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Havertys vs Ethan Allen - First-Time Buyer's Guide

Havertys vs Ethan Allen – First-Time Buyer’s Guide

by Ethan Ross

Confused about how to furnish your home? The question of Havertys vs Ethan Allen can be a pressing concern, given that both brands are renowned for their quality furniture. Selecting the right furniture brand is no trivial matter; it’s a commitment that directly impacts your comfort, home aesthetics, and even your wallet.

In this article, we aim to alleviate your concerns by offering a comprehensive comparison of Havertys and Ethan Allen, from their history to product offerings, manufacturing quality, and customer policies.

With this information at your disposal, making an informed choice will be significantly easier.

Comparison Havertys Furniture vs Ethan Allen

CriteriaHavertys FurnitureEthan Allen
Ownership & HistoryFounded in 1885, based in Atlanta, GAFounded in 1932, initially sold outdoor furniture
Number of LocationsOver 120 showrooms in 16 statesOver 300 stores across three continents
Product StyleBlend of classic and modernUnique American designs
CustomizationOver 2,000 fabric optionsMultiple fabric options
Product RangeLiving room, bedroom, dining room, officeWide range including sofas, sectionals
ManufacturingMaterials from China, Vietnam; mostly handcrafted in North CarolinaMostly manufactured in the US
Quality and DurabilityMixed reviewsExpected to last 7 to 15 years
Price RangeVaries by room type ($9.99 – $15,999.99)Starts at $1,100 for small loveseat
Delivery Services“Top Drawer Delivery” with real-time updatesIn-home delivery with setup
WarrantyOne-year manufacturer warranty, five-year protection planLimited warranties based on product component
Return PolicyThree-day reselect or cancellationReturns accepted within 30 days
Additional ServicesOnline ordering, in-store pickupComplimentary interior design service
ProsHigh-quality, customization, excellent serviceWide selection, physical stores, quality craftsmanship
ConsExpensive, 15% restocking feeHigher prices, no free shipping

Ownership and Historical Background

The distinction between Havertys vs Ethan Allen becomes clearer when one considers their respective origins and historical milestones.

An understanding of their histories provides context for their current operations and can assist you in making a well-informed decision.

Origin and Founders of Havertys

Havertys Furniture Company was founded in 1885 by James Joseph Haverty and his brother Michael Haverty in Atlanta, Georgia. Initially a small storefront, it quickly expanded due to a focus on offering quality furniture at affordable prices.

Note: James Joseph Haverty left the company early on to start another furniture business, leaving his brother to carry on with Havertys.

Significant Milestones for Havertys

  • Launched its website in 2000 to cater to online shoppers
  • Opened its 100th store in 2005
  • Introduced eco-friendly product lines in 2012
  • Celebrated 135 years of business in 2020

Origin and Founders of Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen was founded much later, in 1932, by two brothers-in-law, Nathan Ancell and Theodore Baumritter. They started as a housewares company and then branched out into furniture, capitalizing on the colonial revival style.

Note: The name Ethan Allen is inspired by the American Revolutionary War hero, emphasizing the brand’s focus on classic American design.

Significant Milestones for Ethan Allen

  • Launched the “Ethan Allen Classics” line in 1979
  • Went international with stores in Canada in 1991
  • Introduced the EA Signature collection in 2005
  • Released a mobile application for a seamless shopping experience in 2018

In summary, both companies have long-standing histories in the furniture industry, but they have approached their business growth and milestones differently. Havertys started out with an eye on affordability and later on incorporated modern technological advancements.

On the other hand, Ethan Allen initially focused on a niche, the colonial revival style, and later expanded its product range and went international.

These milestones can give you an indication of what each brand prioritizes and excels at, thereby aiding you in your decision-making process.

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Product Styles and Customization Options

Selecting the perfect piece of furniture often hinges on two pivotal factors: style and customization options.

Both Havertys vs Ethan Allen offer a wide variety of choices, yet their offerings distinctively reflect their individual brand philosophies.

Let’s delve into what each has to offer in terms of design aesthetic and flexibility.

Classic and Modern Blends in Havertys Furniture

Havertys offers an eclectic mix of both classic and contemporary furniture styles. From sophisticated leather sofas to sleek glass tables, you’ll find designs that complement various living spaces. This brand has a knack for blending timeless elements with current trends, resulting in furniture that stands the test of time.

Note: Havertys is particularly known for its fusion collections that offer a mix of both classic and modern pieces.

Customization Capabilities at Havertys

One of Havertys’ strengths lies in its ability to offer customizable furniture. Customers have the option to:

  • Select different wood finishes
  • Choose from various fabric types and colors
  • Pick additional features like modular storage

These options allow customers to tailor furniture according to their specific needs and preferences.

Ethan Allen’s Unique American Designs

Ethan Allen leans more towards traditional American designs. This is evident in their collections that feature colonial inspirations and rustic elements. Their furniture often includes handcrafted details, giving each piece a unique and sophisticated character.

Note: The brand often collaborates with designers to create exclusive collections that focus on classic American aesthetics.

Customization Capabilities at Ethan Allen

Much like Havertys, Ethan Allen also offers an array of customization options. Customers can:

  • Personalize upholstery patterns and colors
  • Opt for custom finishes
  • Add extra features like hidden compartments or built-in USB ports

It is evident that both brands provide a robust range of customization options. Havertys caters to those who appreciate the blend of classic and current styles, while Ethan Allen appeals to those who favor traditional American aesthetics.

Product Offerings and Range

Determining the furniture selection a brand offers can be a pivotal factor in the decision-making process. Both Havertys and Ethan Allen excel in presenting a broad spectrum of products but differ in the niches they cater to. Here, we will scrutinize the types of furniture each offers and highlight items that set each brand apart.

Types of Furniture Available at Havertys

Havertys provides a comprehensive assortment of furniture, catering to almost every room in the home. Their catalog includes:

  • Living room sets
  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Bedroom furnishings
  • Office furniture
  • Outdoor selections

Unique Items That Set Havertys Apart

What distinguishes Havertys is their focus on offering specialized furniture sets that include coordinating pieces. They also present a line of eco-friendly furniture, which has been gaining attention for its sustainability features.

Note: Havertys’ eco-friendly line is certified by credible environmental organizations, adding an extra layer of trust for environmentally conscious consumers.

Types of Furniture Available at Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen covers a broad scope as well but leans heavily toward more traditional offerings. Their product range includes:

  • Classic living room furniture
  • Vintage-style dining sets
  • Luxurious bedroom collections
  • Specialty furniture like bar cabinets and console tables

Unique Items That Set Ethan Allen Apart

Ethan Allen stands out for its intricate designs and craftsmanship. They offer an array of hand-carved furniture and highly detailed pieces that cater to consumers looking for artisanal quality.

Note: Ethan Allen’s artisan collections often feature limited-edition pieces, making them highly sought after for their exclusivity.

While Havertys excels in providing coordinated and sustainable furniture options, Ethan Allen targets the segment looking for handcrafted, luxurious pieces. The choice between the two brands may well hinge on what you prioritize: coordinated sets and sustainability, or artisanal quality and exclusivity.

Manufacturing, Quality, and Durability

A crucial determinant in selecting a furniture brand is the longevity and quality of its products. Havertys and Ethan Allen have distinguished philosophies and practices when it comes to manufacturing. Below, we discuss the sourcing, handcrafting processes, and the quality and durability of products from these two esteemed brands.

Sourcing and Handcrafting Process of Havertys

Havertys places a strong emphasis on responsibly sourced materials. They often use hardwoods and high-quality upholstery in their production. The craftsmanship typically involves:

  • Machine-cut precision for wood pieces
  • Double-stitching on upholstered items
  • Assembly by trained craftspeople

Note: Havertys utilizes state-of-the-art machinery to ensure uniformity and precision across their product line.

Quality and Durability of Havertys Products

With a focus on longevity, Havertys furniture is often characterized by:

  • Reinforced joints
  • Sturdy frames
  • High-density foam in seating
  • Durability testing for fabrics and materials

Sourcing and Handcrafting Process of Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen takes a different approach, leaning towards artisanal craftsmanship. Their production involves:

  • Hand-selected hardwoods
  • Hand-carved details
  • Skilled artisans for assembly and finishing

Note: Ethan Allen employs artisans who specialize in traditional furniture-making techniques, which contributes to the unique, handcrafted feel of their products.

Quality and Durability of Ethan Allen Products

Ethan Allen’s focus is on enduring design and superior craftsmanship. Notable features include:

  • Heirloom-quality pieces
  • Traditional joinery techniques
  • Custom upholstery options
  • Rigorous quality control measures

The choice between Havertys and Ethan Allen can therefore hinge on whether you prioritize modern, machine-precision, and durable furniture or lean towards handcrafted, artisanal quality.

Key Differences

Identifying the key differences between Havertys vs Ethan Allen can be a pivotal factor in making an informed decision. These differences span various aspects such as pricing, warranty, delivery, and customization options. Let’s dissect these variables to provide a clearer picture of what each brand offers.

Price Comparisons and Affordability

Havertys often targets the mid-range market, offering:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Seasonal sales and discounts
  • Financing options

In contrast, Ethan Allen is positioned more as a luxury brand, characterized by:

  • Premium pricing
  • Limited-time offers on select items
  • Exclusive member discounts
FeatureHavertysEthan Allen
Average Sofa Price$1,200$2,500
Sales and DiscountsFrequentLimited
Financing OptionsAvailableMember-exclusive

Note: Ethan Allen’s higher pricing often correlates with the artisanal craftsmanship and premium materials used in their products.

Warranty and Customer Service

Havertys offers:

  • 1 to 5-year warranties depending on the product
  • Accessible customer service via multiple platforms

Ethan Allen provides:

  • Limited lifetime warranties
  • Dedicated customer service for members

Delivery Services and Policies


  • Charges based on distance
  • Offers assembly services

Ethan Allen:

  • Flat-rate delivery fees
  • White-glove delivery services included

Customization and Product Range


  • Wide range of fabric and finish options
  • Limited custom furniture services

Ethan Allen:

  • Extensive customization options
  • Specialty collections and one-of-a-kind pieces

This dissection of the key differences provides you with a robust foundation to evaluate which brand aligns more closely with your needs and expectations.

Which is Better?

The question of which brand is better—Havertys or Ethan Allen—often depends on specific buyer criteria, including budget, customer service expectations, and aesthetic preferences.

This section will assess various facets such as value for money, customer experiences, and style options to help guide your choice.

Assessing Value for Money

Havertys offers:

  • Lower pricing across the board
  • Frequent sales and discounts
  • General warranties

Ethan Allen:

  • Premium pricing but high-quality materials
  • Limited-time sales and exclusive offers
  • Long-term warranties
AspectHavertysEthan Allen
Average Price/Sofa$1,200$2,500
Warranty1-5 yearsLifetime
Sales and PromotionsFrequentLimited

Note: The value for money can differ based on your willingness to invest in the long term.

Comparing Customer Experiences and Reviews


  • Online reviews often praise affordability and range
  • Some complaints about durability

Ethan Allen:

  • Reviews emphasize quality and aesthetics
  • Criticism usually centers around high prices

Analyzing Versatility and Style Options


  • Mid-century to contemporary designs
  • Practical and functional items

Ethan Allen:

  • Timeless, classic to modern styles
  • Decorative and artisan pieces

Final Recommendations for Different Buyer Needs

  • Budget Conscious: Havertys offers a well-rounded package of affordability and style.
  • Quality Seekers: Ethan Allen delivers in terms of long-lasting products and design elegance.

By the end of this evaluation, it becomes evident that the “better” choice is largely subjective. Havertys and Ethan Allen serve different market needs, and your decision should pivot around which aspects are most crucial for you.

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The comprehensive assessment of Havertys vs Ethan Allen has elucidated several key differences. Both brands cater to different market segments, with Havertys focusing on budget-friendly options and Ethan Allen on higher-end, quality products.

Future research could delve into their sustainability practices or their international market presence. Ultimately, the value of making an informed choice in this critical decision cannot be overstated.