7 Candidates for the Best Spin Mop

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Best Spin Mop

You may want to learn more about the best spin mop list or candidate if you are thinking about having such a device. There are several different brands along with the accompanying reviews. This list serves as a guide.

It isn’t written on stone, so feel free to make any adjustment or arrangement about your favorite mopping system.

Similar Characteristics and Features

We are going to discuss different mop brand they are considered the best spin mop products currently.

Although they have different detailed specs and features, they share similar features and characteristics.

  • They have a holding handle that can pivot 180 degrees. This is handy because the handle lays flat for easier reach under the furniture.
  • These types of mops spin the excess water out this is useful for wringing feature with hands-free mechanism because it uses centrifugal force.
  • This type of mop is considered easier to implement and operate than the non-spinning wringers and mops.
  • The mop uses absorbent microfiber heads (which is machine washable).
  • It can’t be considered heavy duty because excessive pressure (on the handle) will break eventually.

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop
O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

This is considered the best spin mop for easy use and value. It is also one of the best mops for hardwood floor.

Not only it has excellent ratings, but it has been on the market quite long at least longer than most spin mops.

There are some key features that make this spin mop the best:

  • It has a unique shape with triangular head. It enables you to push further to corners and even behind toilets.
  • It comes with foot pedal design. You need to push down to activate the spinning wringer. The mop will also spin.
  • The mop also comes with plash guard, encircling the wringer. It helps maintaining the water so it won’t splash to the floor or to you!

This mop comes with revolutionary (foot) pedal wringer. Not to mention that the microfiber head can be used dry or wet.

Although it is safe for all kinds of hard flooring, but it should be wrung completely up to a dry point for laminate and wood floor.

One thing to like about this mop is the telescopic handle, which offers flexible use. From 24 inches, it can be extended to 36 inches and even 48 inches.

The short handle is great for small and tight spaces, including small bathrooms. And the splashguard would keep the water in its place without you having to worry about spill or splash.

Users’ biggest concerns include plastic wringers. Although the plastic is durable, plastic is known for their easy-to-break nature. Basically, the durability is the biggest concern.

Another downside is the handle that spins along the mophead during wringing. It does take time to get used to it.

You need to let the handle spin while holding it loosely. But some users complain about their hands being scratched while the handle spins.

In terms of reviews and ratings, the majority of 84% reviews are positive. The negative reviews are only 14%.

On the overall pros and cons of the mop are:

  • This mop is easy to assembly when compared to a push handle.
  • You will learn how many pumping efforts are needed to get the right level of dampness.
  • The wringer tends to break after around 25 uses.
  • The mop is lightweight ideal for dusting the upper corners and cleaning the walls
  • The handle tends to break at the weak point after 2 months of use.
  • The mophead can be washed in hot water (with bleach) and some users have done it for more than 30 times. And yet, the mop is still in good condition.
  • The mop needs good balance to pump the pedal. If you have balance problem, then a push handle type would be more ideal.

This mop would be ideal for you if you want a triangular head for tight spots and corners, and you focus more on affordability.

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Libman Spin Mop

Libman Microfiber Mophead and Stainless Steel Compartment Spin Mop and Bucket
Libman Microfiber Mophead and Stainless Steel Compartment Spin Mop and Bucket

This one has a good pricing value and comes with rotating head and push-down mechanism to activate the wringing. This product from Libman comes with eco-friendly approach.

The company uses recycled materials (whenever possible) and the manufacturing plants use LED lighting and solar power panels (up to 2,600) panels.

Other features to like are:

  • The mop comes with locking handle useful for the length). Feel free to adjust the handle to accommodate the length. And then use the lever to lock it up.
  • The handle and bucket are made from stainless steel which makes them corrosion-free.
  • The mop has removable wringer, for easier use.

Libman is one of the biggest household cleaning tools manufacturers, so you may be familiar with the decent quality of the products within competitive price range. It is included one of the best spin mop because of the features.

One of the best features is the handle not only it is adjustable, but there is also a separate handle that you can remove.

However, the biggest concerns include the fuss of having to relock and lock again of the handle.

Moreover, the (carrying) handle isn’t built for well-balanced. When the bucket is too full, it tends to be tippy.

In terms of reviews and ratings, this mop has 60% positive reviews while the negative ones are around 30%.

The review includes:

  • The ease-of-use feature. But it takes 30 minutes for the assemble.
  • The bucket handle may break after 3 months while the mop handle may break after a few weeks.
  • The mop supports easy wring out.
  • You won’t be able to find the mophead replacement.
  • The quality is mediocre, but it shouldn’t be surprising for the price.
  • The locking and unlocking mechanism is the biggest downside. It’s the one that causes the mop to have slow operation.

This would be the ideal mop for you if you don’t have much hard floor at home and you don’t want to spend a fortune on the spin mop.

Mopnado Deluxe Stainless Steel Rolling Spin Mop

MOPNADO Deluxe Stainless Steel Rolling Spin Mop
MOPNADO Deluxe Stainless Steel Rolling Spin Mop

This is actually one of the premium and high-end best spin mop. The handle has push down type that is super convenient and useful.

Other features to like include:

  • The wringer is from stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about corrosion or such thing alike. It is pretty tough.
  • The mop head is bigger allowing better reach. With 56 inches for the handle and 14 inches for the head, you should be able to reach all areas conveniently.
  • This one includes additional mophead and scrubber. Aside from the flexible cleaning, you don’t have to have replacement mop immediately.

This mop has premium build and design. One of the best features is the stainless steel wringer that isn’t only corrosion free, but also durable. Moreover, it has an agitator (within the bucket) for mophead rinse.

The bucket comes with retractable wheels and handle although there is a standard handle for the carry. The bucket also has an attached soap dispenser for easier use.

However, the biggest issue is about the longer handle with multiple joints. It is prone to break, especially when extended fully.

In terms of reviews and ratings, the mop has 85% positive reviews, while 12% of them are negative.

Some of the reviews include:

  • The soap dispenser has enough soap.
  • The mophead loses strands.
  • The mophead is highly absorbent and it works fast on spills.
  • Some users, however, experience snapped handle after 20 uses.
  • The replacement parts (such as bucket handle) are pretty costly.
  • The scrubber is quite useful, but most users need time to switch between it and the mophead.

This mop would be ideal if you don’t mind spending extra for the additional parts and the quality performance.

Hurricane Bulbhead Home Cleaning System Mop

Hurricane Spin Mop Home Cleaning System
Hurricane Spin Mop Home Cleaning System

What’s unique about this mop is that the bucket comes with a pedal similar to O-Cedar. But there are other features to like about it:

  • The head can turn in 360 degrees. The mop head can run along the wall’s edges so you can clean the baseboard.
  • The mop comes with solid and sturdy plastic wringer.
  • It also comes with extra addition, like a wheeled bucket dolly and microfiber dust heads. They are available in a separate manner, making it one of the best spin mop in the market.

This brand has improved the mop pedal performance and function, which makes it stronger.

Some of the best features include the beefier handle that feels solid when held. The head also rotates quite easily.

However, some of the biggest concerns include plastic handle and wringer that may need improvement and upgrade. For reviews and ratings, the brand has 70% positive reviews, while the 20% are negative.

Some reviews include:

  • Easy use and assemble.
  • The bucket is pretty big and wide.
  • The mop is durable provided that you don’t put too much pressure on the handle.
  • The microfiber tassels would fall out after several sues.
  • The bucket is wide, which supports comfortable carry.

This would be an ideal mop is you prefer stronger foot pedal although the quality is quite so-so.

Award Winning Twist and Shout Mop

Twist and Shout Mop
Twist and Shout Mop

This mop comes with a handle with a spinning system, earning it a title of one of the best tile floor best spin mop. This is the first mop with push type one that won innovation award back then in 2011.

Other likable features include:

  • The mop comes with longer handle longer than the others. With 56 inches in handle, this one has similar length as the Mopnado. This length is definitely longer than the other brands.
  • The mop also has fewer moving parts, which mean that it has less chance of broken parts. But this one doesn’t have any wheel so you will have to carry it.
  • The mop has bigger mop head and there are two. The heads come in 14 inches in diameter and they are effective to cover more areas than O-Cedar with its 11 inches diameter.

The mop has newer improvements with thicker handle for improved strength and 9 inches longer handle too. It also includes splash guard too.

Some of the best features include rotating round head and the ability of the handle to lay flat.

The telescoping handle from aluminum alloy is also super strong and the self-wringing system is smooth and handy.

However, some of the biggest concerns include the fact that the handle is easy to break. Although the product comes with a lifetime warranty, it only applies for manufacturing defects.

Dumping the content from the bucket is also awkward because the handle connects from end to end not from side to side. For reviews and ratings, around 86% are positive reviews, and only 12% are negative.

The reviews include:

  • The dampness level is easily controlled.
  • The mop isn’t sturdy or solid.
  • The bucket would have better function with a pour spout.
  • Thanks to the bigger mophead, the cleaning activity can go faster.
  • Since the mop can’t have excessive pressure, it’s better to step on the fibers and use your foot to scrub the stuck dirt.

This mop would be ideal if you like the push handle type and you like the extra mophead.

Moreover, if you are okay with lifting and carrying the bucket, this would be the best option.

Cycle Casabella Spin Mop

Casabella Microfiber and Bucket System
Casabella Microfiber and Bucket System

This one is the same as the Mopnado, which means it has stainless steel wringer, wheeled bucket, and push down handle.

The favorable features include:

  • The mop has dual handles which is good for improving balance. When full, the bucket won’t easily tippy.
  • The mop has its own built-in drawer, enabling you to store mop head or sponge.
  • The mop allows you to wash the mophead quite often. The bottom side of the bucket has a small projection, enabling the mop head to spin and flush out dirt.

The best features include two handles that would improve balance, especially when lifted.

Moreover, the bucket has a small drawer for extra storage for small (scrub) brush or mophead. Wheels are a part of the easier and simpler design with smaller possibility to break.

The extra features include spinner bottom, wringer basket (from stainless steel), and soap dispenser. You can use a drain plug to empty or dump the bucket.

However, the biggest concerns include the drawer which actually affects water capacity it reduces the capacity.

And you will have to relock and lock the lever (on the handle) for the operation. In terms of ratings and reviews, this mop has 69% positive reviews and 20% negative ones.

Some of the reviews include:

  • The handle can be too short especially for tall users.
  • The design is practical and it is relatively easy to use.
  • The bucket spins quite easily, but the locking lever can be annoying.
  • The duster is great for dry and wet application.
  • The mophead disc can’t take too much pressure or it will scrape the floor.
  • The spin recoil will break in a year.
  • It takes time to adjust to use the spinner.

This mop would be ideal if you like pulling a wheeled bucket (instead of lifting it) and you want something with full feature and complete kit.

Hapinnex Wringer Bucket Set Mop

HAPINNEX Wringer Bucket Set
HAPINNEX Wringer Bucket Set

This is one of the best spin mop because of the unique features. This mop has a push handle design that comes with other likable features:

  • The mop has its own cleaning glove. It is basically a good duster, but you can use it by dampening it.
  • It comes with new handle design, made from stainless steel. The handle has thicker construction.
  • The mop has a balanced bucket with offset handle. It improves balance of the bucket, especially when you fill it with water.
  • This mop comes with easy use and solid durability. The best features include an in-built spinner inside the bucket that will remove the dirt and dust. And the spinner is easy to find because it is bigger. And then the new handle and fill line design will support the balance of the bucket preventing spills. Moreover, the bucket has a drain plug for easier emptying. The wringer is from stainless steel and it has a handle of its own. The telescoping handle is also made from stainless for tough use.

Despite the strength and the title as the best spin mop on the market, some of the biggest concerns include the possibility of the handle to break or bend especially at the weak point. Moreover, some users experience the drain plug leakage.

Some reviews include:

  • The mop has good quality. It is light but solid and sturdy.
  • The mop has pretty good quality and construction even after 18 months of regular use.
  • The bucket is smaller than some brands, especially Mopnado bucket.
  • The drain plugs is leaky.
  • The pivot center (located on the head) is stiffer when compared to other mops.
  • The wringer has higher RPM level for effective water wrung out.
  • The customer service has good knowledge and good response.

This would be a perfect mop if you want full feature and top rated mop within competitive and affordable price range.

Buying Guide for Best Spin Mop

If you read several reviews of the best spin mop, they can be quite similar which makes it difficult for a particular pick.

But if you understand smaller and more detailed differences, the process can be easier.

Push Handle vs Foot Pedal

This is basically about how the mophead spins and how the water is wrung out. Each has its own benefits and downsides.

The foot pedal has been around for longer time than the push handle. When you pump the pedal, the wringer would spin and water would be wrung out.

Damp mop is good for sheet vinyl and ceramic tile (the types that are water resistant). Less damp mop is ideal for laminate (wood-based type) and hardwood.

On the positive note, premium foot pedals quality would be super helpful as you won’t have to spend many efforts. On the downside notes, however, not everyone can use the pedal.

Those with balance issue or older people may not be able to use it. Not to mention that the pedals may lose over time and it will cause the bucket to leak.

On the other hand, the push handle mop is the newer creation. When you push the handle down, the handle’s piece would spiral and the mophead will spin.

It is also handy to give you a sense of adjustability of how damp the mophead.

On the positive note, you don’t have to stand with one foot to wring out the mop.

On the downside note, however, you will have to unlock the handle first before wringing and then lock it afterward. This is the least favorable part about the mop.

Do You Need Wheels or Not

Portability is one thing that affects the positive reviews for the best spin mop. Many of the pin mops don’t come with wheels.

The wheels make it more comfortable for using because you can easily push the bucket instead of carrying it.

However, the wheels would add extra weight. Not to mention that the moving parts are prone to break.

On the positive note:

  • Wheels don’t require you to lift it. You can easily push it around.
  • Casebella and Mopnado have extending handles that will enable easier pulling.

On the negative downside:

  • The handles may be helpful, but when you do have to lift the bucket, it is pretty heavy. This isn’t good when you have back issues.
  • This type of wheeled bucket isn’t ideal for tall users because they tend to stoop to pull the bucket.

It’s now up to you to decide whether you are more comfortable lifting the bucket or dragging (or pushing) it.

Mophead Rinsing Feature

Do you prefer rinsing out the dirt (from the mophead) before you wring it out?

Well, Mopnado, Hapinnex, and Casabella have a special piece within the bottom side of the bucket it comes in cone-like piece.

You only need to place the bottom side of mophead plate on the part and then push down the handle. The mophead would spin and rinse the dirt out.

However, as some of the best spin mop, these brands are the names with higher price levels, so you should think about the pricing factor too.

Handle Length

Handle length is usually related to the users’ height. For instance, those with 5 feet 10 inches height (or taller) should go with a handle that has 52 inches (or even longer).

It would be more comfortable than the shorter one. Brands with long handles are Hapinnex, Twist and Shout, Libman, and Mopnado.

Don’t forget that you should factor in the space too. If the hard floors are located in hallways, small laundry room, or bathrooms, longer handles may be annoying because they may damage the (dry)wall and bumping walls (usually behind you).

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Plastic Wringers vs Stainless Steel

It’s true that stainless steel is stronger and tougher than plastic and it won’t corrode either.

But then again, when manufacturers want to have metal for strength, stainless steel would be the perfect option because other metals would rust. The brands with metal part include Hapinnex, Mopnado, Libman, and Casabella.

The Extras

Some brands, like Hapinnex, Mopnado, and Twist and Shout, have extra mophead in the cleaning kit.

It’s handy to have a backup especially when you need extra cleaning and the main mophead has been dirty. Mopnado even includes scrubbing brush while Hapinnex has a dusting /cleaning gloves.

Naturally, the mops with more accessories will have higher price range, so ask yourself whether you are willing with the additional (higher) cost?

These are some brands and some features that are coming with each brand. There are also some handy guidelines to help you pick the best spin mop from all of these candidates.

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