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Raymour and Flanigan Reviews & Their Unexpected Benefits

Raymour and Flanigan Reviews & Their Unexpected Benefits

by Ethan Ross

Raymour and Flanigan Reviews offer a comprehensive insight into a brand that has grown and evolved over decades, capturing the hearts and homes of countless customers. Recognizing the significance of customer feedback, we delve into the very fabric of what makes Raymour & Flanigan tick.

This review aims to guide potential buyers and interested readers through the rich history, standout features, and customer experiences.

By shedding light on the different facets of the brand, we hope to offer a transparent look at why so many choose Raymour & Flanigan for their homes.

Discovering Raymour & Flanigan’s Roots

Unveiling the chronicles of Raymour & Flanigan, we uncover a tale intertwined with ambition, growth, and an undying commitment to exceptional service. It’s not just a brand; it’s a legacy built over time, reflecting years of dedication and passion.

Birth and early days of the brand

Founded by the Goldberg brothers, Bernard and Arnold, Raymour & Flanigan started its remarkable journey in Syracuse, New York, in 1946. Their vision was clear: to offer quality furniture that resonates with the tastes and preferences of American households.

Their growth story over the decades

With a steadfast dedication, the brand experienced significant expansion, marking its presence beyond its initial roots. The key milestones include:

  • Expansion in 1972 that solidified its footprint.
  • Acquiring Flanigan’s Furniture in 1990, adding another feather to its cap.

By continuously adapting to changing market dynamics and customer preferences, Raymour & Flanigan cemented its position as a front-runner in the furniture industry.

Meet the current leaders

Leadership at Raymour & Flanigan has always been a testament to its success. After the founding brothers, Neil Goldberg took the reins as president and CEO from 1982 to 2021. Under his astute guidance, the company reached new heights. Following Neil’s tenure, Seth Goldberg proudly took over in 2021, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to family values and ensuring the legacy lives on.

Continuing the family business legacy

The essence of Raymour & Flanigan lies in its family-oriented approach. Not just a business, it represents the dreams and aspirations of three generations. It’s a testament to their belief in delivering not just furniture, but a promise of quality, trust, and impeccable service.

Note: Raymour & Flanigan’s journey is a perfect example of how dedication, vision, and a commitment to values can pave the way for an illustrious legacy.

Four Unique Features to Know

Delving into the offerings of Raymour & Flanigan, we uncover distinguishing characteristics that set the brand apart. It’s the fusion of their varied design range, seamless shopping experience, environmental commitment, and competitive pricing that crafts an unmatched brand narrative.

Classic to contemporary: Their design range

Raymour & Flanigan showcases a plethora of design aesthetics to cater to every taste. From timeless classics that echo vintage elegance to contemporary pieces exuding modern sophistication, the brand ensures there’s something for every home. It’s this versatility that resonates with a wide audience, enabling homeowners to curate spaces reflective of their personalities.

How to seamlessly shop with them

Elevating the customer experience, Raymour & Flanigan facilitates both online and in-store shopping avenues:

  • A comprehensive online platform: raymourflanigan.com, which displays an extensive product range, making browsing and selection effortless.
  • Over 145 physical locations, ensuring customers can touch, feel, and experience their potential purchases.

Additionally, with an interactive interface and helpful customer representatives, decision-making becomes a breeze.

Their promise for a greener tomorrow

Understanding the environmental implications of their operations, Raymour & Flanigan is deeply invested in sustainable practices:

  • A notable focus on recycling, with 99% of their packaging material being recycled.
  • Eco-conscious delivery practices, emphasizing fuel efficiency.
  • Hosting community events that further underline their commitment to sustainability.

Note: The brand’s green initiatives are more than just a marketing strategy; they represent a genuine commitment to a better future.

Why prices here are competitive

Ensuring quality doesn’t always mean exorbitant prices. Raymour & Flanigan prides itself on offering premium furniture at prices that ensure value for money.

Their price match guarantee stands as a testament to this commitment, ensuring customers get the best deal every time they choose to shop with them. It’s this balance of quality and affordability that further solidifies their position in the hearts and homes of many.

How Green is Raymour & Flanigan?

Navigating the sphere of environmental responsibility, Raymour & Flanigan emerges as a brand deeply rooted in sustainability. Their commitment to the environment permeates every aspect of their operations, emphasizing the harmony between business and nature.

Unpacking their eco-friendly promise

Raymour & Flanigan’s dedication to a greener planet is evident in their everyday practices. They not only talk the talk but walk the walk, adopting measures that prioritize the planet. The brand’s consistent efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and integrate sustainable practices testify to their genuine concern for environmental well-being.

Recycling: A top priority explained

Raymour & Flanigan takes recycling seriously:

  • In-house recycling centers manage to recycle a remarkable 99% of their packaging materials.
  • Since 2002, this effort has kept 200 million pounds of packaging away from landfills, including cardboard, plastic, and even Styrofoam®.

By diligently addressing waste management, the brand showcases its environmental stewardship.

Making every delivery eco-conscious

Beyond just product sustainability, the brand also addresses its delivery system:

  • Optimal planning ensures the most fuel-efficient routes for their delivery trucks.
  • The use of aerodynamic panels on their trucks enhances efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Importantly, before any product reaches a customer, its packaging is thoroughly recycled, underscoring a commitment to reducing waste.

Our shared path to sustainability

Raymour & Flanigan believes that the journey towards a sustainable future is a collective one. Embracing the principle of “Better Together,” they encourage both the organization and its customers to unite in making environmentally conscious decisions.

Note: With sustainability at its core, Raymour & Flanigan establishes itself as more than just a furniture retailer—it emerges as an environmentally responsible brand championing a better tomorrow.

Understanding Their Warranty System

The warranty system of Raymour & Flanigan serves as an assurance of the quality and longevity of the products they offer. A testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction, the warranty system is designed to address concerns, offer solutions, and ensure the longevity of every purchase.

Trusting the manufacturer warranties

Raymour & Flanigan respects and upholds all manufacturer warranties for the duration specified by the original manufacturer. Customers can rest easy knowing that the brand stands behind the products, ensuring they receive the value and quality they expect.

What if your furniture breaks?

Accidents and wear are a natural part of life. Should a piece of furniture under warranty face issues, Raymour & Flanigan has a structured approach:

  • A thorough assessment to determine the nature of the problem.
  • If repairs are feasible, the company arranges for expert technicians to restore the item to its best condition.

Navigating the replacement process

In situations where repairs might not be possible:

  • The item will be replaced with the same model.
  • If the original model is unavailable, an alternative of equal value is provided.
  • Cost differences, if any, between the original and replacement items are communicated transparently to the customer.

Life after the warranty period

For items that have surpassed the warranty duration, Raymour & Flanigan still extends support:

  • Post-warranty services are available, though they might come with associated charges.
  • The Customer Care Center remains available for scheduling appointments and providing details on post-warranty care.

Note: The extensive warranty system reflects Raymour & Flanigan’s commitment to offering not just products, but a comprehensive service experience that lasts long after the purchase.

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How They Make Deliveries Special

Raymour & Flanigan’s delivery service exemplifies their commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences. Going beyond mere transportation, the brand crafts an entire delivery experience that prioritizes convenience, quality, and environmental responsibility.

White-glove service demystified

The brand’s white-glove delivery service is a comprehensive approach to ensure customers receive their products in impeccable condition:

  • Items are assembled and inspected by in-house professionals.
  • Customers are spared the hassle of assembly.
  • Furniture is placed precisely where customers desire in their homes, reflecting meticulous attention to detail.

What’s the delivery day like?

Efficiency and communication are key components of Raymour & Flanigan’s delivery day experience:

  • Customers receive timely text updates about the delivery status.
  • The process is designed to be hassle-free, ensuring that customers are well-informed and prepared for their new arrivals.

Commitment to green through packaging

The brand marries delivery efficiency with eco-responsibility:

  • After the delivery process, 100% of packaging material, including Styrofoam, is recycled.
  • This initiative not only ensures clean deliveries but also echoes their broader commitment to a sustainable future.

Choosing between shipping and pick-up

To cater to diverse customer preferences, Raymour & Flanigan offers multiple delivery options:

  • Free shipping for hundreds of items with a transparent tracking system.
  • For customers preferring a hands-on approach, a showroom pickup option is available from over 130 showrooms.
  • Once orders are ready, timely notifications ensure customers can pick up their products at their convenience.

Note: Raymour & Flanigan’s delivery services are not just about transporting products; they represent a holistic experience that values customers’ time, preferences, and the environment.

Breaking Down the Return Rules

Raymour & Flanigan’s return policy mirrors its commitment to superior customer satisfaction. While ensuring they provide top-notch quality products, the brand has also set clear guidelines for those rare occasions when returns become necessary.

Their relentless quest for quality

  • The brand ensures all furniture undergoes rigorous inspections during various stages of preparation and delivery.
  • Once merchandise has been accepted in good condition, no returns or refunds are processed.
  • This strict policy stems from their unwavering confidence in the quality of products they offer.

Received a damaged item? Next steps

Despite best efforts, sometimes products might sustain damages during transit. Here’s how Raymour & Flanigan handles such situations:

  • Customers are advised to immediately notify the delivery team or a customer care representative upon identifying any damage.
  • The company either arranges for an in-house technician to repair the damage or replaces the item, depending on its condition.

Criteria for “Free Shipping” returns

Products that are directly shipped from the manufacturer and bear the “Free Shipping” tag do have a return window, subject to certain conditions:

  • The return request should be made within 72 hours of receipt.
  • Products should be in pristine condition and housed in their original packaging.
  • Assembled or modified items are exempt from returns.
  • A restocking fee, pegged at 15% of the merchandise total, is applicable to all returns.

Area rug returns made simple

For area rugs, the return process is slightly different but remains customer-centric:

  • Returns and exchanges for area rugs can be initiated by contacting the customer care number provided.
  • All returns are subject to a restocking fee of 10%.

Note: While Raymour & Flanigan places utmost trust in its product quality, it also acknowledges that unforeseen circumstances might necessitate returns. The brand’s return policy ensures customers always have clarity on where they stand.

Guide to Easy Financing Options

Acquiring that dream piece of furniture from Raymour & Flanigan can be an effortless affair, thanks to their customer-centric financing options. By making purchasing power more accessible, the brand ensures that every customer, regardless of budget constraints, can own high-quality furnishings.

Simple steps to collaborate with lenders

Raymour & Flanigan collaborates with a range of trusted financial institutions to bring flexible financing options:

  • Fill out a basic application form available at any store or online.
  • Receive instant feedback on eligibility and available credit.
  • Choose a financing plan that aligns with your purchasing needs.

Which financing plan suits you?

To cater to diverse customer needs, several financing options are provided:

  • Deferred Interest Plans: No interest if paid in full within the promotional period.
  • Fixed Payment Plans: Predictable monthly payments over a specific duration.
  • No Money Down Plans: Enjoy new furnishings without an upfront payment.

Choosing the right plan hinges on your purchasing capacity and how you foresee monthly budgeting.

Exploring the “Lease to Own” choice

For those wary of long-term commitments or without established credit, the “Lease to Own” option comes as a boon:

  • Opt for a 12-month lease agreement.
  • Make regular payments throughout the lease term.
  • At the end of the term, choose to buy the item or return it.

Payment and design services made easy

Beyond mere financing, Raymour & Flanigan eases the purchasing journey:

  • Opt for auto-pay for hassle-free monthly deductions.
  • Seek assistance from in-house design consultants to pick furniture that fits both taste and budget.

Note: Embracing transparency, Raymour & Flanigan ensures customers understand all nuances of their financing choices, setting the stage for informed decisions. Their suite of options truly redefines the furniture shopping experience.

Choosing the Right Protection Plan

Furniture is an investment, both monetarily and emotionally. Raymour & Flanigan understands this sentiment, offering tailored protection plans to safeguard that investment. By opting for the right plan, customers can ensure longevity, preserving the look and feel of their cherished pieces.

Why consider the Platinum Plan?

The Platinum Protection Plan stands out as a comprehensive choice. Here are its offerings:

  • Five-year full coverage against accidental damages.
  • Covers common mishaps like stains, tears, burns, and even punctures.
  • A simple claim process without any hidden costs.

Ensuring your furniture stays pristine

Everyday life can take a toll on furniture. The protection plans extend beyond just repairs:

  • Professional cleaning services are available.
  • Spot cleaning solutions are provided to address minor blemishes.
  • If damages are irreparable, replacement options are given precedence.

Special care for your mattresses

Mattresses need unique care, given their usage. Raymour & Flanigan’s protection plans cater to this:

  • Coverage against structural damages.
  • Specialized cleaning for accidental stains.
  • A focus on ensuring prolonged mattress life.

Hear from customers like you

The proof of efficacy lies in the words of those who have benefited from these plans. Many attest to the ease of claim processes and the peace of mind these plans offer. There’s a consensus on the value derived from protection plans, emphasizing their importance in long-term furniture care.

Note: Protecting furniture is about more than just addressing physical damages. It’s about maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of pieces that often hold sentimental value. Raymour & Flanigan’s protection plans are designed with this holistic view in mind.

Does Price Matching Really Work?

Price matching has become a powerful tool for businesses, assuring customers they are getting the most value for their money. Raymour & Flanigan, not wanting to be left behind, also extends this assurance. Here, we provide insights into their approach to price matching and its practical implications.

Their promise to offer the best deal

Raymour & Flanigan’s commitment is clear: they aim to provide unmatched value. If a customer finds a lower advertised price for the same merchandise, the company strives to match it, ensuring they aren’t paying a penny more than necessary.

When can you claim a price match?

Several conditions must be met:

  • The item must be identical in brand, model, and materials.
  • The lower price must be current and not from a past promotion or sale.
  • Proof of the lower price, typically an advertisement, must be presented.

Exceptions in the price match game

As with most guarantees, there are exclusions:

  • Clearance items, closeouts, or going-out-of-business sale prices are excluded.
  • Offers from online-only retailers aren’t eligible.
  • The competing retailer must have the item in stock.

Easy ways to get your match

For those looking to take advantage of this offer:

  1. Bring the advertisement with the lower price to a Raymour & Flanigan store.
  2. Speak to a sales associate or customer service representative.
  3. After verification, the price will be matched, streamlining the purchasing process.

Note: Price matching is more than just a marketing gimmick. It’s a reflection of a company’s confidence in its products and pricing. By understanding the nuances, customers can ensure they always get the best deal.

Maintaining Your Furniture 101

Furniture isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. To ensure the longevity of Raymour & Flanigan pieces, appropriate care is paramount. This section details practical tips to keep furniture in pristine condition.

Everyday tips for upholstery care

Upholstered furniture often bears the brunt of daily life, from accidental spills to regular wear and tear. Here are ways to maintain its look and feel:

  • Vacuum upholstery weekly to remove dust and prevent dirt from becoming embedded.
  • Rotate cushions regularly to distribute wear evenly.
  • Protect furniture from direct sunlight to prevent fabric from fading.
  • Promptly attend to spills, blotting rather than rubbing to avoid spreading.

Making sense of cleaning codes

Cleaning codes found on furniture tags aren’t meant to be a puzzle. They provide guidance on how to clean upholstery safely:

  • W: Use water-based cleaning solutions.
  • S: Use solvent-based cleaners.
  • WS: Both water and solvent-based cleaners can be used.
  • X: Only vacuuming or light brushing is recommended.

It’s advisable to always test any cleaning solution on an inconspicuous spot before applying it more broadly.

Treating your leather furniture right

Leather is a luxurious and durable material that requires special attention:

  • Wipe leather furniture with a soft, damp cloth regularly.
  • Avoid using soap or abrasive cleaners that can damage leather’s natural oils.
  • Position leather furniture away from heat sources or direct sunlight to prevent drying and fading.
  • For spills, blot immediately and let the leather air dry.

Note: Maintenance isn’t just about cleaning. It’s about understanding each material’s unique needs and addressing them effectively to retain the beauty and functionality of furniture for years to come.


What are the charges for Raymour & Flanigan’s delivery services?

Delivery charges vary based on the purchase amount and location. They sometimes offer promotions that include free delivery. It’s best to check with the local store or their website for specific pricing.

What coverage does the Raymour & Flanigan Platinum Protection offer?

The Platinum Protection covers accidental stains, punctures, rips, and burns. It also includes certain structural/mechanical damages. Coverage details can vary, so always refer to the plan’s terms.

Who is the owner of Raymour & Flanigan?

Raymour & Flanigan remains a family-owned business. It was founded by brothers Bernard and Arnold Goldberg and continues to be managed by the Goldberg family.

What does the Raymour & Flanigan warranty encompass?

Their warranty typically covers manufacturer defects in furniture. The specifics can differ based on the product, so always refer to the product’s warranty details.

Where is the furniture from Raymour & Flanigan manufactured?

They source their furniture from various manufacturers, both domestic and international. Each product might have its place of origin, which can be checked on the product tag or details.

How does financing work with Raymour & Flanigan?

They offer various financing options, including monthly installment plans through affiliated lenders. There’s also a “Lease to Own” option. Approval is subject to credit checks.

What’s the return policy of Raymour & Flanigan?

They generally allow returns within a specified period if the product is in its original condition. However, certain items and conditions may apply. Always check their official return policy for specifics.

Is the quality of Raymour & Flanigan furniture commendable?

Yes, they are known for offering a wide range of high-quality furniture that caters to different tastes and budgets.

Are there alternatives to Raymour & Flanigan?

Several brands offer furniture, such as Ashley Furniture, La-Z-Boy, and Ethan Allen. Each has its unique offerings, style, and price points. It’s always a good idea to compare before making a purchase.

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Raymour and Flanigan has carved a niche for itself in the furniture industry, showcasing not just quality products but also an unwavering commitment to customer service. This review sheds light on its legacy, a testament to years of dedication and an inherent understanding of customer needs. It’s evident that their impact on homes across America is profound and enduring. As we wrap up, it’s clear that Raymour and Flanigan is not just a brand; it’s an experience worth having.