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Bassett vs Flexsteel - What Should You Choose?

Bassett vs Flexsteel – What Should You Choose?

by Ethan Ross

Choosing between Bassett vs Flexsteel for your next furniture purchase can be overwhelming. It’s more than just picking a brand; it’s about investing in long-lasting comfort and aesthetic appeal for your home. We understand the uncertainty that comes with such a decision. This article aims to resolve this dilemma by dissecting key aspects of both brands.

We’ll cover everything from their history, pricing strategies, and product durability to delivery options and customer satisfaction policies. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding to help you make an informed choice.

History and Background

Understanding the history and background of Bassett vs Flexsteel can offer crucial insights into the brands’ ethos, quality, and reliability. Let us delve into their early beginnings, evolution over time, key milestones, and where they stand in the market today.

Early Beginnings of Bassett

Bassett originated in 1902, founded by the Bassett family in Bassett, Virginia. With more than a century in the furniture business, the company is one of the oldest manufacturers in Virginia. The brand’s primary focus has been on creating furniture that embodies comfort, durability, and American craftsmanship.

Note: Bassett has a commitment to making custom furniture accessible for consumers, showcasing American ingenuity.

Founding and Evolution of Flexsteel

Flexsteel’s roots date back to 1893 when it was established as the Rolph & Ball Furniture Company. The acquisition of the Flexsteel Spring Corporation in 1948 was a pivotal moment that led to the brand’s current identity. Flexsteel is particularly known for its Blue Steel Spring technology, a consistent element for over 75 years in their furniture.

Key Milestones for Both Brands

  • Bassett:
    • Founded in 1902
    • Focus on crafting furniture with American ingenuity
    • Pioneered affordable custom furniture
  • Flexsteel:
    • Established in 1893
    • Acquired Flexsteel Spring Corporation in 1948
    • Renowned for Blue Steel Spring technology

Current Market Standing

Both brands have carved out distinct niches for themselves. Bassett appeals to those seeking custom, American-made furniture that spans a wide range of prices. On the other hand, Flexsteel is highly regarded for its expertise in durable and aesthetically pleasing furniture, available through various retailers.

The distinction between the two brands in terms of their market position is quite clear. Bassett primarily focuses on customizability and American manufacturing, whereas Flexsteel concentrates on durability and a variety of household furnishings.

By understanding their historical context and current positioning, consumers can make more informed decisions that align with their preferences and needs.

Product Range and Customization

One key consideration when choosing between Bassett vs Flexsteel is the array of products they offer and the customization options available. Both brands showcase their unique strengths through their product offerings, be it sofas, loveseats, or other furnishings.

Bassett’s Range of Sofas, Loveseats, and More

Bassett is not only limited to sofas and loveseats but also offers an extensive range of products like recliners, dressers, and dining sets. The company places an emphasis on style, quality, and variety, appealing to customers who desire a cohesive look for their homes.

Product TypeStyles Available
SofasContemporary, Traditional
LoveseatsMinimalist, Rustic
ReclinersClassic, Modern

Flexsteel’s Diverse Furniture Offerings

Flexsteel comes with a broad spectrum of furniture, from living room pieces to bedroom sets and home office furnishings. With its vast network of retailers, Flexsteel makes it easy for customers to access their products.

Note: Flexsteel’s furniture often comes with specialized features like power reclining options and built-in USB ports for enhanced convenience.

Customization Options at Bassett

Bassett stands out for its customization options. Customers can personalize various aspects of their furniture, from the type of fabric to the finish of the wood. The process usually involves a step-by-step online interface or in-store consultation to achieve the desired final product.

Availability of Flexsteel Products Through Retailers

Unlike Bassett, which sells primarily through its own retail locations and online store, Flexsteel distributes its products through a vast array of third-party retailers. This broad distribution network ensures greater availability and potentially more competitive pricing.

Both Bassett vs Flexsteel offer compelling options to consider, whether you prioritize customization or wide availability. Knowing the specifics can significantly influence your decision.

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Pricing Strategies

Cost is often a decisive factor when choosing between Bassett vs Flexsteel. The pricing strategies of these two brands reflect their respective market positions and the value they aim to offer to their customers.

Overview of Bassett’s Pricing

Bassett is generally positioned as a higher-end brand, often reflected in its pricing structure. Its products often range from moderate to high prices, emphasizing quality and style.

Furniture TypeAverage Price Range

Flexsteel Pricing Across Various Retailers

Flexsteel offers a more varied pricing strategy due to its multiple retail channels. Prices can vary depending on the retailer, with some even offering promotional discounts.

Furniture TypeAverage Price Range

Note: Always consider checking multiple retailers for the best Flexsteel pricing.

Impact of Customization on Price

Customization can be a double-edged sword: while it allows you to create a unique piece of furniture, it can also significantly increase the final cost. Bassett’s customized sofas, for instance, can go as high as $4,000 depending on the fabrics and finishes chosen.

Comparative Analysis of Value for Money

When considering the overall value for the amount spent, Bassett’s higher prices often come with a certain quality and customization level that some customers find appealing. On the other hand, Flexsteel offers durability and comfort at a more varied price range, which can be particularly appealing to budget-conscious buyers.

Understanding the pricing strategies of both Bassett and Flexsteel can offer valuable insights into what each brand provides for your financial investment.

Durability and Quality

When investing in furniture, durability and quality are high-priority considerations for consumers. Here, we scrutinize these factors for Bassett and Flexsteel to determine which offers better longevity and overall value.

Bassett Sofa Durability Metrics

Bassett emphasizes quality in its construction methods, often using kiln-dried hardwood for sofa frames. The brand employs sinuous spring systems for added durability.

Durability FactorsBassett
Frame MaterialHardwood
Spring SystemSinuous
Fabric DurabilityHigh

Longevity of Flexsteel Furniture

Flexsteel employs a unique “Blue Steel Spring” technology, a feature that the company claims to offer unparalleled durability. Many customers report that their Flexsteel furniture has a lifespan of 15 years or more.

Durability FactorsFlexsteel
Frame MaterialMixed
Spring SystemBlue Steel
Fabric DurabilityModerate

Quality Control Processes in Both Brands

Both Bassett and Flexsteel have stringent quality control procedures. Bassett performs multiple quality checks during the manufacturing process, whereas Flexsteel uses specialized software for quality assurance.

  • Bassett: Multiple in-line checks
  • Flexsteel: Software-driven QA process

Note: Quality control measures contribute significantly to the final product’s durability.

Customer Feedback on Durability

An invaluable source of data is customer feedback. Reviews often praise Bassett for its luxurious, long-lasting furniture. Flexsteel also receives commendation for its durable build but with some concerns about long-term fabric wear.

By focusing on the durability and quality of the products offered by Bassett vs Flexsteel, consumers can make an informed decision tailored to their specific needs.

Delivery and Shipping

After deciding on the ideal piece of furniture, the next crucial step is receiving it. Both Bassett vs Flexsteel have particular delivery and shipping practices that might influence your choice.

Bassett’s White Glove Delivery Service

Bassett offers a White Glove delivery service, ensuring the furniture is not only delivered but also assembled and positioned according to the customer’s preferences. This full-service approach adds a level of convenience that is often lacking in standard delivery services.

Service FeatureWhite Glove Service
Old Furniture RemovalAvailable for a fee

Flexsteel Delivery Through Retailers

Flexsteel typically works through third-party retailers for delivery, so experiences can vary. Some retailers might offer assembly, while others may simply drop off the furniture at your doorstep.

  • Delivery: Usually through third-party
  • Assembly: Varies by retailer
  • Additional Services: Subject to retailer’s terms

Shipping Timeframes for Bassett

Bassett aims to deliver within a 30-day window, although customization can extend this timeframe. Custom orders might take up to 45 days but rarely exceed that limit.

  1. Standard Items: 30 days
  2. Custom Items: Up to 45 days

Note: Delays are possible during peak shopping seasons or due to supply chain issues.

Factors Influencing Flexsteel’s Shipping

Shipping times for Flexsteel are largely dependent on the retailer’s policies and stock levels. However, Flexsteel generally aims to deliver within a 4 to 8-week range, depending on the specific product and customization.

Understanding the delivery and shipping details of Bassett vs Flexsteel can alleviate potential headaches and influence the final decision. It is essential to consider these logistical aspects carefully.

Policies and Customer Satisfaction

After purchase and delivery, the final and often overlooked facet is a brand’s policies and customer service. Understanding the ins and outs of Bassett and Flexsteel’s policies can give you greater peace of mind.

Bassett’s Return and Delivery Fees

Bassett offers a 30-day return policy on most items. However, customers must shoulder a 15% restocking fee along with any return shipping charges. It’s essential to be aware of these extra costs, which can add up.

Policy AspectBassett’s Conditions
Return Window30 days
Restocking Fee15%
Shipping FeeCustomer’s responsibility

Flexsteel Warranties and How to Claim

Flexsteel provides a lifetime warranty on specific components such as the frame, springs, and mechanisms. To claim a warranty, customers usually need to go through the retailer where the furniture was purchased.

  • Frame: Lifetime warranty
  • Springs: Lifetime warranty
  • Mechanisms: Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews on Bassett’s Service

Bassett generally receives favorable reviews for its customer service, often highlighted by their attentive in-store staff. However, some customers have noted that the customer service hotline can be less responsive, which may influence the post-purchase experience.

Note: Always consider both online and offline customer reviews for a comprehensive understanding.

Consumer Experiences with Flexsteel

Flexsteel usually receives praise for the durability of its products. However, experiences with customer service can vary widely, depending on the retailer. Some customers have reported exceptional service, while others mention challenges with warranty claims.

The policies and customer satisfaction elements can greatly influence long-term satisfaction with your furniture selection. With this information in hand, one can make a more informed decision between Bassett and Flexsteel.

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In wrapping up this comparison between Bassett and Flexsteel, we’ve unearthed key differentiators and likenesses that can guide your furniture selection. Whether prioritizing cost, durability, or customer service, each brand has its distinct advantages.

By now, you should have the insights you need to make an informed purchase that aligns with your particular requirements.