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Genovations Decking Reviews

Genovations Decking Reviews

by Ryan Matthews

Welcome to the Genovations Decking reviews at which the homeowners can expect to have information about the decking to live up the outdoor areas.

Genovations decking is not as popular as composite planks. It isn’t either bring some unique advantages like PVC decking. Genovations Decking is a manufacturer of PVC planks.

In this post, we focus on taking a look at the products and pricing of Genovations Decking.

To complete the information, we also include other related topics such as Genovations decking history, collections, construction, warranties, installation, place to purchase, pros and cons, ratings and the way you are looking for qualified installer for Genovations Decking installation.

Here are the complete review sections you can check out in detail:

Genovations Decking Company History

The first section we bring into the review is the Genovations Decking company history.

Well, Genovations is historically a smaller brand compared to the major brands in the world of composite deck such as Trex and TimberTech.

Genovations Company is based in Davidson, Michigan. Their products are listed of being manufactured in USA.

Unluckily, there aren’t many online reviews about Genovations. Further, their website is not either as detailed as you may expect to see to obtain general information.

Genovations Decking Collections

Later on this Genovations Decking reviews, it is stated that the company produces PVC decking. Therefore, they don’t play at compressed or extruded composite boards like many other brands.

Nowadays, the company has only one type of PVC decking which is available for sale. There isn’t name or collection for the boards, making them easy to find online. Overall, there is not much of the selection.

As we have mentioned, Genovations Decking recently come with the 6 styles of decking. Those are Driftwood, Dark Oak, Weathered Wood, Sandstone, Sandalwood, and Chestnut.

The boards’ sizes are 5 ¼ “wide along with the length of 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”. This way, the company utilizes the users’ reflectants on the boards’ surface.

This is aimed to reduce the heat and their design so that the planks can be installed directly on the concrete floor.

Genovations Decking Constructions

The one main reasons why people concern about Genovations Decking is the company’s construction techniques.

Let’s thanks firstly to I-Beam engineering that makes the boards light and easy to handle. Nevertheless, the boards are strong enough despite the lightness. There are channels inside each of the plank working to let you feel cool underfoot.

Believe it or not, there is no wood filler, foam or organic materials used in the manufacturing process of Genovations decking. This is one of the reasons why the boards are offering a strong warranty.

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Genovations Deck Warranties

Perhaps, there will never the most impressive lineup of PVC decking produced by Genovations.

However, they offer one of the best warranties around. In this case, just make sure that the boards are properly installed based on the manufacturer’s guidance so that the deck boards can have such a lifetime structural and stain resistant guarantee.

As usual, you seems wanting to read on the fine print though the available guarantee is better than the other PVC deck manufacturer warranties. By comparison, other brands offer only 30 to 50 year warranty.

Genovations Decking Installation

At this time, we are going to talk about DIY installation in the Genovations Decking reviews since PVC is not easy to work with as the composite planks.

In the opposite, the deck boards are geared to be easily installed using a tongue and grove design. Thus, prepare accessories like starter strips and C-channel to makes the installation clean.

To keep in mind, replacing the damaged decking boards is easier said than done.

Place To Purchase Genovations Decking

Do you really decide on installing Genovations Decking boards in your home?

Remember, composite decking is hard to find in local hardware stores no matter they are big or small.

At Lowe’s and Home Depot, you may probably find the larger brands like Trex or Fiberon but you will not likely find Genovations decking.

As we have mentioned earlier above, Genovations Decking is a smaller brand. So the deck store or dealer that sells Genovations brand must be located.

The pricing of Genovations Decking ranges from $55.00 to $75.00 for a 12-foot board in Chestnut. If you want to find a 16-foot board in the same color, the price will be $70.00 to $100.00.

This price is categorized as online price, therefore, you need to find a better deal through the local decking contractor in your residence.

Genovations Decking Pros and Cons

To complete your understanding on this review, knowing the pros and cons of a product is necessary.

Considering that Genovations decking offers an interesting product, there is still lack of information on the brand and the company online.

Thus, you must use your dual intelligence if you are attracted to purchase Genovations decking products.


Though the planks seems light, they are durable enough. Genovations decking boards are now available in for different lengths. They are made in USA and completed with the excellent warranty.


The biggest downside of Genovations decking product is the lack of general information.

Other brands provide online information through the website while Genovations decking does not. Further, there is only a limited number of selections of styles and colors.

Other downside carried by Genovations decking is the issue of availability. This means that the products you desire may not be available in the store.

Genovations Decking Ratings

Later on our Genovations Decking reviews, Genovations decking ratings is also informed.

In this case, for colors and styles, Genovations decking boards are rated 3 while the scratch resistance is rated 3.8. The UV resistance is rated 4 while the stain resistance is rated 4.5. The overall quality is rated 3.9 out of 5.

This data is derived based on the customer reviews. So, it is clear that Genovations decking boards is perfect for its stain resistant feature.

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Looking for Qualified Installer for Genovations Decking Installation

Unfortunately, some readers express their complaint because they cannot find any local installers or overpaid the deck installation.

To offer a solution, an online free estimate tool has been developed to help you get at least 3 local bids only in 24 hour. This means, you can get your installer in 24 hours by searching with the tool.

This tool is powered by the Networx which specializes in collceting, vetting and rating the decking contractor for over 20 years.

While you are getting the bids, comparing 3 of them will help you consider the installation cost and avoid being ripped. 

Final Words

Based on the Genovations Decking reviews, we understand that Genovations decking boards are available only in a limited number of styles and colors.

The boards are not easy to work so you cannot expect to have DIY installation. The warranties offered include 25 to 50 years.

These boards are quite easy to find since they do not belong to any collection and name series.

Due to the fact that it is not easy to find the installer, make sure you get the installer before you decide on purchasing the products.

Or you may consult to the dealers to help you find the installer while you are processing a payment.


There are also some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we include in this review. Perhaps, you possibly have the same questions so you can check out the answer directly by reading these FAQs.

Can I find a style of Genovations for my heavy traffic and pets areas?

All of the companies deck boards are constructed using the same manners and given a life time guarantee. The durability is the same across the lines.

Can I repair the damaged decking easily?

Though PVC decking is resilient, it can get damaged when you are not properly caring. However, these decking boards are noticeably more difficult to repair than the other composite decking or traditional wood.

Can I install Genovations by myself?

Installing PVC decking boards are challenging. Unless you are familiar with the tools and your deck size, you won’t be able to do the project. Further, mistakes can be very much expensive. So you had better hire a pro.

How is Genovations decking packaged if I purchase them?

Typically, Genovations deck boards are sold in a large bags consisting of four boards. This keeps the planks always clean until they are ready for installation.

Can I purchase railing to match my decking from Genovations?

Yes, you can. However, some styles may not be ready. Nowadays, Birchwood and Sandalwood are the only two colors option that come with the matching railing. This way, the style option is limited with the other style especially if you want to match the Colonial railing or Deluxe Glass railing.

Can I find the most realistic style of decking from Genovations?

Remember, style is a personal preference. This way, the most realistic style shades in Genovations recently includes Chestnut, Sandstone and Dark Oak.