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Floor and Decor Reviews - Uncovering the Real Benefits

Floor and Decor Reviews – Uncovering the Real Benefits

by Ethan Ross

Floor and Decor has positioned itself as a leading player in the home improvement arena since its inception.

Its establishment in 2000, with a base in Atlanta, has paved the way for numerous homeowners to reimagine their living spaces. Recognizing the importance of choosing reliable home improvement brands is paramount, especially with the myriad options available in the market.

This article aims to provide insights into the offerings, policies, and customer feedback, giving you a comprehensive understanding of what Floor and Decor brings to the table.

Company Overview and Historical Background

Floor and Decor, from its modest beginnings, has risen to prominence as a recognized brand in the home improvement industry. This section delves into the company’s rich history, its rapid growth, diverse product offerings, and unwavering commitment to its clientele.

Establishment and early years of the company

Established in 2000, Floor and Decor set its foundation in Atlanta. The company’s initial years were marked by an ambition to redefine the market with a fresh perspective on flooring solutions and home decor.

Growth and expansion over the years

Over the past two decades, Floor and Decor has demonstrated remarkable expansion. Notably:

  • Operating over 140 warehouse-format stores
  • Presence in 32 states
  • Amassing an impressive following of over 150k on Instagram

Range of products and services offered

Floor and Decor’s product line is diverse and comprehensive:

  • Wood, tile, and stone options
  • An array of related tools and accessories
  • Design services tailored for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals
  • In-store classes aimed at educating customers on the best practices

Company’s commitment to its customer base

Floor and Decor’s dedication to its customers is evident in its diverse service offerings:

  • A focus on both the professional and DIY customer segments
  • Providing installation services ensuring quality workmanship

Note: The company’s ethos places a strong emphasis on offering value to its customers, be it through products, services, or educational resources.

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Comprehensive Examination of Product Offerings

Floor and Decor’s success is not just attributed to its extensive store presence but also its vast and varied product lineup. This section elaborates on the depth and breadth of products and services offered by Floor and Decor, ensuring that customers have a multitude of choices to suit their specific needs.

Variety in wood, tile, and stone

Floor and Decor’s shelves are adorned with a myriad of choices for homeowners:

  • A rich collection of wood varieties catering to diverse aesthetic preferences
  • Tile options ranging from ceramic, porcelain to mosaic
  • Stone selections that include marble, granite, and travertine

Importance of related tools and accessories

No flooring or decor project is complete without the right tools and accessories. The company understands this, offering:

  • Adhesives and sealants for perfect finishes
  • Tiling tools for precision
  • Protective gear ensuring safe installations

Design services and in-store class offerings

Beyond products, Floor and Decor fosters a learning environment:

  • Design services to assist customers in visualizing their spaces
  • In-store classes demystifying the complexities of installation and maintenance

Installation services and its benefits

Entrusting installation to experts can make a world of difference. Floor and Decor provides:

  • Professional installation services ensuring longevity
  • A hassle-free experience for homeowners

Note: Leveraging Floor and Decor’s installation services can greatly reduce the challenges homeowners often face in DIY projects, ensuring the desired finish and durability.

Shipping and Delivery Policies

An essential aspect of Floor and Decor’s commitment to customer satisfaction is its robust shipping and delivery policies. Ensuring products reach customers promptly and securely, the company has devised multiple shipping methods and related policies, which we shall delve into.

Overview of shipping options available

Floor and Decor offers a spectrum of shipping options to cater to diverse needs:

  • Ground shipping for standard deliveries
  • Second Day shipping for those in a hurry
  • Next Day shipping for urgent requirements

How shipping fees are determined

The cost of shipping is calculated with precision, based on:

  • The weight of the ordered items
  • Dimensions of the package

Signature requirements and delivery days

To ensure secure and verified delivery, the company has certain protocols:

  • A signature is mandated for all deliveries
  • Deliveries are operational from Monday through Friday

Differences between Scheduled, Same-Day, and Next-Day delivery

Understanding delivery timelines is crucial for planning. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Scheduled delivery: Customers can pick a specific date and time as per convenience.
  • Same-Day delivery: Orders placed by 2 pm local time will be delivered on the same day.
  • Next-Day delivery: If orders are made post the cut-off for same-day delivery, they will be dispatched for delivery the subsequent business day.

Note: While the availability of multiple delivery options provides flexibility, it’s imperative for customers to choose based on the urgency and nature of their project requirements.

Return and Refund Mechanism

The satisfaction of customers is paramount for Floor and Decor, and a significant part of this satisfaction comes from the ease of returning products and obtaining refunds. The company’s policies surrounding returns and refunds are designed to be straightforward, ensuring that customers have a seamless experience.

Timeline and conditions for product returns

Floor and Decor has set clear timelines for product returns:

  • Products are eligible for return within 90 days of purchase.
  • Items must be in their original condition, undamaged, and unused.

Documentation required for a successful return

For a streamlined return process, the following documents are indispensable:

  • Original receipt of purchase
  • Email confirmation for online purchases

Exclusions in the return policy

While Floor and Decor strives to accommodate most returns, there are certain exclusions:

  • Opened products which cannot be resold
  • Items purchased during clearance sales
  • Gift cards

Process for online and in-store returns

Returning products is made convenient for customers, whether they’ve purchased online or in-store:

  • Online purchases can be returned to any of the numerous Floor and Decor stores
  • Alternatively, online orders can also be mailed back
  • In-store purchases follow the standard return protocol at the respective store of purchase

Note: Adhering to the company’s stipulated return conditions not only ensures a quick refund but also reinforces trust between the brand and its customers.

Store Policies: Storage, Pickup, and Safety

Navigating through Floor and Decor’s store policies ensures customers can maximize the benefits of their shopping experience. This section provides insights into the store’s policies regarding storage, pickups, and the safety measures in place.

Overview of free storage period and fees

Floor and Decor understands that immediate pickup might not always be feasible for customers. Hence, the company provides:

  • A complimentary storage period of up to 7 days for purchased items
  • Post the free period, a nominal storage fee of $10 per day is applied

Requirements for in-store pickups

To ensure a smooth pickup process, customers are advised to come prepared with:

  • The original receipt for in-store purchases
  • For online orders, three verification items are crucial:
    1. Online sales receipt
    2. A valid picture ID
    3. The credit card used for the purchase

Guidelines for merchandise loading and safety

Floor and Decor values the safety of its customers and their purchases. While customers are responsible for loading their merchandise, the company offers:

  • Detailed guidelines to secure items properly
  • Recommendations on appropriate vehicle size for safe transportation

How the store ensures safety during pickups

The wellbeing of customers is a top priority. During in-store pickups, Floor and Decor ensures:

  • Clear signage indicating pickup zones
  • Staff availability for assistance and guidance

Note: Adhering to the provided safety guidelines and seeking assistance when in doubt can greatly minimize potential mishaps during the loading process.

Addressing Product Damages

While Floor and Decor consistently aims for excellence in product quality and delivery, occasional damages might occur. This section highlights the company’s policies and recommended customer actions when dealing with product damages.

Company’s approach to product damages

Floor and Decor prioritizes customer satisfaction. Thus, any damage claim is taken seriously and addressed promptly. The company is:

  • Proactive in rectifying damage-related issues
  • Committed to providing resolutions, be it replacements or refunds

Steps to take when a product is damaged

If a customer receives a damaged product, the following actions are recommended:

  • Inspect the shipment thoroughly upon receipt
  • Immediately note any visible damage or discrepancies
  • Contact Floor and Decor’s customer service without delay

Differences between web orders and in-store purchases

The process to address damages slightly varies based on the purchase mode:

  • For in-store purchases, customers should directly contact the respective store
  • For web orders, it’s essential to reach out to the online customer service team

Importance of photographic evidence in claims

Visual evidence can expedite the resolution process. When reporting damages, customers are advised to:

  • Take clear photographs of the damaged product
  • Ensure the damage is visible and identifiable in the images

Note: Retaining the damaged items until advised otherwise by Floor and Decor can be crucial, as it allows for a thorough assessment and swift resolution of the issue.


What is Floor and Decor?

Floor and Decor is a renowned home improvement brand offering a wide range of products, including wood, tile, stone, and related accessories. The company provides both products and services tailored to DIY enthusiasts and professional customers.

What year was Floor and Decor founded?

Floor and Decor was established in the year 2000, and since its inception, it has grown significantly in its offerings and reach across the United States.

What is the return policy for Floor and Decor?

Floor and Decor allows product returns within 90 days of purchase. However, the product must be in its original condition. Certain items like opened products, clearance items, and gift cards are non-returnable.

Where is Floor and Decor headquartered?

The headquarters of Floor and Decor is located in Atlanta. From this base, the company operates and oversees its numerous warehouse-format stores spread across various states.

Why is Floor and Decor so cheap?

Floor and Decor operates with a warehouse model, which allows for bulk purchasing and reduced overhead costs. This model, combined with strategic sourcing, enables the company to offer competitive prices to its customers.

Does Floor and Decor offer design services?

Yes, Floor and Decor provides design services to assist customers in planning and visualizing their spaces. They also offer in-store classes to guide both DIY and professional customers.

How can customers track their orders from Floor and Decor?

Customers are provided with a tracking number, which allows them to monitor the status and estimated delivery time of their orders.

Are there any special storage facilities provided by Floor and Decor?

Yes, the company offers up to 7 days of free storage for purchased items. Beyond this period, a fee of $10 per day is applicable.

How does Floor and Decor ensure product quality?

Floor and Decor is committed to offering high-quality products. They source materials from trusted suppliers and have stringent quality control measures in place to ensure customer satisfaction.

Do they offer delivery every day of the week?

Floor and Decor provides delivery services from Monday through Friday, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of products to customers.

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Floor and Decor has cemented its position as a trusted name in home improvement. Revisiting the brand’s offerings, we’ve highlighted its extensive range of products, efficient shipping and return policies, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Drawing from customer feedback, the brand garners appreciation for its services, although some aspects garner mixed reviews.

We urge our readers to weigh these insights when considering Floor and Decor for their projects. Undoubtedly, the company’s reputation stands as a testament to its dedication to excellence.