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Fiberon Decking Review

by Ryan Matthews
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Homeowners are advised to read Fiberon decking review before they make any decision to purchase the deck.

Fiberon may be new in the flooring industry, especially in composite decking sector, but it doesn’t mean that they are completely inexperienced in manufacturing this kind of deck.

In fact, the company (and their products) has gained quite positive popularity over the few years because of their craftsmanship and the final results.

Their lineups are pretty impressive even excellent for capped composite boards that go along with their PVC planks collections.

Their accessibility and price help them being unique and different from other similar companies within the industry.

So, what are their collections and how do they hold up, according to Fiberon decking review?

Fiberon Decking Types

Based on Fiberon decking review, there are several series from Fiberon lineups. Naturally, each of them has their own style and unique profile.

  • Fiberon Symmetry comes with capped 4-sided composite with PermaTech feature. There are 4 colors available with grooved and solid profile.
  • Fiberon Horizon comes with capped 4-sided composite with PermaTech feature. There are 4 colors available with grooved and solid profile.
  • Fiberon Paramount comes with 3-sided PVC capped and no PermaTech feature. There are 4 colors available with grooved and solid profile.
  • Fiberon ProTect Advantage comes with capped 3-sided composite with PermaTech feature. There are 3 colors available with grooved and solid profile.
  • Fiberon Sanctuary comes with capped 3-sided composite with PermaTech feature. There are 3 colors available with grooved and solid profile.
  • Fiberon Good Life comes with 3-sided capped composite and no PermaTech feature. There are 5 colors available with scalloped, grooved and solid profile.
  • Fiberon Armorguard comes with 3-sided capped composite and no PermaTech feature. There are 4 colors available with scalloped, grooved and solid profile.

About Fiberon Symmetry

The boards are made from composite planks that have matte and clean finish along with micro-texture to deliver real-wood appearance. All of the boards have 4-sided cap for extra protection, but they are also reversible.

The deep grain doesn’t only create natural and real look to the boards, but it also adds textures and an extra traction.

The boards have multi-tonal colors, but the options aren’t quite many when compared to other premium products.

The manufacturer only uses one end of the color spectrum, so it is quite logical if they have only darker hues for their premium line.

Expect to find Graphite, Burnt Umber, Cinnabar, Warm Sienna. If you enjoy various grain patterns, this Symmetry would be the best option for you.

About Fiberon Horizon

According to Fiberon decking review, this is the second best product from the company. It shares similarities to the Symmetry, such as having PermaTech protective surface.

On the Horizon, the boards come with multiple (grain) patterns but the arrangement is quite unique one pattern in on the top side and another different one on the bottom side.

When it comes to color variations, this line has better options although there are only 4 colors available. At least, you have various shades and not only the darker ones.

The colors include Castle Gray, Tudor Brown, Rosewood, and IPE. The boards have 4 different patterns and those colors and patterns would be repeated once in every 70-foot arrangement.

About Fiberon Paramount

This is considered the last premium decking series in the company, but it isn’t a composite board. It is constructed from PVC.

This PVC deck would be a perfect option for homeowners wanting to have durable and light decking with amazing slip-resistance quality.

These boards don’t contain any wood at all, which makes it ideal for areas close to water, such as dock or pool. You won’t have to worry about mold at all!

This Paramount line comes with co-extruded cap within the three sides, which mean that they aren’t reversible.

However, they have met some WUI zones criteria, but you may want to avoid rubber mats or anything with vinyl or latex if you don’t want your deck to experience discoloration.

The available colors in this line include Mineral, Flagstone, Sandstone, and Brownstone.

About Fiberon ProTect Advantage

When compared to the previous lines, this one is definitely cheaper. The boards have 3-sided style that isn’t reversible. They are capped, though, and their color options are natural and gorgeous.

It’s true that color variations aren’t striking, but if you are looking for a uniformed style, they would be the perfect option. The included colors are Chestnut, Gray Birch, and Western Cedar.

They have also met the WUI zones standard requirements. The boards are qualified for a warranty coverage like the 5-year labor option.

About Fiberon Sanctuary

This is a budget product, designed for those who are into rustic style and design. The style is coming with 3-sided capped model. And it has PermaTech protection along the way.

The deck comes with high-traction (grain) pattern on the top side of each board. The line has several color options, but you may have to make special order for the shade that you want. And it depends on the location where you live.

There are 3 color options with Earl Grey, Latte, and Jatoba. It’s too bad, though, that Jatoba is only available exclusively at Home Depot.

Moreover, you have to stay in Canada if you want to access the other (two) shades. You should be able to have a special order for Earl Grey and Latte stateside although it is not a common option.

About Fiberon Good Life

As the name suggests, the Good Life series are created for those who want to enjoy good life without the financial burden.

These boards are the budget-line series with 3-sided capped design. However, the boards come with scalloped model (located on the bottom) and it doesn’t have any PermaTech protection.

When compared to the typical and regular composite board, these Good Life products are lighter. They aren’t reversible either.

Color options are some of the perks offered by this line. There are 5 options, including Cottage and Cabin (the two solid options).

The multi-chromatic shades include Bungalow, Tuscan Villa, and Beach House. The boards have 25-year of warranty, but it doesn’t include labor coverage.

About Fiberon Armorguard

This is the last line from Fiberon. It is included within the Good category, but it is one of the exclusive line for the retailer setting.

It is a nice combination of Horizon and Good Life line, but you are only able to purchase the Armorguard at Home Depot right night.

There are two types of warranties: the 25-year and 20-year. The 20-year is for structucal integrity, fading, and staining, while the 25-year is for another type of coverage.

These boards have scalloped shape on the bottom side, but they have PermaTech cover and they have 3-sided bonded.

They have streak colors, but in subtler manner. There are 4 variants being offered with Seaside Gray, Brazilian Walnut, Nantucket Gray, and Coastal Cedar.

Buying the Deck

Availability is a bit tricky with this brand, according to Fiberon decking review. You should be able to find them easily, but the variety of options depends heavily on location and dealer.

Home Depot would be the easiest spot to find the decking, while some shades are only available in Canada.

The General Cost Fiberon Decking

Here is the general breakdown of the price of each deck’s type, depending on the length:

  • Fiberon Symmetry is $49 for 12 foot boards, $65 for 16 foot boards, and $82 for 20 foot boards.
  • Fiberon Horizon is $49 for 12 foot boards, $65 for 16 foot boards, and $82 for 20 foot boards.
  • Fiberon Paramount is $57 for 12 foot boards, $77 for 16 foot boards, and $96 for 20 foot boards.
  • Fiberon ProTect is $41 for 12 foot boards, $55 for 16 foot boards, and $68 for 20 foot boards.
  • Fiberon Sanctuary is $42 for 12 foot boards, $58 for 16 foot boards, and $70 for 20 foot boards.
  • Fiberon Good Life is $24 for 12 foot boards, $33 for 16 foot boards, and $41 for 20 foot boards.
  • Fiberon Armorguard is $24 to $32 for 12 foot boards, $46 to $50 for 16 foot boards, and $48 to $60 for 20 foot boards.

Fiberon Decking Pros and Cons

It’s always a nice thing when manufacturers try to simplify their products to help consumers have easier way to choose a line.

Based on Fiberon decking review, Fiberon develops the so called Good, Better, and Best categories which are great to make exploration easier.

Moreover, Fiberon is one of the companies that offer different color options for each of the series. The products may have their own flaws, but their benefits exceed their downsides.

There are some benefits of the decking:

  • Fiberon has the best price tags for composite decking. Basically, there is a price tag for everyone.
  • The boards are easy to find and purchase, except for the Sanctuary line.
  • The company offers various different colors for each of their lines.

On the downside, though, the boards are:

  • The boards have ‘problematic’ warranty and profile. for instance, if you are looking for a square profile, then you will have to choose the 20-foot lines because the grooved types are only available in 12-foot, 16-foot, and 20-foot.
  • The company has good warranties, but their competitors have better (and stronger) warranties with the same price tag.

In terms of ratings, Fiberon has 4 ratings from 5

  • For scratch resistance: 3
  • For UV resistance: 4
  • For stain resistance: 4
  • For overall quality: 4
  • For style options and color ranges: 5

Common FAQs Fiberon Decking Review

If I have moldy decking, can I use the power washer to clean it?

Fiberon only recommends cleaner product that can remove the mold first. On the other hand, power washing can make the mold to embedded further to each board’s pores.

To remove the ice, what can I use for safe removal without damaging the deck?

The simplest solution would be rock salt. However, the company also says that product that is safe for concrete or gas (without containing dyes) will also be safe for the deck. Products that are regularly used for melting the ice can be used but make sure that you read the label thoroughly and carefully.

Is Fiberon composite decking safe for grilling?

Yes. The heat in general won’t bother the deck while the only downside is about the grease. You won’t have any issue with classic charcoal or grass grill. However, the fire pit isn’t designed for the decking.

Does Fiberon have any decking line that can be used in WUI zones meeting California’s fire code requirements?

The company has 2 lines with Paramount PVC decking and ProTect Advantage FR.

If there is sticky residue on the deck, what would be the best way to remove it?

Based on Fiberon decking review, Fiberon recommends WD40 for residue and tree sap.

Is it okay if I use hidden fasteners from another brand?

No, and you shouldn’t try it because it can void the warranty. The company has developed their own Phantom system, especially designed for the planks. Other manufacturers may share similar system, but they aren’t worth trying.

If I want to use safe mats, what type should I use?

Avoid anything with rubber, vinyl, or latex because they can lead to discoloration. The safest type is the vinyl-backed type or the woven mats.

Can I install Fiberon on top of concrete patio?

Yes, provided that you have taken all the proper steps carefully. You need to make sure that there would be sufficient airflow (under the deck). There should be enough 1.5 inches of space between the bottom joist and the ground.

If I want to clean the dirty deck, what is the safest thing I can use?

You can use water and soap. In general, though, any mild household cleaners (that are considered safe for PVC, vinyl, or plastic) can be used. Be wise about choosing abrasive cleaners. And be extra careful when you want to use a pressure washer.

When there is a lightly damaged or chipped decking board, can it be repaired or it needs a complete replacement?

If you use the reversible boards, simply flip the board over and you are done. Otherwise, the extent of the damage will determine further repair work needed for the decking. In general, a brass bush and heat gun should be able to resolve the problem.

In the end, you need to know the overall facts about the brand and their products before purchase. And having Fiberon decking review can definitely help.