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Armadillo Decking Reviews

Armadillo Decking Reviews – Warranty and Installation Tips

by Ryan Matthews

No matter you are looking for ideas for your future deck or just want to see the beauty of Armadillo composite decking, here we come with Armadillo Decking Reviews for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Believe it or not, Armadillo composite decking is an ultimate choice that offers lots of features including the low maintenance, high performance and long lasting usability.

Wrapped by the polyethylene protective shell, it is able to create a natural grain finish and protect against weathering, stains, fading, mold and mildew.

In this article, you are going to read more about this decking type. Therefore, we would navigate you to the content which includes what Armadillo decking offers, care and cleaning, warranty, technical safety, where to buy, sample, deck accessories, Armadillo railings, and other related information.

Now let’s just check out the details of each sections included in this review as follows:

What Armadillo Decking Offers

There are several things that make the decking best for your options. This way, getting to know what Armadillo Decking Reviews offers is necessarily important in order to know what the decking offers.

So look over each of the features which are also considered the strength of the decking.

The Best Choice for Home Owners

Feel lucky to know that Armadillo decking is considerably the best choice for homeowners. This type of composite decking allows you not only to enjoy the gorgeous deck but also enjoy the long lasting lifespan and durability.

This means that you don’t have to worry about changing or replacing the decking for so many years to come.

Armadillo decking is not like the pressure-treated lumber. Instead, this kind of decking will not warp, crack or splinter. You can spend less time to maintain the deck so that you can enjoy being on the deck longer.

The Best Choice For Builders

Do you what are the reasons why many builders and contractors tend to pick up this decking?

Customer approved, easy installation and limited lifetime warranty are the few responses why they are specifying it.

Further, there are programs like the Builder’s Rebate program, Lead Generation program and photo gallery to promote the registered builders to homeowners.

Through such programs, the builders promote the decking to the homeowners so that the decking can be widely popular. As the result, it will increase the usage.

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Turn Your Backyard into a Paradise

Armadillo decking is designed to fit the lifestyles of most homeowners. Due to its low maintenance, it can be used as compliment to your patio.

Now you can imagine how the decking will turn your backyard into a paradise when you enjoy sitting in the evening and having dinner there with your family.

Armadillo Is Essential As Composite Decking

Just because you want a high quality decking doesn’t mean that you must buy the expensive products.

In fact, Armadillo essential decking collection proves to have a high quality without breaking your bank account. This means that this decking offers the inexpensive price apart from it stylish design and beauty.

Armadillo Is Available for Commercial Composite Decking

Armadillo decking is designed as a non-capped board, making it perfect for commercial application. It comes with a low-cost solution that makes it perfect for apartments, townhomes and commercial properties.

Technical and Safety Information

Most of home improvement projects must include the safety precautions that the installer and homeowners should aware. It is usually done when they are handling the materials and tools. In this case, it is important to use eye protection, gloves, safety guards in saws and the other power tools.

Further, the environment where you work out the project must be maintained well. Get the children and pets to stay away from construction area. Though these are just the typical safety rules, you must be aware of those dealing with the installation process.

One thing to remember is the fact that Armadillo composite decking is heavy enough to lift with the bare hands.

So don’t forget to use the same precautions either when you are handling them as the natural materials. If you want to store the materials for a long period of time, provide space that can accommodate the 2-feet length decking.

Armadillo Decking Care and Cleaning

Based on our Armadillo Decking Reviews, this kind of decking is offering a low maintenance. Just like the other outdoor building materials, it needs only periodic cleaning.

In this case, regular or daily maintenance is highly recommended to keep the beauty of your new Armadillo decking.

Actually, there are sometimes different exposures that impact on decks. For example, if you install the decking under an overhang or table will have less exposure. Thus, the board will show less weathering than the neighboring boards.

Armadillo Decking Installation Tips  

Whether you are designing a new deck or renovating your existing structure, finish your project with this Armadillo decking.

This way, there are some installation tips dealing with the installation guide of Armadillo decking. You can start thinking of picking up wood post and joist runners to construct the frame and finish the project with the boards from armadillo decking.

Keep in mind that Armadillo composite decking is designed only to be used as a deck board. This means that you cannot use the materials for walls or even furniture.

In the installation tips, is stated that fastening composite decking is necessarily important for the structure. In this case, the use of TurboClip hidden deck clip fasteners is highly recommended for grooved composite decking.

The fastening job can be firstly started by pre-drilling the Armadillo composite decking only on the deck board and not the joist. Pre-drilling is importantly needed to achieve a complete clearance hole and to prevent board ends from the splitting.

In this process, make sure that the screw is at least 1” away from the side of the boards. If there is any boards to cut, you are recommended to use the carbide tipped tools.

Armadillo Decking Warranty

Later on our Armadillo Decking Reviews, it is stated that this decking offers Armadillo decking limited lifetime warranty. Basically, warranty is provided by the company to support the durability of the products.

In this regards, Armadillo comes with a limited lifetime warranty for residential applications of our styles and Essential Composite Decking. Further, a 10-year Limited warranty is also provided for commercial applications.

Commercial composite decking with a non-capped board is added with a 5-Year Limited Warranty. Armadillo claims that the company stands behind the product so you can stand on them with full of confidence.

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Armadillo Railings

One of the best way to protect your Armadillo decking is adding railings. In this regards, Armadillo PVC railing systems and kits are the wonderful alternative to wood.

They also requires a minimum maintenance only. Besides, these railings are featuring stain and fading resistance. The railings are also designed with the protection against rotting and insects.

Specifically, Armadillo hand rail and bracket kits are designed in use with Armadillo 2x4s. The composite deck from Armadillo is customizable, allowing you to customize your deck with the railings you desire.

This way, Armadillo Post Sleeves, Post Caps and Post Skirts have compatibility with most of railing system available on the market.

Stair Rail Bracket Kit

The stair rail bracket kit which is usually compatible with Armadillo decking includes 4 brackets, 2 support posts, 4 stainless steel color matched support screws, 24 stainless steel color matched bracket screws and 2 Torx bits (T-15 and T-20). These are usually available for each kit. They are also used with Armadillo 2x4s.  

Hand Rail Bracket Kit

Each of hand rail bracket kit consists of 4 brackets, 2 support posts, 4 stainless steel color matched support screws, 24 stainless steel color matched bracket screws and 2 Torx bits (T-15 and T-20). These are used for Armadillo 2x4s.

Post Sleeves

Armadillo Post Sleeves are 4×4 sleeves sliding over treated wooden 4×4 lumber. They are commonly used for railing posts.

Post Cap

Post cap is commonly used in complimenting Armadillo decking installation to add such an elegant finish to Armadillo Post Sleeves.

Post Skirt

Post Skirt from Armadillo is designed with a decorative finish to the base of Armadillo Post Sleeves. There are a few range of colors to suit your new Armadillo deck boards.


Armadillo Composite Decking that comes with capped radius edge offers the strength and durability which are very important for any project. There are six stylish colors available along with the look of natural beauty and trusted quality.

FAQs Armadillo Decking Reviews

Is Armadillo resistant to scratch?

Based on our Armadillo Decking Reviews, Armadillo decking is not resistant to scratch. However, it is protected with a polyethylene cap stock to protect the finish.

Is Armadillo Decking slippery when it is wet?

Like wood and many other surface of floorings, Armadillo Decking gets slippery when it is wet. Look at the caution is much important.

Can I put on rugs on Armadillo decking?

Rugs or small door mats can be put on the decks. But it is recommended to move the periodically to let the deck boards dry. This way, it is not recommended to use the large rugs.