Parker House Furniture Reviews

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Parker House Furniture Reviews

Can you imagine how hollow a house without furniture could be? While you may already have plenty of options, checking out these Parker House furniture reviews can provide you more things to consider.

As we all know, Parker House is one of the popular furniture manufacturers in the USA and Canada. The popularity surely comes with reasons. And in this article, you will learn things about furniture made by Parker House.

Talking about the most popular product manufactured by the Parker House, you can say that the reclining sofa is the one. There are various material types of recliners, such as leather, fabric and leather swivel.

Popular Products of Parker House
Popular Products of Parker House

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But before you purchase a specific reclining sofa, you should check out the Parker House furniture reviews about the product. This brand offers a wide array of collections when it comes to sofas and loveseats.

Generally, whether you are decorating your living room or home office, this brand always has something to offer. For instance, the Tahoe collection will fit very nicely in your living room. This line offers console storage and a focal point.

So, where is Parker House Furniture manufactured? This family company was established in Los Angeles and now it has been all over the Southern California market.

Pros and Cons of Parker House Furniture

It is crucial to read the pros and cons in Parker House furniture reviews. This part can be the most fun thing because you may have waited for this since the beginning.

Things to Love from Parker House

Parker House also has a branch name Parker Living. The latter is focusing on residential stuff. Since this is a family-owned company that has been around since 1946 then trust and credibility shouldn’t be something you worry about.

All furniture pieces are made of various types of quality wood. But one thing for sure, this brand has never used particleboards to ensure quality. It is one of the good things you can grab from the Parker House furniture reviews.

Other than that, you can arrange the delivery depending on your convenience. Regardless of the delivery, make sure you’ve checked the item you purchase before the manufacturer sends it to your house.

Things People Complained About

However, Parker House furniture reviews also include things that people are complaining about. The number of people who complained was quite something, after all.

  • Bad After-Sales Services

The delivery time, for example, is the one that gets a lot of complaints on the review tab on the brand’s official website. People said that the after-sales services are not as good as before they purchased the item.

Some people consider that the delivery time is taking quite long – a few of them got the item months after the purchase. Another consequence is that the item is being delivered in a damaged condition. Meanwhile no one would take the blame, neither the store nor the expedition.

  • So-So Quality

Another point that you should consider from the Parker House furniture reviews is the product quality. Generally, Parker House comes with good stuff, many of them are quality ones. However, it seems like not all the products are created equal.

Some users claimed that they got back pain after using the recliner. Another user reviews that the seat is easily shaggy in months. It can be confusing and upsetting, especially if you have a high expectation about this brand.

  • Unclear Warranty

Unfortunately, warranty should be part of the not-so-good side of the Parker House furniture reviews. According to a few buyers, the warranty duration is unclear. Even though the company says 1-year and 3-year limited warranty, many of their complaints are not taken seriously.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you see the quality provided by this brand, you may wonder how much you should prepare for the budget. But first of all, is Parker House furniture made in USA? Yes, this brand is made in USA – and it comes with a good warranty too. For this thing, you should ask the distributor in the first place.

The recliner starts at around USD790. The price, on the other hand, depends on the type of furniture, the material, and the features offered. But before buying the recliner, you should learn more about the Parker reclining sofa reviews.

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Are Parker House Furniture Durable?

According to the Parker House furniture reviews, the items made by this manufacturer are created for middle- to high-income people. It ensures the quality and durability of each product, for sure.

Regardless of who sells the furniture, you will find that all furniture pieces are made of different wood types. But keep in mind that nothing was ever made of particleboards. It means that durability is something you shouldn’t worry about.

Parker House Furniture Delivery Services

According to some complaints, the delivery options are not that excellent. However, many customers have great experiences – it depends on your location, after all.

To avoid delays and any inconvenience, you can arrange the delivery on your own. You can even re-check to ensure that your purchase is correct. Parker House provides this service to avoid return complaints.

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Who sells Parker House furniture?

Many distributors sell this brand. Check out your local hardware store or go with online shopping instead.

What is Parker House furniture warranty?

Parker House provides 1-Year limited warranty on upholstery as well as 3-year warranty on mechanisms, motors, springs, and frames.

Where is Parker House made and manufactured?

Initially, it was only in LA. Today, the manufacturing facilities are all over the US.

Final Words

Parker House will bring style and comfort to your home. Regardless of your furniture style, you will most likely find everything you look for. Besides, Parker House furniture is made in USA – some people take this thing seriously.

So, after knowing the Parker House furniture reviews, you may get the idea of how amazing this brand is. Of course, you can make those reviews as one of those factors to consider. Yet, feel free to ask the distributor or the manufacturer right away for further information.

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