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Bassett vs Ethan Allen? Your Quick Reference Guide

Bassett vs Ethan Allen? Which is Better Quality?

by Ethan Ross

Choosing between Bassett vs Ethan Allen for your home furniture can feel overwhelming. You’re not just buying a chair or a sofa; you’re investing in a place you’ll call home for years. Luckily, that’s where this guide comes in.

We introduce you to both Bassett and Ethan Allen, two titans in the furniture industry, each with a unique style and offering.

By the end of this read, you’ll know which brand aligns with your needs and how to make an informed choice. So, why should you trust this guide? Because we’ve sifted through all the essentials, saving you time and effort.

Get to Know the Brands

When it comes to quality furniture, both Bassett vs Ethan Allen have secured their places in the market. Understanding the history and unique selling points of each brand can guide you to a more informed decision.

The Story Behind Bassett

Bassett has positioned itself as a classic choice for those seeking traditionally designed furniture. With its roots tracing back over a century, the brand has a long history of craftsmanship. Over the years, it has maintained its reputation for quality and elegance, making it a go-to option for those who prefer timeless pieces.

Note: Bassett is often the choice for buyers seeking pieces that can withstand the test of time, both in terms of style and durability.

How Ethan Allen Got its Start

Ethan Allen, by contrast, started out with a specific focus on rustic designs. Over the years, the brand has evolved, incorporating more options into its inventory, including mid-century inspired furniture. Unlike Bassett, Ethan Allen offers a greater variety of custom options, leaning into modern tastes without compromising on quality.

Where You Can Find Both Brands

  • Bassett: Available through hundreds of showrooms across the U.S.
  • Ethan Allen: Likewise has hundreds of showrooms nationwide and additionally offers online ordering.

Finding a showroom near you is relatively easy for both brands, and each also offers online catalogues to browse through their extensive product ranges.

Who Should Buy What

If you are on a quest for a broader range of customization options and are prepared for a longer shipping time, Ethan Allen is the more suitable choice for you. On the other hand, if quick delivery and lasting durability are at the top of your priorities, Bassett may be more in line with your needs.

Given these key distinctions, your choice between Bassett vs Ethan Allen becomes a matter of personal preference, dictated by your specific requirements and aesthetic inclinations.

What Kind of Furniture Can You Get

Selection matters when you’re furnishing a home. While both Bassett and Ethan Allen offer quality furniture, their inventories have distinct features. Here we will consider what each brand offers to help you make an informed choice.

What Bassett Brings to Your Home

Bassett focuses primarily on traditional designs, offering items like wooden tables, upholstered chairs, and ornate cabinets. One can often find collections that are coordinated by style, making it easier to create a cohesive look for your home.

Product TypeDescriptionPrice Range
TablesWooden, Traditional$1.699 – $4.499
ChairsUpholstered$426 – $1.150
Cabinets HardwareOrnate, Various Sizes$35

Note: Bassett is known for quality craftsmanship and offers furniture that leans toward the traditional.

Ethan Allen’s Unique Offerings

Ethan Allen has a broader range of styles, from rustic to modern. Their offerings extend from sleek coffee tables to modular sofas, allowing for greater versatility when furnishing different spaces.

Product TypeDescriptionPrice Range
Coffee TablesSleek, Modern$1.020 – $3.485
SofasModular, Various Designs$1.720 – $4.680

Which Brand Suits Your Style

Given that Bassett leans toward traditional and Ethan Allen offers more variety, your personal style will be the deciding factor. If you favor classic designs, Bassett might be for you. If you prefer a mix of old and new, Ethan Allen can cater to those needs.

How to Mix and Match

While it’s not uncommon to stick to one brand for all your furniture needs, you may also consider mixing and matching. For example, you can pair a traditional Bassett table with modern chairs from Ethan Allen to create an eclectic look.

In summary, the choice between Bassett and Ethan Allen largely depends on your style preferences and the types of furniture you are looking to purchase.

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How Good is the Quality

Quality is not just a catchphrase; it’s a determining factor when choosing between Bassett vs Ethan Allen. Both brands offer furniture that is built to last, but they do have differences in materials and craftsmanship. Let’s dissect these elements to help you understand what each brand brings in terms of quality.

Bassett’s Go-To Materials

Bassett tends to focus on high-quality wood such as oak and mahogany for its furniture. These materials are not only visually appealing but also sturdy, offering longevity.

MaterialCharacteristicsTypical Usage
OakDurable, HeavyTables, Chairs
MahoganyRich Color, Fine GrainCabinets, Desks

The Fabric Selection at Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen, on the other hand, offers a variety of fabrics including linen, cotton, and even specialized, stain-resistant materials. Their fabric options allow you to customize your furniture to fit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

Fabric TypeQualitiesTypical Usage
LinenBreathable, NaturalSofas, Cushions
CottonSoft, DurableUpholstery

Note: Ethan Allen offers custom fabric options, making it easier for you to match the furniture to your interior design.

How Well Both Brands Are Made

Both Bassett vs Ethan Allen focus on craftsmanship. Bassett employs artisanal techniques for woodworking, while Ethan Allen’s craftsmanship extends to intricate fabric stitching and modular design. This focus on detail is evident in their respective furniture pieces.

Do You Get What You Pay For

When investing in furniture from either brand, one finds the pricing fairly justifiable given the quality offered. Bassett’s sturdy wood furniture is generally at a higher price point, while Ethan Allen offers more affordable, yet still high-quality, customizable options. The final verdict on value for money will ultimately depend on your specific needs and what you are willing to invest in your home’s furnishings.

What to Expect for Delivery

Choosing your furniture is only part of the process; having it delivered is another important consideration. Both Bassett and Ethan Allen have their respective systems for shipping and delivery, and each comes with its own set of expectations. Here’s what you should know about the delivery options for both brands.

How Fast Bassett Delivers

Bassett typically offers a delivery window of 30 to 45 days for custom orders, while in-stock items could reach you in as little as two weeks.

Order TypeAverage Delivery Time
Custom30-45 days
In-Stock14 days

Waiting Times for Ethan Allen

With Ethan Allen, you can expect a slightly longer wait for custom pieces, often around 6 to 8 weeks. However, ready-made items can be at your doorstep within a 14-21 day range.

Order TypeAverage Delivery Time
Custom6-8 weeks
In-Stock14-21 days

Where Each Brand Ships To

Both brands offer nationwide shipping within the United States, and some selected international locations. Ethan Allen has a broader international reach, making it a viable option for those residing outside the United States.

  • Bassett: Nationwide (USA)
  • Ethan Allen: Nationwide (USA) + Selected International Locations

Note: Check both brands’ websites for detailed information on international shipping options.

What Could Slow Down Your Order

Factors such as customizations, location, and even seasonal demands can impact the delivery time. For instance, holidays and promotional periods often see a spike in orders, which could result in delayed delivery for both brands. It’s essential to factor these considerations into your planning.

How Long Will Your Furniture Last

Understanding the longevity of your furniture is crucial for making a smart investment. Both Bassett vs Ethan Allen offer items designed to last, but there are differences in the expected lifespan and care requirements. Below are details that can help you gauge what to expect from each brand in terms of durability.

Bassett’s Furniture Lifespan

Generally, Bassett furniture is built to last, with many of their items having a lifespan that can exceed 15 years. The longevity is often attributed to the high-quality materials used, as well as craftsmanship.

Furniture TypeExpected Lifespan
Sofa15+ years
Dining Table20+ years

The Years You Get From Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen also boasts a long-lasting range of furniture, often with a similar or slightly greater lifespan than Bassett. Many of their items can last for up to 20 years or more, particularly if well maintained.

Furniture TypeExpected Lifespan
Sofa15-20 years
Dining Table20-25 years

Keep Your Furniture Looking New

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your furniture, regardless of the brand. Tips for keeping your furniture in top condition include:

  • Regular dusting
  • Avoiding direct sunlight
  • Using proper cleaning agents

Note: Always read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer for best results.

Where to Turn if Things Go Wrong

Both Bassett and Ethan Allen offer warranties on their products, but the terms can differ. While Bassett typically offers a 5-year limited warranty, Ethan Allen extends this up to 7 years for many products.

  • Bassett: 5-year limited warranty
  • Ethan Allen: 7-year limited warranty

Knowing the expected lifespan, care requirements, and warranty terms can empower you to make a more informed decision between Bassett and Ethan Allen.

Tailor Your Furniture to You

Customization is a key factor when choosing furniture that complements your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Both Bassett and Ethan Allen offer a range of options to tailor furniture to individual tastes. Below are the features that differentiate each brand in terms of customization.

Bassett’s Unique Sofa Features

Bassett takes customization seriously, especially when it comes to their sofas. From fabric choice to cushion density, Bassett offers multiple ways to make a sofa truly yours.

FabricLeather, Velvet
CushioningSoft, Firm

What Makes Ethan Allen Stand Out

Ethan Allen provides a slightly different range of custom features, extending beyond upholstery to include furniture structure. For example, some Ethan Allen sofas allow you to choose the type of wood for the frame.

FabricLinen, Leather, Tweed
Frame MaterialOak, Cherry, Mahogany

Get What You Want With Bassett

Bassett allows for further customization through add-ons like throw pillows and extra cushions. They also offer an online platform where you can virtually create your sofa before making a purchase.

  • Online customization tool
  • Additional add-ons like pillows

Note: Online tools can offer a realistic view but may not capture the texture of materials. It’s advisable to visit a store for a tactile experience.

Ethan Allen’s Custom Flair

Ethan Allen takes customization to another level by offering in-house design services. They provide consultations to help you piece together your ideal furniture set, ensuring everything from the sofa to the coffee table fits your vision.

  • In-house design services
  • Complete furniture set customization

Both brands offer avenues to make their furniture fit seamlessly into your life, but the methods and extent to which you can customize vary. Your choice might hinge on how much control you wish to exert over the individual features of your furniture.

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We’ve thoroughly discussed various aspects of both Bassett vs Ethan Allen, from customization options to quality of materials.

We’ve scrutinized everything from the brands’ histories to the quality of their furniture and delivery expectations.

Your selection ultimately depends on what customization features you prioritize and how much you’re willing to invest in quality.

Bassett provides numerous customization features specifically for sofas, while Ethan Allen offers a broader range of customization that extends to the furniture’s structure.

Your personal needs and preferences will be the ultimate deciding factors, but do consider the distinct advantages each brand offers before making an informed decision.