Joybird vs Burrow? Making the Best Choice

Ethan Ross

Joybird vs Burrow? Making the Best Choice

Finding the right furniture to fit your living space can be overwhelming, especially with the surge in online options. That’s why we’re here to make your decision a bit simpler with a comparison of Joybird vs Burrow.

As you read on, you’ll get an in-depth look at what sets these two brands apart. From quality materials to shipping policies, we’ll go through the details you shouldn’t overlook.

Armed with this information, you’ll be better prepared to decide whether Joybird’s custom-made, handcrafted offerings are for you, or if Burrow’s modular, easy-to-move furniture is the better fit.

The Story Behind Joybird and Burrow

Selecting the ideal furniture often extends beyond just design and comfort; it’s also about aligning with a brand’s story and mission. Here, we delve into the background of two influential furniture companies—Joybird and Burrow—to help you better understand their core values and unique selling points.

How Joybird Got Started

Joybird entered the furniture market with a focus on custom-made, handcrafted home furnishings. The company sets its eyes on offering high-quality furniture that doesn’t break the bank. Heavily influenced by the mid-century modern movement, they draw inspiration from iconic designers like Frank Lloyd Wright.

Note: Joybird aims to make custom furniture accessible, so you don’t have to compromise between quality and cost.

What Sets Burrow Apart

Burrow was founded with the vision of offering a higher standard of furniture, especially when compared to lower-quality options flooding the market. Situated in New York City, their key differentiation is the modular design. This feature ensures that the furniture can easily fit through tight doorways and is simple to move.

Where to Find Their Showrooms

While Joybird has showrooms located in Brooklyn, Washington D.C., and Chicago, Burrow’s showroom can be found in Manhattan. The physical showrooms provide potential buyers with the tactile experience of assessing the furniture’s comfort and quality firsthand.

  • Joybird Locations: Brooklyn, Washington D.C., Chicago
  • Burrow Location: Manhattan

Matching Brands with Home Trends

Joybird’s furniture takes cues from the mid-century modern aesthetic, blending well with homes that favor vintage or retro designs. On the other hand, Burrow’s modular pieces fit seamlessly into contemporary spaces, particularly those that value flexibility and functionality.

Understanding the origins and philosophies of these two brands can guide you toward a more informed decision. Whether you appreciate the handcrafted luxury of Joybird or the innovative, modular approach of Burrow, this insight adds an extra layer to your purchasing process.

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What Makes Each Brand Special

Furniture often speaks to us through its design, but the materials and customization options also play a substantial role in making a brand truly remarkable. Here, we discuss what differentiates the materials and customization features in Joybird vs Burrow furniture, allowing you to assess which aligns more closely with your specific needs.

The Secret of Joybird Materials

Joybird takes a particularly focused approach to sourcing its materials. The brand is committed to sustainability, utilizing responsibly sourced wood and eco-friendly fabrics. For instance, its hardwood frames are made from kiln-dried, FSC®-certified wood.

Kiln-dried woodIncreases durability
Eco-friendly fabricLow environmental impact

Note: Joybird offers an array of fabric options, including pet-friendly and kid-friendly choices.

What Burrow Builds Its Furniture From

Burrow also emphasizes quality but does so with a bent toward practicality. The furniture primarily consists of high-grade, sustainably-sourced plywood and scratch-proof fabrics that promise durability.

PlywoodSustainably sourced
Scratch-proof fabricDurable, long-lasting

How Joybird Lets You Personalize

Personalization is one of Joybird’s strong suits. The company offers a multitude of fabric types, colors, and even leg finishes. You get to decide what your furniture looks like down to the minute details, thereby making it an expression of your individual style.

  • Various fabric types
  • Multiple colors
  • Leg finishes

Ways to Customize Burrow Furniture

Burrow enables you to tweak the furniture to your liking as well, but it mainly does so through modular functionality. This means you can add or remove sections like armrests or chaises to adapt to your living space.

  • Modular pieces
  • Add or remove sections
  • Adapt to space

Choosing between these two brands ultimately boils down to what you value more: the luxurious attention to detail of Joybird, or the straightforward, functional approach that Burrow offers. Both companies provide substantial customization options, making either a worthy consideration depending on your individual preferences.

How Long Will Your Furniture Last

The longevity of furniture isn’t just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a significant investment consideration. This section delves into how both Joybird or Burrow fare in ensuring the longevity of their furniture through warranty programs, quality control measures, and other unique selling propositions.

Warranty Perks from Joybird

Joybird offers a lifetime warranty on frame and suspension, coupled with a 365-day home trial. Not many brands can boast such extensive customer-centered policies.

Lifetime WarrantyCovers frame and suspension
365-day home trialFull refund if returned within the first year

Note: Joybird’s warranty becomes void if you move the furniture outside of the U.S.

How Burrow Backs Its Quality

Burrow, on the other hand, provides a limited warranty that varies depending on the product. It generally ranges from one to three years but offers a 30-day return policy without restocking fees.

Limited Warranty1-3 years depending on the product
30-day returnNo restocking fees

Joybird’s Measures for Quality Control

Joybird employs rigorous quality checks. Each piece undergoes individual inspection and is tested against stringent standards for durability, like stress testing on cushions and frames.

  • Stress testing on cushions
  • Rigorous frame inspection
  • Tests for color-fastness

Steps Burrow Takes for Lasting Pieces

Burrow also makes durability a priority. The company employs a modular design that enables easy replacement of parts. Each component is tested for resilience to everyday wear and tear.

  • Modular design for easy replacement
  • Resilience tests
  • Parts checked for durability

Joybird vs Burrow put a lot of effort into ensuring that their furniture lasts. Whether you prioritize a long-lasting warranty or a modular approach to durability will play a significant role in your choice between these two brands.

Putting Your Furniture Together

For many, the assembly process can often be the most daunting part of acquiring new furniture. Knowing how Joybird vs Burrow assist their customers in this critical phase can help you decide which brand better suits your needs.

How Joybird Helps with Assembly

Joybird offers white-glove delivery service that includes not only bringing the furniture into your home but also assembling it in your room of choice. This service goes beyond standard delivery and aims to make the setup process as seamless as possible.

White-Glove ServiceIncludes delivery and assembly in-home

Note: The white-glove service is not free and costs extra.

Assemble a Burrow Piece Easily

Burrow’s furniture is designed with easy assembly in mind. The pieces come with built-in, fastening hardware and can be set up by a single person in a short amount of time.

  • Built-in fasteners
  • Quick setup
  • No tools required

Extra Help from Joybird

If you opt out of the white-glove service, Joybird provides comprehensive online guides and video tutorials to guide you through the assembly process.

  • Online guides
  • Video tutorials
  • Customer support

Common Issues in Burrow Assembly

Though Burrow aims for simplicity, customers have occasionally reported issues like missing fasteners or unclear instructions. However, Burrow’s customer service is quick to resolve such matters.

  • Missing fasteners
  • Unclear instructions
  • Responsive customer service

Both brands aim to make the assembly process as smooth as possible. Joybird provides a luxurious white-glove service for those who prefer a hassle-free setup, while Burrow offers user-friendly, quick assembly solutions. Your choice may ultimately depend on how hands-on you wish to be in the assembly process.

Getting Your Furniture Home

Once you’ve made your furniture selection, the next critical step is getting it into your living space. Both Joybird and Burrow offer distinct shipping methods that aim to cater to a variety of consumer needs and expectations. Understanding these can be pivotal in making an informed decision between the two brands.

Joybird Shipping Choices and Hiccups

Joybird offers a range of shipping options, including standard and expedited delivery. While the brand generally enjoys a reputation for reliability, customers have reported occasional delays or minor issues.

Joybird ShippingTimeframeCost
Standard2-3 weeksCalculated at checkout
Expedited1 weekAdditional charge

Note: Keep an eye on seasonal promotions that could offer free shipping.

How Burrow Ships for Free

Burrow distinguishes itself by offering free shipping on all orders, irrespective of size or value. The brand uses regular ground shipping via trusted courier services.

  • Free shipping
  • Ground shipping
  • Trusted couriers

Joybird’s White-Glove Service Details

For those looking for a more luxurious experience, Joybird’s white-glove service includes not just delivery but also furniture assembly. It is an additional service that requires extra charges but provides a seamless, all-inclusive experience.

  • Includes delivery and assembly
  • Extra charges apply

Burrow Shipping Time Estimates

Though Burrow offers free shipping, the estimated time for delivery can vary based on location and product availability. The average delivery time is about one to two weeks.

  • Average 1-2 weeks
  • Location-dependent
  • Product availability

Whether you prioritize cost, speed, or added services like assembly, understanding the shipping options from Joybird and Burrow can help you make a decision that aligns with your preferences and needs.

What if You Want to Return It

Making a purchase of this magnitude naturally raises questions about the return policy, a crucial aspect often overlooked until needed. Both Joybird and Burrow have distinct return policies aimed at reducing buyer’s remorse and facilitating an overall satisfactory experience.

Joybird’s No-Hassle 14-Day Return

Joybird offers a straightforward 14-day return policy, giving you two weeks to decide if your new furniture fits your needs. There are no restocking fees, and the process is designed to be as effortless as possible.

Joybird Return PolicyDetails
Duration14 days
Restocking FeesNone
Return ShippingCustomer’s responsibility

Burrow Return Rules and Fees

In contrast, Burrow has a 30-day return window but imposes certain restocking fees. The fee is typically 10% of the purchase price.

Burrow Return PolicyDetails
Duration30 days
Restocking Fees10%
Return ShippingFree

Note: Burrow’s restocking fee is waived if you choose to exchange for another item.

What Joybird Customers Are Saying

Customer reviews for Joybird’s return policy are generally positive, citing the ease and convenience of the process. The majority find the 14-day period sufficient for making a conclusive decision.

  • Positive reviews
  • Easy process
  • No significant issues

What Folks Think About Burrow

Feedback for Burrow’s return policy is a mix of opinions. While many appreciate the longer 30-day window, the restocking fee is a point of contention for some customers.

  • Mixed reviews
  • Appreciation for 30-day window
  • Criticism for restocking fee

Both companies have their strengths and weaknesses in terms of return policies. While Joybird prioritizes simplicity, Burrow offers a longer return window but with a fee. This information could serve as a decisive factor when choosing between Joybird vs Burrow.

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We’ve dissected the distinct offerings of Joybird vs Burrow to guide you in your furniture selection. From material quality to return policies, each brand has carved out its own lane.

Both brands offer quality but with different focal points—Joybird for material and customization, and Burrow for modularity and ease.

If quality material and customization options top your list, Joybird is a fitting choice. Those prioritizing ease of assembly and modularity should consider Burrow.

Reflect on your priorities and match them with what each brand excels at, leading you to a more informed choice between Joybird vs Burrow.

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