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Deckorators Decking Reviews

Deckorators Decking Reviews

by Ryan Matthews

Are you searching for Deckorators decking reviews? Stay with us for not more than 10 minute to quickly read the post ad get your desired information.

Deckorators is a company specializing at composite decking. The goal of the company is probably transforming your pation or bat dock into something in modern and unique look.

Unquestionably, there are hundreds of goods geared toward the outdoor spaces along with more decking lines. They are available more than the other companies with composite decking products.

In this post, we would like to navigate you to check out the details of Deckorators decking including the styles, accessories, cost and availability, pros and cons, ratings and how to find a qualified installer for Deckorators decking. We would also include the FAQs to complete the reviews.

Now let’s take a few minutes to have it all read.

Deckorators Decking Reviews

Most decking manufacturers provide only several lines of decking products. But Deckorators takes a further step in providing more than just a few selections. This allows the company to set different prices based on quality.

In this regards, there are eight different styles of composite deck boards provided by Deckorators including the deck boards for both land and water.

Eovations Decking

Eoavations technology has been patented by Deckorators to produce perfect strength-to-weight ratio boards.

These boards are made from a mix of polypropylene and mineral filler, making the 35% lighter than the traditional composite decking.

Impressively, eovations decking will not disintegrate like wood and sagging. Thus, the cracks won’t be an issue. This way, these materials are used by the boards so that they are moisture-proof.

Further, the boards are designed in standard lengths to fit your choice of solid edge profile. However, each of the collection gives something different.

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In this Deckorators decking reviews, we describe that there are 3 collections available in eovations decking.

First, Deckorators voyage decking is a collection of capped composite boards with the vertical grain variegation. They are mainly used on the ground or in the water.

To enhance the traction, the boards are added with the feature of textured embossed. There are four colors available that are Sierra, Tundra, Mesa and Costa.

If you don’t like boards with the vertical grain variegation, choose Vault Collection!

This is one of Declorators deking collections which is $5 to $10 cheaper than the other collection. They come in three colors that are Hickory, Mesquite and Dusk.

The third collection you can find in Eovations decking is Deckorators Frontier. It is the most natural decking collection due to the non-variegated boards with a traditional vibe. These boards are also used in the water and ground like the other collections.

Heritage Decking

Unlike the previous style of Deckorators decking, Heritage decking uses no eovation technology. Thanks to the unique extrusion process that makes the boards stronger and more resilient.

The plastic composite boards are designed with the deep embossing to present a distressed look. This is aimed to provide the extra traction and give a rustic look to the deck.

The colors of Heritage Decking are all interesting to come with Ciderhouse, Smokehouse and Riverhouse.

Vista Decking

Vista decking is noted to be expensive due to the exotic hardwoods decking that comes with the unique look. It seems that the expensive price of the decking really worthies its durability.

Vista Decking is designed with the colors mimicking the look of Ironwood, Driftwood and Sandalwood. It also comes in standard lengths with a solid profile. This way, you can pick up Vista decking in two different widths that are 3.5” and 5.5” boards.

Classic Decking

When budget is your primary concern, Deckorators classic decking collection can be the only one option to consider.

Similar to Vista and Heritage, Classic decking boards are the capped composite boards have such basic features but no layers of realism.

Classic decking boards are designed with the embossed vertical wood-grain pattern. There have gray colors with the three hues that are more natural to look such as Cedar, Redwood and Walnut.

Deckorators Decking from Lowes

Our Deckorators decking reviews includes the information about Deckorators decking from Lowes to provide you with the reference of decking styles. This way, there are two styles of decking; the tropics and distressed collections.

Both the tropic and distressed collection come with the solid and grooved edge profile but they are scalloped on the bottom. This makes the boards not only lighter but also cheaper to manufacture. Notice, these boards have still a cap stock layer to add protections.

A 25-year limited warranty is also added to the products for some structural issues, stains and fading though you may not get the replacement warranty with the top tier products.

There are two colors offered by Deckorators Tropics Collections. Those are Tidal Gray and Hannah Brown which have 8, 12, and 16 foot lengths.

The distressed collection comes only with one color that is Cherrywood. However, it has textured embossing for a better traction. 

Accessories of Deckorators Decking

Typically, most of the deck manufacturers produce a wide selection of accessories to add such aesthetical value to the boards.

In this regards, deck railing is the first accessories that the customers look for after their decking. Luckily, Deckorators has some special options of those accessories.

Other accessories options available are cable railing, ALX aluminum rails and stainless rails along with ADA-Complaint handrails.

In addition to Deckorators decking accessories, post caps are also available ranging from the lighted caps with accents to cedar and pressure-treated pine. There are also enough baluster with the solid lineup of discreet and scone-based lightings, too.

A number of goods to complete your decking outside home is also provided by the company, ranging from plastic lattice to solar lights.

Cost and Availability of Deckorators Decking

Now we should go to a must-read section of the Deckorators decking reviews, that is the price or cost.

In regards to the price, the company usually provides the sampling of prices at each of the company’s collection. However, prices are also depending on a degree of profile.

Deckorators composite decking is usually hard to find. However, the availability of the products is much depending on the brand.

Typically, some styles of Deckorators decking can be found in the big-box stores.

StyleColor12 Foot16 Foot20 Foot
TropicsTidal Gray$27.00$36.00 
DistressedCherry Wood$27.00$35.98 

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Pros and Cons of Deckorators Decking

All in all, most of Deckorators lines are priced reasonably. Most of the products are easy to acquire. Though the collections are limited in certain areas, the styles that most people need are already available.


25-year limited warranty is excellent including the removal and replacement guarantee. There are also nice selections of accessories and price list. These are the reasons why the boards are still widely purchased.


The big downside of Deckorators decking is the limited color selection compared to some of rivals. Further, there are only some realistic alternatives provided in the mid-range tier.

Ratings of Deckorators Decking

Overall, based on our Deckorators decking reviews, the range of color/style options are rated 3 while the scratch resistance is rated 3.5. The quality is rated 4 along with the stain and UV resistance. Thus, the overall rating is 3.75 out of 5.

Final Words

All in all, Deckorators decking has a wide range of decking selection including Deckorators pvc decking along with eight different styles.

For both and water, the boards of Deckorators are good to use. If you concern more about the cost, there is also a list of different price depending on the type you choose.


Is a hidden fastener system can be used with Deckorators products?

Yes, it can be. You can use it with the company’s slotted-edge deck boards.

Can I install Deckorators decking directly in the water or on the ground?

Yes, you can. But make sure you do it carefully. This way, Vault, Frontier and Voyage collections are noticeably good to install in the water.

Can I remove snow or ice from the deck surface?

Yes, you can. Use a broom, blower or plastic shovel on the deck boards.

Are any of the Deckorators decking collection fire rated?

Vista collection is rated as Class B while other collections are rated as Class C.