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Havertys vs Rooms To Go - The Definitive Comparison

Havertys vs Rooms To Go – The Definitive Comparison

by Ethan Ross

The debate between Havertys vs Rooms To Go continues to spark interest among homeowners looking for quality furniture that complements their lifestyle.

With a seemingly endless array of options, finding the right piece isn’t just a purchase; it’s a significant decision affecting both comfort and aesthetic appeal at home.

This article aims to offer an unbiased comparison between Havertys or Rooms To Go, providing insights into key aspects like location presence, warranty, delivery services, and furniture selection.

Our goal is to arm you with the information you need to make a confident choice.

Brand Presence Across Locations

The footprint of a furniture brand can say a lot about its market presence and credibility. Both Havertys vs Rooms To Go have established a broad network of showrooms, but there are differences in their geographical focus and reach. Let’s delve into the specifics.

Havertys Showroom Reach

Havertys operates more than 120 showrooms and clearance centers, which are strategically scattered across 16 states. Most of its presence is concentrated in Florida and Texas, making it a dominant brand in the southern regions of the United States.

Note: Havertys also offers free in-store pickup, making it easier for local customers to secure their purchases.

Rooms To Go Showroom Distribution

With over 130 showrooms and outlets, Rooms To Go has its roots deeply embedded in the Southeast U.S. Apart from the mainland, they also operate in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. This extended reach gives them an edge in serving a wide range of customers.

  • Locations include Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.
  • Outlets feature a vast array of furniture types.

Geographic Concentration of Both Brands

The primary focus of Havertys is more towards inland states like Texas, whereas Rooms To Go is more inclined towards coastal states and extends its services even outside the U.S mainland.

  • Havertys: Mainly Florida and Texas.
  • Rooms To Go: Southeast U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.

Understanding the geographical presence of these two brands could play a pivotal role in your decision-making process, especially if location-based services like quick deliveries and in-store pickups are of high importance to you.

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Warranty Options for Customers

Warranties often serve as a tiebreaker when deciding between two brands of furniture. They not only protect your investment but also reflect a company’s confidence in its products. Havertys vs Rooms To Go offer different warranty structures, making it crucial to understand the specifics before making a commitment.

Havertys Comprehensive Plans

Havertys offers a robust warranty program that stands out for its depth and variety. Customers enjoy a first-year free parts and labor warranty, along with options for a 5-year protection plan. Mattresses have a unique 10-year plan, showcasing the brand’s commitment to long-lasting quality.

Note: Havertys’ warranty options extend beyond the standard 1-year period, providing greater peace of mind.

Plan TypeDurationCoverage
Standard Plan1 YearParts & Labor
Extended Plan5 YearsVarious
Mattress Plan10 YearsSpecifics

Rooms To Go Limited Coverage

On the other hand, Rooms To Go offers a limited 1-year plan. However, certain manufacturers might provide additional coverage, so it’s essential to check specific product details.

Note: Rooms To Go provides additional manufacturer-based warranties, which vary by product.

Extended Protection Plans and Their Importance

An extended warranty plan can be a worthwhile investment, safeguarding against potential issues down the line. Havertys offers customers the option of extended protection plans, while Rooms To Go leans more towards manufacturer-based additional coverage.

  • Havertys: Offers in-house extended protection plans.
  • Rooms To Go: Relies on manufacturer’s additional coverage options.

When purchasing furniture, warranty considerations can be as vital as aesthetic appeal and functionality. Havertys and Rooms To Go provide distinct options, each with their own sets of benefits and limitations.

Delivery Services and Their Details

Delivery services can be a deciding factor in choosing where to purchase furniture. Both Havertys or Rooms To Go offer an array of options, but the specifics vary significantly. This section details each brand’s approach to delivery services and what customers can expect.

Havertys Top Drawer Delivery Explained

Havertys offers a premium service known as Top Drawer Delivery. This service goes beyond mere drop-off; it includes assembly, setup, and even removal of packaging materials. An advanced scheduling system ensures timely delivery, allowing customers to select a convenient two-hour window for delivery.

Note: Top Drawer Delivery by Havertys offers the advantage of assembly and setup, a boon for customers who may not be handy with tools.

Assembly & SetupYes
Advanced SchedulingYes
Packaging RemovalYes

Rooms To Go International and In-home Delivery Options

Rooms To Go also excels in delivery services but offers a different flavor. They provide standard in-home delivery and also have options for international shipping. However, unlike Havertys, assembly may not always be part of the package.

Note: Rooms To Go offers international delivery, which Havertys does not provide.

Factors Influencing the Choice of Delivery Service

When choosing between Havertys vs Rooms To Go, customers need to consider their specific needs:

  • Type of furniture purchased
  • Desired delivery date
  • Willingness to assemble furniture
  • Geographical location

Different circumstances call for different services, and it’s essential to be aware of what each brand offers in terms of delivery to make an informed decision. Havertys provides a more hands-on service with Top Drawer Delivery, while Rooms To Go offers a broader range of shipping options, including international.

Furniture Selection and Design Variety

One critical aspect for consumers is the range and quality of furniture options available. Havertys and Rooms To Go each bring a unique approach to furniture design, aiming to cater to a variety of tastes. Below we dissect the offerings of both brands to assist you in making a more informed decision.

Havertys Curated Collections

Havertys places emphasis on curated collections that are carefully designed to fit specific aesthetic needs. They offer timeless, classic pieces as well as contemporary options. A unique feature is the ability for customers to customize many aspects of the furniture, such as fabric type, wood finish, and more.

Note: Havertys allows customization for a broad range of its furniture, offering a more personalized shopping experience.

Customization OptionsAvailability
Fabric TypeYes
Wood FinishYes

Rooms To Go Cohesive Style

Rooms To Go, on the other hand, focuses on offering cohesive style collections. Customers can easily find matching pieces to create a harmonious room without the guesswork involved in pairing disparate items. Although customization options are fewer, the ease of creating a unified look is a key advantage.

Note: Rooms To Go excels in providing pre-styled room collections, ideal for those who prefer a streamlined shopping process.

Comparative Analysis of Furniture Options

Both brands offer a strong variety of options, but the key differences lie in the level of customization and the ease of creating a cohesive look.

  • Havertys: High level of customization, wider aesthetic range
  • Rooms To Go: Easier to create cohesive room setups, fewer customization options

These considerations are vital for consumers who are keen on specific needs and preferences, be it the ability to customize or the ease of selecting a complete room set.

Indoor and Outdoor Furniture Choices

The scope of furniture choices extends beyond mere aesthetics to include the different living spaces within and outside the home. Both Havertys vs Rooms To Go offer a selection designed to furnish these various spaces. The differences between the two brands become evident when examining their focus on indoor versus outdoor and kids furniture.

Havertys Indoor Furniture Categories

Havertys leans strongly towards indoor furniture, offering a plethora of options that range from living room essentials to bedroom and dining sets. Quality is a significant focus, with options for various materials like hardwood, leather, and high-grade fabric.

CategoriesMaterial Options
Living RoomLeather, Fabric
BedroomHardwood, Fabric
Dining SetsHardwood, Metal

Note: Havertys particularly excels in providing a wide variety of indoor furniture crafted from high-quality materials.

Rooms To Go Outdoor and Kids Furniture

Rooms To Go takes a more diversified approach by including outdoor and kids furniture in their portfolio. From patio sets to children’s bedroom furniture, they offer options for the entire household. While indoor furniture is also abundant, their outdoor and kids’ ranges are noteworthy for their breadth.

Note: Rooms To Go has a broad selection that goes beyond the typical indoor categories to include outdoor and children’s furniture.

Comparative Look at Furniture Versatility

  • Havertys: Focuses primarily on indoor furniture, excelling in material quality and range.
  • Rooms To Go: Offers a more diverse range, including outdoor and kids furniture, without compromising on indoor options.

Both brands have merits depending on the consumer’s specific needs. Havertys is a strong contender for those looking for exquisite indoor furniture, while Rooms To Go caters to a broader range of lifestyle requirements.

Key Differences to Know

Determining which furniture brand suits your needs entails a closer look at the key differentiators. Havertys and Rooms To Go diverge significantly in areas such as customization, manufacturing, warranty, and delivery services.

Customization Options at Havertys

Havertys offers a noteworthy customization feature, allowing customers to tailor furniture according to their preferences. From fabric choices to style adjustments, this brand prioritizes individual needs. The feature is particularly useful for those who have specific design requirements.

Customization TypeOptions
FabricCotton, Linen
StyleModern, Classic

Note: Havertys is suitable for those who want to bring personal design visions to life.

Rooms To Go Manufacturer Advantage

Rooms To Go holds an edge in manufacturing, sourcing many of their products directly, thereby reducing the cost for the end consumer. Their business model allows for economical pricing without a sacrifice in quality.

Note: Rooms To Go can be a cost-effective choice due to its manufacturer direct sourcing.

Warranty and Delivery Service Differentiators

  • Havertys: Comprehensive warranty plans that cover accidental damage, offering peace of mind.
  • Rooms To Go: Limited coverage but streamlined delivery options, including international shipping.

These differentiators contribute to the decision-making process. Havertys’ strength lies in customization and comprehensive warranty, while Rooms To Go offers advantages in cost-effective manufacturing and versatile delivery options.

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The final verdict between Havertys vs Rooms To Go hinges on customer needs and preferences. Havertys excels in customization and comprehensive warranty plans, catering to those with specific tastes. Rooms To Go stands out for cost-effectiveness, backed by direct manufacturer sourcing and versatile delivery options.

Havertys impresses with its customization and warranty options, while Rooms To Go provides economical solutions through direct manufacturing and a variety of delivery services.

Choose Havertys if customization and warranty are a priority. Opt for Rooms To Go if you are looking for cost-effective and versatile delivery options.

Your final choice will inevitably depend on what matters most to you—be it customization, cost, warranty, or delivery services. Consider your priorities carefully for a well-informed decision.