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Coaster Furniture Reviews

Coaster Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

As one of the long players in the furniture industry, Coaster Furniture has established itself as one of the most popular places to buy furniture. What are their products, and is it worth spending your fortune on? Here are our specially-written Coaster furniture reviews to help you decide.

About Coaster

Coaster is an Illinois-based furniture importer and distributor. They are the largest distributor in the U.S to this day, and they have been running since 1981.

The title is so well-deserved as, for more than 40 years, Coaster has expanded astonishingly. Coaster furniture locations are divided into seven warehouses and two distribution centers nationwide. There are more than 3000 stores all around the U.S, Mexico, Canada, and many other countries.

Coaster’s number one mission is to provide a wide array of easy furniture choices for the eyes and the pocket. Up to this day, they are striving to fulfill your need for elegant-looking design while keeping its price to match your budget.

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Coaster’s Sub Brands

Coaster offers you a long list of products. From the usual house necessities like beddings, living room sets, and kitchenware to special additions such as game tables and arcs for entryways.

With a principle of offering “Good – Better – Best” products, Coaster divided its products into four sub-brands. Here they are and what they represent:


If you are looking for a good range of furniture to serve your daily needs, CoasterEveryday is the right choice. Combining fashion and function, CoasterEveryday offers many quality furnishings to your space, without consuming too much of your budget.


Timeless beauty is the main aim of CoasterEssence. While Coaster heavily relies on the new trend, they also provide some pieces that will go well to pass on through generations.


For you who only want the best, CoasterElevations should be a good choice. In this sub-brand, you will see a variety of premium home furniture. CoasterElevations will serve you with both looks and quality suitable to create your dream spaces.


CoasterSleep offers a variety of bedding necessities, such as mattresses and bed frames. Ranging from queen-size mattresses to kid-size, you will find the best match of beddings for everyone in the house and enjoy a rejuvenating rest.

Coaster Products Reviews

The Coaster furniture catalog has a wide array of home furnishings to complete the whole look of your space. Here are some of them.

Coaster Furniture Bedroom Sets Reviews

Coaster Bedroom Set Glossy White
Coaster Bedroom Set Glossy White

In the bedroom section, Coaster has a lot of choices you can pick. Not only are there mattresses, bed frames, and headboards, but there are also chests, lighting, storage, and many more. The list goes on, and Coaster is still adding more items and themes to the category.

Just like the products, the price range varies too. A whole bedroom set starts from $509 to $1,939.

Coaster Dining Room Sets Review

Coaster Dining Room Set Chrome And White
Coaster Dining Room Set Chrome And White

Dining room sets consist of one dining table and four chairs. You will find a great number of exquisite dining sets to match the room’s theme.

The prices of Coaster furniture for dining tables range from $319 to $1,249. However, if you want the complete set, a budget from $389 to $2,299 is enough to prepare.

Coaster Living Room Sets Reviews

Coaster Living Room Set Beige And Rose Brass
Coaster Living Room Set Beige And Rose Brass

From a simple and timeless living room to a voice-activated room full of reclining seats, your dream living room is just one order away. Coaster’s living room sets consist of a sofa bed or reclining seats. For a whole set, the price starts from $839 to $4,458.

Coaster Home Office Sets Reviews

Coaster Writing Desk Set Walnut Furniture
Coaster Writing Desk Set Walnut Furniture

A comfortable working space is essential for your daily activities. Choose Coaster Home Office sets that include a chic work table that fits every theme. For the whole set, the price ranges from $339 to $1,999.

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Coaster Furniture Pros and Cons

To make it easier for you to decide, let us summarize all the pros and cons of choosing Coaster furniture.

The Pros

  • Coaster has a wide distribution channel. With 3000 stores, 7 warehouses, 2 distribution centers and countless dealers, Coaster’s accessibility is one of the finest in the industry.
  • Mountfull choices of furnishings. Coaster has many products to cover your furnishing needs, starting from the alleyway to the backyard of your house.
  • Fashionable pieces of furniture. Never go out of style with Coaster. Your space will always look trendy and up to date.
  • Wide range of prices. Coaster furniture makes sure that they can provide your furnishing needs at whatever phase of your life.

The Cons

  • Some items are quickly discontinued. As a company that relies heavily on being up-to-date, some of the Coaster items are so quickly discontinued. This will make it harder for you to find replacement parts.
  • Cases of damaged or missing parts. There are complaints about damaged and missing features in some Coaster furniture quality reviews. So, check out all the elements when you receive the products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are some of the frequently asked questions about Coasters and the answers.

Is Coaster a good brand of furniture?

Coaster offers a variety of luxurious and well-designed products at an affordable price. They are one of the largest importers and distributors of furniture in the U.S market and they give you a good value for money.

Where is Coaster furniture from?

Coaster furniture started in North America and and now it has expanded to many countries. You can also find them on Virgin Island, Guatemala, the Bahamas, and many other places.

Is Coaster furniture made in China?

Coaster relies on different manufacturers  worldwide, where Central America and Asia act as their number one manufacturers.

Is Coaster furniture natural wood?

Some of the furniture is solid wood, while others are just wood-like. Of course, the price for the two kinds of furniture is different, with solid wood furniture having a higher price.

Where to buy Coaster furniture?

Coaster has more than 3000 stores throughout the U.S. They also have stores in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and several other places. To see the complete list and map of the stores, you can visit their Store Locator.

As an affordable furniture provider, Coaster is one of the best choices you can have. We hope you are enlightened by the Coaster furniture reviews we craft for you. So, happy shopping!