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Cement Stone Laminate Review

Cement Stone Laminate Review

by Dylan Johnson

You should look into cement stone laminate review if you are thinking about installing one at home. This type of floor has been considered a versatile and modern type without compromising the price tag and affordability.

In short, you are able to have a sturdy and tough floor at home without having to dig deeper into your pocket.

About the Laminate Floor with Cement Stone Look

It’s a good thing that we live in the modern era where floor manufacturers come up with the newest innovations to create different types of flooring.

And the laminate floor with cement and stone look is just gorgeous as laminate floor with wood look.

Many of the floor manufacturers are able to create sleek floors that have high aesthetic appeal.

On the further note, new floor can create a unique, fresh, and attractive effect. And with modern finishes and colors, you should be able to create new looks. And the cement stone can come in various colors, from warm hues to industrial grey tones.

Moreover, the floor is durable and easy to install, especially in non-standing water areas. That’s why the floor is ideal to be installed on both commercial as well as residential setting.

And according to cement stone laminate review, you should be able to refresh the look of your living space instantly without spending a fortune.

Design, Durability, and Applications

One of the best features about the laminate floor is the durability and its versatility in various installation settings.

Most brands have the approved products that can go perfectly for any setting, including the installation over the cement slab, existing sheet vinyl or ceramic tile floor, or the wood subfloor.

Whereas most people think that creating a sleek and industrial look is always difficult, it’s not always the case with the laminate cement and stone floor.

Whereas not all options are possible (because of the budgets and the limitation during the installation), the cement and stone laminate floors are relatively cheap, easy-to-install, and also budget-friendly floor.

Laminate floor is a superb choice for complementing a radiant (floor) heating system. Such system doesn’t go well with most floors because of the heat, but most cement stone laminate floors will do just well.

Based on cement stone laminate review, such floor can be included into homes with pets or withstand the roughness of indoor games. And the floor can withstand the abuse quite well.

Many of the reviews claim that the floor is doing great against their kids and/or pets.

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Where to Buy and General Reviews

It’s quite easy to achieve modern and chick cement look since there are various styles, colors, and brands are available out there especially through big box stores, online stores, and also local flooring stores.

Based on cement stone laminate review, finding such floor is quite easy. They have tons of options, styles, and designs.

And don’t get high hopes on the laminate floor, mind you. Most of the finished cement products will still come with a plank-like look although the effect may be subtle.

However, some of the high-end products can blur the lines but only a bit. If you are okay with spending more, then go ahead!

Some Candidates and Options Cement Stone Laminate

Based on the cement stone laminate review, there are several options that you can consider for careful installation.

Classen Visiogrande Screed – Cement Style

Classen Visiogrande Screed Cement Style
Classen Visiogrande Screed Cement Style

This is a brand with mid-range prices that is produced in Germany. The brand has been well-reviewed too. It comes with faux cement look that is classy and realistic.

With white and cool gray hues, the floor can create modern appeal and appearance. The finish look would be planked.

Kronoswiss Noblesse Veracruz – Cement Style

Kronoswiss Noblesse Veracruz Cement Style
Kronoswiss Noblesse Veracruz Cement Style

The majority of the reviews is about the durability and finished look. However, you should be aware that the installation can be a bit complicated and challenging, especially for beginners.

Those who are professionals can implement advanced technique for a seamless finished product.

In the end, you can stimulate and imitate the cement floor look. The finish look would be relatively seamless.

Armstrong Slate, Stone, and Limestone Laminate – Stone Style

Armstrong Stone Laminate Flooring
Armstrong Stone Laminate Flooring

Armstrong is basically the well-known name in this industry. Their laminate line has some stylish options within the stone plank models, such as Castilian Block or Limestone and Slate.

They have a wide design options even delivering grouted stone model. The finish look would be grouted stone.

Navagio by Branton Flooring – Stone Style

The brand has flooring product to imitate the look of real stone tile with low glossy sheen and embossed texture.

The Droplock installation system can create a staggered pattern, which nicely imitates the actual stone tiles’ look. The finish look would be the grouted stone.

Cement Stone Laminate Pros and Cons

The Disadvantage

It’s true that water is the main enemy of laminate floor. Even with the slate, stone, and cement look-alike, they are still laminate floors. And they contain wooden particles within it.

Although manufacturers have performed excellent and impressive work in imitating the look of stone and cement, laminate still contains wood element and it is the main enemy of water.

What about waterproof laminate floor?

This kind of floor has upper surface with waterproof sealed coat, but if the water sits or pools long enough or find an entryway into the floor (no matter how small), it will still create damages to the floor.

The Advantages

Some of the best features of cement stone laminate floor are:

  • Laminate floors can be installed and laid down in any section of the room, even over the radiant floor heating system. You can install sleek planks on top of the hot water coils, resulting in welcoming and warm heat on your every footstep.
  • You can always install the floor easily. Such floor is friendly toward the beginner users, especially the advanced ones. However, you need to invest time, tools, and patience if you want to enjoy successful outcome. But if you are completely clueless, it is always advisable to hire a professional service.
  • Laminate floor isn’t for good which is good if you like something new constantly. If you want a new vibe or appearance, you can always change the look. After all, laminate floor is relatively affordable.
  • Laminate floor presents low maintenance option. You don’t have to mop or sweep the floor on a daily basis or scrub the floor for stain removal. You only need to sweep and mop it regularly. For shiny and spotless effect, some homemade solution will do the trick just well.

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Final Words Cement Stone Laminate Review

Every floor has its own perks and downsides. You just need to make complete and thorough research about the floor before making a purchase.

Make sure you read as many cement stone laminate review as possible before making a decision.