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Timbertech Decking Reviews

by Ryan Matthews
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You probably want to read more TimberTech decking reviews if you are interested in it. In case you don’t know it, TimberTech is one of the popular brands in the flooring world.

One of the reasons why they are popular is because of the easy access and easy find. In 2012, the company worked together with AZEK to produce premium products, including PVC decking and capped composite boards.

With tiered lineup, there are various styles for homeowners on the budgets. Their premium products also come with lengthy warranties.

Types of TimberTech/AZEK  Composite Decking

Based on TimberTech decking reviews, here is the general breakdown.

For this type, TimberTech comes with 3 collections. There are also specialty products, such as DockSider and ReilaBoard. If you are new to the world of decking, their line would be difficult to break down.

So, here is the brief of each decking style:

  • TimberTech AZEK series comes with Capped PVC. It has 4 collections with total colors of 26. The warranty is limited lifetime for structural or 50 years for stain.
  • TimberTech Pro series comes with 4-sided of capped composite. It has 3 collections with total colors of 16. The warranty is 30 years for structural or 30 years for stain.
  • TimberTech Edge series comes with 3-sided of capped composite. It has 2 collections with total colors of 6. The warranty is 25 years for structural or 30 years for stain.
  • Specialty series comes with solid composite. It has 2 collections with total colors of 4. The warranty for structural is unknown or 30 years for stain.

TimberTech AZEK Overall Review

AZEK would be the best option if homeowners want to have capped PVC instead of the traditional composite boards.

Based on TimberTech decking reviews, this series comes with 3 different decking collections: Harvest, Arbor, and Vintage. There is also Porch board option in 13 colors.

If you want to imitate the wooden natural look, capped PVC can make it or break it. The lineup has impressive collections that can imitate the look of wood just well while delivering resilient quality that can outlast composite or wood boards.

The Vintage collection has the biggest collections for wood-like shades, including Coastline, Dark Hickory, Weathered Teak, Cypress, English Walnut, and Cypress.

These options come with wire-brushed finish with various patterns on the hardwood floor and multi-color types. The price tag, however, is premium.

Porch collection has 6 variations and 3 monochrome hues. The price tag is also premium as the Vintage collection.

For the Harvest collection, you can find cathedral style pattern which imitating the look of real wood.

The colors, though, may come with painted look, including Brownstone, Kona, and Slate Gray.

Arbor collection can also be a good option, especially for those with budget-conscious limitation. The shades range from Hazelwood (the light shade) to Brazilian Walnut (the darker type).

The prices for each collection vary, depending on the length and width. AZEK Harvest and Arbor comes in 5.5 inches x 1 inches standard size, although the lengths are ranging from 12 feet to 20 feet. Harvest is a straightforward grooved type.

Porch collection comes with 4 colors, having standard width and tongue as well as groove profile. However, you are also free to choose the 3.5 inches of planks.

For the Vintage, there are 3 width options of 3.5 inches, 5.5 inches, and 7 ¼ inches of deck boards. But if you prefer the grooved profile, you can only go with the 12 foot planks.

TimberTech Pro Overall Review

If you like the encapsulated product (not the PVC), then this line would be the best pick. These boards have the covered four sides, which mean that you will never have to worry about moisture or water.

It comes with 30-year warranty for fading and staining. This is definitely a great deal when compared to other brands.

It’s a good thing that the company makes sure that everything is uniformed and nice with the series, so expect dealing with standard lengths, widths, and profiles. It comes with 3 collections and each of them has something unique and different.

Based on TimberTech decking reviews, the Terrain Collection comes with dual-embossed sporty patterns that look like wood grain.

It comes in 3 monochromatic shades and also 2 variation of shades. Tropical Collection comes with cathedral wooden grain pattern. The price is similar to Terrain collection, but with 4 colors and advanced color options.

Legacy Collection is the highlight of the series. It has various patterns and handscraped finish. Aside from the grain, it comes with multi-color shades.

As a result, there won’t be any identical board. It has 7 colors, and it ranges from medium to darker shade

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TimberTech Edge Overal Review

Just like other products from other flooring manufacturers, TimberTech also has its own line of budget series. The Edge is the budget-friendly product with capped composite boards.

The boards only have 3 sides coverage instead of 4, so they are basically not reversible. They also come with limited color option.

TimberTech Edge has 2 collections: Premier and Prime. There are differences in these two collections, especially in color and size.

Premier Collection comes with smaller planks, but it has 4 different colors of Maritime Gray, Beachwood Gray, Dark Teak, and Tidal Sand. Prime Collection only has Maritime Gray and Dark Teak.

Both of them are available in standard widths and lengths, with straight and tight pattern.

The Specialty Products

Based on TimberTech decking reviews, this line consists of ReliaBoard and DockSider.

These are uncapped composite boards with protective shell for better resistant degree for moisture, staining, and UV rays.

Both types have two monochromatic colors with Gray and Cedar. However, DockSider Collection has vertical grain pattern with slip resistant feature.

These two types are great for areas close to water. They are also great for high traffic area. The ReliaBoard Collection is able to manage basic elements, but it has unique surface construction.

These are the planks designed to handle wear and fading through naturally blending things through weathering.

Whereas ReliaBoards have standard widths and lengths, DockSider has 1 ¼ inches x 5.5 inches.

Buying TimberTech Decking

It can be a challenge to find this product in local distributor or dealer. It’s better to buy the deck online.

There are some available options such as Deckstoreonline, Lower, Home Depot, and Schillings.

With the increasing popularity of the deck, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the most favorable options or styles.

The Decking Cost

Here are some breakdowns of the decking cost according to TimberTech decking reviews:

  • TimberTech AZEK Harvest Brownstone. It is $61 a square foot for the 12-foot planks, $80 for 16-foot planks, and $100 for 20-foot planks
  • TimberTech AZEK Vintage Weather Teak. It is $85 a square foot for the 12-foot planks, $85 for 16-foot planks, and $107 for 20-foot planks
  • TimberTech Pro Legacy Pecan. It is $72 a square foot for the 12-foot planks, $95 for 16-foot planks, and $120 for 20-foot planks
  • TimberTech Pro Terrain Sandy Birch. It is $30 a square foot for the 12-foot planks, $54 for 16-foot planks, and $70 for 20-foot planks
  • TimberTech Edge Premier and Primer. It is $30 a square foot for the 12-foot planks, $40 for 16-foot planks, and $50 for 20-foot planks
  • ReliaBoard Gray. It is $42 a square foot for the 12-foot planks, $56 for 16-foot planks, and $70 for 20-foot planks
  • DockSlider. It is $52 a square foot for the 12-foot planks, $75 for 16-foot planks, and $95 for 20-foot planks

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Pros and Cons

If you don’t really know which type to choose, you can always go to the official site and order samples. The samples are free so it is handy.

On the pros side, TimberTech:

  • It has high-quality product with quite big collections.
  • The company comes with 3 boards of width: narrow, wide (around 7.25 inches), and standard.

On the downside side, TimberTeach:

  • The price tag is definitely higher when compared to other lines, especially if you compare it to Fiberon or Trex.
  • The warranties may not be satisfying. There are still many other companies with better warranties, especially for the budget lines and structural view.

The overall rating is 4 out of 5 in TimberTech decking reviews.

  • Range of style or color options: 5
  • UV resistance: 4
  • Stain resistance: 4
  • Overall quality: 4

Looking for Quality Installer

The biggest complaint in TimberTech decking reviews is about the overpaid installation service or the difficulty in finding the local installers.

But you can find online free estimation tool to get 3 bids (within a local scope) within 24 hours. This would be helpful if you want to find logical and affordable service to install the deck.

FAQ TimberTech decking reviews

Which one has the toughest and most resilient boards?

TimberTech AZEK collection has good warranty offer, provided that you don’t mind the PVC planks and the look. But if you want to choose the composite type, the TimberTech Pro. It has 4-sided capped and extremely durable.

Can I have TimberTech deck for around water or pool setting?

It is actually a perfect option considering TimberTech is moisture resistant.

Are TimberTech products made in the United States?

Yes, they are manufactured in Wilmington in Ohio and Scranton in Pennsylvania.

What should I do when the TimberTech deck has mold growth?

You can use TimberTech DeckCleaner to remove the mold. TimberTech is designed to be mold resistant, but it is possible to experience such a thing under certain circumstances.

What is the main difference of Prime and Prime+ collections?

It’s the colors. Prime Collection has monochromatic shades, while Prime+ Collection has color-blended type.

Is it okay to stain or paint the decks when they fade?

Considering that TimberTech lines have warranties for stain and fading from 25 years to 50 years, fading shouldn’t be an issue. Moreover, composite decking isn’t made or created for staining or painting.

Is there any difference to TimberTech deck and porch boards?

To a certain degrees, they are basically the same. After all, they both have 16 foot length and 12 foot width of boards, and they are made from similar material. However, Porch boards are also available in 10 foot lengths, and they come in tongue-and-groove profile while the deck boards don’t.

Does the company use any recycled material within their products?

Yes despite the various amounts. AZEK lineup uses 54% recycled content while Pro and Edge has 80%.

Is it okay to use other brands for the composite deck cleaner for the TimberTech decks?

If you want to be safe, it’s better to stick to the company’s guidelines, including their branded products. You don’t want to take chances with different brands, in terms that they may not fit perfectly for TimberTech products.

There you have it, some of the basic facts about TimberTech products. Make sure to read TimberTech decking reviews thoroughly to understand it further.