standard one-year warranty on most of its products but also has extended options for those looking for added peace of mind:

  • Extended Warranty: Available for an additional cost
  • Protection Plans: Covering stains and accidental damages

How Warranties Tie into Customer Satisfaction

Warranties are more than just a safety net; they are an indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. While Ashley Furniture’s multiple warranty options signal a commitment to quality and durability, Rooms To Go offers flexibility with its extended plans, appealing to customers with varying needs and concerns.

Ashley FurnitureRooms To Go
Standard WarrantyUp to 5 yearsOne year
Extended OptionsNot usuallyAvailable
Indicators of SatisfactionProduct durabilityFlexibility

Understanding the warranty options helps provide a clearer picture of what each brand stands for. It can significantly influence your purchase decision, especially if long-term usage and durability are high on your list of priorities.

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Both Ashley Furniture vs Rooms To Go are industry stalwarts, each offering a distinct set of advantages and drawbacks. While Ashley Furniture is noted for its customizable options and variety, Rooms To Go presents curated sets and often better pricing on select items.

For those prioritizing budget, Rooms To Go typically offers affordable solutions. However, if customization and broader selections are more crucial, Ashley Furniture is advisable.

Services like warranties and customer care are fairly comparable, but it would be prudent to closely read the terms before making a purchase.

Your choice between Ashley Furniture or Rooms To Go will ultimately depend on what you value more—budget, variety, or the blend of both. Understand your needs to make a selection that serves you well in the long run.