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West Elm VS Room and Board

West Elm VS Room and Board

by Ethan Ross

It’s crucial to consider any furniture company’s reputation before decorating your home. In this article, you will find the comparison between West Elm vs Room and Board Furniture.

West Elm and Room & Board are two of the most well-known modern furniture and home decor retailers. This article will provide more information on West Elm quality to the question, “Are room-to-board couches comfortable?”. Keep reading for complete details.

Global Comparison West Elm VS Room and Board

West ElmRoom & Board
Price Range$649 – $4,700$1,100 – $5,000
Product QualityGreen resources are used by West Elm whenever possible. The Forest Stewardship Council has certified more than 50% of its items.Room & Board uses reinforced veneered particleboard, kiln-dried engineered hardwood, and excellent solid woods that have been lacquered.
Design OptionsWest Elm offers a wide range of urban and fashionable styles that are functional and are made primarily of wood.Most of the designs at Room and Boarding are modern and trendy.
FabricsWest Elm has sustainability efforts, such as using post-consumer recycled fabrics. They offer various materials, including vintage plain weaves, lively lace, patterns, and eco-friendly textured weaves.Room and Board also offer a variety of fabrics that are naturally comfortable to wear and soft, such as cotton, linen, or flax. These fabrics are snag-resistant, fade-resistant, and stain-resistant. 

Many of their fabrics are woven exclusively for Room and Board in the United States, using domestic and imported yarns.
Delivery PolicyWest Elm provides :

Door-to-door postal services.
Next-day shipments.
Unlimited flat-rate delivery.
International shipping.

West Elm includes assembly only in one‘s premium White Glove Service and not in flat rate shipping.
Room and Board provides :

Door-to-door postal services.
Next-day shipments.
Unlimited flat-rate delivery.
International shipping.

Room and Board provides complete delivery services, such as assembly, placing, and packaging removal.
Trial/ReturnThirty days for most products.Items must be in like-new condition, have an unspecified window, and free pickup.
WarrantyNo advertised warrantiesUnspecified

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West Elm Overview

West Elm Overview
West Elm Overview

Firstly, you may wonder, is West Elm high-end?

West Elm is well-known furniture and home decor retailer that is part of the same mother company as Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma. West Elm’s offerings, which have a modern style, range in price from moderate to aspirational.

While most customers are pleased with their purchases, some problems have been reported regarding durability, quality, perceived value for the price, and delivery.

Home furnishings sold by West Elm are made in the US after being imported from abroad. They use various materials for their furniture, such as solid and engineered woods, glass, marble, recycled fabrics, natural and synthetic fabrics, concrete, and more.

Since these products are made-to-order, customers can select from the various fabrics and finishes for a few pieces of upholstered furniture, including some couches and chairs.

Customers often give West Elm sofa and other furniture alternatives positive reviews for how they appear. Concerns about the durability of certain customers’ West Elm purchases have been raised.

West Elm Pros

  • Use a variety of product materials. 
  • Free customized products. 
  • It offers a wide range of urban and fashionable styles.

West Elm Cons

  • No advertised warranty.
  • Limited trial and returns. 
  • Less durability.

Room and Board Overview

Room and Board Overview
Room and Board Overview

For more than 35 years, Room & Board has produced contemporary furniture with functionality, timeless style, and comfort in mind. The tagline of Room & Modern is “modern isn’t a trend to be chased; it’s a way of living,” which captures the essence of the Company’s brand.

Innovative design, organic materials, and straightforward, organic shapes are some of their design tenets, which result in furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

A sofa costs anything between $1100 and $5000 overall. Couches of all shapes and sizes, such as sectionals, sleeper sofas, loveseats, chaises, and daybeds, are available from Room & Board.

Standard loveseats and three-seat sofas fall into the lower price bracket. Expensive leather sofas and large sectionals are available at the top end.

Furthermore, Room & Board is devoted to eco-friendly procedures and goods that help American craftspeople and provide them a chance to earn a decent living. Because of this, fast Company called them one of the most inventive retail businesses of 2019.

Room and Board Pros

  • Eco-friendly products. 
  • Modern and stylish designs.
  • Aesthetic designs yet comfy and functional.
  • A wide variety of products.

Room and Board Cons

  • Quite expensive. 
  • Unspecified warranty.
  • Long delivery shipping.
  • Unspecified returns policy.

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Final Words

Regarding quality, Room and Board receive higher approval ratings than West Elm. Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Yelp, and other rating sites have high ratings. Customers generally mentioned that Room and Board is more durable than the latter. Kindly check our best comparison, Polywood vs Trex Outdoor Furniture.

When comparing the sofas of West Elm vs Room and Board, the second brand stands out because everything is solid wood, as opposed to West Elm’s, which only has the foot of the sofa. West Elm is more environmentally conscious and uses green materials in its products.