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Norwalk Furniture Reviews

Norwalk Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

There are many reasons why you might feel wary when you are about to buy custom furniture online, but they cannot stop you from actually getting one. Of the many custom furniture manufacturers in the U.S. is Norwalk Furniture. If this brand is on your list, you better check our Norwalk Furniture reviews first.

Here, we will cover some of the most important aspects that can make or break your shopping experience. Our review includes durability, return policy, Norwalk Furniture rating, and more. Without further ado, let us get started.

Product and Price Range

Norwalk Furniture is a handmade upholstery manufacturer situated in Ohio. It has been around since Charles Edward Gerken and John R. Galpin started it in 1902. This brand specializes in handcrafting sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, and beds.

Here are some of Norwalk Furniture’s best-selling products :

Del Ray Bench

Norwalk Furniture Del Ray Bench
Norwalk Furniture Del Ray Bench
PriceAvailable Upon Request
Dimensions52 W x 21 D x 17 H
Weight34 lbs
MaterialsHardwood, Fabric

The Del Ray is available in bench and cocktail sizes, making it versatile and well-tailored. This piece is perfect if you need extra sitting, a cocktail table, or a bench at the end of a bed.

Kent Sofa

Kent Sofa Norwalk Furniture
Kent Sofa Norwalk Furniture
PriceAvailable Upon Request
Dimensions92 W x 40 H x 42 D
Weight190 lbs
MaterialsHardwood, Fabric

Norwalk’s most ambitious expansion to its successful Variations customization software, Kent Variations, lets customers design 6,400 alternative couch frames. This figure doubles into millions of sofa alternatives when you include the options of 500 different fabrics and 30 different types of wood.

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Vincent Ottoman

Vincent Ottoman
Vincent Ottoman
PriceAvailable Upon Request
Dimensions38 W x 21 H x 38 D
Weight37 lbs
MaterialsHardwood, Fabric

The Vincent Ottoman’s pleated edge and button details make it a standout piece. The piece’s unique depth is accentuated by the way the piece’s apex curves downward toward the base.

Norwalk Furniture Pros and Cons

Check out this list of pros and cons to weigh up whether Norwalk Furniture is ideal for you :

Pros of Norwalk Furniture

  • The furnishings have stood the test of time.
  • Norwalk Furniture sofas and beds were well-received by many customers, who praised the quality of their purchases and how lovely they were.
  • Norwalk Furniture’s staff is eager to assist customers in every way possible, from assisting with measurements to providing design advice.
  • Upholstery can be highly personalized to suit your personal preferences.

Cons of Norwalk Furniture

  • There are some problems with the leather selection of Norwalk Furniture.
  • The cushions on some customers’ sofas began to break and disintegrate within months of purchase, despite the sofa’s structural integrity remaining intact.
  • Norwalk Furniture does not provide deliveries through its own company.
  • The company’s return policy is unclear.

Norwalk Furniture Durability

Is Norwalk Furniture good quality?

Norwalk Furniture is of good quality. According to some Norwalk Furniture sofa reviews, their furniture is generally durable and well-crafted.

On the other hand, leather goods appear to be exempt from this rule. For example, some customers have had issues with splitting or cracking leather upholstery over time. Yet, the company defends that various environmental conditions often cause some furniture to split.

Norwalk Furniture Warranty

As long as the furniture is used in a domestic setting, Norwalk Furniture promises that it will be free of manufacturing flaws. All warranty durations begin when the product is delivered to your home.

They range from one year to lifetime protection in terms of warranty lengths. However, most of them are only for manufacturing defects. In other words, Norwalk Furniture’s warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

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Online purchases are currently unavailable from Norwalk Furniture. So, where to buy Norwalk Furniture?

A Norwalk Furniture store may be found by searching for “Norwalk Furniture dealers near me” or by visiting the Store Locator page.

Delivery times vary depending on where in the state you live. A custom piece will take between 16 and 18 weeks to make and ship. Then, Norwalk Furniture will deliver all the goods, ensuring your furniture arrives on time.

Return Policy

Unfortunately, Norwalk Furniture does not have a clear return policy. The good news is, after purchasing a product from the manufacturer, you have 30 days to request a refund even if the company does not explicitly state that they do.

You can inquire further with your retailer or Norwalk Furniture directly and the Norwalk Furniture price list.

Final Words

To summarize, Norwalk Furniture should be your go-to place if you crave quality and long-lasting custom upholstery furniture. Moreover, the reviews from previous customers are also quite good, considering the durability is also satisfying. However, it is understandable if you want to avoid this brand due to the missing return policy.

Alternatively, The Inside might be ideal for you, but do not leave without checking our The Inside furniture reviews first. It would be our pride if our Norwalk Furniture reviews could open your eyes to this company.