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Composite Decking Reviews

Composite Decking Reviews

by Ryan Matthews

Composite Decking Reviews – In the past 20 years, only composite lumber that has popularly grown while other building materials are hard to find. This way, composite decking is still mainly used by both homeowners and contractors for outdoor uses due to the product’s unique materials.

If you are about to purchase a composite decking for your next DIY projects, here we present the composite decking reviews to guide you understand the product and find some of the top brands in the industry.

So let’s navigate you to the content of the reviews which includes the composite decking brands, considerable composite deck brands, composite decking colors, composite decking dimensions and profiles, cost and availability, warranties as well as some frequently asked questions to broaden your knowledge.

Now let’s have a quick read on each of the detailed review sections below:

Composite Decking Top Brands

Though composite decking is not a flooring product that people mostly purchase online, it is quite easily to find in the local stores.

This way, you could just walk to Home Depot or Lowes nearby in the United States so you can definitely see at least a half-dozen of composite decking brands.

But it can be challenging to choose the right brand when your desired composite decking is only available in specialty dealers.

Accordingly, in this composite decking reviews, we come with the 5 top brands of composite decking categorized as the most well-known names in the industry and the most impressive ones but hard to find depending on where you live in.

Those 5 top brands of composite decking are Trex, TimberTech, Fiberon, MositureShiled and Deckorators which are all constructed from the best composite decking materials.


Trex is considered as one of the largest decking manufacturers over 50 countries around the world. They provide their customers with an expansive catalogue containing four collections and 30 colors variations of composite decking.

Trex composite decking includes premium deck boards along with the budget-friendly options within enhanced collections. Trex offers an expansive lineup including eco-friendly decking and some fascinating collections of porch boards.

Trex also manufactures handrails, patio furniture and outdoor lighting. Trex has everything to offer, from the frame of deck to the finishing touches. Thus, you can successfully complete your project. 


In the U.S, TimberTech is also widely purchased by the consumers in the country. It comes with three lines of composite decking which are TimberTech Pro, TimberTech AZEK and TimberTech EDGE. Each of these lines offers something different about the boards along with the 20 to 25 year warranties depending on the boards collections.

TimberTech offers nine collections between the lines. They include 3 and 4 sided caped composite decking and capped PVC decking. Like Trex, TimberTech also comes with a number of other products like railing, lighting, composite pavers and porch boards.


Fiberon is like a good news for those who like a wide range of composite decking colors and styles. Though this company is not included in the list of business along with the other companies, they come with the largest selection and several top pricing in the industry.

Everyone can definitely choose any hue and style from Fiberon ArmorGuard to the Symmetry Collection. The company’s catalogue is just easy to peruse though you may find that some of their available lines are sold exclusively.


If you prefer composite decking that is warm underfoot but it won’t be a problem to buy such synthetic decking, look no further than MoistureShield. This one is designed with the CoolDeck Technology that allows it to reduce heat up to 35% compared to its competitors.

In our composite decking reviews, it is stated that MoistureShield offers about a half-dozen decking lines including the capped and uncapped composite decking boards.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any decking accessories to fit the planks. However, the offers excellent warranties on their products.


The last but not least top brands of composite decking is Deckorators. The biggest benefit offered by this brand is its ability to deal with Mother Nature. However, in some cases, some planks are more resistant than the others.

Deckorators is one of the few brands that is proper to use on the ground or in the direct contact with water.

There are three collections which are all resistant to moisture. Those are Vault, Frontier and Voyage decking. These boards make use of some technologies provided by the company.

However, they have also six collections of traditional composite decking to fit not only the picture frame deck board but also heavy-duty dock decking.

Other Considerable Composite decking Brands

Aside from the 5 top brands, there are also a number of worthy options to take into consideration.

One of which is Cali Bamboo. It is a great company producing bamboo flooring with a unique line of composite decking like BamDeck 4G and TruOrganics.

Though Cali Bamboo has only limited range of colors, its synthetic boards are eco-friendly.

After Cali Bamboo, UltraDeck is another brand that offers unique collections including Rustic and QuickCap.

Basically, realism is a crucial factor when someone is looking for a composite decking. In this case, most of companies offer monochrome colors along with repetitive patterns.

In contrast, DuraLife is another composite decking brand that does things in a different way. Their hardwood collection is designed to mimic the natural tones and style of wooden decking.

Other considerable brand is Envision decking. They may come with an uneasy color and style but they offer five product lines including the budget-friendly monochrome option. Black composite decking is one of the examples in Envision decking collection.

Well, there are still dozens of other composite decking brands that have a good record of high-quality products.

If you are aware of the top composite decking brands, you had better find out how they stack up against each other in a few key areas.

Composite Decking Colors

Dealing with the composite decking colors, we are pleased to say that MoistureShield comes surprisingly with more than 30 colors while TimberTech, Trex and Fiberon come with more than 20 colors including the white composite decking and gray composite decking. Deckorators offers less than 10 hues stated in the catalogue.

However, from year to year, manufacturers refresh their product lineups, making the number changes at any time.

In addition to composite decking colors, there are some other factors contributing to the boards appearances. Those are texturing, realism, techniques and pattern repetition.

Composite Deck Dimensions and Profiles

With flooring, there isn’t much variance on synthetic decking dimension. However, some manufacturers offer some more options in profiles, widths and lengths.

Trex is one of the brands that come with the three different deck board profiles provided by the company.

They are tongue and grooved composite decking as well as scalloped and squared-edge boards with 1 and 2 inches thickness and 5.5 inches lengths of boards available in the catalogue.

TimberTech has some options including one with a grooved profile for hidden fasteners or scalloped deck boards.

If you prefer narrow planks, Vista Collections from Deckorators is available in 3.5 inches widths.

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Composite Decking Cost and Availability

Based on this composite decking reviews, most of the top brands of composite decking have competitive prices.

This means that some large companies like Fiberon, Trex and Timbertech offer the planks’ price within $10 one to another.

Meanwhile, some other companies make their product’s prices based on the decking quality categorized as Good, Better and Best. This categorization will simplify the purchasing process.

Here is a table to check out the composite decking cost and availability.

BrandCollectionCapped12 inch16 inch20 inch
FiberonArmor GuardYes$25$50$62
Moisture ShieldRefineYes$90$120$150
Ultra DeckInspireYes$42$56$80
Timber TechPRO LegacyYes$72$95$120
Trex EnhanceEnhance BasicsYes$22$30$42
Ultra DeckRusticNo$21$28$46
Moisture ShieldEssentialsNo$34$40$55
Timber TechEdgeYes$30$40$50

Composite Deck Warranties

Warranties, in most cases, are crucial to check when a person is about to purchase a product.

This way, the warranties for composite decking cover three areas which are structural integrity, stain resistance and fade resistance. Staiwn resistance is related to the method on how to clean the composite decking properly.

A 25-year warranty is usually available for staining and fading. This warranty is usually provided by Deckorators, DuraLife, Envision and other companies.

TimberTech offers a 30-year warranty on some lines and 25 years for others. However, the natural and rustic lines only get a 10-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions about Composite Decking

How long will the composite decking last?

In general, composite decking will last between 15 to 25 years depending on the warranty.

What type of composite decking will be the easiest to install?

All boards of composite decking are easy to install. This way, Trex and TimberTech are the two brands that are very recommended if you want to have easy installation. If you want to install the boards yourself, just don’t forget to check the instructions on how to install composite decking provided by the company.

Can I paint or stain composite decking?

Yes, you can. But it is very important to check with the decking manufacturers beforehand.