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Zuri Decking Review

by Ryan Matthews
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It’s advisable that you read Zuri decking review before deciding on a purchase. The review can give you helpful insight, information, and knowledge about the brand and their products.

If you are looking for a reliable flooring option for the outdoor setting, choosing a particular flooring type can be a challenge, but it isn’t something impossible to do.

Make sure you do a complete research before narrowing down your option to a particular brand or type.

About Zuri Decking

If you have read Zuri decking review, you’d know that this is product from Royal Building Solutions.

The company itself specializes and focuses on products like decking, trim, and siding. Their lines are dominated by PVC-based and vinyl products, including Zuri Premium decking.

This would be an interesting option (and a good alternative) if you aren’t really into wood decking or composite boards or even the combination of both.

Zuri Decking Construction

So, what is the solid construction of Zuri decking, anyway?

Well, Zuri Premium is made from PVC cellular composite.

Yes, it has similarities with the composite as well as other PVC-based decking, but Zuri decking has its own unique traits.

In terms of construction, Zuri boards are coming in 3 layers. They are somehow looking the same as laminate because they have top surface with photo-realistic print.

It imitates real wood grain quite well on the surface. And then, the photo print would be covered by a clear acrylic co-extruded layer, and the core is constructed from PVC substrate.

Royal Building Solutions claims that their products have 30% harder surface when compared to other products with non-wood material in the industry.

It means that their decking should be able to deal with stains and pets quite effortlessly.

As a homeowner, you won’t have to worry about the barbeque sauce, wine, or sunscreen spilling on the deck during summer. Your deck would be just fine.

Zuri Composite Decking Types

If you are wondering how the capped composite board is compared to PVC planks, these are the brief comparisons.

  • Zuri 7731 style has an inch of square or solid profile. It comes in 12 foot, 16 foot, and 20 foot of lengths with 5.5 inches of width. The available color is 5.
  • Zuri 9783 style has an inch of grooved profile. It comes in 12 foot, 16 foot, and 20 foot of lengths with 5.5 inches of width. The available color is 5.

The Overall Review

The Zuri decking review says good things about Zuri Premium Decking, being durable and tough.

Not to mention that the floor has impressive quality to imitate certain species. However, the limited color option is probably the downside.

The company is offering 5 colors, currently, including 3 (domestic) patterns with Walnut, Chestnut, and Pecan.

If you want something that is more exotic and looks closer to Cedar, then you should go with Brazilia.

The Weathered Grey is more suitable for rustic homes and cottages because of their old-school and worn appearance.

Basically, it doesn’t matter whatever color you choose. Their decking outcome is just superb, with the flawless imitation, repetition, and also grain reproduction that look similar to wood although it doesn’t feel like wood at all.

  • UV Resistance Quality

Be advised that decking would be placed outdoor, so be prepared to deal with sun exposure unless you have a covered and enclosed deck. It means that fading would be a common issue, as well as the weather.

It’s a good thing that the company has gone through 17,000 testing hours for extensive UV exposure and they have passed quite remarkably.

It’s highly likely because of the Zuri Trivance Topcoating, the top coating layer on the product.

The company trusts their top coating technology so much that they even provide a warranty for it, with Color Fastness warranty that applies for 25 years.

It is also guaranteed that the product won’t shift more than 5 units on Hunter (color) scale. So, this is another factor to think about.

  • Stain Resistance

When you have to compare the PVC-based deck (like Zuri) with composites or regular wood, the PVC-based one is able to resist stains quite well.

The ability is quite superb. And Zuri Premium decking has passed 615 AAMA stain test without breaking a sweat.

Here’s the thing to remember: Yes, Zuri decking can handle soda or mustard quite well. However, you should know that there are several particular liquids that can bring serious damage to the deck.

Alcohol, acetone, gasoline, fingernail polish remover, or isopropyl can create serious damage to your deck which is a good thing that they aren’t around the deck.

Buying Zuri Premium Deck

Based on Zuri decking review, the best and easiest way to buy Zuri Premium decking is through contractor, dealer, or distributor.

Since they are specialty products, it would be difficult to find them at Home Depot or Lowes. Consider yourself lucky if you can find some of them at your local hardware store and they do have several in their stock.

It doesn’t hurt to ask around and collect as much information as possible. But if you want to just cut to the chase, go to trusted dealer or distributor to get some samples.

The company provides a feature ‘Locate Our Products’ in their official site. Use it to look for a close and local dealer. Some stores may accept orders online, while some are operating on offline modes.

The Costs

For this matter, you will need to contact your local contractor or distributor and ask for a quote.

There isn’t much information about the pricing although there are some examples available. The Zuri decking review doesn’t say about the exact price either.

Here are some of the examples:

  • Zuri Chestnut style with 12 foot of length is sold for $70 to $90, either for solid or grooved
  • Zuri Brazilia style with 16 foot of length is sold for $80 to $123, either for solid or grooved
  • Zuri Pecan style with 20 foot of length is sold for $100 to $153, either for solid or grooved
  • Zuri Walnut Fascia style with 1 inches x 12 foot x 12 foot is sold for $136 to $174.80, either for solid or grooved

Pros and Cons

Although Zuri may not be one of the most popular brands in the industry, they have managed to produce quite sturdy and solid products, especially with their Premium line.

They may have limited colors, but they are basically perfect for any homeowner’s preference and taste.

It would be great if you can check their availability first before choosing a particular color.

On the positive note, the deck is:

  • Resilient. It is quite solid and tough when dealing with UV rays, scratches, stains, and other mishaps that may otherwise damage composite or wood deck.
  • Safe. The deck has met ADA requirements (for ramps), so you won’t have to worry about slippage.
  • Trusted. With 25-year warranty for color fastness, it is safe to say that your deck will remain beautiful for many years to come

However, on the negative note, the deck is:

  • Expensive. When it comes to price, the deck is costly. When compared to other brands, the deck has higher tag price mostly because of the construction and materials. When compared to PVC decking from Fiberon, Timber Tech, and others, Zuri Premium is definitely expensive.
  • Limited in option. The deck only has one series, which limits your option.

In terms of ratings, the overall rating of Zuri Premium deck is 4 from 5 based on Zuri decking review

  • For UV resistance: 4
  • For scratch resistance: 4
  • For low VOC or green feature: 4
  • For ease of installation: 5
  • For overall quality: 4
  • For style options or range of color: 3

Common FAQs

When installing Zuri decking, what mats type should I use?

Natural woven is basically safe, but you need to avoid using anything vinyl or rubber. It includes mats with such backing, along with latex mats or plastic tarps.

Can I use square trim caps with the grooved Zuri deck boards?

Yes, as long as you stay referring to the manual. Make sure to properly face-fasten your first board meeting the cap.

What kinds of end coat paint colors would be available for the deck?

There is a paint that would match all the shades perfectly.

Is it okay if I open and work various decking packs for variance?

No. the product has been packaged with specialty grain pattern during the installation period, which means that you are recommended to work through first unit only before you can move on to the next one.

Can I install Zuri deck during fall or winter?

It is recommended that installation takes place with at least 40 degrees of Fahrenheit as the temperature. Otherwise, you may have to deal with end coats and glue issue.

Will Zuri’s composite boards expand and contract? How much?

It is likely. How much it is would depend highly on the temperature change. But as a standard, you need to leave 1/8 inches (minimum) between the board as well as any other structural’s part. You also need to remember that these planks would also expand lengthwise.

Is it okay to use Zuri decking for rooftop application?

Unfortunately, no. Based on Zuri decking review, the products aren’t approved or rated for this kind of installation.

When I want to install Zuri decks, what kind of joist spacing do I need?

Well, for residential usage, the 16 inches on-center would be advised. But if you want to, you can still go with 12 inches, which are actually meant for commercial installation. The 12 inches is also ideal if you want a more rigid and stiffer decking underfoot.

There you have it, deeper insight about Zuri decking and what you need to know about it. Feel free to find more Zuri decking review so you can really be sure about your purchase.