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Choosing Carpet On A Budget

Best Tips On Choosing Carpet On A Budget

by Dylan Johnson

Choosing Carpet on a Budget – Though carpet is one of the most affordable flooring options available on the market compared to hardwood and natural stone, many people still significantly find a way of choosing carpet on a budget.

This means that some homeowners or even the landlords are not able to cover the cost of flooring.

In this regards, there are several ways to keep the cost low while still believing that you are getting a carpet to meet your needs and expectation.

Find out the tips below about choosing carpet on a budget. Take them all into consideration particularly when you want a low cost of carpet flooring.

Consider Carpet with Different Fibers

If you are new to carpeting, reading this review will be much of advantage.

In this regards, there are three kinds of carpet fibers that contribute much to the type of carpet you are going to choose. Those are nylon fiber, polyester fiber and olefin fibers.

Each of these carpet fibers come with their own characteristics, allowing you to consider choosing a carpet with the different fibers.

True to its construction, many carpets comes with nylon fibers. In the long history of flooring, carpet with nylon fibers is considered highly durable as well as resilient. Nylon is also popular as synthetic fibers that have been widely used in carpeting.

However, it can be an issue to know that nylon is also the most expensive materials for carpet construction.

Hence, you are directed to smartly choose the carpet with the cheapest fibers for your carpet.

Luckily, polyester comes as a solution and as a great middle-priced selection. Thanks to the technology nowadays that keep innovating the more durable flooring with polyester better than before.

Truly, polyester carpet is designed with the natural-stain-resistance along with the big selection if styles and colors.

One big plus of carpet with polyester is the more vibrant colors you will get out if the carpet than you get from nylon.

In the other world, polyester offering a greater vibrant colors than the nylon. This is based on how the carpet receive the dyes.

Compared to nylon and polyester, olefin is the third fiber option of carpet that come with the least expensive price.

When olefin is made into the cut-pile carpet, it will best suit the home areas with the high level of foot traffic. Noticeably, olefin is not resilient.

However, carpet with olefin fibers is considered the strongest type if it is in looped form. Berber is one of the example of carpet with olefin fibers in a level loop commercial applications.

This way, olefin proves to be good for areas with the high volume of foot traffic supported by the stain resistance to give solution for the dyed cases.

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Select The Durable Style

Choosing carpet on a budget requires your consideration on the durable style of the carpet.

If you would like to spend a certain amount of money on it, make sure your carpet lasts long.

However, when it comes to budgeting, it is also crucial to think double. Think about the carpet style that ensures the durability and the low price while you want a good quality product.

For instance, Berber carpet is one of the carpets that offers a lower price points. It is also noticeably durable.

In this case, Berber carpet comes with olefin fibers and looped form. The process of producing Berber skips the cut-pile process, making it cost-effective to produce. Hence, you can also get the low cost, too, in the market.

Are you wondering whether or not Berber is durable?

Why not?

The world of carpeting notices that Berber is highly durable though it offers a low price. It is because Berber has the strongest part on the side of the fibers, not on the top.

When the Berber’s fiber looped around, the fiber’s side will receive the foot traffic due to the ends that return to the backing. Thus, you will always feel like you are walking on the fiber’s strong part.

After Berber, Frieze is another carpet style you can consider choosing. It offers a durability as well as a lower price.

Friezes are constructed from the linger fibers featuring a high twist level to increase the strength of the fiber.

Thanks to the longer fibers constructed on Frieze, allowing the foot traffic to occur only on the side of the fibers. This means a good thing.

In short, if you want to go with the durable style of a carpet while you want to fit on the tight budget, avoid the cut and loop styles.

The only one reason why you are recommended to do so is the expensive price of a carpet that comes with the cut and loop styles.

Further, these kinds of carpets will not as durable as other styles we have mentioned.

Look For In-Stock

In fact, the product that is already in-stock and the one that is on demand is slightly different. The in-stock carpet product typically offers a lower price than that on demand.

When the retailers have the product in their inventory, they have actually purchased it with a discount because they are purchasing in bulk. This will be a better price for you.

Due to the in-stock carpet you can purchase in a low price, you will be able to save your money.

However, such in-stock carpets are usually available in limited options of style and color.

Thus, if you find a carpet you like most and it is already available in the store, just don’t hesitate to grab it. This way, you will get the two benefits at one time.

First, you get the carpet you like and second, you pay the price less expensively.

Meanwhile, if you plan to install a carpet for small areas such as family room or cute bedroom, you can check to see whether the retailers have any carpet remnants or not.

Carpet remnants are the ends of the large rolls of carpet that the retailers keep in the inventory and sell them at a discounted rate.


It has already been common to see some in-stock products with the first-quality goods, meaning that the goods are the sold by the manufacturer along with the full warranty offered.

In this case, the manufacturers sometimes offer the “Second-Good” that means the product comes in a second-quality. Actually, carpet products with “Second-Good” quality are not bad.

They are just having a deemed second-quality color. This is probably because of the dye process which might cause the color change so that the real product doesn’t match the sample.

Usually, these kinds of second-carpet are not sold by the manufacturers through the sample given to the consumer.

Nevertheless, there is nothing in trouble with the carpet. Usually, they will be sold by the manufacturers to a retailer at a discounted rate.

If you seem to like the color, it would be a good deal on the carpet. However, you must make sure that the carpet you purchase is completed by the full warranty.

Upgrade and Underpad

The next thing to take into account in choosing carpet on a budget is the carpet upgrade and underpad. If you really want to save money, you cannot likely spend more on the carpet padding.

In fact, padding is one of the most important parts of carpet that contributes to the carpet performance.

Simply to understand, a good underpad will be able to make a low-quality carpet perform amazingly.

Thus, you can just purchase a durable pad when you choose cushions for your carpet. This requires you to pay an additional cost for the underpad.

No worry! Though you may have a cheap carpet, a good underpad will make it perform much better.

Remember, it is not necessary to purchase a pad with the highest grade like being offered by the retailer.

Some dealers will actually offer you “Deluxe” that comes with the additional features such as memory foam and additional warranty.

To get deal with your tight budget, don’t pay high for the extra features. All you need to do is just finding a durable pad to fit the use of the carpet you have.

Generally, “bonded polyurethane foam underlay” is much recommended due to its good value for budgeting system.

Or you can choose the one with 8 pounds of minimum density and 0.375 inch for the minimum thickness.

These kinds of underpad is considered working best for most carpets in residential applications.

Go All-In-One from Choosing Carpet on A Budget

Sometimes, purchasing a carpet and underpad separately is overwhelming. Thus, there is all-in-one carpet option that can be considerably purchased. This all-in-one carpet is already attached by underpad.

Well, this is a kind of contemporary version of a new carpet product nowadays and Kanga line of cushioned backing is one of the product to consider.

All-in-one carpet is now available in a wide range of carpet styles option. In this case, the back of the caret has already been adhered by the polyurethane foam pad. This enable you not to buy a separate pad, right.

Believe it or not, all-in-one carpet is a very budget-friendly option. It is even more cost-effective than the carpet with a separate underpad.

In the other words, purchasing all-in-one carpet is more affordable than purchasing a carpet and its separate underpad.

Beneficially, installing all-in-one carpet is also simpler. You can just install it yourself so you can save your money in order to cut off the budget. If you are just new to carpet installation, no worry!

There are lots of tutorials provided either by the retailers, manufacturers or even you can get it online. Follow all the suggested steps and make sure you don’t miss any single information.

If you are sure you can do the project yourself, you don’t have to hire any professional carpet installer which means you cut off the installation costs which are usually higher than the carpet itself.

However, this carpet is not suitable for high-traffic home areas. It is more suitable for basements, rental units and playrooms which are noticeably the midrange of foot-traffic.

Overall, this all-in-one carpet offers not only a low cost option for the landlord but also an easy removal and transport when the tenants are moving out.

Again, you can cut off the budget since easy removal and transport allow your worker to do it fast. The faster he finish removing and transporting, the lower price you will pay.

Of if you remove and transport the carpet by yourself, well, you are really cutting off the budget. That is smart enough.

Be Aware of the Hidden Cost from Choosing Carpet on A Budget

Another tip on choosing carpet on a budget is being aware of the hidden cost.

Truly, there are sometimes some hidden costs that are included in your purchasing list even without you are able to notice them. Those are the underlay, fitting and gripper rods.

Typically, they are included in your budget, adding a significant amount to the final price.

Thus, you will find that though you choose a cheap product but you pay high finally instead.

To lower the price, be smart to discuss your own gripper roads and underlay to supply. Be analytic with the fitting cost just before you finally make a price deal.

Also, if you want to replace your carpet with the new one, think twice. Don’t go renewing the carpet flooring without even checking their suitability.

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Closing the Deal from Choosing Carpet on A Budget

Are you offered?

If so, never accept the first price. If the salesperson asks whether or not you are in a position of purchasing a product, this means that you have a change to maneuver.

To possibly find the other carpet options with the various range of price, you can ask the salesperson what things are included in the package.

For example, you want to buy a carpet so you can ask whether the underpad or gripping rods have been included or you have to buy them separately with the separate price, too.

Thus, you will be able to know what the price covers by the salesperson offer.