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Value City Furniture Reviews

Value City Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Purchasing furniture is not something you do every day, but that does not mean it is not essential. Choosing the right furniture brand for your living room, bedroom and dining room is essential. One of the few brands that you can select is Value City. So, here are the Value City furniture reviews for you!

Value City is a brand of furniture that American Signature Inc owns. This company also has another brand of furniture named American Signature furniture. Both brands have the same offers, such as living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, etc.

Product and Price Range

Product and Price Range

You can find many products at Value City furniture, from sofas, beds, tables, sectionals, chairs, sleepers and even living room sets. Each product has its characteristics and style, so you can match it with the vibe that you like. You can customize it to your liking from classic, luxury or homey.

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If you want to know, does Value City make its furniture?

The answer is yes, and Value City is a retail chain that sells its furniture, which is made in their factories all over the US.

Then, how many locations does Value City furniture have?

Until now, you can find more than 120 Value City stores in the US.

Here are a few Value City furniture products you can find online and offline stores!

ProductMaterialPrice Range
SofasLeather, Fabric, Polyester, Velvet, Faux Leather, etc$498.00 – $3,699.97
Dining ChairsWood, Linen, Fabric, Metal$62.00 – $1,049.99
BedsPolyester, Metal, Wood, Fabric, Faux Leather$199.99 – $2,499.99
Home Office DesksWood, Metal, Glass$149.99 – $2,399.98
BookcasesWood, Metal$129.99 – $3,049.97

Value City Pros and Cons

After you learn what kind of product Value City furniture sells and its price range, you need to know its pros and cons.

If you want to know, is Value City furniture good quality?

The answer is yes, Value City furniture has a good quality.

But, aside from the pros, Value City also has its cons. You need to know the pros and cons of Value City furniture!


  • Value City furniture has a lot of showrooms all over the USA with free delivery service offers.
  • Besides that, Value City furniture also offers a lot of different styles that can be customized to your taste and preference.
  • Then, Value City furniture also has variations in price range so that you can match it with your budget.
  • Also, they often make Value City furniture sales that offer products at discounted prices.
  • Value City is also known for their eco-friendly products.


  • The delivery service is only available in locations near you. So, make sure that there are Value City furniture locations around your area before purchasing it online.
  • Also, there are some complaints from the customer about its durability.

Value City Furniture Durability

Value City Furniture Durability
Value City Furniture Durability

Value City furniture is affordable furniture because the price range is very varied. However, there are some complaints about its durability from the customers.

But, the furniture could be durable for years or maybe decades, if you carefully take care of it because the material is excellent. You can clean the furniture with a gentle brush or something like that. Besides, you have to clean the sofas gently or you can ask for professional help to clean them.

Value City Furniture Delivery

So, how about the Value City furniture delivery policy?

The thing is, Value City furniture only will deliver the furniture to you if they can service your area. So, if your location is too far from them, they cannot deliver it to your home. Also, they cannot deliver the furniture if you are under 18.

So, it is essential to call the stores and ask if the delivery is possible before purchasing the furniture. Also, they offer a service to arrange or assemble the furniture for you if you need it. They can help you until the sofas are ready for you to use it.

Value City Furniture Warranty

Then, how about the Value City furniture warranty?

Value City furniture will offer you a 5-year warranty covering structural damage, stains, spills, rips, tears, burns, punctures and scratches. Aside from that, you will also get offers for the repair and replacement of defective products with a year’s warranty.

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Value City Return Policy

You can return the products within seven days after you purchase them. However, you only can return the furniture if it is damaged during delivery, shipping or after you picked it up. Within seven days, you must notify the local store to repair or replace the purchased furniture.

Final Words

Value City is one of a few brands of furniture that you can choose for your living room, bedroom and even dining room. So, that was a Value City furniture reviews you need to know before purchasing it. From reviews about its Value City furniture products, range price, pros and cons, durability, warranty, delivery, etc.