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Badcock Furniture Reviews

Badcock Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Badcock furniture reviews state the company has a good reputation as a southern US furniture, appliance and mattress. Most shoppers or customers are satisfied with the budget friendly-price of the traditional, industrial, and farmhouse style. Although it gets a lot of positive reviews, some people reported disagreements about delivery and quality in some cases.

The overall furniture score of Badcock reaches 7.2/10 with the customer satisfaction showing 7.1/10. Further, the price value reaches 7.3/10 with the rate of $14-$2998+. The manufacturer still adds a return policy of 30 days plus free.

Badcock Furniture Overview

Badcock is one of the largest budget-friendly furniture retailers established since the turn of the 20th century. This furniture retailer becomes the largest in the southern US with more than 370 stores across 8 states. It brings traditional designs to casual options to meet its customers needs like modern industrial and farmhouse such as King Hickory and Parker House.

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Besides the focus on furniture design and style, Badcock competes with other furniture retailers by prioritizing competitive prices and delightful customer service. Talking to the shoppers satisfaction, they get good sale experience and options but some of them complain about the durability and delivery services.

Good Material Quality In Competitive Price

The budget-friendly price in Badcock furniture retailer is competitive as you can take home sofas to start from $500. It is an inexpensive price and competitive for the polyester upholstered and solid wood frame. Alongside that, it offers other wooden items with a veneered surface in a low-priced offering.

Even though, Badcock furniture reviews noted a little bit complaint about the wooden materials. They reported the wooden furniture is less durable in some cases. Nonetheless, it is just a simple issue and does not affect the good reputation of this furniture retailer.

Badcock Furniture Benefit

The most exciting benefit of Badcock retail to the customers is it assists to save more than $1000 to get high-quality furniture pieces. Even, you can create the most unique style of your home décor along with Badcock furniture retailer. Try to find the store in Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia.

5 Top Badcock Furniture Categories

Badcock furniture store provides complete home décor and furnishing like area rugs, home entertainment, appliances, electronics, home office, seasonal, and decors & accents. However, this furniture retailer has 5 top picks such as below.

Beds & Bedroom Furniture Sets

Beds & Bedroom Furniture Sets

The collection of bed and bedroom sets in Badcock is available in traditional and contemporary styles. It is seen on the bed designs like tufted and upholstered beds, posts beds, sleigh beds, panel beds, metal frame beds, and storage beds. All of those bed styles are offered in various sizes.

Next, the bedroom furniture sets present nightstands, media chests, mirrors, and dressers. The shoppers can get one bedroom set starting from $599 to $2100+ as a reasonable price. However, the reasonable price becomes an issue to have complained about quality and delivery services.

Sofas And Sectionals

Sofas and Sectionals Badcock Furniture

Sofas and sectionals are other popular picks in Badcock furniture store to be the main seating in most living space decorations. You can grace the living room or other spaces with fabric and leather upholstered couches, sleeper sofas, loveseats, reclining sofas, or sectionals.

All of them are designed in a farmhouse, contemporary, and traditional styles. Badcock furniture retail provides a nice sofa and sectional selection with matching seating piece options. Hence, some shoppers give feedback about delivery issues and protection plans.


Badcock offers more than 50 different recliner models as the ultimate comfortable seating to the shoppers. You can purchase your recliner like a glider, swivel recliners, power recliners, and rocker recliners. There are also lift chairs, wall-saver recliners, and even a couple of plus-size recliners to take home.

Badcock furniture reviews about the recliner price range are around $299 but it is for the faux leather/fabric recliners. Meanwhile, the leather power recliners can reach up to $899. The customers can fit most budgets from the price point and a nice array of recliners but the low budget emerges some issues related to the longevity and durability of the recliners.


Mattresses should include in the bed and bedroom set furniture category but it appears as a different top pick. Badcock has its mattress lines called Stanhope and Legend by Badcock. However, it also carries Serta as a new collection of mattresses for the shoppers.

Original Badcock mattress selection is priced starting from $225 for a twin. Meanwhile, Serta iComfort price is $250+ as it is designed with an adjustable foundation. The range of price options eases the shoppers to find a mattress based on their budget.

Unluckily, the bad review comes from the longevity and warranty issues. Some shoppers reported it and supposed the friendly price range influences the issues. Seemly, they still argue the low-budget offered influence the service and quality of the furniture pieces.

Dining Room Sets

Dining Room Sets

Lastly, Badcock furniture retailer carries dining room sets in a nice selection of farmhouse and traditional styles. The shoppers can adorn and décor their dining room with Badcock tables, chairs, bar stools, and servers. Matching dining room collections like the dining table and chairs/breakfast nook/bench will be a tempting choice too.

Find 3-piece, 4-piece, and 5-piece dining room sets with the price range around $200 up to $1200+. The range of the price has helped you to create amazing dining room décor in traditional or farmhouse styles. If you ensure to purchase Badcock dining room sets, ignore delivery complaints reported by some customers.

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Final Words

Badcock furniture retailers based in the southern US are spread into 8 states to offer high-quality home furniture on a low budget. According to prior reviews, the reputation on the price and styles are amazing. It just gets some complaints about delivery service, durability, longevity, and protection plan in low amount.

The customers often connect the price and the complaint as cause and effect but it is not true. Badcock furniture reviews come in positive things or customers satisfaction has proven the quality of the store. You do not need to doubt the quality, furniture collection, and customer services of one largest furniture retailers in the southern US.