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Abbyson Furniture Reviews

Abbyson Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Abbyson has been running for more than two decades. Though it’s less long than Coaster or Klaussner, their competitors, their product is not to be missed either. Here are our Abbyson furniture reviews.

Who makes Abbyson furniture?

Abby Rafieha did. BStarting as a dropshipping business Abbyson now has manufacturers in Asia and Europe. This might also answer your question about whether Abbyson furniture is made in the USA.

Abbyson Products and Price Lists

Essentially, Abbyson Furniture offers furnishings in the low to medium pricing range. So, if you’re on a budget, this might be a good option. It is our breakdown of Abbyson’s product and pricing.

Abbyson Living Room Furnitures

Abbyson Living Room Furnitures
Abbyson Living Room Furnitures

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For the living room section, Abbyson offers a variety of chairs, including sofas, sectionals, ottomans and accent chairs. Moreover, they also have occasional tables, futons and even gliders.

The chairs vary between $89,99 for a simple stool and $2199,99 for a hardwood-and-leather sectional. Meanwhile, table and cabinet prices range between $199,99 to $1799,99.

Most Abbyson recliner reviews score good customer satisfaction, so considering purchasing Abbyson might be good.

Abbyson Bedroom Furnitures

Abbyson Bedroom Furnitures
Abbyson Bedroom Furnitures

Aside from headboards and beds, Abbyson also provides chests, dressers and nightstands.

For individual pieces, Abbyson’s price starts from $129,99 for a headboard to $2599,99 king-size platform bed with a headboard and storage. However, if purchasing on set is easier, opt for a $1799,99 3-piece bedroom set. Or go higher for the $5999,99 6-pieces bedroom set.

Abbyson Dining Room Furnitures

Abbyson Dining Room Furnitures
Abbyson Dining Room Furnitures

Abbyson furniture quality also proves true for the dining room section as they give many styles to choose from.

The price of Abbyson dining tables starts from $399,99 to $699,99. Meanwhile, the tables start from $179,99 to $599,99 each. Of course, it’s cheaper to buy in sets. It starts from $599,99 to $1999,99 for a 5-piece set.

Abbyson Home Office Furniture

Abbyson Home Office Furniture
Abbyson Home Office Furniture

Abbyson only provides a short list of furnishing, although all are highly functional and stylish.

For a standard office chair, you only need to prepare around $199,99 from your pocket—meanwhile, a higher-quality chair costs from $249,99 to $299,99.

Most desks have a standard design yet different styles and materials. You can get them home just by spending $399,99 to $699,99.

Abbyson Outdoor Furnitures Review

Abbyson Outdoor Furnitures Review
Abbyson Outdoor Furnitures Review

Abbyson outdoor furniture reviews also score quite high compliments for their simple yet durable products. Aside from tables and chairs, Abbyson also offers Abbyson furniture covers, loungers, chaises and even fire chat sets.

To fulfill your dream patio design, Abbyson offers various collections. Each has different characteristics, designs and materials. You can purchase them individually, starting from $99,99 to $499,99. Or you can buy it in sets, starting from $599,99 to $4699,99.


Aside from furniture, you can purchase complementary accessories such as lighting, mirrors and even electronics such as batteries for reclining seats.

Abbyson has a wide array of mirror designs, whether it’s a wall or standing mirrors. The price starts from $199,99 to $499,99.

Meanwhile, in the lighting section, you can get a lot of lamp table designs, which only cost from $99,99 to $249,99.

Pros and Cons of Buying Abbysons


  • Abbyson offers a decent quality of furniture at an affordable price that is ideal for those on a budget.
  • A wide array of themes, designs and products is suitable for everyone in every phase of life.
  • Abbyson products are very accessible as they have a partnership with Costco.


  • Abbyson products may not be suitable for those who seek quality furnishings. However, with proper care, you may be able to prolong its lifespan.

Abbyson Furniture Durability

Abbyson furniture uses proper materials as the components of the furniture. The frames are made from engineered hardwood that provides decent quality furnishings.

However, Abbyson furniture complaints are mainly about the quality of the leather. Some complaint about the leather being peeled off and cracked because Abbyson uses leather matches. It means only the seating area uses genuine leather while the other part uses vinyl.

Abbyson Furniture Warranty

Abbyson Furniture generally offers one year of warranty for all their furniture. It generally applies to damage done from the manufacturing process or craftsmanship. These are items that have a 1-year warranty:

  • Upholstery
  • Leather
  • Cushion
  • Mechanism
  • Mechanism Handle
  • Electrical Components

 However, the sofa frame has a 3-year warranty.

Abbyson Furniture Delivery

Abbyson offers free delivery to 48 states, whether it’s a small or big purchase. The ETA is 4-7 days after you complete the payment. You can also request to switch products.

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Abbyson Furniture Return Policy

Upon receiving your receipts, you’ll be given 30 days if you need to do a refund. All you need to prepare is the proof of purchase and your request is processed within 3-5 days.

Final Words

Abbyson may not be winning in the longevity department. However, it’s an easy choice if you need budget-friendly and stylish furniture.

Hopefully, these Abbyson furniture reviews can help you decide. Don’t hesitate to read our other reviews if you need more furnishing comparisons.