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Smith Brothers Furniture Reviews

Smith Brothers Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Smith Brothers of Berne is an American-Made manufactured based in 365 Monroe St, Berne, IN 46711, United State. It has built a good reputation over 80 years for crafting the finest residential furniture pieces. Smith Brothers furniture reviews reveal the secret of a long-lasting name (reputation) and others.

The manufacturer claims each furniture item is made solid, comfortable, stylish, and long last for generations. It as well proudly said smith Brothers have combined old and modern world technologies.

So, is it true the Smith Brothers are recommended?

5 Focuses on Smith Brothers Manufacturer

Smith Brothers manufacturer has 5 strong reasons why the pieces of furniture come with good reputation. They are revealed in detail such as below!

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Furniture Fits to Customer’s Needs

Customers can find a variety of home furnishings to suit them both in specific sets and separately. Smith Brothers furniture understands the need of customers should be the priority. Therefore, it provides a variety of furniture pieces including sofas, ottomans, stationary chairs, pillows, nailheads, welt cords, fringe, and wood finishes.

The most important thing the Smith Brothers furniture offers over 80 pieces of leather and fabrics, and wood furnishings to the customers. It surely will be the most exciting shopping experience and create an eye-catching living space by mixing and matching furniture.

All Styles and Tastes

Each shopper comes with a different style and taste and Smith Brothers have prepared everything to meet it. Smith Brothers furniture reviews a variety of designs from classic leather armchairs to modern square stationary chairs. Thus, customers can easily find the right furniture based on their taste or without changing style.

Long-Lasting and Durable

Furniture is an investment and it is expected to retain its quality for the long term. If the customers believe their home décor with Smith Brothers furniture, they can find a deal with incredibly long-lasting. Every furniture piece is made very durable to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

Always Up-To-Date with the Latest Trend

All Smith Brothers furniture pieces are designed up-to-date and always follow the latest trend. Surely, this way is effective to answer the need of most customers. For example, the customers can buy sectional sofas with manual reclining and built-in motorized chairs.

Smith Brothers Quick Delivery Service

Lastly, Smith Brothers furniture ensures a quick delivery service to your home. It is done by shipping all customized products in 4-6 weeks. It sounds not quick but the manufacturer just ensures the customers will receive the furniture in the right or finest condition.

What Makes Smith Brothers Furniture Special?

The manufacturer has given individual attention by the company s craftsmen. Smith Brothers manufacturer designs every furniture frame with kiln-dried hardwood maple. This case will eliminate warping and extends the product s life under home humidity.

Smith Brothers seating is designed with exclusive coil spring suspension to elevate the front support edge and offer better sitting. Then, all back and seat cushions are wrapped with polyester to prevent the covers from slipping around the foam core. Alongside that, the wrapping is also aimed to give seating comfort by adding an extra measure of plushness.

Smith Brothers Furniture Catalog to Shop

Customers are provided nine categories in Smith Brothers catalog so they can find the appropriate furniture based on their needs. It includes the sofas, reclining sofas, conversation sofas, reclining sectionals, sectionals, recliners, ottomans, chairs, and tilt-back chairs.

  • 6 Amazing Sofa Designs

Smith brothers furniture provides sofas in various sizes from 70-79”, 80-89”, and 90-99”. Each sofa is designed comfy with double pretty couches. Additionally, the sofas come in a variety number styles, colors, and prices.

For more information, Smith Brothers furniture reviews 6 chic sofas such as below!

  • Large Sofas Series 235-13
Large Sofas Series 235-13
Large Sofas Series 235-13

It is a large Smith Brothers sofa in rustic style for creating a country cottage feel in every space. The manufacturer designs it from a brown leather piece with a wrinkled texture to give a well-loved look and enhances the comfort of the cushions. The earthy tones of the sofa add a warm and lighting mood and fit to set the next fireplace.

  • Smith Brother Sofa Series 243-10
Smith Brothers Sofa Series 243-10
Smith Brothers Sofa Series 243-10

Sofa series 243-10 from Smith Brothers presents an opulence look with a soft touch in regal blue velvet fabric. The furniture seating will create a lavish living room with a truly sophisticated feel along with gold accents, picture frames, and burnished lamps.

  • Sofa Series 238-10

Next, the sofa series 238-10 offers a minimalist design with a splash of simplicity for a cluttered living room. It is also ideal for people with a low key-look with more eye-catching elements. Smith Brothers furniture adds it will be a comfortable seating solution in a rectangular shape with simple neat lines.

  • Conversational Sofa Series 393-12
Conversational Sofa Series 393-12
Conversational Sofa Series 393-12

Smith Brothers furniture provides the conversation sofas to households with long talk hobby in the living room. The curved corner design makes this seating helps the users closer together. Nonetheless, it keeps suitable for a room with smoother lines and softer decor.

It implies the sofa suits people with a simple look and taste without modern right angles. Besides that, the users can set it into awkward spaces more easily.

  • Two-Cushion Sofa Series 396-10
Two-Cushion Sofa Series 396-10
Two-Cushion Sofa Series 396-10

It is a sofa design with clean finishes to blur the lines between opulence and minimalism. The furniture seating also fits a modern-look space with plenty of natural light.

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Such as is seen, the shape of the sofa is far from the basic but it reminds us of traditional elegance. In addition, this sleek and stylish two-cushion sofa can get a bit more vibrancy by brightening up with patterned pillows and throws.

  • Three-Cushion Sofa Series 393-10

Lastly, Smith Brothers furniture presents a three-cushion sofa in homely and understated styles. The look is more than good and comfortable when it is paired with a matching subdued rug and other soft furnishings. Even, it draws the room together after mixing with patterned curtains and rugs.

Final Words About Smith Brothers Furniture

Smith Brothers furniture reviews it as the most recommended store and manufacturer of seating like Outer Furniture in the United States. The company creates seating furniture pieces according to customers’ needs, latest trends, high-durability, and many more. Besides that, it combines traditional and modern technology to finish all sofas and seating.