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Four Seasons Furniture Reviews

Four Seasons Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

It is easy to see why the sofa is an important part of modern homes. In fact, its versatility is its main attraction. However, Four Seasons Furniture seems to believe that as important as a couch is, so is a slipcover. In these Four Seasons Furniture reviews, you will discover how the brand works and what it has to offer.

Four Seasons Furniture is a furniture retailer with its headquarters in Seagrove, North Carolina. Homeowners and interior designers can shop for well-crafted home décors from a Four Seasons Furniture showroom in High Point.

Product and Price Range

You can find an array of collections from Four Seasons Furniture. The brand offers an assortment of sofas, sectionals, chairs, and ottomans. However, as a custom furniture manufacturer, this brand is a priority for producing easy-care and long-lasting slipcovers.

Four Seasons furniture prices are at the mid-level. A Four Seasons Furniture sofa sells for as low as two grand. On the other hand, the high-end lineup consists of sectionals that are priced at around $9,500.

Below, you will learn in-depth about Four Seasons Furniture products.

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The Spencer Sofa

Four Seasons Furniture The Spencer Sofa
Four Seasons Furniture The Spencer Sofa

Dimensions: 86″ W x 37″ D x 38″ H

Color(s): Gray, Blue

Low arms and a compact design make the Spencer Sofa a great choice for small spaces. A flat-pack couch that can be erected in situ means that limited access should never be an issue with this one!

The Carlton 41 Sectional

Four Seasons Furniture The Carlton 41 Sectional
Four Seasons Furniture The Carlton 41 Sectional

Dimensions: 86″ W x 41″ D x 37″ H

Color(s): Beige, Brown

The Carlton 41 sectional is an excellent choice for a family room because of its powerful rectangular lines and low-profile seating. In addition, the material is free of numerous harmful compounds and metals.

The Blake Chair

Four Seasons Furniture The Blake Chair
Four Seasons Furniture The Blake Chair

Dimensions: 38.5″ W x 36″ D x 37.5″ H

Color(s): Beige, Green

The Blake chair’s endless adjustability and excellent adaptability let you design a seating configuration that is perfect for your space and personal style. It is built with the best materials and procedures to achieve the highest level of quality.

Four Seasons Furniture Pros and Cons

Pros of Four Seasons Furniture

  • Four Seasons Furniture has a wide selection of upholstered furniture for your living or family room.
  • It offers over 400 fabrics to choose from, so you can customize a sofa that is uniquely you.
  • The light yet sturdy engineered wood is used to manufacture Four Seasons product frames.
  • It uses a feather blend to create comfortable seating.
  • Its construction ensures that your furniture will not sag even after years.
  • All Four Seasons furniture comes with easy-to-wash pillowcases.

Cons of Four Seasons Furniture

  • It does not provide an option to order online.
  • There is only one official Four Seasons Furniture outlet where you can buy the items straight from the company.


Four Seasons Furniture fabrics are meticulously chosen to achieve a timeless appearance and unparalleled softness.

“Life Approved Fabrics” are also available, which are noted for their ability to resist liquids and stains. They are also renowned for their durable properties. In addition, these fabrics resist fading from sunlight. Moreover, they feel good under your palm.

Depending on the care of the fabric, you can expect Four Seasons Furniture couches to serve you for up to a decade.


While Four Seasons Furniture does provide warranties, it is a bummer that the company does not clearly state what is included in the packages. Also, there is limited information on whether you can request a Four Seasons slipcover replacement or an ottoman repair.

To address this issue, on its “Contact Us” page, Four Seasons Furniture mentions that you can request information on warranty claims from your original retailer.


In the era of e-commerce, it is a bit of a shocker that Four Seasons Furniture has not been venturing into digital sales yet.

Luckily, finding a Four Seasons authorized retailer is as easy as pie. Visit the Four Seasons Furniture website and go to the “Find a Retailer” page to find a nearby outlet. From there, the store of your choice will take care of all the ordering and shipping of your purchase.

If you deem this inability to shop for Four Seasons Furniture online as a setback, it does not hurt to look elsewhere. For example, Dania Furniture is a great place to shop for timeless, custom furniture. Think this is what you might need? Drop by our dania furniture reviews for a full coverage of the brand.

Return Policy

Based on our investigation, it is clear that the return policy for Four Seasons products is the responsibility of each retailer. In other words, you may find different policies in different stores for the same item.

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Final Words: Four Seasons Furniture Reviews

Whether moving into a new home or renovating your living room, Four Seasons Furniture is the go-to place for an affordable range of sofas, couches, and slipcovers.

Is Four Seasons furniture good quality?

We are happy to say that they are pretty well made for their price.

However, since there is no convenient way to shop for them online, it may not be suitable for some shoppers preferences. We would like to conclude our Four Seasons Furniture reviews by recommending this brand to those who like the thrill of shopping for upholstered furniture offline.