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UltraDeck Decking Reviews

UltraDeck Decking Reviews

by Ryan Matthews

So you are looking for more affordable alternatives for composite decking, well you are just arriving at the right page. Our UltraDeck decking reviews will completely open up anything about decking.

There are definitely a wide range of collection lined up by the company. In this regards, we are going to let you know where you can get UltraDeck decking.

In details, this post consists of the description of UltraDeck decking reviews, UltraDeck Decking cost and availability, pros and cons, ratings and how to find the qualified installer for UltraDeck decking installation.

There will also be some frequently asked question included in the post, so you will get a better understanding about UltraDeck decking to fill your curiosity.

So let’s have a quick read about the details in each of the following review sections.

UltraDeck Decking Reviews

Midwest Manufacturing is a parent company for UltraDeck. Midwest Manufacturing is based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It works to provide supplies for the building since 1969.

This parent company currently produces a wide varieties of products such as AC2 treated lumber, trusses, countertops and Mastercraft doors completed with a selection composite decking in UltraDeck.

Midwest Manufacturing leads UltraDeck to have eco-friendly feature comprised of 100% recycled materials.

Currently, the company provides five collections in the catalog along with the QuickCap which is one of the interesting product.

In this case, all of the deck boards are sized 8’, 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths. These sized deck can be easily matched with 12’ radius edge boards.

UltraDeck Inspire

UltraDeck Inspire is categorized as the Midwest’s premium decking line. There are some color variations on the boards that help keep the things look realistic when they are combined with a low sheen.

These topped boards come with the deep wood grain pattern, making them durable against the weather as well as fading along with splinters, cracks and insects.

UltraDeck Inspire has only one profile you can select along with the grooved boards, however, you can take the benefits the hidden Ultrachip fastener system of the company.

There are four colors available for the solid composite boards. Those colors also come with Canyon, Sandstone, Spanish Cedar and Fieldstone. Luckily, a 25-year limited warranty is offered by UltraDeck Inspire Decking.

UltraDeck Fusion

UltraDeck Fusion is the second series of topped composite deck boards available in UltraDeck collection. Fusion is created through inspiration from the tropical hardwoods.

This type of UltraDeck has a realistic texture feature along with the multicolored combinations.

No matter you cannot find a replica of Brazilian Cherry or even Santos Mahogany. You can luckily find a selection of Walnut, Driftwood Gay. Coasatl Cedar and Rosewood.

Similar to UltraDeck Inspire, UltraDeck Fusion comes with 25-year limited warranty provided by Midwest Manufacturing, making the boards are as sturdy as Inpire lineup. 

The biggest difference between UltraDeck Inspire and UltraDeck Fusion is the profile at which the boards are scalloped on the bottom. Thus, the boards become lighter and cheaper than any other option.

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UltraDeck Triumph

In our UltraDeck decking reviews, UltraDeck Triumph is just similar to the pervious type we have described above. In this case, the decks are as durable as the ones of Inspire and Fusion.

However, Triumph can be higher in the list. This is because the boards are able to handle UV rays easily and also resistant to scratches and stains.

UltraDeck Triumph deck boards have different profile form the rest of the products. The protective cap is on the top while it is unique on the bottom. The boards are shorter enough than the traditional boards which is 7/8” x 5”.

Similar to the other deck boards, UltraDeck Triumph decking offers a 25-year limited warranty. Further, it is available in Slate or Pecan.

UltraDeck Rustic

Depending on the application, you will likely need capped composite deck boards. One of which that you may select is UltraDeck Rustic.

UltraDeck Rustic collection is created using a special UV additive to help prevent color fading in spite of the uncapped nature.

UltraDeck Rustic boards usually fade due to the sun and rain exposure over time. These boards have the standard size with the scalloped bottom. They are available at four hues with Redwood, Hickory, Gray and Cedar.

Unlike other boards that come with 25-year limited warranty, this UltraDeck Rustic comes only with 10-year limited warranty.

UltraDeck Natural

If you are looking for a budget-friendly UltraDeck Decking from Midwest, UltraDeck Natural can be the most considerably option.

Truly, it is one of the cheapest boards available in the market today. No matter that they have a few drawback, they offer one interesting feature that most people tend to like.

Natural collection like UltraDeck Natural is usually available for cosmetic reasons. The boards are typically designed with the wood grain pattern and brushed texture.

Though the UV protection they have is not same one to another, they will fade naturally in 30 to 60 days. However, the 10-year warranty ensures everyone that the product is guaranteed.

UltraDeck QuickCap

To upgrade your deck with the low-maintenance product, UltraDeck QuickCap is truly good to consider.

In case of your wood worn down decks or the one that just lost the luster, QuickCap is able to resurface your decks easily.

Basically, UltraDeck QuickCap boards are designed with UV inhibitors. They are available in ¼” x 3 ½”. Thus, their sizes are narrow along with a low and open profile.

Overall, UltraDeck QuickCap has quality which is in-line with the Natural collections especially the uncapped boards.

These boards are available in Gray, redwood and cedar along with 5 lengths. Similar to UltraDeck Natural, this QuickCap also provides a 10-year limited warranty.

UltraDeck Decking Cost and Availability

Later in our UltraDeck decking reviews, cost and availability are another two points that most people mostly concern.

In this regards, the availability of UltraDeck decking is limited depending on the location of your living and the style you like.

Some options are available in online retailers but if you want to see a full range of decking, you must go through Menards in the United States.

Look at the chart below to see the full range of the cost and availability.

CollectionsColorCapped8 Foot12 Foot16 Foot20 Foot
UltraDeck InspireSandstoneYes$28.41$42.61$56.82$79.92
UltraDeck FusionCoastal CedarYes$15.95$23.92$31.90$49.66
UltraDeck TriumphPecanYes$11.75$17.62$23.50$40.05
UltraDeck RusticHickoryYes$14.17$21.25$28.34$46.10
UltraDeck NaturalReversibleYes$7.05$10.57$14.10$22.96
UltraDeck QuickCapCedarYes$7.05$10.57$14.10$NA

UltraDeck Decking Pros and Cons

UltraDeck always relates to affordable price. However, it isn’t a bad thing if you need a budget-friendly composite decking. The main problem of all is about the availability.

So here are the pros and cons of UltraDeck Decking to lead you purchase or have another option.


The first point that makes the boards favorable is the excellent price. In this case, the price are nice and various between the collections. Further, each of the product is featured by the solid warranty on premium line.


The biggest downside of UltraDeck decking is the fact that it can fade within 30 to 60 days. It would be difficult to find the replacement if you don’t stay in certain areas in the United States. Furthermore, shipping would not be cheap.

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UltraDeck Decking Ratings

Ratings are also important to check out dealing with the customer’s satisfaction toward the decking products. This way, UltraDeck decking is rated 4 for the range of colors/style options and 3.5 for the overall quality.

Thanks to the stain and scratch resistance, making the decking is rated 4. Meanwhile, the UV resistance is rated 3.

Finding Qualified Installer for UltraDeck Decking Installation

It always becomes a problem when some readers state they could not find the local installer or overpaid the deck installation.

Therefore, getting local bids in 24 hours seems being the best way to hire an installer. 

Final Words

Finally, based on our UltraDeck decking reviews, UltraDeck decking offers the major affordable prices.

However, only store in the US provides the items. You can always purchase online but be aware of the expensive shipping.

UltraDeck dacking is designed in many varieties. However, it can be limited depending on where you live and which product you take.


Can I Use Stain on UltraDeck Decking?

Yes, but you can only choose UltraDeck Natural.

Where can I get the samples of UltraDeck decking?

Only in Menards you will get the samples.

Is it easy to fix the damaged boards?

It surely depends on the damage. Replace them if it is too severe.

What is the safe cleaning products can I use to remove the stains on UltraDeck?

Use Woman DeckBrite if the soap and water cannot handle it.

What are the most fade-resistant products provided by UltraDeck?

All of the products in the company have a degree of fade resistance aside for Natural that doesn’t have UV inhibitors.